Another Trip to the Grocery Store

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( A little story for my Naughty Sabrina )


The nice thing about grocery shopping is… you get to keep doing it again, and again..

That short purple skirt in the produce department caught my eye. It was barely covering the shapely ass of a lady bending over examining something. As I approach, I realize that she is selecting a cucumber. I don’t understand why cucumbers are sometimes oiled, but it makes a rather erotic scene. She is handling the cucumber in a way that makes me forget where I am for a moment.

I seize the opportunity and ask, “Excuse me, but how to pick a good one.” The bulge in my pants is growing rapidly as I wonder whether she will catch the double meaning.

She smiles as she glances down at the front of my pants and answers, “I like mine to be long and firm. Most have a slight bend, but that really doesn’t matter to me. Smooth skin is good.”

As she turns toward me, I recognize her as the saleswoman from the lingerie shop. “Hello Sabrina.” I say, “It’s nice to see you again.”

Blushing slightly, she smiles and puts the cucumber into her shopping cart. She next goes to the opposite side of a display of melons and asks, “And what do you thing of these two?”

My Manavgat Escort Bayan cock jumps in my pants, answering for me. I’m not looking at the produce, but at the two delicious looking melons that are peeking at me from her low cut top. “Well,” I answer, “I’ll need to give them a squeeze to help me decide. They need to be firm, but soft.” I reach toward her, but she laughs and walks away.

She places one melon in her cart and I take the other. I watch her as she heads down the aisle, that purple skirt dancing with each step. I am glad I have the shopping cart in front of me to hide the front of my pants. I continue my shopping, and my erection starts to soften. I keep catching a glimpse of her from time to time and my cock keeps standing back up. She gives me a smile each time, then turns quickly causing her skirt to fly outward. One time I get a flash of her creamy bare ass. I love it when a woman wears a short skirt with no panties.

In the frozen food aisle, I get another treat when I notice her stiff nipples. I walk over to where she is standing and reach out to select something from the case. My arm brushes across her breast and I feel her nipple. She gives Manavgat Escort a little shiver which is something more than just a reaction to the cold air. She presses up against my arm and gives me a very inviting smile. I move toward her and press against her hip, letting her feel my arousal. She gives my cock a nice squeeze. I reach up under the hem of her skirt and lightly stroke her soft ass. She turns toward me bringing my fingers in contact with her hot pussy. I give a quick glance around and realize that there are no other shoppers in sight. My fingers become bolder as I run them up and down her wet folds. I am rewarded by a quiet moan as she presses against me.

I whisper, “Well, Sabrina, are we going to continue this in the frozen food aisle, or do you want to go someplace where I can let you feel more than just my fingers.” It was a statement rather than a question as I bring my fingers to my lips and lick them.

We put the frozen food back into the case and head for the checkout lanes. They would surely melt from the heat we are about to generate. Outside the store, I follow her across the parking lot to her car where she quickly throws her bags into the truck.

“So, Escort Manavgat Sabrina, do you want me to fuck you quick and hard in the parking lot?” I ask, “Or go somewhere and give your sweet pussy the licking that it needs?”

She has my stiff cock out in record time then leans against the trunk of her car and flips up that delightful purple skirt. She is hot and wet… my cock slides into her with one thrust. I begin thrusting into her, feeling her pussy squeeze my cock each time I pull back as if it is trying to hold me inside. I thrust into her and pause with my cock deep in her slick hole. She moans her approval, then becomes impatient and gives her ass a little wriggle. I get the message and speed up my thrusts until I am giving her the pounding she desires.

I feel her hand reach up and begin stroking her clit bringing herself to a quick and powerful orgasm.

Her loud moan, “Oh Yes!”, sends me over the edge. I continue fucking her as my cock erupts filling her pussy with my cum until it was dripping out and running down her legs.

When I recover enough to stand up, she tucks my deflating cock back into my pants like a pro, and zips me up. Then Sabrina looks at me and says, “In answer to your question about getting fucked or having you lick my pussy… what’s wrong with both?” She gets into her car and drives off leaving me standing there in a daze.

The best thing about the grocery store.. people keep coming again.. and again.. and..

“See you next week.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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