Another Week on the Lake Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They’re excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He’s also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

* * * * *


If there was raven choir practice on Tuesday morning, it didn’t wake me or Eva. We were exhausted and dead to the world after a fun-filled Monday on the lake and a late night around the fire. Thankfully I started to wake up at a more sensible hour for vacation, and it was to the sounds of vigorous fucking coming from… somewhere.

My eyes fluttered open and I was delighted to see Eva there next to me, lying on her side, still fast asleep. We’d gone to bed with just the sheet over our naked bodies in the warm night, and it had slid down while we slept, giving me a lovely good morning view of her tits.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” I heard, unmistakable this time. And it wasn’t coming from across the hall in Jack and Sophie’s room, or down the hall in one of the other bedrooms. The cabins didn’t sit exactly side-by-side, and Jack’s sat back from the lake a bit farther than the one currently occupied by Mike, Tara, Josh and Liz. But the offset configuration didn’t matter, because with the windows of both cabins open in the summer warmth, the enthusiastic sounds of pleasure floated unimpeded from their cabin to ours.

I got out of bed as gently as I could, and walked down the hallway naked to the bathroom to pee. None of us seemed to be bothering with closing the bedroom doors anymore when we slept, and I saw that Maggie was in bed with Jack and Sophie. The other two bedrooms were empty, and I wondered if Dani and Kristen could be participating in some of what I was hearing from next door.

I turned on the shower and stood in the rain of hot water for several long luxurious minutes before I methodically washed my hair and body. I hadn’t closed the door all the way, and I wouldn’t have been terribly upset by a little company in the shower.

“Is that you in there, Will?” I heard Maggie’s voice as I was rinsing shampoo out of my hair and I startled so badly I nearly slipped and fell.

“Holy shit, Maggie!” I gasped. I pulled the curtain open and she was standing just outside wearing the shirt I had lent to Jack the night before. It was unbuttoned, and it was the only thing she had on. “You scared the fuck out of me!”

“Want some company?” She opened the shirt wide enough to uncover her tanned breasts with their protruding brown nipples.

I smiled and nodded and Maggie let the shirt slip down off of her shoulders and climbed into the shower with me. My cock was quickly hardening, and Maggie trapped it in between our bodies as she pressed hers to mine and slipped past me into the flow of hot water.

“Oh that is nice,” she moaned as the water cascaded down her body. I watched her rinse her hair and work shampoo in, then I helped her soap up the rest of her body, spending a good deal of time rubbing soap over her ass and tits while she held on to my now fully erect cock. She let go and rinsed out her dark hair, now almost black.

Maggie pushed her hair back from her face and opened her eyes and smiled at me standing there, feeling a bit goofy with my cock in my hand watching her. She turned around and shut the water off and I slid the curtain open, but she stopped me before I could step out, holding my arm.

“Hang on,” she said.

She knelt on the bottom of the tub and started sucking my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as her lips slipped over the ridge of my swollen cock head and her tongue swirled. “That feels so fucking good.”

I rested a hand on the back of Maggie’s head as she worked more and more of my prick into her mouth, licking and sucking the throbbing shaft enthusiastically. She pulled back long enough to say, “Such a nice cock,” then she had it in her mouth again and the spikes of pleasure that shot up through my spine made me fear for my footing again. She now had nearly my entire length in her mouth, and her saliva was starting to slowly drip its way down onto my balls.

“Oh fuck,” I said again. “Suck my cock, Maggie. Suck my fucking cock!”

She continued for another wonderful minute before popping my cock out of her mouth and standing up. Again I moved to climb out of the tub, but she turned away from me again and backed her ass against me, trapping my cock between her pretty round butt cheeks.

“Fuck me,” Maggie said. Casibom “Fuck me right now.”

I moved my hips back and pointed my cock down toward her opening, and she reached under her body and helped me position my cock at the entrance to her sweet pussy. I pushed gently forward and sank the head of my cock into her slick channel and we both moaned together, not as loud as the cries from next door that had drawn me from sleep, but certainly loud enough for our cabin mates to hear. I didn’t notice that Eva had joined us in the bathroom until I’d already taken several slow firm strokes in and out of Maggie’s pussy while she egged me on.

“Hey baby,” Eva said sleepily as she sat down on the toilet to pee.

“I hope you don’t—holy fuck—mind me borrowing your boyfriend, Eva,” Maggie gasped.

“Not at all,” Eva said as she finished her morning pee. She smiled up at me, “I think you can fuck her harder than that, Will.”

“Oh yes!” Maggie agreed. “Fuck me harder!”

I happily obliged, increasing both the frequency and power of my thrusts, until I was pounding Maggie’s exquisite pussy while she struggled not to collapse forward against the wall of the tub stall. “Fuck!” she snarled. “Fuck me with that fat fucking cock!”

“Does that pussy feel good, baby?” Eva cooed. She’d moved over to the sink, leaning against the edge of the vanity with her legs parted enough so that she could get a hand between them. Her glorious tits wiggled as she fingered herself.

“So fucking good,” I gasped, still ferociously pounding my cock deep into Maggie’s cunt. I reached under her to grab her wildly flailing tits and squeezed them as I fucked her. Maggie continued to brace herself against the wall and push back to meet my thrusts.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, I’m gonna cum!” Maggie cried. Her pussy clenched and squeezed me and I had to stop my thrusting and hold my cock inside her while she covered it with her hot pussy juices. “Fuck! FUCK! I’m cumming!”

I held Maggie to keep her from falling over as she trembled and came all over my cock. Once she had general control of her body again, she scooted forward and my cock slipped out of her pussy and swung up in the air, coated with her cum. Eva quickly closed the distance between the sink and tub and quickly sucked my cock into her mouth, tasting the slick coating of pussy juice that Maggie had left behind. I watched in awe as Eva sucked my cock, deep-throating it, then pulling back to jack my slippery shaft in her fist.

Maggie pressed in beside me and pushed the back of Eva’s head down even more and my girlfriend gagged on my cock before Maggie let her back up again.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” I groaned.

“Do it again,” Eva said, looking up quickly at Maggie before launching herself at my cock again.

Maggie obeyed and pushed Eva’s head down again, driving my cock into her throat until my beautiful Eva gagged again and pulled back, leaving thick strands of saliva coating my cock.

“Fuck me,” Eva said, her eyes beginning to water.

“Once more,” Maggie said, taking hold of Eva’s head again before she could stand up. Eva opened her mouth again and she and Maggie stuffed my entire cock in. Eva’s nose was pressed against my pubic hair, and I felt her tongue snake out and reach slightly between my balls before Maggie let her up again, gasping for air this time. Now tears streaked her face, but she looked up at me with a ferocious lust.

“Now!” she barked.

She took both me and Maggie by the hand and dragged us out of the tub and out of the bathroom, not even allowing us to grab towels to dry off. We passed by Jack and Sophie bedroom to see Jack frantically fucking his girlfriend from behind, Sophie’s tits flailing beneath her.

“You,” Eva pointed at me. “Lay down on the bed.”

I obeyed, and flopped my still dripping wet body down on the sheets, smiling and looking up at Eva and Maggie and slowly stroking my slippery cock.

“You get your pussy on his face,” Eva ordered, but not before she had climbed up onto the bed over me and aimed my throbbing cock at her open pussy. Maggie quickly climbed up with us and I saw and felt Eva impaling herself on my cock just before Maggie lowered her pussy to my face. “I want you to suck Will’s cum out of my pussy,” Eva said.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, the three of us took turns rinsing off again in the shower. Eva had ridden me as we came together, me pumping a huge blast of cock cream into her juicing clenching pussy while she screamed at me that she was cumming. I somehow managed to make Maggie cum again even with the distraction of Eva riding hard on my cock. We heard Jack and Sophie climax just after we got started on the bed, so our quick showers came directly after theirs.

Jack and I prepared another big breakfast: eggs, pancakes, sausage and home fries.

“Bloody Mary?” Jack asked me, shaking the bottle of V8.

“What kind of dumb-fuck question is that? Of course!”

We drank them as we cooked, and sat down to eat just Casibom Giriş as Dani and Kristen came padding back into the house in the clothes they’d been wearing for our barbecue the night before.

“Oh my god, that smells fantastic,” Kristen sighed.

“Eat up,” I said as the dark beauty took a plate from the counter and began to fill it, Dani right behind her.

“How was your night, you two?” Maggie asked with a little inflection of mischief.

Dani and Kristen looked at each other and giggled. “It was nice,” Kristen said.

“Nice?” Sophie grinned up at them from the table as they squeezed in with the rest of us.

“Yeah, nice,” Dani said.

“Sounded a little more than nice to me,” Maggie said.

Dani stuck out her tongue at her friend, but we let the subject drop as we all became more interested in restocking our energy reserves for another day.

The cabin phone rang as we were clearing the table, startling most of us. I’d forgotten about the phone, and it seemed like a weird relic hanging there on the wall by the fridge. There was a curly cord and everything.

Jack picked up and answered in a strangely professional voice, using the family name instead of a simple hello. “Oh hi, Roger,” he said.

I looked at Eva, who smiled back at me. We’d met Roger and his wife Jess last year at the bonfire.

“Actually,” Jack continued. “That sounds excellent to me. Let me run it by the troops and call you back in a few? Cool, man. Totally, K, bye.”

“What’s up?” Sophie asked for the rest of us.

“They invited the four of us over for dinner,” he said, pointing at Sophie, then me and Eva. “They’re staying at Hank and Donna’s place. Hank and Donna couldn’t make it up this week, but I guess Kaylee made the trip anyway with a couple of friends.” Kaylee was Hank and Donna’s daughter, who would now have finished up her first year of college if I was remembering correctly. I looked at Eva again and she gave me a knowing smile. We’d me Hank and Donna at the bonfire along with Roger and Jess, but their daughter Kaylee we’d stumbled upon just a few hundred yards away on the little island, and we’d had a good deal of fun with her and her friends.

“The four of you?” Maggie had her hands on her hips and an offended frown on her pretty face.

“Well, they didn’t know you guys were here,” Jack said, poking his step-cousin gently in the side. “That’s why I told him I’d run it by everyone before I let him know.”

“I’m just messing with you,” Maggie said, her frown turning quickly into a genuine grin. “Believe it or not, we have plans tonight too.” She held out an arm in the direction of Kristen and Dani.

“Since when do you make plans?” Jack ribbed.

“None of your damn business,” she replied with a smile before sticking out her tongue at him.

“What do you guys say?” Jack asked me, Eva and Sophie. “Roger said he was about to call Katrina and Tyler too. Could be fun.”

And I knew exactly what kind of fun he was talking about. If you guessed that we also met Katrina and Tyler at the bonfire, then here’s to you.

* * *

We had a good long summer day to enjoy before dinner though, and after breakfast was cleaned up, we got straight to it, starting with Frisbee and beer before noon. Jack and I made it a game to see whose throws could do the most damage to the other’s hand from across the yard and yelling back and forth about how weak the throws were no matter how much they hurt on impact. When the sun got too hot for running around the yard, we switched to running and jumping off the dock like kids; cannon balls and stupid midair poses.

Dani and Sophie teamed up to wrestle me in the water, and I had several delightful minutes of their bodies more or less constantly in contact with mine, while a few feet away Eva watched and cheered them on. I reached up and tugged down on one of the cups of Sophie’s bikini top and she giggled and slapped my hand away, but pulled her top down anyway, giving me a quick view of her naked tits before Dani jumped up on my back and dunked me. I surfaced to the wild gales of their laughter, sputtering and spitting out lake water, but smiling back at them as they congratulated each other with a high five.

“Well played, ladies, well played,” Jack said from the dock. “Anyone up for heading out on the boat for a while?”

“Booze cruise!” Sophie whooped, turning to hoist herself up onto the dock. Jack reached to help her up.

“We can bring the little charcoal grill from the shed and cook up some burgers on one of the beaches down that way, he pointed vaguely toward the southeast, where the lake stretched on for miles, and I assumed he knew a place or two with sunshine and picnic tables to strike out for.

I got out of the water and Sophie gave the bulge in my shorts a playful grab as I brushed past her to go load up the cooler for our trip.

Whatever Maggie, Kristen and Dani had planned for tonight was unfortunately going to prevent them from venturing out for the Casibom Yeni Giriş afternoon with us on the boat. Jack and Sophie made sure to let them all know they were welcome, possibly worried that the invitation from Roger this morning might have caused some offense, but Maggie told them not to worry and that they really did have plans to go visit some friends; although she wasn’t particularly forthcoming with details. Neither Jack nor Sophie pressed them, opting for a “suit yourselves” and a “have fun.”

So it was just past noon when Jack and I loaded one cooler full of drinks, and another of food into the boat and the four of us set off at a leisurely pace over waves. We sipped cold beers and helped each other with second coats of sunscreen, a task that both Sophie and Eva made much more interesting by taking their tops off. There was a fair amount of lake traffic, but since we were all seated and more or less hidden from the view of passing boats, they remained topless until we eventually pulled up onto a rocky beach surrounded by forest instead of cabins.

So it was with mild embarrassment, halfway into our voyage, that Sophie said, “Up here, Will.”

I tore my eyes quickly away from her beautiful naked breasts and gave her a sheepish grin and a shrug.

“Why don’t we make it fair, and you two take your shorts off?” Eva helpfully suggested. I could see her eyes bouncing back and forth between me, reclining at the bow, and Jack, steering the boat. She and Sophie sat farther back, where there was more coverage from our fellow vacationers.

“I don’t see why we need to hurry right to the beach,” Jack said and he killed the engine. He reached into the cooler and offered us all a fresh brew, which I accepted. Then he took his swim trunks off, and his nearly fully erect cock bounced up and waved in the air as he cracked open the beer and took a seat across from Eva.

Eva smiled and Sophie clapped her hands.

“Come on, Will,” Sophie said. “Take ’em off.”

I moved back to sit with the others, but stopped to take my bathing suit off before I sat down. My cock had been rock-hard since Sophie had ordered me to rub some extra sunscreen on her tits, and now it popped out of my shorts and slapped against my stomach, to the delight of both of the women.

Now Jack and I were diagonally across from each other, and we each had our girlfriend sitting to our right. I looked across at Sophie, who smiled and cupped her tits in her hands and bounced them a couple of times before giggling and letting them drop. I leaned back and let my cock point straight up in the air.

“I wish Becky was here,” Sophie said after a few minutes of silently revelling in our collective nudity.

“Me too,” Eva said.

They weren’t alone. I was having an awesome time so far this week, but I couldn’t help but think how much more fun it might be if Becky and Felicia had been able to make it.

“Next year,” Jack said.

“To Becky and Todd,” Sophie said, raising her beer can. “And Felicia and Robert.”

We toasted with her and drank and floated until we were starting to get hot again. So we reluctantly put out bathing suits back on and took turns jumping into the lake until we were ready to set off again for the beach.

“Let’s go!” Jack called to Sophie, the last of us to climb back into the boat. “I’m starving! Let’s go set this grill up!”

“Keep your shirt on, Sally!” Sophie teased as I held out a hand to help her back into the boat.

* * *

Jack navigated the boat into a cove, although it was nothing like the hidden jewel we had discovered the day before when Matt and Tina came upon us. Here a peninsula jutted out from the western shore of the lake in a long thin line, no more than half a dozen yards wide at it’s narrowest point, and opened up into what probably looked like an island from the eastern shore. The beach here was a little rockier, but we had water shoes to help with that. But it was hot and sunny and a perfect spot to fire up some charcoal and toss a ball or Frisbee.

Jack chose a spot close to the western shore, in the corner of the cove, right where the peninsula began. There were picnic tables every forty or fifty yards along the beach, all the way out to the end, I had counted ten of them before it was time for me to jump out of the boat and pull it up onto the sand far enough so it wouldn’t float away on us. Jack cut the engine and jumped out after me to help, then Eva and Sophie began handing us our supplies.

“We’ll have music until the batteries die,” Sophie announced, placing her iPod dock on the table and turning on a playlist of country songs about drinking, bikinis, and hangovers.

I got right to work lighting the charcoal while Jack rolled us up a fairly hefty joint. That would certainly make the burgers go down easy. Sophie and Eva had managed to dig out two ancient, but serviceable beach chairs from the boat house and they were busy brushing them clean of dust and dead bugs.

Jack passed me the joint, and I puffed and looked out on the lake, smiling as I slowly exhaled. The pot went to work immediately, and I became aware of every little hair on my body moving in the breeze, and saw new and tantalizing patterns in the sun shining off the wave tops across the lake.

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