Antonia and Her Client

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Big Cock

Antonia stood on the dark streets of the Bronx, her body shivering in the cold. Her long wavy brown hair whipped around in the wind, and her normal olive skin was pale and pasty. The young woman had her arms folded tightly across her chest, with goose bumps rising on her exposed skin. It was late March and still cold as hell.

Antonia wore a tight black cut-off t-shirt with the words ‘Love Me’ in white block letters. She wore a short black jean skirt and fishnet stockings that accented the her slender legs. Her black stilettos made her seem taller than she actually is, which was 5’5″.

The young woman tapped her feet and looked up and down the street. She was almost afraid she had been stood up. If the man was a no-show, then Antonia would have to find some dirty place to spend the night, and probably bum some food to fill her stomach.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to the young woman, a silver Sedan pulled up to the curb before her. The dark window of the passenger’s side rolled down, and a man in his early thirties leaned over.

“You Antonia?” he asked, his voice making him seem younger than his features. Antonia beamed and picked up her handbag from the sidewalk, and bounced over to the car. She propped her elbows on the window, leaning forward. Her large breasts spilled over the low collar of her tee.

“And you must be Thomas,” she replied, a sly smile on her face. The man returned her smile, his teeth gleaming in the dim light of the car.

“Well come on in sweetie. You must be cold out there,” he said. The lock of the door clicked open, and Antonia let herself in.

“Where we going tonight?” she asked, pulling her seatbelt across her chest. The man closed up the window and drove off.

“My place. We gonna have ourselves a great time tonight, baby,” Thomas said, chuckling to himself. Antonia giggled.

Thomas had broad shoulders and short blond hair. It was hard to tell his actual eye color in the dark, but Antonia figured it would be either blue or green. He wore a tight white shirt and dark jeans, and Antonia could see how wonderfully the moonlight accented his biceps. Antonia put her hand on Thomas’ thigh and rubbed it up and down slowly, a small smile tugging on her lips.

“Ah, can’t wait to start the night, baby?” Thomas whispered, his breathing speeding up.

“Mhm,” Antonia said, her hands going higher until she brushed Kuşadası Escort his crotch area. Antonia smiled at the bulge that formed underneath Thomas’ zippers, and she went ahead and gave it a tight squeeze.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it,” Thomas groaned, squinting his eyes to try to concentrate on the road. They were now speeding down the highway into Manhattan. Antonia smiled and unbuckled his pants, pulled down his zipper and pulled the waistband of his underwear down, setting free the man’s semi-hard cock. Antonia rubbed the length with one hand, her fingers squeezing and grasping his member. She moved her hand up and down the man’s cock, squeezing and releasing to imitate the sex. Her index finger pressed down on the head, spreading the pre-cum around the tip. Thomas’ cock now stood erect and wrapped underneath Antonia’s skillful hand.

Thomas began to buckle his hips slightly to the rhythm of Antonia’s hands. His face was flushed, and his jaws were clenched tightly. “Oh, I’m about to cum,” he moaned, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly.

“Go ahead baby, go ahead and cum all over my hand!” Antonia encouraged, moving her hand faster. She let her eyes linger on Thomas’ penis, and watched in excitement as semen shot from his dick, splattering over her hands and onto his jeans. Thomas let out a sigh of release, and gave the young prostitute and seductive smile.

“Wow, you’re good,” he praised breathlessly. Antonia licked up the cum from her hands and swiped the remaining cum off his jeans with her fingers.

“Mm, thank you,” she said, slurping at his cum sexily, “you taste good.”

Ten minutes later, the two got off the elevator at the thirtieth floor of Thomas’ Manhattan penthouse on 53rd street. Thomas let Antonia to his bedroom, where there was a large king sized bed with light blue bed sheets. There was a large dresser to the left of the bed, and a wardrobe against the far wall to the right. Across from the bed was a large table with a slim black laptop with the webcam on.

Antonia regarded the computer with amusement. “You’re going to record it?” she asked, her thin eyebrows arched. Thomas was pulling his shirt over his head. He had a faint four-pack, and a tattoo of an Asian dragon over his left shoulder.

“Yeah baby? What’s the big deal?” he asked, coming close to Antonia, pulling her into his arms. Thomas was only a few inches Kuşadası Escort Bayan taller than her. Antonia looked up at him through her eyelashes.

“Will I get paid for being on camera?” she asked shyly, her fingers slowly rubbing his chest, touching his nipples.

“Mm, of course baby, of course,” he murmured, kissing the woman deeply. Antonia wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, her tongue trashing around with his. Thomas placed his hands underneath her shirt and probed upwards, grasping her 34D breasts and squeezing tightly. He pushed the shirt over her chest, exposing her bare breasts. They were nice and round and firm, with dark nipples that stood erect between his fingers.

“Mm, you have nice tits,” he muttered while kissing her breasts, his tongue running over her nipples. Antonia moaned and threw her head back, letting the man take full control of her tits. Her eye caught the camera and she gave it a flirty wink.

When Thomas was done sucking and biting on her breasts, he bent down and pulled Antonia’s skirt down to the floor, along with her stockings. Antonia stepped out of her heels and kicked them off to the side. Thomas knelt down before her, his fingers hooking underneath the band of her black underwear. He pulled it down and admired the girl’s clean-shaven pussy. Antonia pulled off her shirt and let herself stand completely naked before the man.

Thomas pushed her legs open and put his head between her legs, breathing on Antonia’s wetness. Antonia moaned and spread her legs further. Thomas began licking the folds of her vagina softly, teasingly. Antonia put her hands on top of his head and guided his face closer to her pussy. Thomas’s tongue flicked the girl’s clit, making her cry out in pleasures. Antonia began to pull on her nipples, her eyes closed in pleasure.

The man continued licking her pussy, dipping his tongue in then flicking out quickly. His teasing drove the young prostitute wild with desire.

“Oh Thomas, please don’t tease me like this,” she moaned, moving her lips in hopes that Thomas would dip his whole tongue in. Thomas chuckled and continued teasing her, until her cunt was dripping with juices and saliva.

Then, to Antonia’s surprise, Thomas pulled away. The young woman gasped. Her face was flushed, and she was on the brink of coming! Thomas quickly rose and kissed her roughly, sloshing Escort Kuşadası her juices around Antonia’s mouth. Antonia moaned into the kiss, her hands fumbling for his zipper and pulling down his pants.

“Fuck me, fuck me right now,” she gasped, pulling Thomas to the bed. She and Thomas fell onto the soft mattress, kissing wildly, their hands touching every part of each other’s bodies.

Suddenly, Thomas pulled Antonia to him and flipped her on top of him. Antonia laid on top of him in a second of surprise, then lust and experience took over. She took Thomas’ cock, which stood tall and erect, and positioned her slit above it. Then she sat down, sighing as his large member filled her hole. Thomas groaned as Antonia’s pussy clenched around his penis, and he grabbed her waist and bounced her up and down on his cock. Antonia put her hands on his chest for balance and rode him like a horse, buckling and moaning, her breasts bouncing wildly. Her hair spilled over her shoulders and clenched to her sweaty skin.

Then, Thomas flipped Antonia over again and laid on top of her, with her legs pushed high over her head. Thomas pounded her roughly, burying his cock deep into her cunt. His dick rammed in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping her ass forcefully every time.

“I’m gonna come baby,” Thomas grunted, quickening his pace. The bed began to squeak slightly due to their forceful fucking.

“Oh God,” Antonia cried, “Oh oh, fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna come too,” she gasped, her body shaking.

“Let’s come together, alright?” Thomas gasped, his hands grasping her thigh tightly.

“Alright, alright,” Antonia moaned, her eyes squeezed shut. When the first spasm came, Antonia let out a scream of pleasure as heat ripped through her body. Her body clenched tightly, milking Thomas’ cock as his cum squirted deep inside her cunt, and spilling out down her ass. Thomas buried his cock inside until Antonia had stopped orgasm, then he pulled his member out with a soft “pop”, trailing cum and pussy juice.

Thomas rolled off Antonia and onto his side, panting. Antonia let her legs down tiredly, her pussy clenching the juices inside of her. After a while, the two got up.

“I’m gonna go use the showers,” Antonia announced, “you can put $150 on the table.”

“$150? I thought we agreed on a hundred!” Thomas claimed, a sly grin on his face as he went over to his computer. “Does this mean you’ll blow me now?”

Antonia chuckled. “You wish, big boy. I’m charging you cheap for the video- get over it.” she grinned and tossed her hair over her shoulder and stepped into the showers. Already, Antonia was planning on where to meet her next client tomorrow.

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