Anupriya’s Tamil Temptation

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Anupriya tied her long hair back into a ponytail and sighed. It was a scorching Saturday in Mumbai. As 12th standard was coming to an end, she felt a mixture of relief and sadness. She was excited to move on to university but still felt like a girl inside. She had never been with a man. She knew her father wanted her to marry a “nice” Chitpavan Brahmin man like himself. Whenever she got a bad mark or created a mess, he threatened to marry her off to the Konkani boy across the street. “And whatever you do, don’t hang around to one of those kallu tamil boys from school,” he often warned. Anupriya hated how prejudiced he was, partly because she was enamored by her tall Tamil classmate Shiva.

With all this on her mind, Anupriya still had to prepare for her maths exam next week. Normally, she would call her Marathi friend Amith to help her out, but she grew tired of constantly rejecting his advances. The heat inside the flat was now intolerable. Anupriya left the building and took a walk. Walking down the main road to her school, she spotted a familiar sight. It was Shiva! Fate had brought them together, she thought to herself.

“What are you doing here?” Anupriya suadiye escort inquired.

“I could ask you the same,” Shiva replied.

“Touché. Well nothing really, I’m just escaping the heat. I can’t concentrate on maths right now.”

“You should come over to my place. We have A/C and I’m about to head back and study myself.”

Anupriya’s porcelain face grew red and her legs trembled with excitement. She’d been waiting for this moment all year.

“That’s perfect!” she exclaimed.

So they walked to Shiva’s house together, bodies getting closer and closer as they approached their destination. Upon arrival, the two got to work immediately in Shiva’s bedroom. It soon became clear that Shiva was a much better study partner than Amith ever was. He understood the material well and explained it to her clearly and concisely. They also had a natural chemistry and couldn’t help but flirt. The A/C was on, but the room was steaming hot. Anupriya “accidentally” dropped her pencil, which rolled across the room. She took the opportunity to slowly bend over and show off her rear, barely contained in her tight jean shorts. Shiva took notice of this yakacık escort incredible sight, but tried to stay focused on the task at hand. Unbeknownst to him, Anupriya spotted his erection. They continued studying and flirting for hours, losing track of time.

Upon finishing their last problem of the day, they realized how late it had gotten. Shiva offered to walk Anupriya home, which she accepted. When they reached the flat, Anupriya was surprised to find her dad wasn’t home yet. As Shiva prepared to leave, the two locked eyes and grabbed each other’s hands. Shiva pulled her towards him and kissed her on the cheek. Without hesitation, Anupriya held his face and kissed him on the lips. Once again, she spotted his erection, but this time she let him know it by gently grazing her palm against his crotch. Now, things began to accelerate. The two energetically worked themselves down to Anupriya’s bedroom, stripping along the way. Knees to the floor, Anupriya pulled down Shiva’s shorts and grabbed his long and thick lingam. The contrast between his dark shaft and her pale hands turned her on more as she stroked up and down. Instinctively, she opened her şerifali escort mouth wide and got as much of it as she could in her mouth. Shiva tugged her ponytail as he fingered her succulent yoni.

Despite trying and trying, Anupriya could not contain the Shiva linga in her mouth. Shiva guided her towards the mattress and positioned her on all fours. Grabbing her bosom in his hands, he thrusted his long dick deep inside Anupriya’s pussy. The pumps got faster and faster as the two of them got more and more invigorated. Anupriya’s father arrived back at the flat and noticed a trail of clothes strewn across the floor. Half were his daughter’s, but he didn’t recognize the other pieces. Then he heard it.

“It feels so good! Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Anupriya screamed.

He walked down to Anupriya’s bedroom and saw the Tamil boy plunging his dark, massive cock into his fair-skinned daughter.

“I’m your little whore!” Anupriya proclaimed.

Before her father had a chance to react, Shiva ejaculates inside her, his cock pulsating as he shoots his load.

“Anupriya, how could you do this to me? Fooling around with a disgusting kallu? You need to have an abortion NOW, you will not have a child with this monkey,” pleads the heart-broken father.

“Dad he’s more of a man than you or any Chitpavan male will ever be, I’m keeping the baby,” his daughter asserts.

“You heard the lady, uncle,” Shiva adds.

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