Anything Done in Love is a Good Thing

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I had driven a few blocks away from my girlfriend’s apartment when I realized that I had left my cigarettes on her kitchen table. I really did not feel like driving back through the maze of apartment complex streets to retrieve them and the sky was almost black with an upcoming storm. I didn’t feel driving a mile to a convenience store to get a fresh pack either. I knew of a quick way to her place on foot but didn’t know if I could beat the on coming storm. I made a quick right turn into a nearby strip mall and drove around the store fronts to the rear of the buildings where most of the deliveries are made. The back of her apartment complex adjoined the rear of the strip mall and all I had to do was slip through a break in a chain link fence, run down a steep grassy hill, go between a set of apartment buildings, and would be at her front door. It was dark as twilight even though it was about two in the afternoon but I figured I could get my cigarettes before the rain came pouring down.

I parked my car in front on the break in the fence and got out on the passenger side. I slipped through the break and quickly ran down the steep terrace. I slowed down as I reached level ground and walked between the apartment buildings. I was passing by my girlfriend’s apartment building where curtains were partially open in her bedroom window and the bedroom lights were on. I glanced in the window as I walked by and then ducked down to sneak another look. I didn’t believe what I saw with the first glance but the second peak confirmed it. My girlfriend, Pam, was naked on her bed, on all fours, and her father was fucking her doggy style! I continued peering in the window after I was certain that neither of them were looking in my direction, I was entranced watching her boobs swing back and forth as her father repeatedly smacked his body against hers. Suddenly, the sky opened and torrents of rain fell. As much as I was intrigued, excited, and confused watching Pam and her father, I quietly left and traversed the now wet and muddy terrace back to my car.

Damn! What was that all about? I thought to myself as I got into my car and switched on the ignition. I turned on the wipers and defrosters as I drove out of the strip mall parking lot and onto the street. The rhythm of the wipers seemed to keep time with image of her father’s thrusting hips going through my head. As I drove back to my apartment, I thought occurred to me and things began to make sense.

Pam and I had known each other since junior high school. I got along well together but we never dated. In ninth grade she fell in love with another student who was a sophomore and they were an item throughout high school. He graduated and went into the service. The following year immediately after graduation day, Pam eloped with her boyfriend and settled in Florida where he was stationed. After two years she was back in town where I happened to run into her. She had told me that her husband beat her and fooled around on her and after a couple of years, she left him. We started talking on a regular basis and then began dating. I really enjoyed dating Pam as she was a strikingly attractive blonde that turned heads wherever she went. After seeing her for about two months, I noticed some changes in our relationship. During the week, she was pleasant and very loving but on Saturday mornings she was distant and anxious for me to go.

I found out that her father would visit her every Saturday morning for coffee and donuts. I assumed that she was embarrassed when her father was there and I had spent the night there. At first I stayed and talked with her father, enjoying coffee and cigarettes with him. He really was a very nice person. After awhile I could see that Pam was not happy with me hanging around and socializing with her father. I got the hint and then began to leave before her father arrived and just when he arrived. Surprisingly she was back to normal on Sunday and passionate the rest of the week. Driving in the rain, I made the connection. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed in front of her father that I had spent the night or that she was mad at me talking to her father. She wanted to leave as soon as possible, so she could fuck with her father!

The phone rang at 8:00 am that Sunday morning. It was Pam. She said it was going to be a beautiful day and that we should drive to her favorite winery for lunch. I agreed and she would pick me up in two hours. I went into the kitchen for a quick breakfast and then got ready but all the time I was thinking about Pam and her father. Around 10:00 Pam was knocking at the door and we left. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and mild temperatures. It was about a two hour drive to this small boutique winery where they had a small picnic ground overlooking a valley of vineyards. We chatted and listened to music along the way until we reached the winery.

We went inside, did a wine tasting, and bought one of their wines that we both liked. I returned to Pam’s Isparta Escort car, retrieved a packed lunch she had made, and then we walked to the picnic area with the wine glasses clinking against the wine bottle. We choose a spot and spread out a blanket over dry ground. It seems that it hadn’t rained there as it had in town.

We spent the next hour indulging in the wine, lunch, and the view. Oddly enough, we were the only ones in the picnic area and enjoyed the solitude.

“I can’t believe that we have the whole place to ourselves, especially on a beautiful day like this.” said Pam

“Me either” I replied, “Too nice to be inside or in town. Did your father get caught in the rain yesterday?”

“Oh no” smiled Pam, “He stayed until the rain stopped then went home.”

“By the way, I left my cigarettes at your place.” as I pulled out a pack and proceeded to light one. “I wanted to come back and pick them up but the rain had started.”

“Oh” replied Pam, “I think they are still on the kitchen table. Sorry, I should have brought them.”

“That’s OK” I smiled, “You were busy”

“Well yes” Pam sighed, “I had to pack a lunch for us and still get ready too.”

I wanted to ask her about yesterday and was unsure and nervous about asking, but I had to know. “I started to come back yesterday but the rain wasn’t the only thing that stopped me. I know about you and your father! I saw you two through your bedroom window.”

Pam just stared at me as her face grew red and with trembling hands reached for my cigarettes. She light one and deeply inhaled. With a completely blank look, she exhaled a column of smoke. “So I suppose you think I’m a freak or something”

“Oh no” I said in a consoling manner, “I don’t think badly of you or anything like that. I was kind of turned on watching. What I want to know, is this why you turn so cold towards me on Saturdays when he is there?”

With no expression, Pam refilled her glass and then talking another puff said, “Yes and I really don’t mean to hurt your feelings on those days but………. Perhaps I need to explain this from the beginning and I hope you will understand.” I nodded and motioned for her to continue.

“We were friends in school but I don’t think you know what kind of person I really was in high school. My husband and I meet in ninth grade and I was very in love with him. He turned me into some wild child. We drank, smoked, and made love.. a lot. We use to do it in my mom and dad’s bed when they weren’t home. My mom found out about that after I was married and she was pissed then and still gets pissed about that.” Pam finally smiled for a moment. “Anyway, my parents never did like him and really were mad at me when I eloped with him. The senior year was really tough on me since he was in the service. I dated some guys in school because I was lonely and wanted some attention but when high school ended, I left that world behind. The whole time I was in Florida, my parents never called, wrote, or spoke to me. Which at the time was OK as I was having fun being newly married and exploring a whole new world.”

I refilled our empty glasses and light another cigarette. Pam continued, “After about six months, things changed. He started to stay out late with his buddies, girls would call asking for him, and then he started hitting me. Being in love and maybe just stupid, I hung in there and put up with all that bullshit. But there is only so much you can take and after one bad evening, I decided to leave. He left for the base that next morning and I left a note, packed what I could into our old car, and left for home. I cried all the way to the Florida state line. I didn’t know what I was going to do or if anyone in town, especially my parents would help me. I loved him but was hurt by him and hated him as well. The trip through the mountains was hard on the car’s engine and got a little past Nashville when I literally coasted into a rest stop. The car was dead and now I was frantic. I thought I was so stupid to leave like that and now I was stuck in the middle of nowhere”

“I almost called my husband to help but I dialed my parent’s number. My father answered and I explained everything that went on in Florida. I was crying when I told him I was stuck in Tennessee with almost no money trying to get home. I almost couldn’t believe it when my father told me to stay with the car and he would be there as soon as he would drive to where I was at. After all I did in the last few years that made my parents unhappy, my father was dropping everything to come to my rescue. I felt somewhat better but was very uncomfortable at the rest stop, especially since it was getting dark. I locked myself in the car, flipped the seat as far back as it would go, and tried to get some sleep. It was a very disrupted on and off sleep with all the noise and lights from the interstate and from a general fear of being at the rest stop so long.”

“I bet that was Isparta Escort Bayan scary” I replied in agreement, “You are lucky nothing happened.”

“I know” replied Pam, “Early the next morning, a highway patrol officer stopped by the car asked if I was OK. I felt safer then and told him my father was driving in to help me. It was around nine in the morning when I saw my father’s car pull up next to my car. I was never so happy to see my father. I rushed out to meet him and I must have hugged him for seemed like an hour. I knew that I was going to be OK. My father raised the hood of my car, checked some stuff, and asked me to try to start the engine. I got back in and turned the key in the ignition. The engine cranked once, made a loud bang, and went silently dead. I could see my father shaking his head as he lowered the hood on the car. He said that the car was too far gone to have fixed and he suggested that we move my stuff into his car and drive back home. I asked him what about the old car and he replied that it was in my husband’s name. He would be responsible for anything when the state of Tennessee would eventually tow it away from the rest stop. I smiled and thought it would serve him right to get stuck with some bills.”

“I bet he was pissed when he got some notices from the impound yard” I smiled.

Pam laughed and said, “He called me at my parent’s house a month later and boy, was he pissed. I think the bill was around $900 and growing more daily. I told him it was his car and that he needed to take care of it. I also told him to fuck off and never call me again. Anyway, my father and I took everything from that old car and put it into his car and began the drive back home. It was a long drive and I spent most of the time telling my father my life story in the last two years. He was very sympathetic and I spent a lot time crying on his shoulder. It was getting around four in the afternoon and we were getting tired. It was only a few more hours to arrive at the house but my father had driven all night and it seemed that I had been up all night. We stopped at the next fair sized town and checked into a good motel off the interstate.”

Pam looked at me very sincerely and said, “Now what I tell you next stays between you and me. Only you, my father, and I know the rest.”

I nodded yes and offered Pam another cigarette. Her hands slightly trembled as she grabbed it from my hand. She light the cigarette, finished the rest of her wine in one gulp, and then continued with her story. “We checked into the motel and they had only one room left. There was some car show in town which filled most of the rooms in town. The clerk said we were lucky as he just had a cancellation and could give us that room. We pulled from the car a suitcase of mine and an overnight bag of my father’s and went to the room. To our surprise it had a king bed and not two double beds but it was the only room in town and a very nice one at that. After unpacking a few items, we went to get something to eat. We noticed that neither of us had eaten since the previous day and we were starting to get hungry. We had a nice meal at one of those chain family restaurants and went back to the hotel. Dad went to take a shower while I channel surfed the TV until he was finished. He came out in just a T shirt and briefs and said the bathroom was all mine. I took a few items into the bathroom with me and hopped into the shower. The shower felt so good and warm. I hadn’t taken a shower in almost 3 days and must not have smelled my best. My father was kind enough not to say anything. The shower felt very good and left me very relaxed. I put on a T shirt and panties, dried my hair, put on a little perfume, and walked out of the bathroom.”

“You look so much better” smiled Pam’s father, “You were getting that homeless look about you.”

I laughed and said, “Thanks for making me laugh. This has been the worse experience in my life. I can’t thank you enough for coming to rescue me. I love you Daddy.” Then I stretched out my arms to give my father a hug.

“My father rose from the chair where he was watching the TV and embraced me. We hugged for what seemed a minute as we rocked slightly from side to side. I never noticed until then the excellent shape my father was in for someone in his mid forties. His chest was flat and muscular against me. He whispered that he loved me and how wonderful that perfume was. Then his hands slowly slid down my back and into my panties. His hands fondled each butt cheek and then I felt his cock starting to harden and push against my thigh through his briefs. At first I was surprised as Dad had never done that before and I wasn’t expecting this but I liked what he was doing. I looked up slightly into my father’s eyes and smiled. I suppose I could have stopped it then but I didn’t want him to stop. I hugged him tighter and gave him a kiss. Not a family kiss, but a wet open mouthed passionate kiss”

“Wow” Escort Isparta I whispered as Pam started to smile wickedly, “Then what happened?”

“My father slightly backed away for a second, perhaps coming to his senses and realizing what he was doing. I smiled at my Dad and whispered, “Don’t stop.” He kissed me back and soon our tongues were sliding in each other’s mouth. One of his hands slipped out of my panties and into my T shirt. He began to feel my braless breasts. I didn’t realize it until then that my nipples had become rock hard. I loved his hand caressing each of my breasts and rolling each hard nipple. It felt so good and I made a pleasant “umm” sound. My dad pulled up on the back of my T shirt and I raised my arms, allowing the shirt to flow off my body. I was now almost naked with my father which I hadn’t done that since

I was very little. I almost felt like I was five years old in my daddy’s strong arms only now he was making me feel more pleasure than I had with any other man..”

“Daddy bent over slightly and began to suck on my nipples while massaging each breast with one hand. He had pulled his other hand from my butt and slid along the elastic edge of my panties until his hand was along my stomach. Slowly he moved his hand down into my panties. I trembled slightly as his finger ran between the lips of my pussy. My pussy was very moist and he slipped easily between the lips. Daddy started to explore my pussy as he caressed the inside of each pussy lip, massaged around my pussy hole, then slid his fingers up to concentrate on my clit. While his tongue and lips played with each nipple, his fingers rubbed my clit back and forth in a circular motion. I couldn’t believe my father was making me feel so good as I arched my back and had a small orgasm. After letting out a small pleasant moan, I looked into my father’s eyes as we smiled at each other.”

“I pushed my panties down some and while coaxing them down by moving my legs, I began to run my hands along the sides of my father’s chest. The panties floated to my ankles and I stepped out of them. I kneeled down and took my daddy’s brief by the elastic band pulling them to his ankles. I was shocked. I could tell that my father had a good package from the way he was bulging in his shorts but he was big. I’m not lying, I have never measured him but he is about nine to ten inches! I had never seen a cock that big and he was much bigger than my husband. It seemed like I was just staring at my daddy’s cock for hours, looking and admiring his size. It was just for a few seconds and then I wrapped my hand around his shaft close to his cock head. I was about to put his cock in my mouth when he asked me to stop.”

My daddy said, “Honey, I’m kind of old fashioned and really not into oral sex.” He smiled kindly and asked, “You sure you want to do what I think we are doing to do?”

“I smiled while I stood back up. I hugged him with his hard cock pushing up against my hip then I licked around his ear and whispered, “yes”.

“I moved slightly to one side and placed my chin on his shoulder. My right hand reached down and began to stroke my daddy’s cock. I couldn’t believe how big he was and I had never felt anything like it before but I loved feeling its’ length and hardness. The next thing I knew, my father’s hand was playing with my pussy and soon he had a wet finger moving in and out of me. My hand was wet with daddy’s precum as I stroked him faster and I has moving and grinding my pussy against his fingers. I closed my eyes and groaned as a wave of intense orgasms flowed through me. I came back to reality and slightly backed away from dad. I put my index finger in my mouth and sucked on the salty precum while wickedly smiling at him.”

“Then daddy slightly embraced me and in almost dance like motion, maneuvered around and then on to my back in the middle of that king size bed. Daddy crawled over me as I spread my legs apart. We were staring in each others’ lustful eyes as I felt the head of his cock slip into my wet pussy. Then I had feelings like I never had before. I’m used to a cock going in so far but this time it seemed to be no end to his cock going in me. It felt like it would go up to my stomach but it felt so wonderful. Dad started to pump his cock in me and usually I can feel the head move in and out of my pussy but this time it was a big smooth shaft pumping in me. It felt like a giant boa constrictor was moving all over my pussy. It felt so good and I really started to breathe hard and sweat started to drip from my body. Then dad lifted my ankles on to my shoulders and he pumped me faster and deeper than I have ever been fucked before.”

I moaning and screaming in orgasm as I heard my daddy whisper, “I love you baby”. Then he moaned and a flood of warm cum shot into me. My father lowered his head in pleasure as his pumping slowed and eventually his soft but still long cock slid out. We lay next to each other with my daddy’s head resting on my breasts. I was softly stroking the hair on his head as I enjoyed the lingering orgasms going through my head. Funny in times like this you think of things but I thought it wild that the same cum that made me was now in me. We both drifted into sleep and didn’t wake up until about nine the next morning.”

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