Anything for You

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I sat, temporarily alone at the table, slowing working on a glass of after dinner scotch and gazing out over the lights of the city: a beautiful view from the twenty-third floor. Kristi, my date, had excused herself to the ladies room and I pondered my situation in her absence. This was our fourth date and I had not yet made a serious move on her. It did not help that I really enjoyed her company and felt that if I blew it, moved too fast, I really did have something to lose.

I’d probably had a little more alcohol than I should, trying to get my nerve up. Kristi looked great tonight, having worn an outfit appropriate to the upscale setting at Mario’s. I looked around to see her returning to our table, watching the shape of her long legs move underneath her ankle length dress. She looked stunning; burgundy definitely being her color. The dress was fitted around her chest and down to her waist, but the skirt was loose and flowing. The thin straps ran over her shoulders, showing off her beautiful skin. Nylons covered what little was visible beneath the skirt and heels brought her height almost level to mine. My first glimpse of her when she answered her door left me speechless. Much of the drive to the downtown restaurant was spent with my wondering what she wore beneath the soft fabric of her dress.

I stood as she arrived and pulled out her chair. Her hand went around her skirt to keep it in place as she sat. Not being able to help myself, my eyes wandered down to the top of her dress, vainly trying to catch sight of her nipples, but the close fitting material would not permit me this pleasure. With a quick motion, Kristi dropped something on the table in front of me. Something black. Something silky. Before my mind could process the thought, she purred at me: “I know you want me so I decided to save you some time and get my panties off now.” Kristi’s hand ran between my legs, feeling my hardness, “MMMMM, you certainly know how to make a girl feel wanted.”

“Kristi, I’ve wanted you for weeks, but especially tonight.”

“Let’s go then.” This was my cue to pull out her chair. I had only taken one step away from the table when she stopped me. “Mark, just one thing….”

“Yes, anything.” I wanted to add “please make it quick,” but decided against it.

“If you would like my panties as a souvenir in the morning, I’d love you to have them,” she purred as her hands ran over my chest and played with my tie. ” But I’d rather you not leave them for the waiter, after all they are wet. Very wet.”

I grabbed them from the table and stuffed them in my blazer pocket. ” He’ll be disappointed though; they would have been his best tip of the night.”

Kristi laughed and said “Take me home. Now.”

We stood waiting for the elevator in a close embrace, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hands ran through her long hair and down her back. The door slid open and we moved inside. “Privacy at last,” Kristi said as she leaned against the back wall. I stood close to her and ran my hands down her dress.

“Your dress is amazing. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you all night. You look incredible.”

“I’ve noticed all your attention. Thank you.” She paused briefly and quietly continued, “I look even better underneath it. Why don’t you see for yourself?” I just stood there in surprise at this invitation and watched as Kristi gathered material in her hands and slowly pulled up her dress. Every inch she exposed excited me more. I thought I would explode when the tops of her tan nylons and the black garter clips holding them became visible. I ran my hands over her thighs, feeling the softness of her nylons and her skin. “There’s more. Go higher.” My hand explored upwards as Kristi moved her feet slightly to open her thighs. We moaned in unison as my fingers reached her pussy, she from the sensation of my finger gliding lightly along her opening Manavgat Escort Bayan and me from the realization she was completely shaven. A long “Ohhhhhh” escaped her lips as her hands opened and the skirt fell along her legs.

I watched her react to the presence of my fingers exploring her. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open. She was so wet and soft that it was easy for me to tease her. My finger stopped at her opening. Her continued soft moans were permission to enter. Her breathing was getting more rapid and very shallow. I slid one finger inside her, left it still for a moment and then began to move it very slowly in and out of her pussy. “Wow, Kristi, I’ve never felt a pussy that tight before. You’re not a virgin are you?”

She interrupted her soft moaning to reply. “No I’m not. It’s just that…” Her voice trailed off into moans again. “It’s just that it has been months since… I want to change that tonight.” The bell indicating the arrival of the elevator at the lobby rang and I pulled my hand away. Kristi ran her hands over her dress to smooth it and we walked into the lobby. Her breathing was still heavy, as we turned left and continued down a long hallway towards the parking lot.

“I can’t believe it’s been so long for you,” I whispered as we walked, her arm in mine.

“I broke up with my boyfriend months ago. Everyone I’ve been out with so far has gotten aggressive right away. They all wanted a quick one and I won’t do that. I miss it so much.” She grabbed my left hand (the one that had been under her dress) and brought it to my face. “Lick your fingers; please, for me.” I sampled her wetness. “How do I taste?”

“MMMMMM, wonderful. I’d love to taste more. I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Her breathing quickened again and I could tell she was contemplating my tongue caressing between her open thighs. She pulled me to her and gave me a long kiss. “Mark, I want that so much. Use your tongue on me. Right here. Right now.”

“Here? In the hallway? Someone might see us.”

“Please,” she pleaded. “Please, Mark, I am so aroused. I need some attention now.” She pulled me towards an alcove in the hall that contained an ornate love seat. “Over here. There’s no one around.” I looked left and right around the hall and saw no one. My cock was hard, listening to this incredible woman beg me to bring her pleasure. She took my silence as consent, quickly lifted her dress again and sat on the edge of the love seat. My cock got even harder as I watched those beautiful legs spread open, exposing her pussy to my eyes for the first time.

I knelt between her thighs and put my hands on her knees. “Wider, Kristi,” I whispered and gently pushed her legs open further. I began with the tip of my tongue around her pussy, teasing momentarily. I progressed to her clit, lightly caressing it with the tip of my tongue, getting moans in return. Alternating between her clit and sliding my tongue into her, I could feel the muscles in her body begin to tighten.

I paused to catch my breath. “Mark, that’s incredible. Don’t stop.” The changes in her reactions gave me clues as to what she liked. I felt her hands come down and enjoyed the sight of the first finger of each pulling open her lips to give me better access.

Her reactions got louder and louder; she had become oblivious to our being in public. My tongue continued its work until I was interrupted by footsteps along the polished wooden floor of the hall. “Kristi, I have to stop. Someone’s coming.”

“No don’t stop. I’m going to cum. I’m so close.”

“Kristi, they’ll see us!”

“I don’t care. Please. Make me cum. I’ll do anything.” She was begging at this point. I couldn’t disappoint her. “Mark I’ll do ANYTHING. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM.” Each word was enunciated carefully to emphasize its importance. The footsteps were no longer apparent so I took her clit between Manavgat Escort my lips and lightly sucked it. It was only seconds before her muscles began to tighten. “Yes, I’m there! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” My tongue entered her pussy as she climaxed, the contractions squeezing tightly; almost forcing it out.

Kristi’s body went limp as the orgasm subsided. I watched as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “That was amazing,” she whimpered softly. We both stood up and her hand grabbed my cock through my pants. “I know you can’t wait to use that on me. Take me home and have me.” The next moments were a blur as we returned to her house. I wanted my cock inside her so much I could hardly stand it. I wanted HER so much I could hardly stand it. We almost ran up the stairs to her second floor bedroom.

Before I knew it, only my silk boxers remained and Kristi’s hand was exploring inside them. Her fingers worked magic on my cock, stroking and teasing it. “Get these off,” she commanded, grabbed the waist and pulled them down. She pushed me down on the edge of her bed, knelt down and without a word wrapped her lips around me. I watched as she took the head in her mouth and gradually worked her way down. The sensations were amazing as she teased me.

Kristi’s head slowly pulled back until her mouth was empty. She went for my balls, engulfing them completely and gently sucking. I could feel her tongue working on them. The pleasure was incredible. She ran her tongue from my balls slowly up the bottom of my cock, stopping to give the area under the head special attention.

“How would you like me?” Her voice caught my attention, as it was the first words spoken in minutes, me being too busy moaning, and Kristi’s mouth being occupied. I was not sure what she meant and gave her a puzzled look.

“I promised you I’d do anything.” She paused to let that sink in. “How would you like me?” I contemplated the delicious concept of Kristi, beautiful, amazing Kristi, doing anything I asked of her. She offered suggestions. “Bend me over the chair and lift my dress? Maybe on my back, completely naked, with my legs wide open? On my hands and knees so you can have me from behind? Anything you want.”

“That last one sounds wonderful.” Kristi stood up, gathered her flowing hair aside and turned her back to me.

“Unzip me.” My fingers caressed the back of her neck. As they reached the zipper I continued the caresses with my mouth. The zipper began an excruciatingly slow trip down Kristi’s back. The tension built in us both. I watched as more of her came into view. The back of her strapless bra became visible. The zipper’s progress stopped as my fingers detoured to feel the material. Black. Silky. “Just like my panties,” Kristi purred as the downward motion of the zipper started again. She released her hair down her back as the zipper stop at her waist. She pulled the straps from her shoulders, quickly stepped out of the dress and dropped it over the back of the chair. She turned to face me, arched her back and reached up behind to undo her bra.

“Wow!” I exclaimed quietly as her tits came into view. At last I could enjoy the sight of all of her. She bent over, her hand going towards the ankle strap on her left heel. The rear garters stretched tight over her thighs as she leaned forward. “No, Kristi. Leave the nylons and shoes, please?” The vague pleading tone in my voice made it apparent how much I hoped she would. The vision was indescribable. The long flowing hair, the aroused nipples, the silky, black garters holding up the soft nylons, the long legs, looking even longer in the heels.

“Anything you want.” She walked to the bed, got on her hands and knees, opened her thighs and looked back at me over her shoulder. That look was all I needed and I positioned myself behind her, my erect cock between her legs. I guided it between her lips held Escort Manavgat it there. I remembered how long it had been for her and didn’t want to rush. She took the cue and slowly rocked her hips back. The head entered her and she stopped briefly, allowing herself to open. She rocked back again, taking another inch and then moved back and forth, enjoying the most sensitive part of my engorged cock.

I let her lead and ran my hands over her hips and back. They went through her hair and around underneath, touching her hard nipples. “Oh yes, play with my tits. Pinch my nipples.” She continued to back up, working my cock deeper and deeper into her. “That feels so good. It’s been so long since I had a man inside me.” My hands left her tits and went to her hips. Now I began to move, picking up the pace.

“Kristi, you are so tight. I thought I’d never fit.” She just moaned in reply as I continued moving in an out. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Its your turn. Take me. Enjoy me until you cum.”

I stopped thrusting and slowly eased myself out of her pussy. “Turn over,” I ordered her.

“I thought you wanted me this way?”

I stretched her garter out and let it snap back along her thigh, making her squirm. “You said anything I want. Right now I want you on your back with those gorgeous legs wide open.” Her compliance was immediate. I knelt between her knees and ran my hands slowly along her legs, from her ankles, along the nylons first, then her skin, stopping only at the top. My fingers played with her lips and started stroking her.

“Go back in.” My fingers continued teasing, watching her squirm. “Go back in, now”, she pleaded. I placed my cock against her and in one swift motion, stuffed her with it. This position allowed me to go deeper and the sensation surprised her. Kristi’s hands went to her knees and she pulled her legs open wider. What a sight! I continued thrusting as I lay down on her and kissed her. “Why on my back? What made you change your mind?” she asked.

I stopped for a moment, leaving my cock fully inside her. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum soon. I want to be looking at you, into your eyes when that happens!”

Kristi’s deep blue eyes widened as she listened. “Take me now. I want to watch you cum.” I began moving again, pushing into her deep, tight pussy. Her hands left her legs and began clawing at my back, trying to pull me in deeper. “Oh yes, faster, harder. Move my body, make my tits bounce!”

I pulled up higher, changing the angle that my cock entered her. Every stroke ran my full length along her clit, bringing moans of pleasure from her mouth. “Please Mark, that’s perfect. Don’t move from here.” I continued as she wanted, watching her tits shake with every push. Kristi bit her lip and began to whimper. “I’m getting close. I think I’m going to cum again.” Seconds later, my cock felt the same contractions that my tongue had experienced in the hallway, accompanied by Kristi’s screams of pleasure.

I continued to fuck her, harder than ever, staring into her eyes as I did. I gave it to her hard, making her body bounce, just as she asked. “I’m going to cum! Kristi, I’m so close.”

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!” Her hips bucked in unison with mine until I couldn’t stop it. Cum spurted from my cock, filling her pussy. “Keep going. Fill me,” she pleaded. My cock emptied into her, and slowly went limp.

I lay down beside her, pulled her close and put my arm around her shoulder. We just enjoyed each other’s presence. “That was so wonderful,” Kristi finally said, breaking the silence. “I knew this was right.”

I wanted to ask, “Why me?” but thought better of it. Kristi must have imagined my thought as she answered the question without it being spoken.

“Because you waited. You treated me like a lady and were patient. That’s how I knew you wanted me, not just sex. When you told me you wanted to lock eyes when we came, well, that was just icing on my cake. Kristi got up, peeled off her nylons and garter belt, turned off the small light and crawled back into bed. She snuggled up close and quietly said goodnight. My patience had paid off; we would be together forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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