Aphrodite State Ch. 02

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My name is Robert Lopez age 43; I consider my life a pathetic one. My wife died of cancer, I have no children and don’t particularly care about being a teacher but I need the money so I’ll stick with it.

I’ve been on dates but no luck. I’m not bad looking, just bad luck.

The people at Aphrodite State think I’m mean but I’m just simply misunderstood. I believe in strict discipline of the trash at the campus and I’m a self-proclaimed watched dog.

6:00 Tuesday; I got up, washed, ate and drove to Aphrodite State. Why the people decided to the name this school after a goddess I do not know.

I arrive at the school, present my ID to the guard and proceed to the parking lot. I head to faculty building to see if I have any mail. As I pass through the hallway several doctors, professors and staff say good morning and I respond kindly despite disliking most of them. This was going to be another god-awful semester.

I gather up all the materials for science but before I can proceed to class I am greeted by Mrs. Brook Bells. I pretend to be happy to see her. When I first met her I was captivated by her beauty. She had the whole package. When she introduced herself my heart sank because it was ‘Mrs. Brook Bells.’ But maybe she was divorce so I inquired and to my misfortune she was married but what was worse is that she was a free spirit, the type I really, really dislike! But still what a body!

I exit the faculty building and head over to the science and math building where I was going to turn the worthless students into productive members of society. I smirked at what I was planning to do. Half of those students would be dead in a few years due to their stupidity.

As I begin teaching my class, one student enters late! “You, get out of my class!” The woman tries to explain why she was late but I wouldn’t have it. “Ha, you honestly think I give a damn about your problems! Get out! And while you’re at it write a twenty page pager on reasons why you should never be late!”

The woman is crying as she leaves. The new students were in shock while the ones who either taken my other science class or repeating this one just waited for me to began my lecture. They knew this was typical.

“Let this be lesson to you new students. I do not tolerate tardiness! The only person who can be late is me and that is very rare! This may seem harsh but I’m preparing you for the real world! One thing you should get out of this class is ‘those who have the AUDACITY to be late don’t deserve to be taught at all!”

I go through the roster and start calling out names.


“Here, sir.”


“Here, sir.”


“Here, sir.”


“Here, sir.”


“Here, sir!”


There was no answer.

“Mei? Mei going once Mei going twice Mei gone!”

Two hours go on slowly but the students look like they’ve gotten the information or at least they got a convincing act going. Mei never did show up.

“Ok students, read Ch 2-3 for homework and write a three page paper on the on both chapters.” I could see their sad faces. “Don’t give me that look! You either do the work or get the hell out of my class! Dismiss!”

I watch as the students leave and shake my head.

“Garbage, every last one of them!”

I return to my office to make sure the assignments are prepared for my next class. After two hours of that I head out for lunch and that’s when I saw at the track field four of my students. One Black male, one Black female and the two blond twins, I was about to just go on but then I notice another female, an Asian. I didn’t think anything of it until I hear her name. “Mei,” so that woman decided to skip my class! I’ll make sure she gets hers!

I proceed to walk on but then I notice Professor Bells running in white short shorts and pink sports bra that showed cleavage. I shake my head. Free-spirited whore! Showing cleavage is a violation of school policy!

I went toward the track field, the students and the whore hadn’t notice me yet and as I got closer I could hear Professor Bells talking about a quiz but apparently it’s a joke and then I hear her say “Just kidding, Mr. Anderson knows that better than anyone.” I stopped dead in my tracks. Apparently Professor Bells and the male student know each other but her demeanor sounds like flirting. Better not be! I suddenly notice the time; it was not long before my next class so I leave.

The next day I was grading the student’s papers in my other class. It seems some of them understand the subject. There may be hope for the world after all but I won’t hold my breath. About eleven o’ clock I head over to the history and English building to meet Professor Delaney. The hallway was empty and most of the classrooms were empty.

As I pass by a classroom I notice a quarter on the floor and proceed to pick it up. I look up and notice that inside the classroom was Professor Bells and that student Joshua Anderson. They were talking and then she gets up to get an eraser but trips and Cebeci Escort Joshua attempts to prevent her falling and what next I see make my eyes grow wide. His hand is touching Professor Bells’ right breast! My eyes narrowed. That was no accident! Professor Bells did that on purpose! I see what’s going on! I leave just before Joshua exits the door.

Thursday went on but I couldn’t take my mind of what I’ve been seeing. Every time my eyes shifted to Joshua they would narrow with hate. This school is about order not infidelity! Even though the school is named after the goddess of love it still shall have ORDER!

Friday came, I was helping with the pointless back to school bash. If I was running this school there wouldn’t be any of this garbage! School is about work, no play! Play leads to disorder! My job was to watch the trash and make sure they don’t anything to upset the order which they’d be sure to do.

As I entered the student center I notice Professor Bells dressed as a student! I approach her and her secret lover Joshua!

“Mrs. Bells why are you dressed like a student?”

“School spirit,” she answered.

“Oh, your shirt, are you trying to up this male student’s spirit, we have rules that not only apply to the students!”

“It wasn’t deliberate I assure you, there was something on the shirt, I guess I forgot to button it.”

“Well please do so now, we need to maintain order.”

Professor Bells nodded and quickly does it before other people show up.

“Now that that’s done let’s get to work,” I said sternly.

Night soon came and I was watching the event with discuss.

About nine-thirty I head over to my office to check the cameras of the surrounding areas near the school. I worked security before I was a teacher and was able to obtain several cameras.

I proceed to look through each one. The next one was one I placed at an abandon building to keep an eye out for drug users and then I spot a car pulling into the parking lot. A few minutes later I see a woman wearing a school outfit. I watch as the event unfolds.

It was Monday now. I spent the weekend trying to make sense of what had happened. Now I was prepared. I had to put everything back in order. This madness had gone on long enough!

I was greeted by Professor Bells who was looking stunning as usual but I knew the truth! Behind that beautiful kind-hearted smile was a cheating slut! She needed to be taught a lesson! “Mrs. Bells, can I see you after class in my office?”

“Sure,” she smiled and left.

“Slut,” I murmured.

I sat in my chair reviewing the recording again and again. Yep, there’s no doubt about it.

11:00am came, I was tempted to go in the classroom and drag her out but that would only cause greater disorder.

It was eleven-twenty now. I decide to leave the office but before I do I hear a knock at the door. “Who is it?”

“Professor Bells.”

“Ah yes.” I open the door. “Come on in, have a seat.”

While she proceeds to sit I close and lock the door. The windows were already closed. Only thing to do is turn off the light but that will come later.


“Good because in a second you’ll be very uncomfortable,” I thought. “Now on to business. Now Mrs. Bells I afraid you and I have a bit of a problem.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Yes, I hate when order is disrupted. Imagine if there was no order at all. You see, even though the world is full of chaos there is one place that will maintain in order and that is Aphrodite State.”

“I don’t get what’s going on?”

“Let me finish! Now Professor Bells, no Brook!”


“It just so happens that you Brook have caused disorder!”

“What do you mean?”

“Where were you Friday night?”

“I was at the dance, obviously.”

“Yes you but what about at nine?”

“I went home.”

I approach Brook and slap her. She looks at me stunned at what I just did. “I hate liars Brook! If you just told the truth things would have gone much better for you! I know the truth Brook! I know that you went to the parking lot of the abandon building!”

“That’s a lie!”

“Oh really, let’s go the disk!”

“You have it on tape?”

“Of course, you’re the only one who drives an Audi.”

Looking into her eyes I knew her defeat was near.

“So are you going to deny it? Deny that you had a sexual relationship with non-other than Joshua Anderson!”

“That, that’s not true.”

“Really he is the most promising suspect! I saw the way you talked to him on the track field and let’s not forget the classroom where you pretended to trip an fall so he grab you and by doing so he touched your right breast! Are you going to deny that as well?!”

Her eyes were filled with fear. She knew I saw that!

“Are you going to deny the fact that you violated your marriage!? Are you going to deny the fact that you’re a cheating slut?!”

Brook was just stunned. I give her time to reflect on the vile mistake.

“I Kolej Escort gonna have to report your conduct.”

“No please don’t!”

“I’m sorry but you made this mistake now you must pay for it!”

“No please! I’ll pay you whatever price you ask, please!”

“Whatever price?”


“Ok I’ll give you the disk but I don’t want your money! Oh no, I want the same price you offered Joshua!”

Brook gulps. “The…same…price…” She stammered.

“Yes, you see I had a thing for you when I first saw but you were married I understood that but you just had to offer your hot body to Joshua! Why not me! I’m better looking! Why him?! Sure I would have said no but still! So if you want order to be restored you have to do this!”

Brook nodded sadly. I turn off the lights so it’ll look like my office is closed. “Now, take off your top.” I watch as Brook began taking off her suit coat and then unbuttoning her blouse and with that off her bra was the only thing left. “Such a tease you are, now your skirt, stockings and heels!”

Once she was in bra and panties I approach her and touch her right breast causing her to flinch. “This wasn’t the way you acted when you let Joshua have a touch! I think I’ve deserve the same amount of respect!” I touch her left breast. Now take off the rest!”

I watch as she unclasps her bra and then removes her panties.

“Good now turn around and don’t peak or you’ll regret it!” I threaten.

A few seconds later I have my pants and underwear down. “Put your hands on the table!” I watch as she does this and grins. “Now spread your legs. Oh it is so hard now!”

I spit into her asshole.

“Wait what are you doing!?” Brook yelled.

I put my hand over her mouth and insert my friend inside her ass and start fucking her. “Oh yes!” I take my hand off her mouth and start squeezing her large tits.

“Please, I’ve never done this. Can’t you just use a condom?”

“Oh no, I don’t believe in condoms, you either have the child or you don’t. You don’t want my child do you?”

Brook shook her head.

“Good. Now enjoy it.”

“Please be gentle.”

“Ha, of course and your husband won’t suspect a thing. Now enough talk, just moan.”

Time seem to slow down as I continue to sodomize this cheating slut. I knew she was enjoying it as much I was. Occasionally I would have to put my hand over her mouth because of the loud moaning. I didn’t want others to hear. It wasn’t the best idea of sodomizing this cheating slut in my office at school surrounded with several thousand people but I wasn’t about to let up until I was spent. I kept going and going and going being as slow and gentle as I possibly could until I came inside her ass. I slide out easy and watch as the semen seep out. “Oh that was good!”

I look at Brook’s furious face. “It’s your fault; you have no one to blame but yourself.”

She starts to clean and put back on her clothes and then takes the disk. “I trust I’ve been punished good enough.”


As soon as she was well dress she looks out the window and sees no one. She leaves me alone in my office.


Brook was at her house taking a shower, she was trying to wash Mr. Lopez’s stench of her. “This shouldn’t have happened but how was I to know such a thing would happen!? Well at least it’s over.”

Once she’s done she heads to living room to watch some TV. She wanted her memory of what happened out but when she sat down she feels the pain from her sore bottom. “I heard rumors that Mr. Lopez was mean but I didn’t think he was a perverted bastard! Sigh.”

She flips from channel to channel but didn’t really care, she just wanted to forget. “Maybe I should cook something.”

She glances at her purse which contains the disk. She wondered why she hadn’t thrown it away yet. She couldn’t risk her husband seeing it.

She finally has the strength to get up. “If I don’t do it now I’ll forget.” She grabs her purse and picks up the disk. “I haven’t even seen the disk, how do I know if he gave me the real one.”

She plays the disk but it was not what she expected. It’s true her car was at the parking lot of the abandon building but when she sees herself get out of the car she realizes that a person viewing this could barley tell it was her. They could just see a female student with blond hair. Joshua could barley be seen as well and she realized that when she left she reverse and speed off fast so the license plate couldn’t even be seen!

Brook was pissed. “He knew it, that perverted bastard knew it! I should have just denied everything! I fell right into his trap! Oh tomorrow I gonna beat the crap out him! I’ll wait till after he gets off and follow him to his house.


For once I wake up feeling happy. I brought order back. I only hope that Professor Bells has learned her lesson and if she didn’t then she can always be taught another one.

I enter class room and begin teaching the hopeless students something of use. At the end of lecture Rus Escort I do two things that I never in my life though I would do. First I let the students go early and second I don’t give them any homework. Darn! I let that free spirited bitch infect me!

I decide to cancel my next class and head home; I tell the staff that I’m not feeling well. They think it’s because I’m working too hard but what do they know! They hardly work!

While I was driving home I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched. I look in my rear view mirror and realize that the car behind was following me and I knew whose car it was. That bitch wants it the hard way! I guess I should do it even though I didn’t plan it on it.

I continue driving at normal speed until we reach my house. She drives pass me. Ha, she honestly didn’t think I would see her coming. At least try when I’m not looking.

I go inside and wait for her. I even leave the door unlocked.

Five minutes later there is a knock.

“It’s open,” I say.

Brook comes in and closes the door.

“Welcome to my house, Brook.”

“Spare me! I’m here to pay you back! I saw the video!”

“Oh you really shouldn’t have it would’ve been better for you!”

She approaches me.

“You destroyed it right?”


“What do you intend to do now?”

“What does it look like I’m gonna do!”

“You’re a retarded bitch. I can call the police and they’ll take you to jail for breaking and entering and aggravated assault.”

Brook hesitates.

“Yeah you didn’t think that one through.”

“You pervert!”

“Really is that the best you can do? It’s your fault! You could have denied everything. I mean there was very little evidence, you incriminated yourself.”

“What was I suppose to do? You said I drove an Audi and everything!”

“Yes I did but I failed to say what model and license. Any fool can drive an Audi.”

“Well since there’s little evidence that also means that I can beat the crap out of you and just denied I did it!”

“Switching tactics huh? Well if you try to harm me I’ll tell everyone that you had sex with Joshua. Even if you deny it your reputation will be ruined.”

Brook smirks and says “If you try that I’ll just say the same thing but with a male student.”

This bitch is good, however she has lost. “You destroyed the disk and I admit it was my only copy but I’ve prepared something else.”

I walk to the coffee table and grab the remote and press play. I watch as Brook looks in horror. I recorded her sodomy. It looks like she’s enjoying it. I had it planned and when I told her “turn around and don’t peak” I executed my plan. She looks at me smiling at her. She was defeated.

“I doubt you would want your husband to find out, right?”

She nodded in defeat.

I wasn’t actually planning to use it for blackmail, just to have some entertainment but the bitch pushed me too far. From the moment she decided to mess with me a second time it was on! I decided to take a different route; I was going to use lust to bring order!

“Take your clothes off bitch!”

She started to remove her clothing, she was crying while doing it but I didn’t care. She not sorry, she’s only sorry that she got caught and has now been defeated.

Once she was good and naked I take her to the table and make her grab both ends.

“Please, not that!” She pleaded.

“You’re words fall on deaf ears cheating bitch!”

I take her hard! She was screaming in pain but I didn’t care. “Oh can I get it in there, can I get it in there,” I say playfully.

After the long hard painful sodomy I hiss in her ear. “You husband may have your hairless cunt but I own your ASS!”

I slap it hard and then order her to give me her address and phone number. Yeah!

As the days went on I continued the anal assault. Brook was either at my house or when her husband was out on business I was at her house. A new world order had been established!

It was now the second week of September I was heading over to my house to prepare for tonight but then I look and see an eighteen wheeler out of control coming at me.

My car is flipped over and I try to hang on to life but I…….


Three days later Robert Lopez was buried. Many came to his funeral including Mr. and Mrs. Bells. Brook was pretending to be sad but on the inside she was happy and once the funeral is over the couple goes to Mr. Lopez’s house for the repast. While she was at the repast she manages to obtain the sodomy disk and once she’s at home she destroys it. “I’m Free!” Her husband was completely unaware of his wife’s infidelity and blackmail.

A day later, Brook is called to the house of Robert Lopez’s father. Once at the house she is horrified when Robert Lopez’s father Ricardo shows her a copy of the sodomy on screen.

“I think you know what happens next,” Ricardo sneered and with a snap of his fingers his eldest son Carlos and his adult grandson Gary appeared with evil grins on their faces.

Brook had a defeated look on her face. Even in death Robert Lopez had the last laugh. Ricardo offers his hand and Brook takes it and they proceed to his bedroom. Carlos and Gary are waiting for their turn and can hear the anal assault.

Like Robert Lopez the others didn’t believe in condoms. Brook is now an anal slave for life.

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