Appetite Ch. 03

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After they both caught their breath, he got back up to his feet and stuffed his thick, spent cock, covered in is cum and her juices, back into his boxer briefs and zipped up his jeans.

“I’ve got to get going, honey, sorry for the rush!”

He disappeared toward his office to grab the architectural drawings that he needed, and on the way back through the kitchen he gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she unrolled her yoga pants all the way off her curvy legs and tossed them into the corner. Now all she wore was his old gray shirt. She could feel his cum dripping down her soft, supple inner thighs, a reminder of his extreme desire for her and his endless virility.

“Bye babe, thanks for letting me unload!” He smiled and left the kitchen, heading toward the foyer. She heard the front door bang shut and was alone once again.

He always had so much cum, she thought, always filling my pussy up to the brim with his hot spunk or making a big mess all over my face.

His balls must just get so hot and full every day as he works hard, thinking about my tight little juicy pussy as he puts up studwalls.

She wanted to start touching herself again.

Good lord I am such a cumslut! I just want to be laid down on the sofa and pumped full of his cream again. I want to feel his desire in me all day, just throbbing away as he pumps me over and over and loses control, is balls emptying into his little slut’s slit over and over. I have such an appetite for his cum!

Her face was flushed and her delicate hand fell down to her belly button, covered lightly in the bahis şirketleri gray cotton.

The kitchen was beginning to smell delicious, a savory cloud of pot roast filling the air and making her salivate. She was hungry, after their little exertion on the floor. Since it was late in the afternoon now, he would be home in a few hours for good, and she was looking forward to that time.

She turned the temperature on the oven down to its lowest setting.Over the next few hours all the meat would fall apart and mingle with the vegetable juices to create a really delicious main dish. Now she had to think about the side dishes and dessert. They usually didn’t have dessert, but she felt like doing something special tonight.

I know what I’ll do, I’ll make a peach cobbler. If I am horny and lusty as I prepare the soft succulent fruit and crisp crumble, I know I can make him hard as he eats my dessert. He’ll be able to feel my juices running down his chin as he licks the hot fruit.

It was no use. She needed to get off again, and she needed to do it soon. She pulled the bag of fresh peaches from the fridge and placed them on the counter top, five in total. Their soft taut skin was so human it was startling to her.

No wonder people used the peach emoji to represent the ass, they are so firm and juicy. In fact, I have to eat one right now.

She plucked a peach from the counter and bit into it, cracking the mildly strong skin with her teeth as cool sweet juice burst through and ran out the side of her mouth and down her chin. The fragrant sugars of the fruit filled her bahis firmaları senses and overwhelmed all else for a moment, and she swallowed the syrupy flesh and closed her eyes. A desire to be filled, like the peach filling her mouth, overcame her and she nearly fainted.

I’ve got to go to the bedroom.

She set down the dripping fruit and walked with wobbly legs to their expansive bedroom, her hand sliding down her belly to nestle in between her roiling thighs as she moved. She was aroused, her clit erect and waiting for her, and she didn’t want to say no to it.

Mama is going to take care of you, little one. Don’t you worry.

She felt the cool air on her naked ass cheeks as her ministrations raised her shirt up a bit to expose the ripe flesh of her butt to anyone who was peeping through the windows.

But no one is watching, it is just me and my toys now.

She thought of her husband. He was a strong working man.

I wish he was here again, just walking right into the bedroom with his cock hard and ready.

She laid down on the bed, one hand firmly planted in her honeyed pussy and the other rummaging down on the lower shelf of her nightstand. She grabbed her blue silicone dildo and brought the hard toy to the juncture between her thighs, where heat was emanating in waves from the pleasure that she was giving herself.

Oh, if only he was here, rock hard, and he came over to the bed and pushed my shoulders down into the mattress with a hunger and a need in his eyes, his mouth slightly open with lust, our eyes locking as he positioned his hardness kaçak bahis siteleri at my velvety entrance. I would spread my legs wide and wanton for him, my husband, urging him to mount me and use me and fill me up!

As she imagined him taking her she slowly eased the 8 inch dildo up in between her pussy lips, her petals opening as she rubbed her sensitive clit with renewed vigor as the scene played out in her mind, causing the passion and heat to rise in her belly and chest.

He would smell of work, sawdust, and hammers, and he would cover me, crush me with his manliness as he thrust his quivering cock, so hard and mad with lust that it needed to be inside of me, needed to be taken over by my soft clutching pussy. Then, as he groaned and slid his length up into me losing himself into my fleshy curves and the cunt of my womanhood, I would open my eyes and watch his face as he disappeared into fucking me.

She moaned as her toy found its way up into the sopping wet cave of her pussy, her legs and thighs trembling as she imagined the hard cock was her husbands, twitching and spurting precum up into her body, up into her womb, lubricating his big meat slicked and juicy with her wetness and his jizz.

Oh, I would make him cum hard and fast, spurting his seed up into me, impregnating me, and then I would move and writhe and grow his passion even harder and harder after he dropped his load deep in my depths and he would thrust again and again as he was overcome by dumb lust.

“Oh god!” She whisper-moaned as all of her senses were filled with her imaginings, her nerves tingling with anticipation of her husbands touch, and arousal at the thought of taking control of his solid and unyielding flesh.

I want to be filled even more then I am right now.

She reached down to grab another toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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