Armitage Family Loving Ch. 03

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To:- Anonymous in Dallas, Texas

It’s always been ‘arse’ in English, as far as I know. You Americans changed it to ‘ass’ in your language, maybe to soften the impact.

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Saturday evening had come and four beautiful girls were gathered in Mandy’s apartment on the second floor. Janine had been introduced around and admired; any new friend of Mandy was acceptable to the others. They had kissed and fondled a little when they arrived and then Mandy had sent out for a mountain of Chinese food.

They drank wine while they waited and drank some more during the meal. All four were feeling excited and randy as Mandy went to the kitchen for more wine. They chuckled, giggled and laughed a lot.

Helen was wearing, almost, a white woolly sleeveless top and a short denim blue skirt. Her nipples stood out proudly through the thin ribbed white wool.

Sue was more conservative. She wore long blue jeans with a long sleeved royal blue silk blouse. However, she also wore no bra as evidenced by the rippling movement as she laughed and giggled along with the rest of the girls.

Janine was outstanding. Her café au lait skin was exposed for all to see. Her lacy pink top barely covered her lovely breasts and was held on by spaghetti thin cords around her neck and back; her back was naked save for the one cord. Her red skirt was very short, hanging on her hipbones by a wish and a prayer. She obviously wore no bra and unbeknown to the others at this point she wore no panties either!

In the kitchen Mandy had decided to up the ante a little. She had only been wearing a little pale green smock under which her breasts had been mostly visible. Helen was dying to fasten her lips to a nipple, which was visible for much of the time. Mandy also, as usual, was naked down below.

Mandy unfastened the buttons that held up the top of her smock. She flipped the straps over her shoulders to show her breasts. She grabbed a bottle of white and a bottle of red and marched proudly back into her sitting room, her breasts a-bobbing, nipples proud.

“Right girls, let’s get stuck into these,” she giggled, pushing out her breasts along with the bottles.

Helen ignored the wine bottles and fastened her lips around a nipple, squeezing one of hers through her little top as she did so!

Sue and Janine watched as Helen played with both of Mandy’s breasts. Mandy clutched Helen’s head to her chest as she reached down to pull up the hem of her top. Helen’s breasts popped out and Mandy pulled the top over her head and captured her magnificent orbs in her palms.

Sue shyly put out a hand and took one of Jan’s in hers. She lifted it towards her chest, unfastening a couple of buttons as she did so. She fed Jan’s hand into the gap and gasped as she felt the contact on her breasts. Jan immediately found one of her hard nipples and squeezed and pulled.

“Right girls,” said Mandy, taking charge again, “let’s strip naked and play some more.”

In a few seconds all four were naked. Sue was last because of her jeans but the other three were so admiring of her great breasts.

“I feel so shy,” she said softly as three pairs of hands moulded her breasts. “My tits seem far too big. I know that you’ve all got wonderful breasts but mine are bigger!”

“Frank loved them when he came into your shop, didn’t he?” said Mandy as she prepared one of Sue’s nipples for sucking. “You’re going to see him on Monday night, aren’t you? What do you think he’s going to do to you then?”

Sue blushed. “I, I think that I’ll get to see his lovely big cock again!”

“Not for long, you won’t!” said Helen. “Most of the time his cock will be buried inside one of your holes. You go for it though girl; enjoy!”

“Talking of Frank,” said Mandy. “I want to test out his stamina. Let’s choose a time to get him to go to the pool and gym and then all four of us can surprise him.”

“What have you in mind?” asked Helen.

“I want to see if he can fuck all four of us in one session,” giggled Mandy. “We will have great fun with each other but with the bonus that there will be a cock to fuck at the same time.”

“But Frank is your Grandfather!” exclaimed Sue.

“He’s fucked me before,” said Mandy seriously. “So I will need a solemn promise from you all that anything that Frank and I do together sexually will be a total secret. Do you all agree?”

“Yes we do,” said all three girls, almost by arrangement reaching out to each other and fondling breasts.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said Helen carefully. “Some of you know already that I’ve had a sexual relationship with my father so I know about keeping secrets. If he was here right now I’d let him fuck me again!”

After a short silence Sue spoke.

“My secret is that my three older brothers raped me, at the same time and all of them inside my bumhole. I didn’t report them because my mother begged me not to; she just said that I should bursa bayan eskort leave home to avoid it happening again. I’m still a virgin in my pussy though!”

The others cuddled Sue in sympathy, fondling her body lovingly.

“A virgin until Monday night,” commented Mandy quietly. “Will you let Frank have your arse as well?”

“I don’t know; I’m thinking about it. If I’m still OK after he takes my virginity I think I want him to so that I can lay my demons to rest.”

During the next silence they all turned towards Jan.

“I too have a similar secret,” she smiled shyly. “Only in my case it is my brother. He is still in Barbados with my family but I do love him so.”

“Will you join with us in attempting a foursome with Frank?” asked Mandy.

Jan smiled, “well, I’ve seen his cock down by the pool that time and my pussy filled with juice then so I guess I must have liked it. So I’m in on the fun!”

“Great!” said Mandy excitedly. “Let’s play and plan. Spread your thighs, Sue my darling. Jan has brought her gear and will remove all your pussy hair for you! Then we will all lick you out! Helen can do me now while we are waiting!”


Caroline was visiting Abby for a change. Her apartment was beautifully decorated and furnished. Abby showed her sister around, finally arriving at her large side facing windows.

“Rob and I watched Daddy and Helen down on his patio the other morning,” she said. She described the action below, leaning into Caroline as her sister began to fondle her breasts.

“I told Rob that I’d seen a picture of Mummy peeing; it’s on Daddy’s computer. Have you seen it yet? She’s standing against a tree in a wood somewhere, her legs apart and really letting fly! Ohhh yes Caro darling, play with my tits! Squeeze them hard!”

Caroline pulled Abby’s robe off. She was only wearing miniscule panties. She lifted her breasts and began to suckle at her nipples, her sister’s hands behind her head, pulling her on to her chest. Her breasts throbbed and she moaned with happiness.

“Oh God I’m so happy these days. Rob loves me! Daddy loves me! You love me!”

Caroline pushed Abby’s panties down her thighs and they dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them as Caroline dropped her robe to reveal that she was naked beneath! The sisters crushed their bodies against each other, grinding their pussies together and making juice. Automatically they began to feel into their genital area, inserting fingers and frigging firmly.

“Quick!” gasped Abby, “let’s get on my bed and do some serious fucking! Then I’ll tell you what I want you, me and Rob to do with Daddy! Come on, I want to drink you!”

“And I you darling, and I want you to tell me everything about Rob fucking your arse!” cried Caroline.


The fucking family Armitage was enjoying itself immensely. There was much visiting and much planning of future events. Then there was a disaster.

Frank had earlier kissed Caroline goodnight and she had returned to her first floor apartment. Helen was still the only woman to have spent a whole night with Frank.

Frank’s doorbell sounded, waking him as he slept. He switched on the light and glanced at the clock; it was twelve thirty. There was no one outside on the camera so he surmised it must be one of the girls, or Rob. He put on his robe and went to the door. When he opened his door he got a surprise. A woman stood there, vaguely familiar and dressed in nightclothes.

Of course! It was the woman that he had seen sometimes with his father. She looked both agitated and distressed. Frank’s heart missed a beat.

“Mr Armitage, it’s your father. He’s collapsed! I think he’s having a heart attack or a stroke. Will you please come?”

“Of course; wait a moment.”

Frank pressed the call button for Rob and as soon as the sleepy voice answered he gave orders.

“Rob, call doc Andrews and tell him to get over here fast. It’s Dad. He’s having a heart attack or a stroke. Then get yourself down here fast.”

“OK my dear,” he then said to the woman, “let’s go and have a look at him. What is your name?”

“Rose,” she said, almost running across the hallway. “I hope he’ll be all right.”

Frank looked down at his supine father, his heart hammering. You know these things will happen one day but it’s always a shock when it does happen. He tried to take a pulse and also tried to trace breathing from Fred’s chest. Nothing! He began to try and give the kiss of life. Still nothing!

“God,” he said eventually, “I think he’s gone.” He looked carefully at his father’s naked body and then turned to Rose.

“I presume, my dear, that you and my father had been making love?”

Rose nodded tearfully.

“Is he really dead? He brought me here from the club about ten o’clock. He was fine then and started taking my clothes off. I’ve been here before, you know, so I let him do what he wanted. He was very virile and soon he was giving me some lovely loving. bursa evi olan escort Then we had a couple of drinks and went to bed.”

“Were you having sex when he had the attack?”

Rose nodded again.

“He had just started to come when he clutched his chest and said, “fuck it” very loudly. Then he gasped and went very still. I got off him and came to fetch you.”

Frank looked again at his father and then back to Rose.

“Go and clean yourself up, my dear, and then come back here and do the same for my dad. I’d rather not have the doctor notice his state, not at once anyway and not before you’ve had the chance to make yourself scarce.”

Five minutes later Rose had finished her cleaning and was just leaving the room as Rob arrived. He looked at his grandfather and looked at Frank. He shook his head.

“Too late I’m afraid Rob. I wasn’t going to call the ambulance until I’d seen him. Now all that will be left is for Bill to write the death certificate and to call the undertakers. Rose my dear, go and get dressed and then you can make yourself scarce. If the doctor arrives before you leave then just stay out of sight until you can slip out.”

“Yes sir,” said Rose, a little stronger now. “You will let me know about the funeral, won’t you?”

“Yes of course,” replied Frank. “Just give your number to Rob here and we will call you personally. It will be in the papers of course but you will be the first to know.”

“Thank you sir.” She paused. “There will be a lot of ladies at his funeral. He was very popular you know! I like to think that I was his favourite; I would let him do more things than most of the others. You know, up my bum and everything!”

Rose left the room. Rob stared at the body on the bed. Frank drew the sheet over his father.

“My God,” said Rob quietly, “talk about like father, like son. Like grandfather too, eh!”

“He was shooting his load into her as he died,” said Frank quietly; he smiled wanly. “That really is going out in style, don’t you think?”

Doctor Andrews rang the bell, then breezed into the room and with a curt greeting removed the sheet from Fred Armitage. With the minimum of fuss and examination he pronounced Fred dead and, after a brief comment of commiseration, said that he would take care of notifying the undertaker. Frank could collect the death certificate from his office tomorrow. He took the apartment key and left.

Rose had made her escape and the doctor had not noticed any residual semen on Fred’s body.

“Right,” said Frank, “we had better tell your sisters. Coffee and drinks will be available at my place. They can go and see their grandfather from there. I’ll get the spare key. There’s no need to dress him, Caroline and Abigail have seen enough naked men’s bodies not to be shocked.”

From his apartment Frank called the girls and soon the family were gathered together. Caroline said that she thought Mandy ought to know and went upstairs to fetch her.

Frank explained the circumstances of Fred’s death. They all went together to see Fred. There were a few tears but then Caroline said practically that they should tidy up a little.

Eventually they went to bed but Caroline and Mandy went with Frank and Abby went to the top floor with Rob.


“I’m sorry about your granddad,” said Helen to Rob the next time they were in the office together. “I remember when mine died. Mother was so upset. It was only later that I discovered that they had once been lovers. I don’t think that my father knows to this day!”

“I shouldn’t tell him now,” said Rob.

“I won’t; I’ll just let him love me more often! Can I have two days off the week after next? Shall I suck you off now or isn’t it a good time?”

Rob unzipped his fly and began to remove his cock.

“You can do anything you like but I would really like a fuck! Abby won’t be in the mood for a while yet; certainly not until after the funeral.”

Helen sat on the edge of Rob’s desk. She slipped off her red thong and spread her thighs. As Rob moved in on her she took a firm hold of his stiff shaft and put the sticky end between her lips. Rob forced his hands under her blouse and bra to maul her tits and she moaned with pleasure.

Helen removed her mouth from Rob’s throbbing tool and looked up into his face.

“I shall need rewarding for office time fucks,” she grinned wickedly.

“Anything! Anything!” moaned Rob as she threaded his knob end between her pussy lips.


“You guys don’t have to come to Great Granddad’s funeral,” said Mandy to her three friends the night before the event. “You didn’t know him. You don’t even have to help with the post funeral catering. Frank’s booked a caterer for that.”

“I want to tell Frank how sorry I am,” said Helen.

“So do I,” said Sue.

Janine just smiled.

The outside line phone rang. The family had very few calls as they all had ex-directory numbers. Mandy answered the phone.

“Hello? bursa rus escort Oh yes, that’s me. Who did you say was calling? Oh yes, I’ll take the call.”

Covering the mouthpiece she said “its Aunt Laura”.

“Hello Auntie, how are you? Oh right, thanks. Yes Laura, it’s very sad. Yes, of course you can. Granddad will be very pleased to see you. I’ll tell him you called. If you need meeting or anything just call me. My number is 593066. Oh he will? Right, we will look forward to seeing you both again.”

“That was my aunt Laura,” she said unnecessarily to the others as they had all been listening. “She’s coming to the funeral. Her son Jack is going to bring her. That should be interesting!”

“What’s Jack like?” asked Sue. “I’ve never heard you mention him before.”

“I don’t really know,” answered Mandy. “I’ve not seen him since I was eleven. He will be about twenty three now.” She giggled suddenly. “His was the first cock I ever saw; I saw him shoot spunk too!”

“Golly,” said Helen “how did that happen? Tell us about it!”

Mandy lifted her short skirt to show her smooth pussy. She began to stroke it and the others soon followed suit.

“There’s not much to tell really. I was a precocious little brat, braces on my teeth and a big mouth. I just sidled up to Jack one day in the back garden and asked to see it! He was so embarrassed. It turned out that he’d never showed it to any girl before.”

In Mandy’s lounge an aroma grew and there was the sticky wet sound of four twats being rubbed furiously.

“Anyway,” continued Mandy, “I rubbed his crotch a bit and I felt it grow. He groaned and told me take it out myself if I really wanted to see it. I unzipped his jeans and there it was, stiff and long. He wasn’t wearing any underpants! I just watched as he pulled it further out and began to wank it. He told me to lift my skirt so I showed him. He shouted and shot his spunk up the garden path. It was fun!”

“Have you seen it since?” asked Jan.

“No, but I might get to see it after the funeral, mightn’t I? Aunt, sorry, she told me to call her Laura now that I’m over eighteen. Laura said that they might stay over for a couple of days afterwards. She said something about renewing old friendships.”

“I wonder what she meant by that,” pondered Helen innocently.

“I don’t know.” Mandy’s face became animated and she thrust three fingers deep into her pussy. “Hey, I wonder if she ever fucked Granddad too!”

Helen smiled to herself but said nothing. She remembered the picture of Frank’s wife and her sister, both naked. He had admitted to her having both of the sisters at the same session, several times!

Four girls made juice and came. Then they stripped naked and did it all over again, several times!


Mandy went downstairs with the others when they left. She made sure that the door was locked and then rang Frank’s doorbell. When he answered he was only wearing shorts.

“Hello Mandy darling,” he said cheerfully. “I knew it would be family so I didn’t dress up! Your mother is here already and I think that she’s still naked!”

Caroline was indeed nude and as Mandy kissed her she felt her mother’s damp twat. As a finger invaded Caro’s pussy Mandy’s other hand started playing with her tits. Frank dropped his shorts to expose his big fat hard cock.

“God, I love you touching me Mandy darling! Just look what you’ve done to your grandfather’s prick!”

Mandy turned and kissed Frank again. Then she looked down and pouched his magnificent penis. She held it gently and looked into his face.

“Laura is coming to your father’s funeral tomorrow.”

In her hands Frank’s cock gave a little twitch.

“I knew it,” said Mandy gleefully. “You’ve fucked her too, haven’t you Frank?”

Frank smiled resignedly. “Abigail and I had a threesome with Laura now and again,” he admitted. “She got very lonely after her divorce and used to come visit a little. You haven’t seen the picture of them both, have you? Helen has when she was looking at my albums the other night. I never fucked her on her own though.”

“Did you do her arse too?” asked Caroline.

“Oh yes, every time we got together. She liked it just as much as Abigail did. How is she getting here?”

“She said that Jack would bring her but that she might like to stay over for a night or two. Does that mean she’s hoping for a fuck, I wonder?”

“She can stay here,” said Frank before Caroline could say anything. “My spare room will available for her.”

“Next door to yours,” said Caroline meaningfully. “Don’t you think that she should stay with me or Abby?”

“I’ll need you at home so that I can visit you,” said Frank. “Is Jack staying over too?”

“I don’t know but if he is he will be in my apartment,” chirped Mandy.

“Amanda!” gasped her mother.

“As you well know Mummy, I’m old enough and big enough!”

Mandy told them about her previous sighting of Jack’s cock. She was still holding Frank’s giant erection, now squeezing and rubbing it a little harder.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” she giggled. “Or have you already done it?”

“Yes,” said her mother, “but that doesn’t mean that we have finished for the night, does it Daddy darling? See yourself out Mandy darling!”

Mandy handed over Frank’s cock to her mother, kissed them both and left.

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