Aroma Lust Retired but Randy

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Retired but still very horny. Did not realize the olfactory potency was still at work.

Evelyn still gives me good advice. She does not retain possessiveness in our distant relationship. What we share is our deep and hard wired erotic response to smelling shit. Evelyn introduced me to a very discreet lesbian fetish site. She had used it and had found like minded older gay women. I was forewarned that the process was time consuming and hit and miss for what we craved. So I was prepared to be patient. For me the Kabuki dance of savoring the aroma of another woman’s shit is a delicate process. What we both require from each other needs to be specific. A mutual consensus of getting totally dirty needs to be established at the outset. It is preliminary before we meet to smell each other.

Retirement has set me free to spend my time seeking closer encounters of the fecal kind. More time to masturbate.

Evelyn was not exaggerating about the hit and miss nature of this fetish fulfillment. I am forthright in what I require. That makes the process more difficult in navigating the taboo nature of my desires. Only older and unattached women. Preferably hard wired to the erotic scent of shit. Someone who was always obsessed. I want shared deviance. I like Şerifali Escort a touch of secrecy to enhance the fetish.

When Evelyn told me about this site she said it was hit or miss. It was overwhelmingly miss. Uncomfortable venues and dead ends mostly occurred. Promising avenues made it necessary to pick your way ahead slowly.

Nancy and Evelyn had given me access to our preferences in fecal pornography. I was able to use that platform to find common ground.

After several weeks of dead ends I found a former Manhattan academic and published writer. She now lives in Wisconsin. Among several published works the melding of the anti saloon movement to women’s voting rights in the 19th century. A common sense of humor was a plus. Emails confirmed our love for the aroma of shit. Excited but cautious we worked out a plan to meet. If everything worked out we would have our tryst.

We did not exchange pictures . Like Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart in The Shop Around The Corner there was some mystery involved. Pictures were irrelevant . Our physical attraction is our shared excrement obsession.

Being optimistic I had made reservations at a restaurant and motel at our agreed halfway meting point. She was Şerifali Escort Bayan cautious too. We both had rental cars. And so we met. Both of us still smelled clean. We liked each other, but we were nervous anyway. We checked in to the motel. In the room I was so excited, she was beaming in anticipation. We were both giddy.

We prepped the bed. Plastic sheets fitted to a king size bed. Cotton sheets over that and another cover. We needed to keep the shit stains to ourselves. There would be much more than skid marks . We had made commitments as to what we were going to bring. In addition to the above mentioned bed items other accoutrements to provide added stimulation.

Peggy, her shortcut for Margaret had also brought up some well sealed stinky items to inhale. Undies that she had wiped herself with and some very soiled fishnet bras. She was getting me wet and we had not even initiated sex.

My initial gambit was a request to play doctor. We need to take each others temperature and our own. I always use mineral oil to penetrate my rectum sufficiently. Peggy just wet her index finger up and pushed it up as she squeezed her shit down. That gave her a finger full of feces. She politely offered me the first sniff. Escort Şerifali It smelled so wonderful. It was thick and clung to her digit. I squeezed mine out and offered her a sniff. She held my hand to linger over the aroma and rubbing the shit on the tip of my finger in her nostrils and below on her philtrum. Then she asked if she could lick my finger. That was a thrill to feel and watch.

Both of us are excited to perform and receive cunnilingus and of course analingus. The scent of piss is not usually erotic to me. Peggy brought a pair of dried undies. It had a delightfully strong odor. It reminded me of long ago the piss smell of a telephone booth at the high school bus stop. I liked that smell. She sat down in a chair and placed the piss scented undies under my nose as I sucked on her vulva. Simultaneously I frigged myself. With age I am not as easily lubricated but the climax comes slowly, still enjoyable though.

When it was her turn to perform analingus she had a surprising request. She wanted to lay on a plastic tarp that she had on the floor. Peggy asked that I shit on her. On her face and in her mouth. She said I crave your shit on my face. It smells divine. I crave the smell and the taste. I complied. It is what she craved. She exploded in an orgasm . I knelt beside her and we gently smeared each other. I licked her fingers. She was a mass of sweat, it enhanced her aroma .

Cleaning up was easy. We left no trace of our fecal proclivities. Both departed before dawn. Retirement has it’s benefits. Time to enjoy this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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