Arrogant Mother-In-Law Ch. 04

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Adel Morel

Jane Hamilton had recently been visiting her Doctor, as she was suffering with depression.

Amanda, her daughter in law, had deceived her by using Adrian Raymore, an interior decorator, to show her affection, when in actual fact, he was being used by Amanda to, blackmail her. Although this fact had not been openly stated, her own personal history in life, of being devious and conniving meant she had slowly, but finally, put two and two together, and concluded that together they had both planned her downfall.

When Adrian first came into her life, she had been flattered. He had a charming personality, and he was a most handsome, man. Not only that, but he had a body to die for. Looking back now she had to accept, that since Henry, her husband, had died she had lacked any sexual attention and therefore had been vulnerable, especially to smooth talking, Adrian.

She had taken Adrian’s attentive manner as being his devotion towards her, and had eventually allowed him access to her body. She also, now accepted mentally, that she had been drawn to him, not only because he was very good company, and fun to be with, and he had an appealing, assertive style, but, he had beautiful, silky smooth, black skin.

She also had to now accept, that she had been totally enchanted by his very large cock. She thought back, and vividly remembered when she had first explored into his trousers and felt his, not yet fully erect, fat, heavy, black cock. She remembered, although she was slightly inebriated at the time, the first occasion she had felt Adrian’s cock being inserted in her fanny. It had been a wonderful moment, sensing the veins on it, the size of it, the length of it but, most of all, Adrian’s ability to stay erect for a long time.

Her memories were of complete pleasure, as he had gained full cock penetration, and how she had, during that first fuck, she had enjoyed multiple climaxes. She also had to accept that she had even allowed, Errol the dwarf, to have access to her fanny and now, looking back, how she had also enjoyed the little man’s, lovely cock.

She had also ceded to Adrian’s requests to allow, several other black men to, as he put it, gang bang her. She had to admit to herself, that she had been, freely enticed into the activities, and also, being honest with herself now, had to admit she had enjoyed every minute of those experiences.

All had been going so well, with her new sex life, right up until Amanda had come into the room and found her naked with all those black men. She had been humiliated. She had to accept her daughter in laws demands, which included putting her mouth between Amanda’s legs until she had enjoyed several violent climaxes. Since that day, she was now, was now under Amanda’s control.

This control meant, that daily, before ten in the morning, Jane had to be close to her phone, ready to comply, often at a moment’s notice, with every request that Amanda asked of her. Luckily, Amanda’s visit, were only on two or three days a week. The calls instructed, in advance, to be ready for Amanda’s arrival. Being ready, meant wearing the, small waitress black dress, and wear no underwear.

Amanda would arrive, and as usual, call out to her, “Hello, where’s my little slut slave.”

Jane hated the words, more than her hatred for Amanda. Since she came into Jane’s life, via her marriage to her son Ryan, she just never liked her. Jane knew she had made Amanda’s life as difficult, as she possibly could, and her ruthless approach to Amanda had resulted in a massive reversal, to where now, Amanda was in complete control.

With each visit, Jane knew she would be at Amanda’s, beck and call. Amanda would always use the toilet in Jane’s house, ensuring her excrement released, made the toilet bowl surrounds, extremely dirty. Jane knew her job would be, using only a small hand scrubbing brush, to spotlessly, clean the mess.

During every one of Amanda’s visits, Jane knew she would be given various other cleaning jobs. Amanda would always, inspect her work, and find faults. Those mistakes would result, in her having to bend over, expose the cheeks of her arse, and receive up to five hand slaps, or swots from a cane. It was humiliating.

Jane knew, during every visit, she would be required to lower her mouth between Amanda’s thighs and suck her clit until she climaxed. Amanda would use every method she could to Malatya Escort humiliate Jane. On one occasion, Amanda had made her kneel on the floor while she urinated all over Jane’s breasts. She was now totally, under the control of Amanda and, hated it.

Since her exposure, Adrian had continued to fuck her regularly. Although she loved to feel his cock slipping in and out of her fanny, she had come to hate him, as she did Amanda, but sadly, there was nothing she could do, to reverse the situation. That was until Jane overheard, Adrian and Amanda, talking about taking a business trip, to Turkey.

Jane was still, whenever she could, playing golf. She enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the house and away from Adrian’s sexual demands on her body and Amanda’s demeaning demands.

Strange how circumstances can, sometimes, have ways of helping you to get revenge. Jane’s turning point was during an evening golf dinner. The meal was in a restaurant where, she, and Henry, had previously regularly dined together.

Although Jane had not eaten there since Henry’s death, immediately she walked into the restaurant, she was warmly greeted by, Hayal the female owner. Jane sat with her golfing friends and enjoyed an excellent meal. The evening went very well, although inwardly Jane felt unhappy, she put on a brave face, ensuring the evening was not spoilt by the unhappiness she felt inside herself.


It was, as everyone was leaving, that Hayal drew Jane to one side to enquire, why Henry, had not accompanied her. Jane said goodbye to her friends and then sat with Hayal. Jane explained about Henry’s death, and how, over the last four years she had not been dining out, so often. She then moved on to her most recent experiences and, as she began to elaborate the details, so she began to cry.

She told Hayal how she had been deceived by Adrian and how now Amanda was so cruel to her. She finished her story by explaining the business trip to be taken by them both to Turkey.

Hayal, being a mature Turkish woman was experienced, at listening, and sympathising, with her customers problems. Jane was amazed at how, even though she was embarrassed, she felt able to pour out her emotions. Hayal had noticed, during the meal, that Jane had enjoyed more than one bottle of wine, and was now, well lubricated, and able to speak openly. When another bottle was put on the table, it brought no protests, from Jane.

As Hayal sat with Jane, she became more aware of Jane’s, exposed position to sexual exploitation by, Adrian and Amanda. As Jane finished her story Hayal said, “Mrs Hamilton you have got yourself into a mess. I am very sorry to hear about Henry, he was a nice man, you must miss him deeply. Perhaps, because of his loss, you allowed yourself to be taken advantage of. Now you are talking of getting revenge, well perhaps, we can help each other.”

Hayal, went on to explain that Bahir, her husband, had a brother still living in Turkey, and he was the deputy governor of a huge prison. There have been occasions, she explained, where certain people have, mysteriously disappeared while visiting Turkey, and perhaps these two people, hated so much by you, could also disappear.

Jane listened as Hayal’s expressed her thoughts and she began to feel a warm glow inside from, not only sipping, yet another glass of red wine, but also, from what she was hearing.

Hayal then continued on with a list of requests. She would require photos of Adrian and Amanda along with flight details, where they were staying and, if possible, when, where and who they would be visiting. This information would, carefully, be passed on to Bahir’s brother, Raif, in Turkey and matters would then be taken care of.

Having talked for over an hour and, as Jane consumed the extra bottle of wine Hayal said, “Jane let me drive you home now. Leave your car here, overnight, as you are in no state to drive. Then tomorrow, come in at lunch time and I will prepare a meal for you and we can talk some more, and of course, you can collect your car.”

Jane slept very heavily and it was mid morning before she felt like rising from her bed. Having showered, her mind began to clear and the fuzzy mist, began to lift. Gradually she remembered, golf, meal, wine, Hayal, lunch today, no car. As she dressed, she phoned for a cab.

It was just after mid day when, Jane, Malatya Escort Bayan re-entered the restaurant where she had been the previous evening. Again Hayal welcomed her in and showed her, to a table, in the corner of the room. Having, again enjoyed a most delightful meal, she was joined by Hayal. “So have you had an opportunity to think about what we discussed last night?”

“To be honest, last night, my mind was rather befuddled; please refresh me again on what you were saying.”

Hayal ordered a desert for Jane before recapping the events that, if successful, would enable Jane to get her revenge on both her daughter in law and, the loathsome Adrian. “Last night, after I had dropped you home, I had another idea. We could arrange for Adrian to disappear however, we could give Amanda a frightening time will she is locked up in prison, but then, bring her home and, degrade her here. How attractive is that to you.”

“Hayal, I would be just so grateful if you could do this for me and I will be forever in you debt.”

Hayal nodded and continued, “My husband has a number of partners here in this country, who run various businesses. One of his partners runs several brothels, mainly for working men, who have emigrated from Turkey. They are paid low wages, and many of them have families in Turkey so they need alternative, sex opportunities. Melih, runs these establishments, and he is always on the lookout for new, suitable women to take care of those men’s needs.”

“You said your son is often away on business trips, and Amanda you told me, is your son’s wife. Now provided your son still loves her, and you do not want him, to become too upset, we could arrange for her to work her arse off while he is away. These brothel women are in great demand. Melih keeps the women clean. They are managed carefully, and everyone who fucks them, has to wear a rubber. Would you like Amanda be to be made to work her arse off, servicing these men in one of those brothels, or would you prefer that she disappears, in Turkey?”

Jane sat silently looking at Hayal for several minute and then said, “If, what you have suggested could actually be achieved, I would love to have Amanda, as often as possible, work in one of those brothels.

“Ok, first of all, let us go up stairs to the flat above, and we can set out exactly what needs to be done.”

Jane was impressed with how the flat had been decorated. In each room there was expensive furnishings, beautiful framed pictures, lovely vases and soft pile carpets. Having looked around the flat Jane lowered herself into a most, soft and comfortable, settee.

With Jane now settled, Hayal began to talk about the detail of ensconcing both Adrian and Amanda into prison, and then delivering Amanda, into Jane grasp.

While Hayal was taking Jane through the detail, she was also preparing a pot of Turkish coffee. Hayal, with her back towards Jane, poured both cups of coffee, but as she made Jane’s coffee she empted, a sachet of powder, into the cup. This powder would have a muscle relaxing effect and also, influence the mind, to accept any situation. Hayal, was a closeted bisexual, and her desire was to get Jane into a compromised position, where she could make love to her.

They sat together while Hayal wrote out her list of what information Jane had to provide.

When the list was completed Hayal moved closer to Jane so she could begin her seduction.

“Mrs Hamilton, as we are now going to be associates, so may I call you by your first name.”

“Of course you can Hayal, yes, please call me Jane. I must say that cup of coffee was the best coffee I have had in many a day. You have made me feel very happy hearing your plans, happier than I have been, for a long time.”

“Jane my dear I personally feel very sadden to hear you talk of how you have been used and abused. I am hoping you will allow me to, not only bring pleasure to you by removing Adrian from your life but allow me to bring some, new physical pleasure, into your life. Come, rest your head on my shoulder and relax, you are quite safe with me.”

Jane began to sense an inner feeling of security and when Hayal lifted her head and lowered her lips onto Jane’s lips, it just felt so right. “There my lovely, beautiful Jane I am here to lift the heavy burden of unhappiness from your shoulders and, help you to start Escort Malatya a new life.”

Jane looked into Hayal’s eyes and then watched as each button of her blouse was slowly unbuttoned. As the blouse was opened Hayal said, “Jane you are a beautiful woman and now I want to see your breasts.” Jane nodded, allowing Hayal to, very skilfully, unclipped her bra and reveal two gorgeously shaped breasts. Without any more requests Hayal gently caressed each breast and also sucked on each nipple.

Jane had always enjoyed having her breasts played with, but this was a new experience. This was, breast loving, by a mature woman, who knew just how to handle, another woman’s sexual needs. Hayal was an expert at stimulating every part of a woman’s body, and within just a few minutes, she had Jane eating out of her hand. In a short, but seductive way Hatal had removed all Jane’s clothes and had led her into the main bedroom.

While Jane watched, Hayal, slowly removed her own clothes, and then joined Jane on the bed. Hayal’s lips travelled all over Jane’s body. Hayal knew the importance of, licking and caressing, especially between Jane’s legs. She was able to bring Jane to a point of almost, total sexual release, to only then, slow the process and subdue the physical excitement.

Hayal wanted to hear Jane beg, beg to be allowed to reach a full, and complete sexual climax. It was around thirty minutes of caressing, titillation, clit licking and sucking before Jane began to beg, “Hayal you are so lovely, you are making me feel so wonderful but, please, please let me cum.”

This first time together was a most important time in their relationship. Hayal wanted Jane’s trust, she wanted Jane to feel she needed her, so gentle, sensuous loving, was so important. Hayal’s past experience told her, that this was the right moment to allow Jane to work, herself, off.

They were lying side by side with their breasts mashed together when Hayal placed her own thigh between Jane’s thighs and pressed it upwards, against Jane’s slit. This was a trigger for Jane to start her own self masturbating as she began to rub her slit up and down, on Hayal’s thigh. The rubbing became more aggressive, more violent until suddenly, Jane’s bodily tensions erupted, “Hayal, oh my god I need to cum, yes, yes, yes, oh fucking hell, ah, ah, yes.” Jane was experiencing the most amazing event of her life. She had never felt so wonderfully fulfilled, she was in heaven.

Hayal, wanted Jane to, completely lose herself into this, new world, of lesbian love. Hayal knew it was one thing to be fucked by a man, but completely different to being loved by a women, especially a woman who knew how to be, tender and kind. As Jane came back into her normal world, Hayal knew Jane may, possibly, experience uncertainty or even doubt.

Now Hayal needed to soothe Jane, to make her feel like a Queen, to be tender, to carefully caress every part of Jane’s body. If Hayal was successful, this first session would lead to many more, similar, times together.

Not only that, but Hayal had a group of other women who were entwined together. Those women met as often as they could. Nearly all of them were married but, like her, although they enjoyed their male intercourse they were also desperate, and wanted, from time to time, to relax and enjoy the company of other women. Hayal had met a number of women, who, like Jane, she had seduced. She had then drawn them into her secret circle of erotic, naked, anything goes, sex hungry women. Secrecy was uppermost with all the women

Hayal was not a qualified person but, from a child, she become extremely sagacious. She had always been inquisitive, with a mind that planned well in advance. She prided herself on, not leaving any stone unturned, and when she saw something she wanted, she organised events or circumstances, to get it. Although Jane was really just another notch on her bed post, she just loved the thrill and adventure of leading a woman into surrendering.

She wanted to get all her toys out and take Jane to places she had never been to before, but the dido ‘s and the black strap on’s, would have to wait until Jane had been totally submitted into Hayal’s lesbian world.

Hayal wanted to introduce Jane to all her friends, and then release her into their possession. She just knew Jane was going to be a great acquisition. However, combined with her sexual ambitions for Jane, there was first the small matter of, planning and successfully executing, the abduction of Adrian and Amanda.


Next read about the imprisonment of Adrian and Amanda and then Amanda’s new brothel life and how Jane’s meets her new lesbian friends

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