Ask Me If I’m Ready Pt. 04

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This is the last chapter of the adventures of Jake & Darby and Nate & Nora. This is the longest installment, and to fully follow everything, you might want to read the first three chapters. Oh, this time, there is a little pee. Sorry, it was an accident.

Thank you, to all of you who take the time to read this. If it does it for you, please vote, and please leave comments. Now welcome aboard, and enjoy the cruise!

This is a work of fiction. All people, places, and things described are imaginary and do not represent real places, persons, or events. All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years.

Ask Me if I’m Ready Pt. 4 — The Cruise

“Today? Like, starting now? Right NOW?! Are you serious? I mean, the cruise is over two weeks from now! Come on, dad, tell the truth… you’re messin’ with me, right?” Darby Steele looked at her father, Jake Steele as if he had just sprouted a second head. Maybe he had, and that head was responsible for this utterly stupid idea.

“Yes, baby, I’m serious. It would make the wedding night extra-special, don’t you think?” replied her father, Jake Steele. A year and half ago, Darby’s mother had been caught cheating on Jake with, as it turned out, a series of young men. Jake, having no appetite for forgiveness, had promptly ended the marriage. She was rumored to have moved back to Mississippi, but they weren’t sure. She hadn’t been heard from since. Darby, who’d always been very close to her father, took that opportunity to become even closer; after a slow campaign of seduction and titillation, Darby succeeded in transitioning from ‘daughter’ to ‘lover,’ and most recently, to ‘fiancé.’ She and Jake had been romantically involved since last Christmas. Their love had grown stronger and more committed every day. And the sexual part of their relationship was beyond amazing.

The first time they made love, Darby had been a virgin. Jake was a generous and skillful lover, and Darby avoided the usual virgin trap of a horrible first sexual encounter at the hands of a clumsy, unskilled and impatient lover. Instead, Jake had given her a near-religious sexual experience with multiple orgasms resulting in, at one point, her passing out. Their compatibility had only grown in the last year they’d been together. Darby loved her father deeply, and she also greatly cherished the physical part of their lives together. That’s why she was so upset right now.

“‘Extra special?!’ I’m your daughter! You’re my father! We’ve been sleeping together for a year, and now we’re getting married! How many more toppings do you need on this little ice-cream sundae of sin?!” Darby shot back.

“Baby, why wouldn’t you want to do this for me?” pleaded Jake.

“Because I love you, I love sex with you, you’re here and can provide me with said sex. Why the hell would I want to do without it for two weeks just to pretend I’m a virgin again on our wedding night? That’s crazy! And let me guess… Nate’s presenting this same dumbass idea to Nora as we speak, right?” Darby looked pissed, and Jake was beginning to worry.

“Well… yeah. We thought tha—”

“I don’t care what you thought. It’s not happening, we are not waiting two more weeks to make love. Believe me, our wedding night will be plenty special. Nope. Not. Gonna. Do it,” Darby announced with finality.

Jake put his foot down. “Yes we are. You can’t make me have sex with you!” he declared.

“Hahahahahahahahahah! Omigod, hahahahahahahahahah! Daddy, stop it! That’s too funny! Hahahahahahahah! Wait, wait, wait,” Darby tried to stop laughing and speak. “My sweet, sweet, darling daddy, I love you more than life itself, and I can’t wait to be your wife. And because of all that, please know, I absolutely can.”

Jake mumbled to himself like a chastised child, barley intelligible, “I can resist you. Can’t make me…”

Darby hugged her dad and kissed him gently on the lips, “We’ll see.” She walked out of the room, grabbing her phone on the way out.

Her phone rang as she was about to call Nora Rochester, her best friend and co-conspirator. Nora was in a similar relationship with her dad, and the two couples were each other’s best friends in the world. Because they were in the same kind of relationship, they were gratified to have someone they could truly use as a sounding board; someone they could talk to honestly about, well anything, but especially their forbidden relationships. Darby looked at the phone, and it was Nora calling.

No greeting, no, ‘hello,’ Nora launched with, “Did he say that stupid-ass shit to you?! Are you fucking kidding me?! What the fuck?! What the actual fuck?!”

“I KNOW!” agreed Darby. “You get me hooked on it and then tell me you wanna wait for two weeks to make it ‘special?'” Darby said the word ‘special’ with a heaping amount of venom. “But don’t worry, girl. I already have a plan. They’re goin’ down this Friday. Then they’re taking us out to dinner on Saturday, and they’re gonna pay. Here’s what we’re gonna do…”

The next morning, Jake was up earlier than usual, hoping to avoid a confrontation. Last night had been the first time they’d ever gone to bed, if not angry, certainly unhappy with one another. He was bursa suriyeli escort escort worried about how things would be this morning. The first fight is a crucial step in any relationship. They were father and daughter. They’d certainly been mad at each other before, and it had always worked out just fine. But this was their first fight as a romantic couple, and Jake was worried about losing any of the intimacy they’d developed. He needn’t have worried. Darby walked in and hugged her father close just like she did every morning.

“Good morning, Daddy!” she announced happily.

“You’re not still mad?” asked Jake.

“Of course not, Daddy. Have a good day at work, okay,” and she kissed him lovingly, just like always. Jake returned her affection, and left for work.

Not far away, a similar scene played out at the Rochester home. Nate expected Nora to still be angry at the suggestion they stop having sex until the wedding night, and Nora also acted as if nothing had happened. Nate called Jake while on the way into his office.

“You in the car or you working from home?” Nate asked his buddy.

“I have a 10:00 down by the airport, so I’ll be driving for a bit,” answered Jake. “So I guess my idea didn’t go over, huh?”

“Yeah, I’d have to agree. It sounded like a good idea, but man, she ain’t havin’ that. Not at all. I guess it’s a compliment that they can’t do without it. Apparently, the skills are still legendary.” Jake chuckled. “You gonna even try to hold out?” said Nate.

“Im’ma try to make it to tonight, just for pride’s sake, but I can’t promise you nothin’. We’ll see how it is at tennis, I guess.”

“Ah’ite, man. We’ll talk later!”

Jake’s business was with public entities like school boards and city or county governments. Because of this, his activity dropped off steeply after the first week in December. Government employees were so busy planning holiday parties and long vacations that they didn’t have time for any contractors or salesmen unless they were dropping off cookies. Jake had already made his annual ‘cookie run,’ so while most of his days in December were pretty slow, Fridays he may as well not even bother. There was simply nothing to do. He decided to go have lunch with Nate, maybe get him to sneak out early and they could go hit the courts. Nate was fine for lunch, but apparently the work of a CIO was never done, and he had to get back to the office by 2:00. Jake called it a day and headed home. Darby texted him, asking what time he might get home. He texted back that he was on the way and would be there in a half hour. She sent back, ‘OK. Love you!’ with a smiley face. She was being incredibly cool. Maybe the whole thing had blown over.

Darby’s car was gone when he got home. She was probably on her way home. It looked like she’d brought in the mail before she left. Just junk-mail. And something from The Peachtree North Academy. That was Darby’s old school. It was addressed to ‘The Parents of Ms. Darby Steele.’ Jake figured it was either a Christmas card or them begging for donations at this ‘Very Special Time Of Year.’ Funny, he hadn’t heard from them since she’d graduated over five years ago. She’d been an excellent student, great grades, no disciplinary problems, they loved her. He tore the envelope open, and found a one-page letter, apparently from the new headmaster, Toleas Ulysses Seaux. Jake scoffed. Where do these white people get these crazy names? Toleas? Seaux? How do you even pronounce that? See-ux? Sox? The kids probably called him ‘Toe-Socks.’ Whatever. He started reading.

“Mr. Steele,

It is with deep regret that we find ourselves needing to ask for your help. Your daughter, Darby, has always been a model student, the kind of student we wished many other young ladies would emulate. However, all this has changed in light of her recent behavior…”

‘Recent behavior?’ Darby graduated from there years ago! He looked at the date, but it was dated December 10. That was just this past Monday. What the…?

“Darby has seemed to discover her, ahh, sexuality, and she has been flaunting it shamelessly. Her school-approved skirts are now worn exceedingly too short, and she is constantly flashing her underwear at the male and female teachers, underwear that is entirely inappropriate for a young lady of Darby’s station. On several occasions, she has even been seen showing herself without her panties, daring schoolboys and teachers alike to, and this is a direct quote, ‘Fuck me if you think have the balls.’ When we have tried to reprimand her for her behavior, her attitude has been crude, surly, and disrespectful. She has told female teachers, and again, this is a direct quote, ‘Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful. Hate me because your man thinks I’m beautiful.’ The last straw was when we caught her going into the band-room with several boys, and she was carrying her panties in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. Fortunately, we stopped her before she could, well, we’d rather not think of what she was about to do.

As you know, it is not within the practice of Peachtree North Academy to administer physical punishments bursa ucuz escort to students. However, sometimes that might be the most appropriate action. With that in mind, we at Peachtree North Academy feel that this new wanton and disrespectful Darby Steele could use a really good hard spanking to bring her back into line. We urge you not to shirk your duties as a good father and ‘go easy on her,’ as that would not be in her best interests. Our next step would likely be expulsion.

We expect to see a contrite and rehabilitated Darby back with us at the start of the new semester. Thank you for your attention in this serious matter.

Yours Truly,

Toleas Ulysses Seaux

Headmaster, Peachtree North Academy”

“Well played, baby girl,” Jake said to himself. He knew that he was about to be proven wrong… Darby COULD make him have sex with her, pretty much whenever she wanted. He peeked into the garage, her car was still not there. He called Nate, who answered on the first ring.

“Yo, have you made it home yet?” asked Jake.

“Nah, but I’m leaving within the hour. What time we meetin’?”

Jake knew that a very similar letter was waiting for Nate as well. He decided not to spoil the surprise. “Yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna get to play tonight, dawg. Something’s come up. Call me in the morning, okay?”

Nate was concerned, “Yo, man, everything okay?

Jake just said, “Oh yeah… everything’s fine. Holla in the a.m., ah’ite?” Jake heard the garage opener, and he unceremoniously hung up on his friend. He stood there waiting for her. He was not prepared for what walked in.

Darby is a pretty girl at her worst. She’s pretty when she first wakes up without a touch of makeup. Give her a few minutes to get ready for school or work, and she’s beautiful. Give her an hour to get all dolled up like she had been doing every time they went out now, she’s incredibly beautiful. But this… This was professional-level. She had paid to have her hair styled and make-up professionally applied so that she was beyond perfect. And she was wearing the sluttiest, most classic Catholic-Schoolgirl outfit you could imagine. White button-down shirt with blue plaid suspenders and with the top three buttons undone. White all-lace bra showing through the unbuttoned blouse. Dark blue plaid pleated skirt stopping less than two inches below her crotch. Thigh-high white socks that stopped short of her hemline. With black, patent-leather stiletto heels. The look was devastating. Jake felt the room start to spin, and had to sit down. From his seated position, he could see her panties. He expected something slutty, but no. Plain, white, cotton, full-coverage briefs. As innocent as can be.

“Hi, Daddy, you’re home already!”

Just seeing her, his dick was already hard as calculus. He stood up, and in his best Dad voice, he boomed, “Darby, what the hell is this?!” and held the letter out to her. “I come home from a tough week at work, and I find this waiting for me! What the hell are you doing at that school?!”

Darby took the letter and read it. She knew what it said. Hell, she wrote it. Still, this was a performance, and every line important. “Daddy, they’re lying! None of that happened. You have to believe me!” She genuinely looked scared. “I’m a good girl. I can’t help it if they’re always trying to see up my skirt! And I can’t help it if their husbands like to touch my p—”

“You let them touch you?!” Jake roared, really getting into his character.

“I don’t know…” she said meekly, “they said it would be okay, and it felt kinda nice. But Mrs. Slater came around, and her husband just ran away. She said I was a bad, dirty girl. Daddy, I’m not a bad girl, am I?” She looked up at him with large doe-eyes as she bit her lower lip, the very picture of chastity and innocence. Jake felt like someone was cutting off the oxygen in the room. He was finding it hard to breathe… his heart was beating out of control. She was so unbelievable sexy he thought he was going to pass out! The room started going in and out of focus. Was this what a stroke felt like? He took a deep breath and counted to three, and pulled himself together.

“Yes, Darby. You are a very bad girl. Showing yourself off to boys and teachers, letting older guys feel you up, going into rooms with big groups of boys, your panties already off, that’s all bad-girl behavior. I thought you were a good girl, but no, baby. You are a bad girl.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I really try. I’ll do better. I’ll be good,” Darby sniffed. Jesus Christ! Were those real tears?!

“You bet your ass you’ll be good. I’m gonna teach you that lesson right now,” and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the dining table. He pulled out an armless chair and sat down. “Get across my lap! You know what you’ve done… and you know what’s coming!”

“Daddy, please don’t! I promise!”

“Yes. Lap. NOW!”

Her tears were flowing now, and she kept pleading for mercy. Jake laid her across his lap and looked at the full panties completely covering her sweet ass. How the hell could big cotton granny panties be so fucking sexy? He stroked her bursa üniversiteli escort ass lovingly and said, “Baby this is for your own good. I want you to be a good girl.”

“I will, Daddy! Please don’t do this!”

As if this whole thing weren’t erotic enough, rather than take the panties off her, he just pulled them down so that they were bunched just below the globes of her ass. The whole sight was so intoxicating, Jake was still in danger of passing out. She was so ready for this, he could smell her arousal. Jesus…


Darby screamed, “Owwwwww, daddy, no, that’s too hard! Noooooo, please stop!! Please! I’ll be good, I swear!! Oh my god it hurts so bad!! I’ll be a good girl! I’m sorry Daddy!”

He hit her ass as hard as he could, making her cheeks jiggle enticingly. After several blows he slipped his hand into her panties to roughly fondle her drenched sex. The panties made that difficult, so he smacked her a few more times and told her, “You’re not learning your lesson yet. Get up and take off your panties.”

“No, Daddy! I’m your daughter! You’re not supposed to see under my panties! Please stop… I’ll be good, I swear!”

“Take them off, then lay on the table!”

“But Daddy, –“

“I SAID OFF! Then lay down on the table, with your bad-girl ass up!”

With tears in her eyes, she slid off her huge underwear, and then lay down on the sturdy wood table. “Daddy, it’s so hard,” she complained.

“You should have thought of that while you were half-naked with a dozen boys!” And he proceeded to really come down on her ass, firing ten smacks to each of her delicious-looking cheeks. Then he pushed her thighs apart and slid one, then two, then four fingers into her wet and waiting snatch and started fucking and out of her, stretching her pussy wide as her hips moved up and down with his motion.

“Ooooooohhhh Daddeeeeee… this is soooo wrong… Oooooohhhhh… Mmmmmmmmmm. Yesssssss… I’ll be good, daddy… soooo goooood,” she moaned and lifted her ass higher to give him more access.

“If you think that’s wrong, then here,” and he pulled his fingers out of her, slipped in his thumb and got it nice and slick, and then pushed his fingers back into her pussy, making her moan in pleasure, and then pushed his thumb all the way into her ass. Then he pulled his hand in and out of both her holes, pushing in hard on each stroke. She grunted on each stroke, her hips moving up and down in time with his thrusts. He kept up the pace, going in and out, faster and faster until she screamed out loud in orgasm.

She reached behind her and grabbed his wrist, holding it in place deep inside her grasping sex and pulsing asshole, moaning loudly, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm dadddeeeeee, OOOOOOO!” and she collapsed against the table. Jake wouldn’t let her catch her breath. He roughly turned her over on the table and pulled her hips to the edge. He sat in front of her like he was about to eat a meal, leaned forward into her hairy, sodden center, draped her legs over his shoulders, and dove face first into her pussy, assaulting her sensitive clit. “Daddy, it’s too sensitive! Please, not too hard! Please!” she complained.

“That’s what bad girls get,” Jake said, and continued his oral mauling of her most delicate area. He licked her more gently, but then slid a single finger back into her hot cunt and massaged her G-spot. Her hips took off again, fucking against the finger performing such a magical dance deep inside her core, while her father continued licking her clit. It was still sensitive, but starting to feel better. “That’s it, Daddy… Lick me… Ooooohhhh daddy… lick me… Suck my pussy… suck it! That’s it. Daddy, teach your bad li’l baby how to be good. Mmmmmmmmm,” she mewled. He sucked her clit a little harder and licked it faster, he could feel her tensing up as she got to her summit, and she exploded in orgasm again, this time pouring her sweet juices right into his mouth. Jake drank deeply, swallowing it all, loving her taste, feeling her body pulse on his tongue. She purred as she rode it back down. “Mmmmmmmmmm… That’s it, my sweet, sweet daddy. Ooh I love you sooooo. You are soooo good to my pussy… Mmmmmmmm…”

Jake stood up, dropped his pants, and without hesitation, slid his thick seven-inch cock deep into his daughter’s still overheated box. When she felt the intrusion, she immediately sat up and put her arms around him, locked her legs behind his back, and started fucking him as hard as she could, her hips pounding back at his. Her mouth found his and she sucked his tongue into her mouth and held him tight to her as he fucked her deep, hard, and fast. Jake was now chasing his own orgasm, and he was pounding his daughter’s pussy without mercy. On every stroke he could feel his balls fly up and slap her furry taint, and he delighted in how she grunted into his mouth on each stroke. He fucked her furiously, humping her faster and faster until his world exploded out of his pounding rod into her. He felt his cock shooting inside her… rope after rope shot inside her until his cum filled every corner of her pussy, his still pumping dick squeezing it back out, running down his balls. He squeezed her tightly as his orgasm gripped him, spurred on by the sound and the spasms of her pussy cumming a third time on his cock. Even as their combined essence poured out of her, he pushed her back on the table, got up on the table and kneeled over her face and said, “Bad girls clean it up!” and he pressed his balls against her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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