At Long Last – My Birthday Present

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It was hot. It was my birthday.

Sara told me where to meet.

Was this really going to be as good as she had suggested? Only time would tell.

When I saw her sitting on the bench at High Park…Sara looked better than I had ever seen her before…and she was stunning from the first day I had seen her a few years back. We had teased and flirted and played a little over the years, but this may finally be the day I have been dreaming about.

Sara was wearing a one piece outfit that miraculously covered everything but still showed off her unbelievable breasts. They were begging to be unveiled and sucked hungrily.

She was dark and tanned. She was slim and strong.

She was more than a little wasted…but that could be fun. She seemed to be in a very chill and relaxed mood.

What was amazing to me is that I had seen her once in well over a year, yet it seemed like we just saw each other the week before.

I am not sure it would be fair to say that we know each other well. There are definitely a few secrets and off topic areas between us, but in other ways we do know a lot about each other. In some ways we have been very open with each other and have some history and connection.

The plan got a little fucked up, but we somehow made it work OK. We walked a LONG way to the beach, carrying some food and beverage. Eventually we found a spot that was a little hidden and in the shade.

We caught up, laid back, ate a little, flirted a little. We drank a little and smoked a bit. We kissed a little and rubbed some more. The Vodka Coolers somehow got a little stronger and it soon became clear that Sara only had one piece of clothing covering her body.

It was a lot of fun but there was more fun to be had.

On the way back we got smart. We Ubered to my car and drove to a hotel.

Sara and Steve were finally going to taste each other all over.

Sara bahis siteleri sent me off to get some ice so that she could have a little privacy to do what she needed to do.

I returned with ice, and we made a couple of drinks.

As Sara tried to see what was on TV, I decided it was time to see what was on Sara. To lick and suck and tweak her incredible breasts. To unwrap my present.

I worked my way down her tight stomach and kissed the tattoos near each hip. I pulled her loose material between her legs to one side, and her perfect pussy appeared. Sara was shaved perfectly clean and had a slim and sexy landing strip. Between her eyes, and her skin, the beautiful smell of her fragrance, to the landing strip, Sara continued to amaze me that everything about her could be so ideal, so sexy, so perfect.

I couldn’t hold back, and began to kiss her beautiful clit, and began to lick lightly around and above, to this side and that. A little rub of my finger, and a long lick of my tongue. Things were definitely starting to get wet and heat up. Finally Sara removed all of her clothing (there wasn’t much to remove :-)), and I was like a man who hadn’t eaten in a long time. I rubbed her wetness with my hand and slipped a couple of fingers inside. Sara was moaning a little and breathing heavy as I started to tongue fuck her pussy while my fingers were inside. I then took out my soaking fingers and raised them up to Sara’s luscious lips. She sucked them fully and deeply, tasting herself and smelling her fragrance. I then moved up to kiss Sara so that she could taste herself on my lips and tongue, while moving my hand down to keep her heated up. Sara inhaled my tongue, sucking on it hungrily, while ensuring any of her wetness was returned to its home.

I returned my lips and tongue to her pussy and clit and began to work a little harder. I pushed up the skin above her clit to expose it more to my tongue, canlı bahis while working two or three fingers inside her to find a particularly sensitive spot. As I worked faster on both fronts, Sara began to breathe heavier and buck her hips a little more, until she made a sweet noise and squirted the first of a few times that afternoon. I tried to catch it all and lick it all. While her pussy juice was thick and sweet, her squirt was a little bitter and a little more exotic. The reality is that any taste of Sara is something that I will swallow whole and be thankful for the birthday gift that I was given.

As Sara was coming back down, I asked her to turn over.

I remember it was like the sun was shining down and the greatest painting was revealed. I was staring into the small, tan lined ass of Sara. This is the ass that started wars and sank ships. This is the ass that caused car accidents and took down dynasties. This was the perfect ass.

I couldn’t resist. I ate it like my life depended on it. I could have feasted on it for hours. She was so clean and perfect, and I wanted to taste it all. While she squirmed through that, I finger fucked her until there was no way out except to a bigger squirt. Sara left her mark on the sheets that day without question.

After some recovery, I lay back and Sara decided it was time to do a little licking and sucking on me. Not only did her tongue feel so good, but Sara is a master at looking me in the eye as she is doing so many nice things with her hand and her tongue and her lips. Sara decided to maximize pleasure and show off a bit but sucking me all the way in and staring at me when her lips hit the end of my cock. Sara was once again…unbelievable. She licked me everywhere. She licked my balls and continued down to my ass. Having Sara lick my ass while rubbing my cock was an incredible feeling.

Sara asked if I had a condom. I meant to buy some güvenilir bahis when I left my house, but after buying some food and alcohol and other drinks, I simply forgot. She said not to worry.

Sara lay back in all of her splendour.

I entered her in missionary position…very slowly. That was one of the last things I remember being slow. We fucked in many positions. I remember fucking her with Sara on her back and me facing away from her. As I fucked her, Sara started to rub my ass. She then entered my ass, not slowly, but with purpose. As I fucked her with my ass facing her, she finger fucked me hard and fast. Another incredible feeling.

In one position I was lightly thumbing her ass in doggy. She pushed my hand towards her ass. I got the hint, and then pushed my thumb all the way in her ass while fucking away. She seemed to really like that.

I paused for a bit to rest. I grabbed some hotel body lotion. I rubbed some on Sara’s ass and my cock. I told her that her ass looked hungry for me. She said “be gentle Daddy”. I was in heaven. I slowly entered her perfect ass. A little bit at a time. Once I was all in we got to really fucking, and I started rubbing her clit fast. As Sara was getting into it, I started to slap her clit and pussy over and over until there was one more nice squirt from Sara.

We took a shower then returned to bed. I asked Sara to suck me to a finish. She did get me hard while staring at me with her sensual eyes, but wanted me to fuck her again. I went back to missionary with her legs pulled back far. I fucked over and over until I was ready to cum. As I started to pull out, Sara reached down and held my cock at the base. With me still inside, she started massaging the cum out of my cock into her pussy.

When I finally pulled out some cum was dripping out of her bare pussy. I lightly rubbed the cum all over her ass and pussy. She moaned a little as I took a mental picture of this wonderful moment.

I dream about seeing Sara again and trying even more wonderful things together. One day I hope it will happen. If not, I will never forget the best birthday present ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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