At School

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I sighed deeply as I neared the school. The warm summer breeze did little to brighten my mood, for while the season was just starting, so was my term in summer school. Each morning at 8 AM I was going to have to sit through a full hour of 11th grade Pre-Calculus. An hour a day would not be so bad, except it was a very early hour. Typically I spent my summers like most 18-year-olds, staying up all night and then sleeping until noon. This summer would be painfully different.

There were few cars in the lot – just those belonging to the summer teachers. I barely glanced at them as I stomped up the steps to the front doors. Inside, it was strangely quiet. I was used to seeing this lobby filled with students and school officials. I went down the hall on the right and passed a few empty classrooms until I came to mine. Peeking inside the square of glass on the door, I saw a few familiar faces as well as a few unfamiliar ones. They all looked at me when I went in, but I didn’t look back. I just locked my eyes onto a desk to the side and took my seat.

The thirteen of us that had arrived so far were spread equally throughout the room. There was no chatting. I got the feeling that no one was happy to be here, and that we all wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. I checked my watch: 7:55 AM. Over an hour to go. Ugh. The class hadn’t even started yet and I was already bored out of my mind.

Then she entered the room and time stood still.

Her brown shoulder-length hair bounced lightly as she moved across the front of the classroom. I was stricken by her crystal-clear blue eyes, but only until I saw her breasts. They were large and heaving against her clinging blue t-shirt. Below that she wore a tight khaki skirt that stopped just shorts of her knees. My view of her bare legs was cut off by the desk as she walked behind it. I looked up at her face and was rewarded with a beautiful smile.

“Good morning, everyone,” she began, her hands clasped in front of her. “I am Mrs. Malone and I would like to welcome all of you to my class.” We were silent. Her voice was melodious. “Okay, first off, I know none of you want to be here. Really, I don’t want to be here either.” That got some chuckles. “I have no idea why this class starts so early, but I’m new there so here’s not really anything I can do.” She paused, thinking. “Actually, I am happy to be here, even if it is early. This is my first experience teaching alone and I am really excited about it.” She bent forward over the desk, leaning on her hands. We could see a bit of cleavage down the top of her shirt. “And I want to make each and every one of you excited, too. I know you probably don’t enjoy calculus, but if you give it a shot, I think I can make it interesting for you.” She stood back up and walked around the desk as she talked. “I actually spent some time in summer school myself,” she admitted. “And that’s where I met the teacher who really turned me on to this stuff…”

The sound of her voice faded into the background as I focused all of my attention on her body. She continued towards the front of the desk, her hips swaying, her breasts moving ever so slightly. Her clothing was so tight that nearly all of her curves were on display before us. The wedding ring on her finger made her even hotter. She was doubly taboo, a teacher and a married woman. Oh, how badly I wanted her then. An erection began to stir in my lap.

When she reached the front of the desk she hopped up onto it. For a brief moment, my angle was such that I could see directly up her skirt. She was wearing white panties. My cock expanded immensely when I saw that. She then crossed her legs away from me, giving me a generous view of her smooth thigh. She also leaned back on the desk, which caused her shirt to rise up, just barely revealing her tummy. I found I was unable to comprehend anything she was saying while she was in that position. I tried to look at her face, but my eyes kept darting down to her chest, to her stomach, to her bare thigh.

At some point her introduction ceased and she turned to pick up the class roster. She turned in my direction, so her legs were now facing me. She reached further for the roster, lifting her top leg a little, opening the gap between them. I could almost see her panties again… Then she had it and was turned back around, legs closed, taking attendance. I continued to gaze longingly at her body until she called my name.

“Ethan Tagart?” Her eyes scanned the room.

I raised my hand. “Here.” She looked into my eyes, probably trying to memorize my face. I fantasized that she was lusting after me. Then she moved on to finish off the list. Once that was done, the lecture began. I tried very hard to pay attention to what she was teaching, but I finally resigned myself to just mindlessly copying down her notes. I would learn the concepts later.

It was truly a delight to watch her in front of the classroom. Each time she reached up high to the top of the board, her shirt rose up in the back. The soft Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort skin of her lower back teased me endlessly. A giant erection formed while I studied that bare skin. Her ass pushed firmly against her tight skirt as well.

As the class neared its end, Mrs. Malone told us our homework and then began another example problem. It was clear that she was not going to finish, so she made the announcement that anyone was welcome to stay late while she finished it. I decided I would stay, simply because I did not want to stop watching her. When the actual class time was up, everyone but myself and a couple of girls got up and left. Apparently the other boys weren’t as infatuated with her as I was – or perhaps the pull to leave school was too great for them.

She regarded the three of us who had stayed. “Thanks guys. I really appreciate that you’re serious about learning.” I smiled at her, which she returned. “Ethan. Do you think you know how to finish the problem?”

I was excited that she remembered my name, but I had no clue what was going on up at the board. Nevertheless, I walked to the front of the room and took the chalk she was holding out for me. Fortunately my erection had subsided, for in order to get to the proper side of the board, I had to squeeze past Mrs. Malone. I moved towards her, smiling awkwardly, and she turned with her butt against the desk. My back was to the board as I began to slip past. The space was too tight, though. Our bodies ground together, my crotch pressingly firmly against hers, and her breasts crushing against my chest. My face passed within inches of her own. For a brief moment I entertained thoughts of kissing her.

Then I was on the other side, my body tingling from our intimate encounter. She looked a little frazzled herself. Had she felt the electricity between us? No, that was stupid. She was my married teacher, years older than I, and certainly not interested in me. It was a ridiculous thought. Besides, I had a more pressing problem: what was I going to write on the board?

After a few moments Mrs. Malone seemed to sense my dilemma. She crossed behind me and reached for the chalk, her breasts brushing softly against my upper back. I let her take it and stepped to the side, giving her room to show me and the two girls how to finish off the problem. I then went back to my seat, partly because I still had no clue what was going on, and partly because my erection was returning. My eyes locked onto her ass.

When it was over, we stood and moved to the door as Mrs. Malone began collecting her things. Being seated furthest from that door, I was the last to exit. Just before I did, I heard her call out to me: “Ethan?”

I turned. “Yeah?”

She gave me one a heart-melting, crotch-hardening smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again for staying.”

“Sure,” I replied. Outside, I pondered what had happened. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but she seemed to like me. That left me with a smile all the way home.


The next day, Mrs. Malone came into class wearing a one-piece red and gold summer dress. Some of the buttons on either end of the dress were undone, once more putting generous amounts of both cleavage and thigh on display. I grinned, eager to let my eyes explore her body. Like yesterday, she sat on her desk while taking attendance. Her legs were crossed, one thigh breaking fully out of her dress. When she looked down to her attendance sheet, she hunched slightly, allowing for a better view of her breasts. The attire seemed altogether too skimpy for a teacher… but then, this was summer school. It was far more laid back than the normal term. I decided not to question my good fortune.

When class was over, I remained in my seat. Mrs. Malone noticed this and we just looked at one another until everyone else was gone.

“What is it, Ethan?” she asked. She was sitting behind her desk.

“I had a couple questions from the homework, but I didn’t want to ask in front of everyone…” In fact, the homework had been very simple. I had purposefully messed up on two of the problems. She took my sheets out from the pile we had made earlier on her desk and quickly spotted the errors.

“Ah. Let me show you.” She stood and came to my desk, placing the sheets of paper upon it. She then pulled over another desk – they were the type with the chair attached – and sat down directly to my right. Her dress was high up on both of her legs, and her breasts were as exposed as ever. She picked up my pencil. “Ok hon, you do it like this.” Mrs. Malone leaned over towards me, sitting on the edge of her chair. Her dress hung loose from her breasts and I could see directly down the top of it. She was wearing a purple bra. I quickly averted my eyes, not wanting to get caught staring. But then I saw the bottom of her dress. Moving forward on her chair had caused her dress to ride up incredibly high. So high, that I could see the patch of her panties between her legs. Her panties were also purple, to match her bra. My breath began to quicken as my arousal grew.

When she was done writing she looked at me. We were very close and I found myself captivated by her crystal blue eyes. I tore my gaze from those eyes to look down at the paper. I could not comprehend anything that was going on, so I simply nodded. I noticed the sweet fragrance of her perfume as she flipped the page over to show me the second problem. Once her attention was distracted, I looked back down at her body. Her soft supple breasts were heaving just beside me. The purple bra lifted them up well. Below that, her bare thighs looked as silky smooth as her bosom. The purple cotton panties teased me to no end, creating an enormous erection in my lap.

I studied the problem once she was done writing. While I was doing that, I heard an intake of breath and then saw her pull down on her dress, covering up her crotch. I pretended not to notice, instead commenting that I now understood the problems.

“Great.” She stood up, adjusted her dress, and went over to her desk.

“I appreciate the extra help, Mrs. Malone.”

She looked up at me. “Hey, no problem, hon. It’s what I’m here for.” That was the second time she had called me hon. I loved it. “It’s just great that you care.” We shared a smile and then headed out into the hall together, me with my book and notebook and she with her bag.

It was a little awkward as we walked quietly to the exit. Out in the parking lot, we were finally able to part ways. “See ya tomorrow,” I called. She was heading for her car.

She turned her head. “Bye, Ethan.”

When she drove past me out on the sidewalk, I waved to her, and she waved back.


The following day was a scorcher. The school’s air conditioning was unable to catch up with the early morning burst of heat and so it felt like an oven inside. Class was pretty empty, probably for that reason. It was only myself and a few others and we were all sweating. I tried fanning myself with my notebook but it was little help.

When Mrs. Malone entered the room I forgot everything else. She was damned hot as always, today wearing a tight mid-thigh jeans skirt and an even tighter white shirt, cut low to reveal her cleavage. The difference was that now she was absolutely dripping with sweat. Her bosom glistened with the bodily fluid, soaking her thin shirt and revealing two prominent nipples. The dampest spots were under her arms and around her breasts, but her entire body was covered with a wet sheen.

“Hey everybody.” She dropped her bag on the floor and sat on her desk. Her legs remained uncrossed, allowing me a direct view of her panties. They were dark blue, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether their dark color was just due to sweat… I imagined she was turned on for me.

She slouched forward, her legs opening further, giving us all a blatant view of her dampened crotch. “My god, is it hot. This is unbelievable.” Her erect nipples stretched the thin fabrics of her bra and t-shirt as she writhed on the desk in discomfort. She looked to each of us. “Tell you what, I am going to cancel class today. It’s impossible to learn in this.” She hopped off her desk, reaching for her bag. “I’m really sorry you all wasted your time coming in.”

As usual, I lingered behind while the others left. Mrs. Malone noticed and gave me a pouty face, but she said nothing until we were alone. “Ohhhh Ethan… not today, huh? It’s sooooo hot.” She walked over to me and grabbed my arm, leaning towards me. “It’s just not possible to learn, hon.” I could see her glistening chest out of the corner of my eye. It was all I could do to not glance down.

“Well,” I began, “the thing is, I really had a lot of trouble with the homework last night…” It was a lie, of course. This stuff was pretty easy. She was going to think I was a fool, but at least it let me spend more time staring at her.

She looked concerned and rubbed my arm. “Oh, I’m sorry…” She hesitated, a torn look on her face. “Listen, why don’t we go work on this at my house? I put the AC on before I left. When we’re done I can give you a ride home too, that way you won’t have to walk in this heat.”

My stomach did somersaults. Her house? “Sure!” I blurted out a little too eagerly.

She smiled. “Great. Let’s get out of here.”


She left me on her couch in front of a coffee table while she went to change. I was a little disappointed that she was taking off her extremely revealing clothes. Maybe she would put on something better, but I doubted it. Probably some raggy around-the-house clothes.

While waiting I looked around. Her home was very well kept. There were some pictures of Mrs. Malone with who I assumed was her husband. Clearly he was working now and I was glad of that. It felt wrong to be in their home. Especially when I saw what she was now wearing.

She came into the room in a very small tank-top and very tight sweatpants. The top had stringy straps which buoyed up her heaving cleavage. I could see her bra which was slightly larger than her shirt. The shirt was cut off around her belly button, baring a far amount of skin above her low-rise clingy green sweats. They formed perfectly to her body. When she walked away from me to come around the coffee table, the material clung tightly to her ass, revealing her panty line, both ass cheeks and her ass crack. When she sat to my left I was more turned on than ever before. I had never been with a girl and I was not used to have such attractive creatures sit so close to me. She leaned forward eagerly, her knee touching mine.

“So what have we got, Ethan?”

“Oh, umm…” I stammered. She looked so good and was so close that I could not even think. She tossed her thick brown hair back while waiting for my response. “I marked the problems.” I opened the book and my notebook and showed her. She leaned forward on the couch to examine the material, her body inches from mine. I looked over at her back. Her shirt rode very high up her smooth bare skin. Her sweats were stretched down, revealing a new pair of panties, this time white. The waistband of her underwear and a little more was clearly visible.

Mrs. Malone nodded. “Ok, here,” and she rested her forearm on my leg. I leaned forward with her. She did not remove her arm. I let her tell me stuff I already knew, soaking up the sensation of my teacher being so close to me. Every chance I got, I gazed down at her chest. Her massive bosom was totally falling out of her skimpy top, her white bra and breasts almost fully bared.

There was one fairly difficult topic which I allowed us to become stuck on. Whatever she said, I kept playing dumb. I saw her getting frustrated and it just made her look hotter. “Ok,” she began. “Here, let’s try this.” And to my amazement she sat back and undid the tie on her sweatpants. For a moment I thought she was going to strip right then. Instead, she tugged on the tie until it was completely out.

“Hey,” I interrupted. “Don’t ruin your pants.”

She waved that off. “It’s fine, I can thread it again later.” She then demonstrated the concept for me, using the tie as a various lines on a graph. It was actually a great way of explaining it. But I was distracted by her now loosened sweats. They had dropped a bit to find a new home lower down on her hips. Now the waistband of her panties was revealed all the way around. In the back, I could just see the top of her ass.

Mrs. Malone touched me often and her leg frequently brushed against mine. By the time we were finished I had the largest erection of my life. She stood and stretched, arching her back. Her sweats dipped low, showing a generous portion of the front of her white panties. Her breasts thrust forward prominently. “Mmph. You want a drink, hon?”

“Sure, Mrs. Malone.” She headed to the kitchen. I watched her ass the entire time, the sweats revealing every intimate curve. Wow, I thought. Is this really happening? It was almost as if she was flirting with me. It seemed totally impossible, yet it was happening all the same.

I heard her call from the kitchen: “Ethan? Could you come here?” Fortunately I had a loose shirt to cover my erection. I adjusted myself before heading in. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do.

She was standing on a chair in front of some high cabinets, trying to reach up to the top shelf. Her shirt had risen up extremely high, baring great portions of her back, sides and stomach. Her sweats were as low as ever, showing the panty waistband and then some. She looked over. “I want to get these summer glasses down. You think you could hold me steady, hon?”

I licked my extremely dry lips. “Umm sure, Mrs. Malone.”

She grinned. “Great.” I stood behind her. Her ass was directly in front of my face. I licked my lips again.

“Ok, so…” I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Oh, just hold me steady any way you can.”

I nodded, then reached forward and placed my palms on either side of her thighs. I squeezed gently, very wary of touching my married teacher in an inappropriate way. She stood on her toes and reached for some glasses way up top. I felt her body shaking and so I squeezed her thighs a little harder. Suddenly, she started to topple backwards. By reflex I slid my hands around to her ass and pushed. It stabilized her, but now my hands were clutching her ass. God, it felt so good. I quickly pulled them away, embarrassed.

“Umm, sorry…” I blushed deeply.

She giggled. “It’s ok. Just don’t let me fall.”

“Ok.” I reached forward again, this time higher, to her hips. My hands wrapped around the bare skin just above her panties. She was warm and soft. I wrung my hands, squeezing and releasing, getting a good feel for her. She seemed to notice because she froze for a moment. I continued to touch her hips, and she resumed reaching for the glasses. Finally, she got one. She bent down to put it on the counter, causing her ass to push directly out towards my face. When she stood again, her sweats had been pulled snugly between her ass cheeks. It was just like staring at her bare ass. Her sweats had also slid down some. I could see much more of her panties now.

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