At the Movies and In the Park

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It would be delicious to go see a really, really bad, late run movie with you (to ensure a small audience). We’d sit in the back under the projection booth with you in a long, black and loosely flowing skirt and a black, button-down silk blouse (and nothing else), and me in just a black t-shirt and loose-fitting black sweatpants.

We’re very pleasantly surprised to find that were nearly alone in the theater, with only one person in the very middle. Another nice uniqueness is that the arms of the seats fold up so we can snuggle even closer.

We’ve been teasing each other in the car on the way over, so as the lights dim, I wrap my arm around your shoulders and pull you close for a long, passionate kiss. I let my fingers roam down under the silk and slowly over your sexy tits, first one and then the other, teasing around the outer curves and then just barely touching your stiffening nipples.

As you reach over with your left hand and gently stroke my newly hardening cock through the cloth with your fingertips, I graze my fingers over your sides and across your belly, and under the waistband of your skirt to your soaking little rosebud, coaxing you to spread your legs wide and arch that lusciousness out with my light, soft, little pets of my fingertips.

You reach beneath my sweats and feel the heat of my swollen shaft as it pulsates, and you feel the firm softness of the pinkish head, and tease that sweetly sensitive spot just under the head on the underside.

I pull my sweats down a little to open my prick and my tightening balls to your caresses, and you put your legs up against the back of the seat in front of you and spread them wide to provide my searching fingers with total access to your soaking little pussy.

The film has a lot of noisy night scenes, so there’s not much light (just enough for us to see each other’s bodies clearly and watch our pleasure building up), and the sounds of the film mask almost any soft noises we might make as we delicately share our intimacy.

I turn you toward me in your seat and open your blouse down to the level of the bottoms of your breasts. I move it open wide as I bend down and taste each of them for a long moment, as I keep that slick wetness flowing between your thighs with my nimble fingers and you strain a little to continue to gently play with my prick.

Then, as I button you back up just a little, I lead you to stand in front of me, and as I look around again and ensure our solitude, I sit you against the backs of the seats in front of me and hike the front of your skirt all the way up to reveal your naked and glistening blossom. As I lift your right foot to my armrest, I crouch between your legs and lick long slow and soft along the cleft where Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort your thigh meets your belly and then bite very lightly over your puffy mons and then spread your petals as I flick my tongue soft and fast just beneath your swollen clit. I slide two fingers back up in you and suckle on that little button as I press gently but firmly against the inside top of your slippery depth. I stop for a moment to look mischievously up at you and then I lap gently with the flat of my tongue up the folds on one side, and then up on the other side – then I flick the tip fast and hard over your stiff pink nub and shake my hand like a strong vibrator deep in your frothy sex.

Then I lean back, and I turn you around again, and face you toward the screen. I raise the seat arms on both sides of me and we have a quick look around again, and I lift your skirt again and give each of your luscious ass cheeks a slow and gentle lick before draping the black cloth over me as I lower your slick and heated little pussy over the head of my twitching cockshaft.

Slowly my prick enters you and I carefully hold you on a very, very, very gradual descent, enjoying every millimeter of my penetration until your little button is pressed down against my tight balls beneath your skirt. I guide you up again just as slowly and then back down. It becomes clear that it’s a scrumptious pace for both of us and you place your hands on the backs of the seats in front of us to steady your almost imperceptible motion.

I reach under your skirt over your thighs and tease that slippery little clit of yours as you begin to quiver and writhe up and down my stiff cock, feeling it deep up in your tightening belly and then slipping slowly out almost all the way.

That dulcet pleasure builds deep in your hot body and you feel me tense and arch eagerly into your lowering slit, and I diddle your little nub as you slide over the twitching length of my cock.

We begin to grind into each other and wriggle in heated delight, bucking and shuddering on the edge of our seat as you pant out your sweet ecstasy, cumming hard against my swollen prick as it squirts deep up in your quivering belly.

After a breather, we leave the theater together for lots more luscious fun elsewhere.

There are so many things that might be lots of fun to do together: secluded picnics overlooking the ocean where we can freely enjoy each other at our leisure… nice, long weekend days in a jacuzzi room where we can slowly, and very erotically, bathe one another… I want to stroke my naked cock as I watch you masturbate in the mirror and then guide you to straddle me and squirm and ride it up and down until we both wriggle and shake reflexively as we cum together – your fiery little pussy tightening against my flowing prickshaft… Mmmmhmm…

I’d love to meet you in a forested park in the early evening and walk into the trees to a picnic table out of the way. The evening is cool and a light breeze stirs the leaves and branches.

I reach for you and pull you close for a warm, slow kiss and we move easily from lips to tongues as my fingers slip into your hair and guide your head gently backward so that I can fully enjoy your sweet mouth.

The tips of our tongues slip over and around each other in a delicate dance of alternating rhythms. Then I sit you down on the table in front of me and sit myself down on the bench so I’m positioned between your luscious thighs.

Reaching slowly up under your shirt, I graze my fingertips lightly over the outer curves of your otherwise naked and hotly pendulous breasts, and make little slow circles around your nipples, gradually making them firm and a little puffy as I kiss from your cheek across your earlobe and teasingly down the side of your neck.

Then I’m ticklishly touching your soft skin over the bottom of your ribs, and along your sides, to your hips, and then under your skirt along the contours of your curvaceous and pantyless ass.

As I graze my hands gently over the tops and insides of your warm thighs, I hike your skirt all the way up, and you eagerly spread out even wider and arch that tingling little rosebud out for sweet pleasure.

I bend down to taste that delicious musk, and I tease the very tip of my soft hot tongue, with almost painful slowness, from the very bottom of your sexy little flower, all the way up to your pink and swelling little button.

I look mischievously into your eyes and tell you to feel your tits up in front of me as I lick your soft and slick petals, and I return to open your blossom and flick my tongue really fast just underneath your clit, before sliding my index finger slowly deep inside your hot slickness, and I press up against the top of the inside as I suck firmly on that hard little clit of yours.

I keep switching back and forth through different techniques, and pleasuring your scrumptious sex in lots of different ways – I want to work you up into a froth and then hold back right as your about to cum, holding your yummy body right on the edge of that hot electric pleasure until your breath is really heavy and you’re almost whining with hunger.

Then I stand up between your quivering thighs and slowly undo my belt as I stare into your weakening gaze, and I unzip my pants to let my stiff cock spring out. As you watch, I tease your wet, hot opening with the head and guide the length of my shaft over the glistening lips of your heated little slit and press it against your little pink button, before sliding it slowly back and forth a little deeper each time until I’m all the way deep up into your writhing belly, arching my pelvic bone against your puffy mons and grinding heavily into your horny little clit.

I lay you back to lean on your elbows, and lift your shirt up over your tits so I can play with them as my prick slips in and out against the top of the inside of that hot, slippery little tunnel of yours.

I stop again just as you get close to cumming and draw slowly all the way out and then up and down over your clit, before turning and sitting facing outward on the bench as I guide you to squat down over my gleaming cock reverse cowgirl style with your feet next to my thighs on the bench, and your arms braced against your spread thighs and knees, so I can reach around and tease up your luscious little button and feel your sweet tits up as you glide wetly up and down on my hard, twitching prickshaft.

I hold your waist tightly, and control your pace and stroke, as I whisper how luscious you feel and tell you what a sweetly naughty girl you are to straddle my swollen cock and glide up and down on it like that.

Every time you start to get close to the edge, I hold you off and tell you to enjoy that feeling of sexual hunger, to feel how good it feels to want so badly to cum – and then I tell you to slide very slowly all the way down onto my stiff prick and feel every inch of its length slipping up into you. Then as I’m buried up to the hilt in your sweet belly, I hold you down and pull you back and forth as your tight opening slips further open and stretches over the base of my tool.

Then as you begin to writhe, I tell you to slide up again until I’m almost out of you, and reach down between your legs to grab my cock gently and rub the head over your hard clit before guiding it back into your wetly needy little sex.

As you slide back down and bend forward to watch it enter you again, you feel that electricity building to a peak. You moan heavily and tell me how badly you need to cum, and I press you down all the way onto me and allow your heated pleasure to finally boil over and wash through you from your sexy belly all the way up and down your spine, and you begin to wriggle and shudder in ecstasy on my rigid cock, cumming again and again as you grind your clit into my balls and pant your heat out in sharp little whines.

As wave after wave of convulsions flow through you, making you wetter and wetter, I begin to tense up beneath you, and as I growl deep and low I start to shake, and I grip your waist tighter and hold you down against me as my cock starts flexing and squirting.

You lean back against me, both of us spent and glowing, and as I cradle you in my arms and slip slowly out of you, I lean in to kiss you, long and slow and sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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