At the Pool

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Ami shook her head in disgust. What was the matter with her? This was the third time tonight she had lost track of her studies. A natural speed reader, she could usually get through her nightly assignments in a little over an hour. Tonight though, after almost an hour and a half, she wasn’t even close to finished. Worse, she couldn’t name what was distracting her. Of course, the last three weeks had been just a little overwhelming. First had come her trip to the beach and the train ride home; then she had met Celia and learned about what a calamity her life was, and lastly she had discovered that she liked the chaos her new friend brought.

“Well I guess I have a good excuse for this,” she whispered to herself. “Lucky Celia, she didn’t have good grades to begin with.” Of course Ami knew that her new friend didn’t feel any luckier than she did. Celia barely seemed able to deal with normal life. And now there was Reisa, who had to be the most accomplished fighter Ami had ever met. “Gods, how did I get involved in this?” Looking down at the book on her desk, Ami finally realized that further studying was futile, at least for tonight.

Frustrated she slammed the book closed (after marking her place of course). She knew that reading her newest romance novel would not work either. Ami’s passion for romance novels would remain a secret for years, none of her friends could conceive of the earnest and studious Ami reading anything but text books. Tonight though, she was just too keyed up to read anything. Frowning she looked around her room to see what might satisfy her inexplicable need. Nothing seemed to satisfy her silent appeal, and then her eyes found the bag from the clothing store.

That afternoon, Ami had finally gone out to replace the bathing suit she’d lost at the beach. She still wan’t ready to tell her mother about the bikini she had worn home that day, or to try it on again considering what had happened on the train. But the new suit in the bag made her think how nice and relaxing it would be to go swimming.

Unfortunately, the pool closed at 8:00 p.m. and it was already 8:15. “Too late for that, wish I’d thought of it earlier.” She continued to search for something to take her mind off whatever was making her so tense, but her eyes kept coming back to the shopping bag. Finally giving in, she grabbed the bag, pulled out the suit and grabbed a towel.

“I’m sure I can find a way in,” she mused, “and I really need a swim.” One of the nice things about being 18 was the freedom to come and go without her mother’s constant scrutiny. Ever since her birthday, her mother had seemingly decided to let her make her own choices.

Moving with almost supernatural speed, Ami quickly reached the private swim club, and discovered that she was going to have to wait. The pool staff hadn’t quite finished cleaning up yet. A few minutes later she watched as Marcus, her favorite lifeguard, finally locked up the entrance and got in his car. Within moments Ami was over the fence and had found a quite place to change into her new suit.

The suit she had lost at the beach had been true racing suit; a blue Lycra/spandex that had covered her entire torso, except where her legs and arms had come through. This new one was also made of a blue Lycra/spandex, but there the similarities ended. The trip home on the train had made Ami very aware of her own sexuality and the fact that men might find her attractive. So her new suit reflected that knowledge. The neckline of this suit plunged quite low, barely covering the pink areolas of her pert breasts. Meanwhile, its back dipped all the way down to where her spinal rill merged into her gently rounded derriere. The cutouts for her legs were much higher than before and the straps that held it on her shoulders, were little more than spaghetti straps. Most striking of all was the front panel of the suit, from which a large oval was missing from just below her breasts, to just above her loins. If Ami hadn’t been in the habit of shaving down there, her cerulean pubic hairs might have peeked out over the lip. Even before she entered the water, the material was molding to her body as only spandex can. During the day Ami would have caught the eye of every male there and she knew it. Which was part of the reason the shy girl had not been able to bring herself to visit the pool earlier.

With the practiced ease of a competitive swimmer, she strode to the side of the pool and dove in. It had been a sunny day, and the pool was almost like a bath. The soft caress of the water as it closed over her head was heavenly. With unconscious ease Ami started to swim toward the other end of the Olympic sized pool. Feeling her muscles stretch and relax, she continued to swim for a number of laps, in an unhurried and extremely graceful Australian crawl. Anyone watching would have been instantly aware of the fact that this was a woman so at home in the water, had she wanted to race, she might easily be able to beat most Olympic swimmers.

The new suit may have been made of racing suit Ordu Escort materials, but it definitely was not designed for swimming laps. A racing suit hugged the body the way a perfectly crafted glove did the hand. The water would pass over the suit and the swimmer’s body with barely any drag to slow the swimmer down. This suit however was constantly catching at the water as it flowed around Ami, pulling away from both chest and bottom. All Ami wanted to do at the moment was swim, and the new suit was starting to detract from the pleasure she got from the activity.

There are few exercises in the world both as invigorating and relaxing at the same time as swimming. Every muscle in the body is involved, and the energy necessary to push the body through the water is enormous for the progress gained. If you burned this much energy on dry land, your body would quickly overheat, and then collapse from the strain. But water pulls the excess heat from the body almost as quickly as it is generated, resulting in an incredible workout without the risk of heatstroke. And a good swimmer learns how to maximize the effect of their strokes, so that even when just coasting along, they still move at an amazing pace to the non-swimmer.

Ami quickly decided that the new suit was making her workout unbearable. Like many swimmers she found the steady cadence of the swim a relaxing and comforting rhythm, where she could let her mind wander where it wanted. Some of her biggest problems had been solved in the pool while working out. Now the water’s drag on her suit was keeping her from the serenity she craved.

Reaching the pool’s shallow end, Ami stopped and looked carefully around. One of her favorite things about this pool was its true privacy. Surrounded by a high wooden fence, and with tall trees lining the inner perimeter of the club, few of the apartment buildings nearby had view into it, even in the daylight. Now at night with the pool lights off, she doubted that anyone could see her with out the aid of night vision goggles. With a poise and confidence that would have been impossible only a few weeks earlier, she reached up to her shoulders and pulled the straps of her suit aside. In seconds she had stripped the suit off and stood nude in water just deep enough to cover her gently rounded hips. Placing the suit where she could put it back on before she got out, Ami looked around again to make sure she was alone.

Just then a cool breeze came up, and caressed her bare skin. Looking down she saw and felt her nipples stiffen at the ghostly touch. The sight of the moonlight and water glistening on her breasts was breathtaking, and for the first time in her life Ami applied the word beautiful to herself. As if from a million miles away, she watched as her own hand came up and cupped her right breast. With a delighted shudder she felt her whole body respond to the touch, and her mind leapt back to the scene on the train. For the first time that night she had a glimmer of what had really made it so hard for her to study that evening.

In a flash she was swimming again, and this time she wasn’t taking it easy. After about 6 laps of the pool, Ami began to calm down and slowly returned to the easy efficient pace of earlier. As she slowed, she began to be aware of the feel of the water as it flowed past her body. When she swam wearing a suit, the water only gave a feeling of firm pressure against her body. Without the fabric between her skin and the water, it seemed to be caressing her as if it were a lover, and doing it to her entire body at once. The image of the blonde girl on the train fondling her breast came back to Ami, and she finally knew what the matter was.

Ever since that day, Ami had avoided really thinking about what had happened. In doing so she had failed to deal with those events, and it had been gnawing away at her subconscious. Without missing a beat of her steady stroke, she finally let her mind roam back to that day. She remembered how it had felt to be played with by the strange girl, the softness of her tongue when she had licked her breasts and later as she played with her pussy. As she remembered the way her body had felt as it built towards her first orgasm, she felt an answering glow start.

The feel of the water coursing over her skin and the memory of what had happened were working together to quickly arouse Ami. With the slow building of pressure in her thighs and abdomen, her vulva became even more sensitive to the water’s caress. In moments her jewel had pushed its head out from between her nether lips, and the water rushing past felt just like the tongue she remembered.

Suddenly, her movements so smooth and efficient became erratic and jerky. With a gasp, she stopped and almost swallowed a mouthful of water. In the deep end of the pool at that moment, her feet couldn’t find the bottom and she started to flail about like she was going to drown. Just as she began to get herself under control, and to tread water; an arm snaked over her right shoulder, across her Ordu Escort Bayan chest, and the hand grabbed her under her left armpit. With practiced ease, she was pulled close to someone’s body, and heard them say, “Its Okay, I got you. Just relax and I’ll get you to the side of the pool.”

Mortified, Ami began to struggle against the man’s arm, but whoever he was, he knew how to maintain a grip on a struggling drowning victim. With one last effort, Ami gave in to the realization she was being rescued, whether she wanted, or needed, to be. In moments the man had pulled her to the shallow end of the pool and asked, “Are you alright, or do you need help to get out?”

Finding her footing Ami didn’t stop to think before standing and facing her rescuer. Her angry retort that she was “Just fine and hadn’t needed rescuing,” died in her throat. Standing before her was Marcus, and the look of real concern on his face was too dear to yell at. Instead all that came out was, “eeeep…….”

Marcus was stunned himself; standing in front of him was his “Mermaid.” Only a couple of years older than Ami, Marcus had noticed the young beauty earlier that summer when she had first started to come to the club. Attracted to her from the start, he had gone out of his way to be nice to the “Mermaid”: as he had quickly dubbed her. An excellent swimmer himself, he had instantly recognized someone at least as at home in the water as he was. He had taken to watching her swim laps in the pool to the exclusion of anyone else. Only blind luck had prevented any accidents from taking place during those lapses. And now she stood naked before him, and even more beautiful than in his most fervent dreams.

Noticing the almost worshipful look that had come into his eyes, Ami remembered her own lack of clothing and crouched down in the water. “What do you think you’re looking at? And what are you doing here anyway?”

Snapping back to the real world at the question, Marcus retorted, “I could ask you the same question. The pool closes at 8:00 and it’s almost 9:30 now.”

Blushing from head to toe, Ami replied, “I just wanted to get in some practice laps, it helps me think.”

“You really shouldn’t be swimming alone like that, what if I hadn’t been here to save you?”

“I’d have been fine!” Ami regained some of her fire. “And what are you doing, spying on me?”

“Spying? On you?! I didn’t even know you were here until I came out onto the deck.” Marcus paused for a second, “Actually, I came back tonight to do the same thing you were. I hate trying to do laps when the pool is full, and I needed to work off some restless energy. And like you, I prefer to do my swimming in the nude.”

Ami blushed furiously again, “Well you’re not naked now.” as she tried to cover herself under the waves.

“I would have been, had I gotten here first!”

Watching Marcus’s expression as he realized what he had just said, Ami burst out laughing.

That laugh broke the tension that had been building, and prevented either of them from saying anything they would have regretted later. Suddenly the whole situation took on a tinge of the absurd, and for the moment, both of them forgot the sexual aspects of the situation.

“Well, I guess I should be going,” said Ami. “Turn around so I can put my suit back on.”

“Why do you have to go? I mean, I’m here for the same reason you are, and unless you’re finished, I wouldn’t want to run you off now.”

Ami stopped short of the pools edge. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

“Sure, why not? It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gone skinny dipping with a girl,” he lied.

Ami couldn’t believe her ears. Here was one of the comeliest young men she knew, a lifeguard three years her senior, asking her to go skinny dipping with him. She remembered what he looked like in the daylight; tall, with dark brown hair and a ready smile. Marcus had a true swimmers body, wide shoulders, thin waist and toned powerful muscles that sometimes rippled when he moved. Not the blocky muscles of a body builder, but the long lean muscles of a man almost constantly in motion. This was the man asking her to stay and continue to swim with him. Before she knew what she was doing she said, “Alright I’ll stay. But either I put my suit back on or you take your clothes off right now. Had she really said that? “After all, fair is fair.”

After only a brief hesitation, Marcus began to remove his clothes. “And you stay over in that lane,” Ami added. “What are you doing?” her mind screamed. This was crazy and she knew it. It was true that she wasn’t a virgin anymore, but that had been a one time event with three strangers she would never see again. Anyway, events had moved so quickly, she hadn’t been able to control any of the things that had happened on that train. Now she was deliberately putting herself in a position where something could happen again. Of course, she was only kidding herself that Marcus would be interested in making love to her. Wasn’t she?

Marcus Escort Ordu had his own problems. Ever since he had realized, that the vision swimming nude in the pool was Ami, he’d had an erection that wouldn’t quit. So far he had been able to hide it under his swimsuit and the water, now only the water would be left to cover his condition. And what right did he have to ask this vision to continue skinny-dipping with him? No matter what, he had to be a perfect gentleman for the rest of the evening. “Yeah right!” his conscience snickered.

Trying to hide his condition, he called out to Ami, “Race you to the other end.” and pushed off without waiting for a reply. Caught slightly off guard, Ami swore and took off after him. Marcus was surprised to realize that the blue haired girl was keeping up with him, and increased his efforts. At the far end he was barely able to beat her to the wall. “Wow! You’re better that I thought. Next time I’ll have to really try to beat you.”

“Next time, I won’t let you cheat on the start.”

“I didn’t cheat.”

“You didn’t say go, or give me a chance to get ready either.”

“But you’ve had time to warm up; all I’ve gotten to do is rescue you.”

“Rescue me! I was doing just fine until you showed up.”

“Sure didn’t look that way to me.”

Completely unaware that they had been moving closer together as they argued, Ami suddenly said, “See you at the other end.” and took off with out another word.

Marcus had sensed her decision to take off, and was only a split second behind her. This time he took off at full speed, intending to show her just how good a swimmer he was. Once again he couldn’t pull away from Ami and they touched in a virtual tie at the other end. Her competitive fires stoked by the effort, Ami bobbed up and exclaimed, “Ha, I beat you.”

“I don’t think so,” said Marcus as he stood beside her. “and who cheated this time?”

Shy and demure at most times, when Ami raced, she became as competitive as any boy on the team. And at this moment, that side was in full fettle. Completely caught up in the moment, she stood up straight and started poking Marcus in the chest. “I did not cheat. And what’s the matter anyway. I’m just a girl, and younger than you too. I thought lifeguards were supposed to be excellent swimmers.”

“I am an excellent swimmer. My coach thinks I have a chance at the Olympic team next year. I was just taking it easy on you.” Even as he said this, Marcus knew he was lying. He was a contender for a spot on the Japanese team, but he had been trying his best to beat this water sprite.

On top of that was the view he was being granted. Ami stood before him in all her glory, completely at ease with her own nudity. The moon and the water glistening on her body combined to outline every curve and plane of her incredible figure in silvery light. Her breasts may have been small, but they were perfectly suited to her build. The areolas around her nipples wee contracting and hardening in the breeze even as he watched, while his own body was reacting to the view in a way that would be far too obvious if she happened to look down.

For her part, Ami refused to look down. She knew exactly what she hoped to find if she did, and what it would mean if she was right. The fires of competition were giving way to those of desire, and she couldn’t take the chance of discovering she was wrong. Standing there half covered in the water from the pool, she was on fire. Every nerve was clamoring for attention, screaming for her to initiate contact with the man in front of her. She wanted to wrap her arms around his neck and pull his face down to hers. Instead she kept herself under rigid control unwilling to tear her eyes away from his.

In the moonlight, Ami’s blue eyes were like liquid pools of silver, and Marcus couldn’t stop himself from swimming in them. He knew he should turn away, or make some excuse to end this now, but he had already lost the battle before it started. With out realizing what he was doing, Marcus bent down and kissed Ami softly on the lips. That first touch was as soft as the down on a duckling’s chest, but it sent fire racing through both of their bodies. In seconds they were wrapped in each others arms and kissing with all the passion of the young.

In grabbing Ami, Marcus had lifted her up and Ami responded by wrapping her legs around his waist. As their tongues began to explore each others mouths, their bodies were pressing together.

Even lost in the ecstasy of the kiss, Ami could feel his manhood stiff and erect between them, and it was rubbing against the outside of her pussy in a most delightful way. Instinctively she began to rub herself against him, letting her body revel in the contact. The effect on Marcus was immediate, his cock seemed to pulse and grow between them. Ami could already feel an orgasm mounting within her, and she didn’t want to come without that cock inside of her. Maintaining the intensity of the kiss, she pulled herself up and settled down onto its throbbing length. Marcus wasn’t even aware of what was happening until he felt her warm moist body envelope him in a long drawn out glide down his shaft. He had no idea how to describe the feeling; he only knew that it was the most wonderful experience of his life.

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