At the Villa Ch. 25

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At The Villa Ch 25 Lydia.

Sam’s Athens Christmas Visit.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

The harvest was bounty and Sam had to employ a young guy to help him harvest the olives. He found a guy of about twenty three years old whose name was Antonis. Officially he had a full time job in one of the island’s hotels, but off season he had a lot of spare time. Most of the hotels on the Greek islands usually close down during the winter months. Naturally the workers work the same number of hours as if they had worked during a year of twelve months. Therefore they enjoy a four to five months holidays, which on many occasions they use it diligently.

Antonis was a very good handy man as that was how he was employed in the hotel where he worked. Sam was happy to have him at least for the five months or so during the low season as he can do a lot of repairs. He liked gardening and so he gave a hand to Sam to keep the garden in order. Living on an island surrounded by the sea was another of his fascinations. With the sea kicking on the rocks and the fish jumping, Antonis loved to go fishing in his off season spare time. Unfortunately he could not afford to buy a small boat but Sam had one; therefore it was a very good combination.

Antonis was not only good at a lot of things but also managed to hook a beautiful young lady, who was about two years younger. Adriana barley knew per parents as they had died in a car accident when she was about five yeas old. Fortunately on that dreadful evening the young lady was left at home with her unmarried auntie, who ended to assume the role of a mother after the loss her sister.

She looked after her as if it was her own daughter and even sacrificed everything to make sure, that her niece would grow up healthy and educated. She managed to achieve all that as she dedicated her life to her and Adriana appreciated all the sacrifices her auntie, whom she always called mum, did for her.

The worries for her auntie started as soon as she reached and passed the teenage years. At least she was pleased that Adriana did not start going out with boys earlier. She was over twenty years old when she started dating Antonis, behind her auntie’s knowledge.

At first her auntie started to get worried and just watched from a distance, but then she had to take some action. Living on a small island, scandals are blown up beyond anybody’s imagination. She confronted Adriana and made sure that she knew all she had to know; and importantly about what may and what may not happen. She also put in some rules and she also gave Antonis a few rules by which he had to abide; when they can meet, where to go and at what time she had to be, back home. Naturally Antonis was not so happy about the new restrictions, but he loved Adriana for her personal qualities, which in his opinion, he was lucky in meeting her.

The olive harvest was ready and Sam and Antonis spent a couple of days at sea. They were very lucky because the catch was more than enough for a month. It was an enjoyable experience for Sam as there was not only the satisfaction of the catch but he also got to know Antonis better.

Middle of the first week of November, Prodromos, his next door neighbour arrived at Sam’s villa, unexpectedly. He was in his mid sixty’s, but looked rather fragile for his rather young age. They rarely met, but Sam had always invited him and his daughter Athina to spend Christmas day with him.

His wife had passed away when his daughter was only twelve years old. She never married and dedicated her life to look after her father, whom she knew he was sick; even though he tried to keep the actual cause concealed from her.

Athina never asked about her father’s health problems as she knew that he would be hurt. She knew it was something which had to do with his heart. Her only worry was her cousin Kristos, whom she was sure on her father’s demise she will loose the Garden the house, not to mention the animals and anything else.

Originally Prodromos owned the whole garden before one of his nephew decided that Prodromos had too much property which he did not need. Kristos was the nephew’s name. He was arrogant and was known as the black sheep of the family. One way or the other what he decides; most times, had to be accepted by the rest of the family, who were big as property dealers. They were involved in property businesses in most of Greece and the islands. Where they smell money one finds them there.

Sam welcomed Prodromos and invited him in the dinning room where they shared some drinks. ‘So, first of all how do you feel?’ Sam asked.

‘Sam, Kars Escort I need some help and it will be rather urgent.’ He put his hand inside his shirt and from there he pulled out a document. ‘This is the ‘Will’; the merciless ‘Will’ which states that when I die; my property can only be inherited by the first born male. I don’t have a son, Sam, I have a daughter. You see; when I die my daughter will have nothing.’ He described his situation nearly crying, while he handed the document over to Sam.

‘Have you tried to get a public notary?’ Sam asked. ‘Ohh! By the way, how is Athina?’

‘She’s ok. But I know she’s worried about my health, although we are both scarred to discuss the issue.’

‘What’s the problem? I believe that she should know how you feel.’ Sam tried to get Prodromos feelings.

‘I don’t like to hurt her; we are too close and I think both of us avoid talking about the problem. The big problem is, how to change that ‘Will’ so my daughter could inherit what is ours, by right. This is my main problem Sam.’

Prodrome, relaxed drinking the water he asked for, gave Sam the time to read it without interrupting him. ‘Prodrome, I will read it again and we will meet again tomorrow. I have friends and I may fix something; but I don’t promise anything. Who wrote this document seems to be looking just at the money.’

Sam and Prodromos chatted for a few more minutes before he left. He really wanted to say something more to Sam, but he decided maybe next time. There was one thing he felt; some relief. He believed in Sam and he was sure Sam will find something that can change the ‘Will’.

Sam went through the four page document in a few minutes. He read it about three times while he analyzed every word. He also wrote some notes down on a piece of paper. At the end of the whole exercise he looked satisfied. By early afternoon he had made four different versions of the ‘Will’. In a way it was very straight forward, except for reasons unknown, there were too many contradictory clauses. Sam managed to bypass some, while he found those which gave him the opportunity to write a new and decent ‘Will’. In the end the ‘Will’ will recognise Athina, as the main heir of the property; and all that is within the boundary, with all rights that she can do what she liked with it.

On Sam’s insistence, his lawyer and one of his associate and the public notary were invited over to Sam’s villa to discuss the matter of that controversial ‘Will’. They all came over and after a short chat, Sam presented the original ‘Will’. The newcomers immediately jumped as they saw the first pages of the ‘Will’.

‘Sam for reasons unknown, this document should not be changed in any way.’ The notary immediately intervened.

‘Let’s cut the shit. There is hidden or rather a couple of words which oppose all what you are saying. I made four different versions, and when you read them, you can tell me who is right or who is wrong?’ Sam wanted a right answer as he passed the new versions, both to his lawyer and the notary.

Minutes passed and the two guests had gone through the four documents. When they were ready, first they looked at each other, and then at Sam. It seemed that they had no answer. If they did, they knew that their company will loose the handsome monthly retainer Sam paid them, for their services.

‘Sam; it could be, that both of us are wondering, if you had studied law?’ The Lawyer very politely asked.

‘If you want a sincere answer; it is no.’ Sam answered. ‘Why?’

‘Because we had another query regarding this ‘Will’ but we could not arrive at what you had uncovered yourself. I’m sorry Sam, for a few legal corrections here and there; you had done a fantastic job. So what do you want now?’ The notary asked.

‘Tomorrow morning I will come to your offices and there we will sign the revised version of this ‘Will’. This should be kept as discreet as it could be. Then I want you to be very discreet when you register it here on the island; in Athens and in Thessaloniki, again I insist very discreetly.’ Sam described precisely what he wanted done.

‘That may cost quit a bit of money Sam; you know what I mean.’ The notary said.

‘That should not be a problem; as the discretion is more important than the money. Make sure that you keep the details of the guys who register them. Do we have a deal, gentleman? If you do it right, you will also get a bonus.’ Sam tried to make sure that they really understood precisely, what he had in mind.

‘Who is going to forge the money?’ The lawyer asked.

‘Does it matter who? You just present the bill and you will be paid; partly in cash. Please don’t ask any more questions.’

‘So it’s agreed.’ The notary said.

‘Be here tomorrow morning with the new write up of the ‘Will’ by nine. Make sure there will be no fucking around.’ Sam again insisted that they will leave no tails.

After they finished their main business, they settled round the dinning table where they just Kars Escort Bayan enjoyed a pleasant tasty meal with some eastern taste’s by Padme. They also drank some good wine from Sam’s cellar and some ouzo with the coffee. They talked mostly about the Greek problems, which seems, that instead of being solved they never stopped mounting.

The following morning the new ‘Will’ was signed and a few days later Sam received the confirmation that the whole process was executed to the letter. Prodromos was in the heavens and thanked Sam for everything he had done for him. They nearly had a fight because Sam did not want to accept any money as payment, but he invited Prodromos and his daughter Athena for Christmas as he had done during the previous years.

The end of November arrived and Sam received the expected telephone call from Brigitte, who asked Sam if her planned trip to his villa was still possible. Her plan was that she would arrive on Saturday afternoon and she liked to stay until the following Sunday; quite an interesting sexy holiday Sam thought.

It was on the late afternoon flight of the last Saturday of November when Sam was waiting for Brigitte at the airport, that French beauty who gave him her virginity. As the plane landed on time, he did not wait long. He stayed outside close to his parked SUV as they had agreed during their last communication.

With Sam’s automatic drive Brigitte moved as close as she could, until she was close enough that their bodies were touching. Sam did not object and she even pressed her thigh enough so she could to feel the flowing heat. Her left hand, she put around his back holding him tight, while with the left, she started to feel his already hard as steel manhood; slowly, slowly lowering the zipper.

Sam enjoyed the cuddling but he kept his eyes on the road, making sure they arrive safe and sound at his villa. ‘So it seems you are very hot; no boyfriend back home?’ Sam asked

‘No, not after that incredible fucking adventure with you… it was not easy to find an equivalent.’ Brigitte answered.

‘Why not? I’m sure there are many guys who can queue to pleasure such a beautiful lady like you?’

‘Remember Sam, we are always on the road going from one place to another. Emilie wanted to come too, but she was too busy. She only had a few free days which she is reserving for the Christmas period. Well, she sent her love and she asked me to tell you that she missed you. We both missed you Sam. We just comforted each other. We are sharing a one bedroom flat; you know what I mean.’

‘I think I understand very well what you mean.’ Sam answered as he focused his eyes on the road ahead as he passed a very sexy smile.

They were both hot and the more she hugged him and played with his cock the hotter she became. She had many wet dreams during the last week or while both ladies talked and remembered those hot days at his villa. During the hours they spent dreaming, they used precious time sucking on each other’s hot spots; not to mention fucking each other. They had an array of different toys which Emilie kept hidden in one of her drawers, and which they use when they become too excited.

As they arrived at his villa, Padme was waiting. It was something which on most times she always done, especially when they had fresh arriving guests. She liked guests and during Brigitte’s previous visit, they had become well acquainted.

‘Sam, what time do you like to dine?’ Padme asked after she had welcomed Brigitte with kisses, including lingering on one, as their lips were stuck together.

He looked into Brigitte’s eyes and answered. ‘In an hour’s time, it should be right.’ With that answer Sam and Brigitte walked towards his bedroom. By the time they arrived, most of their clothes were off and what was left was the underwear which they took time to discard. Her intimates covered very little but they were increasing the tension between them.

Brigitte jumped on the bed and Sam followed. She ended on her back and Sam moved next to her with part of his body pressed against her’s. His hard member was pressing against her thigh, pulsating and ready for action. His face was looking down on her’s, with his tongue moving between her lips, licking and playing around in her mouth, sometimes they change.

The heat was growing fast and the more it escalated the more Sam covered her leaking pussy with his right hand. Brigitte moaned and cried even though their mouths were still partially locked. Her legs opened wider and wider making sure Sam will have total access to her hot leaking pussy. A couple of fingers found themselves within her vagina. Pressure on her G-spot from within, sent her into her first strong orgasm of the evening.

‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me… fuck me.’ Brigitte cried as her body trembled on the bed.

Within seconds Sam discarded his briefs, moved around until he was in a sixty-nine position. Brigitte immediately grabbed his hard cock and put most of it in her mouth, while she Escort Kars felt Sam’s help in getting rid of her French knickers. Separating those hot lips and looking deep between the folds, he slowly lowered his mouth and started to lick and suck between the wet folds as more love juice was flowing out and cascading downwards over her shining rosebud.

A couple of fingers entered inside her vagina. Brigitte’s body jumped on the bed as she moaned; but she did not loose his cock out of her mouth. She kept sucking. She wanted to moan and cry. Sam was sending her crazy with those fingers fucking her vagina while with his tongue she was giving a performance she had never enjoyed the like of. His fingers never stopped massaging those hot spots within her vagina. His tongue never retired back, even though every now and then she tried to close her legs. During some moments the orgasms were too strong. She could not contain them; she exploded again into another dramatic orgasm.

At last Sam pulled his mouth and fingers away, while he turned around. He grabbed her legs from beneath her knees, pushing them forward while they opened out like two wings, until they nearly touching her shoulder. The big hard cock he had ready pointing outwards was still covered with a mixture of her saliva and his pre-come. It was ready and waiting to penetrate the incredibly hot Brigitte, who returned back to the island only to be fucked. She wanted to enjoy the pleasures Sam can initiate within her hot sexy body and rekindle the pleasure her body benefited from, during her first visit. With the right techniques Sam really sent her so many times into the heavens.

In the position she was in, Sam managed to grab a cushion and pushed it under her nicely shaped bum. With her lifted vagina he settled on his knees with the head of his manhood set at the entrance of her leaking pussy.

‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me; fuck me pleeeesssssee… Fuck me?’ she shouted while her body was still trembling from a previous orgasm. Sam’s body was not even touching her, except that his thick, rather big cock was already half way within her desirable vaginal tube.

Sam pulled back until it was at the very end of her entrance to her hot furnace. It was on fire. A few short trusts through the opening and her body went wild. She cried and shouted as her body became totally lost in a huge orgasm. She continued to cry and shout while Sam continued to fuck her, lightly at the very opening, where the most sensitive spots of her vagina were situated.

Even though lost into an incredible orgasm, she continued to beg for harder fucking. Sam plunged his dick all the way in, to the hilt. He pressed the head hard against her womb; he held it there stuck in, while her pulsating vagina never stopped.

Another explosion and her vaginal muscles tightened around his hard like steel cock. He tried to pull, but Brigitte held Sam’s cock captive; both of them becoming one body. They both pressed hard against each other until long minutes later, she let her muscles go. Sam pulled his hard cock out and slammed it back again in to the hilt.

Brigitte was too lost into her own lust. Her body was shaking, but no words were flowing out from between her lips. Looking towards her face he could see those lips with that smile of satisfaction as her body continued to wriggle on the bed as his cock continued to move in and out of her vagina.

Sam had stopped counting how any orgasms she been trough, so he decided to enjoy his. He let off the control of his PC muscle whilst he continued to fuck her lightly. It was nothing hard; not until that special moment was approaching. As the first shot of sperm came out of his manhood, it was too close to her womb. He cried a cry of relief. A second shot continued to fill her vagina, not to mention her thirst for hot sex. Before he pulled his cock out of her vagina he gave her a few short shots and then dropped himself on the bed, next to her body. She was still lost in her erotic adventures; maybe she was still in the seventh heaven.

It took her more than some minutes before she started to come out of that last orgasm. At last she opened her eyes and closed them again until her body acquired that special relaxed momentum. Then she moved; turned on her side towards Sam and lifted her head to have a look at Sam’s face as he was relaxing on his back.

‘Fuck Sam; where the hell did you sent me. It was fantastic. It was heavenly. I think this was the best orgasm I ever enjoyed. Did you cum?’ she finally asked.

‘If I didn’t, I could still be fucking you.’ Sam answered.

‘Better not. I feel my pussy already sore.’ She said.

‘So, when it gets big again, I have to fuck your ass!’ He exclaimed.

No fucking way Sam, not today; maybe tomorrow.’ She answered.

‘Why not?’

‘One sore hole is enough.’

‘Does that mean, no more fucking tonight?’

‘Who told you so? You know I still want to fuck again; but maybe not so aggressively.’

Sam said nothing more. They spent the next half hour or more kissing and hugging and sucking on each other’s lips. The temperature had reached high degrees and before they were ready to go and enjoy the dinner which Padme had prepared for the welcome occasion, their sexual hunger had returned.

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