Aunt Jean

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My name is Richard Jennings. My friends call me Rick. My family calls me Richie. I’m a sophomore in college majoring in Business Administration. I carry a 3.7 average. I’m also on the wrestling team. I’m six feet three inches tall and weigh around two hundred twenty pounds. My record is 19 wins and 2 losses. I’ve never been pinned.

I say in good shape, because of my wrestling and from helping my Dad. He’s a master carpenter. As soon as I could walk I was helping him with all of his home projects.. OK, I got in the way most of the time. Every time he laid down a tool I picked it up. As I grew up he taught me the trade. When I was fourteen I built my Mom a totally new kitchen. She told me what she wanted and I built it. If you want a happy Mom, build her dream kitchen for her.

One weeks into my summer vacation I had just finished my morning workout. I was laying out by the pool soaking up some sun. My Mom walked out.

“Richie, your Aunt Jean just called. She needs some work done on her house. She suggested you come and do the work. She said she would rather pay you than some contractor.”

“That’s a great idea. I could use the extra spending money. Call her back and tell her I’ll be there this weekend.”

I was thinking of some rims I saw for my truck. Every truck needs some gnarly rims.

My Aunt Jean is my Mothers sister. She is six years younger. She’s a Real Estate Broker and has her own business.. She lives about two hundred miles from us.

Three years ago her husband was killed in a car accident. The cops were chasing a bank robber. He was going the wrong way on a freeway and hit him head on. They were both killed instantly. His life and auto insurance paid her well. She loved him dearly but hadn’t remarried. I heard over the family grapevine that she was finally into dating.

Saturday morning I started loading my truck. I got all the tools I thought I would need loaded. My Mom fixed me up with some snacks and an ice chest with some drinks. I was all set. I kissed my Mom, hugged my Dad and hit the road.


“Richie! Come in. Come in.”

“Hi, Aunt Jean, It’s good to see you again. How are you?”

“I’m good. Oh my. Look at you. You’re all grown up.”

“It has been a while. I’m in college now. Just finished my second year.”

“Come in the kitchen. I’ll get you something to drink. Are you hungry?”

“Na. I’ve been snacking on the way, but a beer would be good.”

She opened two beers and we sat at the table. We brought each other up to date on all the family gossip. I notice her checking me out without being obvious about it. Of course I checked her out too. She’s wearing a t shirt and shorts. She fills them out nicely. Especially the t shirt. I see a hint of nipples showing. Dirty young man thought ran through my mind.

We chatted for a while and I told her I needed to unload my truck. I don’t want it sitting in the driveway all night with my tools in it. She offered to help. We get my tools put in the garage and my clothes into the spare bedroom. While we’re unloading I take a closer look at her assets.

I could see the resemblance to my Mom. Breasts between a C and D cup. Nice ass and killer legs. I suspected she goes to the gym. I knew I was going to have trouble Remembering she was my Aunt.

“Now that you’re moved in let me give you a tour. You can get an idea of what needs fixing.”

She struggles opening the sliding doors to the back deck. I see a empty hot tub and a small kidney shaped pool. The water has a greenish cast to it. That will need fixing right away. Of course a picture of her in a bikini popped into my mind.

The back yard needs mowing and the beds need weeding. Around front I see the same thing. A cursory glance at the house shows it needs painting and some trim replaced. I step back and look at the roof. Oh crap. I hate roofing, but she needs one. It seems the years of neglect have taken their toll on the place.

“Well, Aunt Jean. Just off the top of my head it’s going to cost a few thousand dollars in material. You need a roof and the whole house needs paint. I haven’t checked the deck yet. It may need some work too. Some of window trim needs replacing and the pool filter is gunny sacked.”

“First of all let’s knock off the ‘Aunt Jean.’ Jean will do. And I’ve got the expenses covered. I just had a big sale last week. I made a nice commission on it.”

“OK, Jean. The pool gets fixed first. I’ll need it in the afternoons.”

“I agree. It’s been a while since I took a swim.”

“I’ll check it out tomorrow. It may just be the filter and some chemicals. It’s my job in the summer at home to take care of our pool.”


Sunday morning I take my coffee out to the pool. I check the filter and find it plugged. I find a new one in the garage along with some pool chemicals. I replace the filter and pour in the chemicals. Next I start on the lawn. I get warmed up and take off my shirt. An hour later Jean walks out. I check her out from the corner of my eye. She is standing checking me out. I smile Eskişehir Escort to myself.

“Richie, do you want more coffee or something cold?”

“Just some water now. Maybe a beer later.”

She walks back out with a bottle of water.

“The pool should be ready by this evening. I put in a filter and some chemicals.”

“Oh good. A swim after dinner sounds good.”

“A moonlight swim does sound good.”

Thoughts of her naked wet body in my arms pop into my mind. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. She hasn’t mentioned one. How long since she got laid. I expect I’ll find out during the rest of the week.

After dinner that night I announce it’s swim time.

“Last one in is rotten egg.”

She groans.

I hurry and dive in. I watch for her to come out. I’m not disappointed. She is wearing a string tie bikini. Not much is left to my imagination. My cock stirs as I mentally untie it and toss it away. We play around a little, trying to dunk each other and lots of splashing.


I spend the rest of the week doing yard work. The weeds have almost taken over the lawn and flower beds.

Thursday at dinner she announces she has a date Friday night.

“That’s nice. I suspected you had a boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. I met him at Jan’s three weeks ago. We just went out to dinner a couple of times. He seems nice enough. I guess I’ll see what happens.”

“Well, good luck. He might just be the one.”

“I’m beginning to think all the good ones are taken.”

I hope they don’t get anything going. My plans will go down the drain.


Friday evening Jean comes out dressed to kill.

“Wow! You look really nice. What a lucky guy. You’re gonna burn him down.”

“We’ll see. I won’t be too late. Probably around eleven or so. No need to wait up for me.”

“OK, have a good time.”

She leaves and I kick back in front of the TV knowing he is going to get laid tonight. Hopefully he has a small dick and a hair trigger.

Around ten I hear a car pulling into the driveway. I get up and look out the window. I see her walking briskly toward the door. By her body language it doesn’t look like she’s happy. I wonder what happened. I hear the door slam hard. She walks straight through to her bedroom without a word. To say she is pissed would be an understatement.

Fifteen minutes later she come out wearing a robe. She sits on the sofa without a word.

“OK, you need to talk and I have ears. Go.”

“That son of a bitch. I decided to move things up a notch tonight. That bastard has a hair trigger. He was done in less than a minute. I’m so mad I could chew up a crowbar and spit nails.”

“I’m sorry, Jean. That really sucks. I guess you won’t be seeing him again.”

“One disappointing night is too much. “

“Do you need something to drink? I’ll get you something.”

“No, I’ll be fine. I just need to cool off.”

She vents to me for the next half hour and finally cools off. I say good night an go in my room. I hear her bedroom door close. In just a few minutes I hear buzzing. I smile, roll over and go to sleep.

The next day I start detailed inspection the house. I take measurements and make a bunch of notes.

“Jean, I need to go get some stuff at Home Depot. Do you want to come with me and pay for it.”

“Sure. There may be some hunk working there. I might get lucky.”

“You never know. Come on.”

I get the comp shingles, some nails and a ridge cap. She pays and we go back. I decided to get the crappy job done first.

While I’m working I start forming my plan. I knew she was looking to get laid. I planned on putting myself on the top of her list. Phase one will start in the morning.

Later that afternoon Jean comes back from showing a house.

“Hey, Jean. Do any good today?”

“Yes, I did. I got an offer on one. I think the owners will accept it. It’s almost their asking price.”

“Good job. Now if someone would make me an offer to finish this roof.”

“Let me go change and meet me out back. I’ll bring us a beer.”

She comes out wearing a t shirt and shorts.

“Here ya go, big guy. One beer for the hard working man.”

She hands me the beer and gives me a hug. I hear her take a deep breath and a shiver runs through her body.

“Careful there. I’m all sweaty.”

“No problem. A little honest sweat is a good thing.”

I notice her nipples are perked up. It must have been my male pheromones she picked up on. I break the hug an sit in the shade. I notice she puts her hand up to her nose. Her eyes close as she inhales. I see her shiver again. I wonder if her pussy is moist.

“I think I’ll take a nap in a while. If I don’t wake up by five, knock on my door. I need to cook for my hard working man.”

“OK, I think I’ll take a shower and a swim. It’s really hot up on that roof.”


The next morning I put my plan in action. Her bedroom is at the far end of the hall. Mine is across Eskişehir Escort Bayan from the bathroom. I quietly get out of bed and open my door. I get back in bed and take off my shorts. My morning wood pops up. I get in bed and lay on my back with the covers around my knees. My cock is at full mast for her to see. I concentrate on slowing my breathing to appear asleep. I open my eyes just enough to see through my eyelashes. I wait. I hear her stirring in her bedroom. I see her walk by. She glances in my room. I watch as she looks around the door jamb. She watches me to see if I’m asleep.

Satisfied that I”m asleep she takes one step into my room. Her hand goes to her mouth. She is staring at my cock. Slowly she lifts her t shirt and sticks one hand down in her panties. Her eyes close halfway and her other hand moves up under her shirt to her breasts. I watch as she fingers her pussy and rubs her nipples. After a few minutes she walks out. I hear the shower start up. I’m almost positive she rubs one out. I put on shorts and a t shirt, go to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee. I’m sipping my coffee as she comes in.

“Good morning, Richie. Oh god, you’re a prince. You made coffee. I though I smelled it when I got out of the shower.”

“Good morning, Jean. Pour yourself a mug and sit down.”

“I need to get my heart started. I need to go to the office first thing. I want to call my clients about the offer I got yesterday. I hope they accept it.”

‘Oh, yeah. Good luck with that. Will you get a nice commission on it?”

“Yep, The price is about three hundred and fifty thousand. The commission is six percent. The listing broker gets half and the selling broker gets the other half. I’ll get three percent. It’s really nice when I sell my own listings. I get both ends.”

“Wow. That is nice. A couple of those a month and you’re Ms. Gotrocks.”

“In this business, it’s feast or famine. But I’ve had a pretty good year so far. I had one big one that sold for eight hundred thousand just before you got here. It was one of my agents listing.”

“The IRS is going to love you.”

“Yeah, they do. How about some bacon and eggs?”

“ummm, extra bacon, please. It’s my weakness.”

“You got it.”

The next morning I assume the same pose but my head is turned away. I hear her breathing in my doorway. She moves away and takes another extra long shower.

Friday morning I gave her another show. I peeked as she stood in the doorway. One hand went into her panties and the other went up under her t shirt. She didn’t stay long. She took another long shower.

A while later I got up and showered. I walked into the kitchen. She was standing in front of the stove scrambling some eggs. I was just wearing a pair of shorts. She turned and her eyes swept down and up over my body. I saw a little color move up from her neck to her face. She turned back to her eggs.

I stepped behind her and put my hands on her hips. I kissed her on the neck and said good morning. I saw a shiver go through her body. She returned my good morning.

I poured a cup of coffee and sat down.

“Are you showing any houses today?”

“Nope, nothing on tap today. Just some catching up on house work. A nice easy day.”

‘”I’m taking a day off today. I need to work on my tan.”

“Mine could use some work too. I look like a ghost.”

“A pretty good looking ghost from where I’m sitting.”

“Thank you, Richie. It’s nice to get compliments. Especially since that disaster date I had. I keep attracting all the rejects.”

“The woods are full of them. It makes sense that most of the good ones are taken.”

“That gives me lots of hope. Thanks.”

“Hey, it will just take some time. A beautiful woman like you has a good chance. Just be patient. One will show when you least expect it.”

I think she’s ready. I’ll make my move tonight.


After dinner I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Jean finished up in the kitchen and walked in. I patted the sofa beside me. She hesitated and then smiled.

“Sit with me, Jean. Let’s watch a movie.”

I clicked on a chick flick for her as she sat down. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her gently to me. She scooted over under my arm. My arm went around her and she held it with both hands. She burrowed in against me.

“mmmm, you feel good against me.”

“It is good. It’s nice to be hugged. It’s been a long time.”

The movie finished and I clicked the TV off.

“Let’s take a swim. It’s a nice warm night.”

“Oh my yes. That sounds good. I’ll go change.”

“We could skinny dip. It’s dark out there. No one could see us.”

“Richie. You’re a bad boy suggesting that.”

“I know. What can I say.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.’

“You could put your suit back on if you’re uncomfortable.”

“See you out there.”

I got up and walked out. I turned all the pool and backyard lights out. There was just a faint glow from the city lights. I dropped my shorts Escort Eskişehir and jumped in. I did a few laps, waiting to see what she was going to do.

After a few minutes she walked with a towel around her. I smiled and my cock came up half hard.

“Come on in, chicken. It’s really nice in here.”

“Do you promise to behave.”

It flashed on me that she was thinking about being a naughty girl or she wouldn’t have mentioned it. I figured I had a ninety nine percent chance of getting some. My cock came up half hard.

“I’ll try. No guarantees.”

“Bad boy. Shame on you.”

She walked over to the ladder and dropped the towel. Her hands covering her breasts. Slowly she walked down and into the water. She paddled around a little.

“Doesn’t that feel good. All the water flowing over you body.’

“It feel good and naughty. I like it.”

“I knew you would.”

We swam around a little. She started to relax and we got into a splashing contest. I let her win. I dove under and pulled her under by ankle. She squealed and spit out some water.

“I’ll get you for that. That was sneaky.”

“Ha. You can’t catch me.”

I swam slowly away. Just as she was about to catch me I turned and took her in my arms. Her arms went around my neck. Her full breasts mashed against my chest. My full hard cock was between her legs. She closed them and held me there. Then she looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure we should be doing this.”

“Part of me is positive. You feel really good against me. Don’t you agree?”

“Of course I do. I’m a woman in a handsome mans arms.”

“Close you eyes.”

She closed them and I kissed each one. Then our lips met. I heard her whimper as my tongue touched her lips. She opened them and took my tongue. My cock throbbed up and touched her pussy. I heard another whimper.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. She moved her arms from around my neck and reached down and found my cock.

“Hold it, baby. See how hard I am for you. Tell me how it feels for you.”

“Oh god. It’s so hard and hot.”

“What shall we do with it, baby.”

“I want it in me. It’s so wrong but I don’t care.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you want.”

“I want your big hard cock in my pussy.”

“That’s a good girl. No, just put the head in and hold it.”

Her legs went around me and I felt my cock touch her lips.

“Go slow. We have all night. Take it in slow. Then squeeze it with your muscles.”

I felt her push gently. Her lips spread as it went in. Her lips slid over and closed behind the head.

“That’s it, baby. Just hold it there. Squeeze it a little.”

She moaned as her muscles squeezed me.

“Tell me how good that feels. Talk to me.”

“Oh god, Richie. It’s so big and my lips are stretched out. It so hot and hard.”

“Now, take it all the way in real slow. Take it till you hit bottom.”

She moaned and pushed. Her tight pussy walls opened as she took it all.

“Is that good, baby? You feel so tight on my cock. It it good for you?”

“Oh my god yes. No one has been in that far. I can feel you touching bottom. I’m so full.”

“Hold me and feel how good we are joined like this. Push hard and hold me.”

She pushed against me and I could feel her pussy muscles gently squeezing me.

I pulled back a little and pushed back in. a gasp escaped her open mouth.

“Come on, baby. Help me. I want you to cum for me.”

She started stroking in and out. I held still and let her take control.

“Good girl. Show me how much you like it. Cum for me.”

I held her by her ass cheeks. Her muscles were alive under her skin. I moved my hand down in her butt crack and touched her little pucker. She squealed and humped faster. I stuck my finger in up to the first knuckle. That pushed her over the edge. She cried out and pushed all the way in. All of her muscles locked up and her head went back. Her mouth was open in a silent scream and her orgasm hit her. The first wave of pleasure passed and she started milking my cock.

“Oh god, yes. Yes. Yes.”

“Good girl. I’m almost there. Get ready for some hot cum.”

“Talk to me. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my hot cum.”

“Fucking god yes. Give me all your cum. I want every drop.”

“Squeeze it, baby. Make me cum.”

Her pussy came alive. She held her clit on my pelvis bone and started milking me. It didn’t take long. I rammed hard into her and my cock exploded. The first rope hit her cervix and she came with me.

“Oh fuck. Hot cum. Hot cum in my pussy. Fuck yes. Fill me, baby. Fill my hot pussy.”

Her orgasm passed and she fell limp in my arms. Our breathing returned to somewhere near normal.

“My god, Richie. That was amazing. Skinny dipping will never be the same again.”

“You’re pussy was so tight I thought I was getting your cherry.”

“It felt like it. It’s been a long time.”

“I told you it would be good. I sure was right. Let’s dry off and get in bed. I’m not done with you yet tonight.”

We dried each other off and I picked her up in my arms. She squealed as I threw her over my shoulder. I smacked her on the ass a few time as I carried her in.

I dropped her on the bed.

“Now, I’m going to eat your cream pie. You just hang on.”

“Oh my god. No one has ever done that to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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