Aunt Jill Cums to Visit

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This story takes place after the events in ‘Jenna’s Education’. It was written to stand alone, but if you have not read the previous stories it may help to read the stories in the order that they happened. Enjoy.


“Oh, Mom that feels so fucking good. I love the way you eat my pussy!”

My fingers wrapped around my breasts, squeezing, as I luxuriated in the feelings that my mother’s tongue was stimulating in my pussy. I was propped up on my parent’s bed, my legs spread wide with my mother kneeling between them. Her tongue lashed at the folds of my sopping pussy. Mom is a wonderful pussy eater, and I loved every chance I got to have her lick my tender center. Jim, my brother, was standing behind Mom thrusting his hard cock into her sodden cunt. Every thrust of his cock pushed her face further between my legs, forcing her tongue to slip inside me.

“Fuck, Mom. Your pussy is so fucking hot,” Jim gasped. “I’m not going to be able to hold it much longer. I’m going to fucking cum.”

Mom lifted her head from my lap, “Cum in my pussy, honey,” she breathed. “I want to feel that hot cum fill me.” As she spoke her hand rubbed over my wet slit, continuing to push me toward the edge. “I just love the feel of your seed filling my cunt. Cum in me, baby, cum in your mother’s pussy.”

“Oh, god,” exclaimed Jim as he pushed his hips forward one last time, burying his cock firmly in Mom’s pussy. He gasped as he pumped his cum deep into her wanting depths. His hands slid along her sides until he reached her full tits. Taking one in each hand he squeezed and massaged her firm globes as his cock continued to shoot stream after stream of his load into her cunt.

I raised one of my breasts to my mouth, taking my hard nipple between my lips. My tongue flicked my firm nip as Mom’s tongue returned to its work on my clit.

Jim stepped back from behind Mom, having emptied his cock deep into her pussy. His member was slick with the combination of his and our mother’s cum. I reached out toward Jim, beckoning him to me. “Come here Jim, I need to taste you. I love the taste of your cum. And mixed with Mom’s juices makes it even better.”

Jim moved closer, he stepped onto the bed so that that his cock was inches from my face. I leaned forward, the tangy aroma of cum filled my nostrils. His limp cock slid easily into my mouth. My tongue encircled it, savoring the flavor of his cum mixed with our mother’s. I always enjoy tasting my mom’s pussy on Jim’s cock. As I sucked him, I could feel him starting to respond to me. His cock was starting to stiffen in my mouth. I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands, now starting to work his cock in earnest with my mouth; fucking him with my face. Jim groaned as I worked his reinvigorated cock.

I let his rigid member slid from my mouth. “Now go finish off Mom,” I directed, “You left her unsatisfied.”

“Oh, yes,” Mom chimed in, lifting her face from my lap, “I need to feel that cock in my pussy. I was getting so close when you came in me. I need you back inside me to finish the job.”

Jim eagerly moved to his earlier position behind our mother’s raised ass. His hands roughly caressed her as he prepared to reenter her. I wanted to watch as his hard manhood penetrated her sodden cunt. Changing position I lay on my back and slid under Mom. Her tits brushed against my face as I maneuvered under her. My lips grabbed one of her thick rubbery nipples and sucked it into my mouth. I heard Mom gasp and saw that Jim was running his fingers over her entrance, dipping them into her lightly. That was my true goal; I wanted to taste the union of my mother and brother. I released Mom’s nipple and squirmed further down the bed, planting little kisses along her firm stomach. With one last shift forward my face was directly under Mom’s pussy.

Jim’s cock was just pushing insider her; the head of his cock buried. Slowly he pushed until he was completely sheathed inside her. Mom moaned as he sank into her moist depths. I noticed that his earlier deposit was being forced out by his current invasion. The mixture of his seed and our mother’s nectar foamed over the shaft of Jim’s cock as he started to slowly fuck her. Their wonderful aromas wafted down to me, driving me wild. My tongue snaked from my mouth and pressed against my brother’s shaft as it pulled out of Mom’s pussy. I savored their mixed fluids. As Jim pushed back in I shifted my attention to Mom’s clit, causing her to whimper.

I cried out involuntarily as I felt fingers rubbing over my pussy. Mom had her palm firmly over my clit as her fingers were starting to push inside me. Next I felt her tongue replace her palm as she shifted the angle of her hand, allowing it to penetrate me further.

“Oh fuck yes. Fuck me hard,” Mom cried out. “I so close to cumming. Make me cum on that hard fucking cock of yours, son.”

Jim increased his speed, hammering at Mom’s pussy. This made it almost impossible for me to continue to lick her as he fucked her. I let my head fall back to the bed and bursa eskort just enjoyed the view of my brother’s hard cock sliding in and out of Mom’s pussy.

Mom’s fingers continued to work on my sopping cunt, pushing at all the right places as her tongue flicked at my clit. It was not going to take much longer to bring me to the edge. Mom’s moaning was becoming much stronger, though she was being muffled by my pussy.

I saw Mom’s hips buck as Jim slammed into her. Suddenly she cried out. “Oh fuck, yes. Just like that, I’m fucking cumming. Fuck my fucking pussy. Don’t fucking stop.” As she said this her fingers increased their pace in my pussy. I was not sure if this was intentional, or just a result of her orgasm. But in either case it felt wonderful.

Apparently Mom’s climax was more then Jim could take on the second go ’round. He shouted, slamming his hips forward and shot his load deep into Mom’s pussy for the second time that day. Watching this was too much for me, and soon I felt my body going rigid as my pussy clamped down on Mom’s fingers, my release washing over her hand.

Jim took a step back his cock sliding from Mom’s depths, slick with her juices. His shrinking cock dropped to my mouth, almost of its own accord. I took it, relishing in the flavor of Mom on his shaft. I finished cleaning him off and I let his now limp cock slid from my mouth. Above me Mom’s pussy was oozing Jim’s precious cum. A drop fell directly into my mouth. I raised my head and sucked at her lips gently to collect the cum that was already flowing from her. This drove me wild and I locked my mouth to Mom’s lips, my tongue pushing into her on a quest to extract as much cum as I could from her delicious pussy. I heard Jim mention that he was going to take a shower as I started to devour my mother’s juicy cunt. Mom moaned as I continued to lick at her. Jim had deposited two full loads inside her, back to back, and she was overflowing with his cream.

“Yes baby, that so feels good,” Mom cooed. “Suck your brother’s cum from your mother’s pussy. Do you like the taste of us combined?”

“Oh yes, I love the way that Jim’s cum tastes when it comes form you pussy, Mom. I’m going to eat you, until I have it all.”

“Oh, that might take a while; he left quite a bit inside me.”

But I was up to the challenge. Mom quickly settled in to licking my pussy as well, and we lay there in a mother, daughter sixty nine, enjoying the feel of each other’s tongues and the taste of the other’s pussy. My tongue prodded Mom’s tender center delving into her depths to recover the treasure that lay there. Soon we were both breathing heavily as we came closer to yet another climax.

“Mom, your pussy tastes so good when it’s full of Jim’s cum,” I declared. Her sweet flavor became heady once combined with a man’s cum. “And your tongue in my pussy is going to make me cum all over it.”

“Cum for me baby! Cum for your mother. I want to taste your sweet cum, honey,” Mom cried as she hammered her fingers into my sudden gash. She pulled her fingers from me, and I felt her tongue return to my pussy, lashing at it with wild abandon.

This was more then I could take and my body started to convulse as another strong orgasm rolled over me. I moaned loudly as my cum flooded my pussy, and washed Mom’s tongue. She continued to lick me gently as I recovered from the my climax.

Having recovered most of Jim’s cum from Mom’s pussy I set about making Mom cum. I pushed two fingers deep into her soaking cunt, they slipped easily inside her. I pumped her pussy with my fingers as my tongue circled her clit, flicking at the rigid nub. I wrapped my lips around her clit and gently suckled her firm love button. This was driving Mom crazy. Her hips gyrated above my head as she ground her pussy against my mouth.

“Oh god baby, that feels so fucking good,” Mom cried, through ragged breath. “Eat your mother’s pussy.”

I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, trying to pull them deeper inside her. I increased my lashing of her clit as I slowly fucked her with my fingers. Mom groaned her pleasure as her cum saturated my fingers. I latched my mouth over her wet opening, eagerly lapping up the juices spilling from her hot cunt.

My head sank back to the softness of the comforter as Mom rolled off of me and collapsed in the satisfaction of her orgasm on the other side of the bed. “Thank you Lisa, that was incredible,” Mom sighed, as she sank into the mattress.

I watched Jim walk out of my parent’s bathroom, freshly cleaned. His hair was still wet from the shower, his cock bouncing slightly as he walked.

“That’s it, you two are done already?” Jim asked. “I’m almost ready to go another round. And I haven’t had the pleasure of your tight pussy yet today, sis.” Jim reached down and gave one of my tits a rough squeeze.

“Well you two have fun. I think that I’m going to go out by the pool, like we were talking earlier before we got sidetracked in here,” Mom declared, sliding off the bed. bursa escort bayan She paused for a second, came to a conclusion and strode from the room, her sexy ass swaying with each step.

Jim’s cock was starting to stiffen slightly, as it hovered just above my face. He continued to mash my tits, roughly pulling at my nipples. This was having the desired effect. I felt my pussy moistening. I raised my head and closed my lips around his cock, sucking it gently. This brought him to life very quickly as he had evidently already been pretty turned on, from all the feminine flesh on display.

“Your cock,” I closed my lips over the head of his shaft, sucking it gently before letting it slid from my mouth, “. . . tastes,” I repeated my playful tease of my brother’s cock, “. . . so good.”

I continued to suck on Jim’s rigid member as he lowered it into my mouth. He pushed forward slightly feeding me his full length. His balls rested on my nose as he gasped with pleasure and started to pull himself back out of my mouth. My brother’s firm cock felt great as it slid over my tongue. My hands moved almost of their own accord. One slid over my belly to the warm wetness below, while the other met with Jim’s hands massaging my tits.

“Are you ready for this big stiff cock in that tight wet pussy of yours?” Jim asked. “I can’t wait to feel your silky pussy engulf my shaft. I just love the feel of your cunt.”

I murmured an affirmative around the head of Jim’s cock. He took a step back from me, pulling his shaft from the grasp of my lips. “Oh yes, Jim.” I cried, “Give me that giant cock right in my tight little pussy. I need to be fucked. Nothing feels as good as having a big thick cock fucking my pussy.”

I turned over and offer my ass to my brother. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed. I felt his cock brush against my ass, and I instinctively pushed back, wanting to feel his manhood inside me. Jim slapped his hard cock on my ass, teasing me. I reached between my legs; slinging my fingers through my sodden gash. I needed to feel his cock inside me.

“Fuck, bro. Stop teasing my pussy and fuck me,” I cried. “I need that cock inside me. Can’t you feel how wet my fucking cunt is?”

Jim’s cock head pressed against my entrance, and then with one quick thrust he was inside me. I groaned with the sudden pleasure of his fullness inside me. I could feel his head pushing against my cervix, as his hips pressed against my ass. It felt so good to have his cock filling me. Slowly he pulled his cock back out, then trust it into me again. He did this several times, and every time I moaned with his trust as I rocked back into him. Then we found our rhythm, brother and sister forming one fluid motion, as his cock pumped into me.

From our position on our parent’s bed we had full view of the road in front of our house, as well the entire driveway as it curved up from the road. As my brother fucked me we watched a strange car turn off the road and pull up in front of the house.

“Who’s that? Did Kevin get a new car?” Jim asked, thinking that it would not be unusual for my boyfriend to be stopping by on a lazy Saturday summer afternoon.

“I don’t think so,” I replied neither of us breaking rhythm. Jim’s strong shaft continued to push into my dripping snatch, as I rocked back to meet his every thrust.

The car doors opened and three people stepped out. The driver turned out to be a tall buxom blond, who was wearing a dark skirt under a beautiful white lace shirt that did nothing to hide the thin bra beneath. I was pretty sure that I could see the dark circles of her areolas from where I was. The whole outfit was topped with a pearl necklace that draped inside the open collar of her barely there shirt. I admired her figure as she closed the door, thinking of our adventures earlier in the summer.

“Holy shit,” I cried through ragged breath. Jim was, if anything, starting to increase his pace. “That’s Aunt Jill.”

“Yeah and look Jenna is with her too,” Jim added excitedly.

We had had many opportunities to explore both our aunt’s and cousin’s bodies up close during a visit to their house in Maine earlier this summer. Jim had the pleasure of introducing Jenna to the feel of a man’s cock. And it seemed that his thoughts must have been there as he watched the lovely brunette step out from the car. I had to admit that she looked particularly hot in her tank top and high cut denim shorts, a la Daisy Duke. The free sway of her tits told us that she had left the bra at home.

“But who’s that guy with them?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Maybe she hooked up with that guy from her college class that she had been wanting to fuck.”

“Could be,” Jim agreed, his pelvis aggressively slapping against my ass.

The doorbell rang though the house as our guests gathered on the front stoop.

“You think Mom can hear that?” Jim asked.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think they’ll leave too quickly,” görükle escort I replied through ragged breath. I was sure that Jim’s concern related to whether he would get the chance to fuck his aunt and cousin. “But there is no way you are leaving until I’ve cum again. I think I’m getting close. That big fucking cock of yours feels so fucking good in my fucking pussy.”

“It looks like they are going around back,” I commented as I watched Jill leading the group around the side of the house, toward the pool. “Oh fuck Jim. Give it to me. Fuck my pussy. Fuuuck meee,” I cried as my pussy tightened around Jim’s rigid cock.

Jim increased his pace, his full manhood pushing deep inside my steaming cunt. I was so close to cumming. Then I felt the familiar wave wash over me. My body became rigid, my pussy flooded with fresh cum. I let Jim pump into me several more times before leaning forward and letting his hard shaft slide out from my pussy.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Jim asked, clearly upset. “You’re not going to just leave me like this are you? I need to cum too.”

“Oh, I thought that you might want to save that for our guests,” I replied. “I wasn’t going to be selfish. I’m sure that Jenna would be eager to help you out.” I bounded off the bed. “Come on silly, hurry up before you get all soft,” I called as I strode out of the room.

Jim quickly followed me out of the bedroom, surely thinking about having Jenna’s lips wrapping his cock. Neither of us took the time to put on any clothing, and arrived at the back door in our birthday suits. Just outside the door Mom was welcoming our company to the house. Jill and Mom were in full embrace, their tongues tangled in a welcoming kiss. Jill’s hands massaged her sister’s bare ass, as Jenna and the guy with her looked on, his eye’s wide with surprise. He bent his head down to Jenna’s ear and whispered something to her that I could not hear. She answered and gave him a quick peck on the check.

After a brief moment the two sisters broke their passionate embrace. “Oh, Jill it’s so good to see you,” Mom exclaimed. “What brings you down this way?”

“I had to come down to the city for business, so I figured as long as I was down this far, I had to come by and see you.”

“Well I’m so glad you did.” Mom turned to Jenna. “And Jenna I’m happy that you were able to come as well.” Mom stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her niece. “Lisa has told me how sweet your pussy is. I hope you can stay long enough to let me find out for myself,” she added as her hand slid over Jenna’s denim clad crotch, pressing firmly into her. I heard Jenna murmur as she pressed her lips against Mom’s, her own hand gripping one of Mom’s tits firmly.

Releasing Jenna from her embrace Mom turned to the guy that was accompanying her niece. “And who is this handsome hunk?”

“This is my boyfriend Eric.” Jenna turned to him and said, “Eric, meet my Aunt Marie.”

Eric stepped forward and extended his hand to Mom, while trying his best not to stare at her full tits or neatly trimmed pussy both on full display. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Eric said.

“Oh we’re not so formal here,” Mom stated as she took Eric’s hand and pulled him toward her. Soon she had him wrapped in her arms in a proper welcome, her tits mashing into his chest. Eric seemed as though he was not quite sure where to put his hands, and finally did embrace Mom his arms encircling her gently and his hands careful to stay well above her bare ass. I guess it is true that the fist time you meet the extended family of your girlfriend they are normally wearing cloths; but not always in our family.

I had to admit that he was quite the looker, with short dark hair and solid looking upper body, well defined arms and square jaw. Just the kind of man I liked to fuck. I hoped I’d get the chance.

“So where did you two meet?” Mom asked.

“We met last year at school,” Jenna responded. “We were both freshman at Bates College.”

“Well it was nice to meet you Eric,and I hope I get to know you better soon,” Mom said with an evil grin.

“So where are the kids?” Jill asked.

Thinking that it was time to make an entrance I pushed open the screen door and walked out onto the back deck. “We’re here Aunt Jill,” I cried running out to embrace my sexy aunt. Once again Eric’s eyes went wide as he turned toward the newcomers.

“We were just inside finishing something up,” I continued as I leaped into Aunt Jill’s arms. We exchanged a deep a probing kiss. I felt her firm breasts press against mine, how I wanted to feel their soft flesh again.

“I think I can guess what you were finishing,” Jill said with a knowing wink, as we broke our kiss. Then as she saw Jim following up behind me, his cock still at full mast, she added, “Except I’m not sure that you finished.”

“Well we thought that Jenna might want some,” I explained. “She did seem to enjoy it the last time.”

“So considerate,” Jill said as her daughter was already dropping to her knees in front of Jim, emitting an excited squeal.

“He’s even bigger then I remembered Mom,” Jenna exclaimed as she wrapped her fingers around Jim’s fat cock, sliding them up and down his member. Soon the thick shaft disappeared into Jenna’s mouth as her head started to bob on the monster.

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