Aunt Nina’s Swimsuit

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Nothing too serious in this one. Just wanted to drop something out there. A nephew sees his hot aunt and lusts for her body. She’s in a swimsuit but wants an all-over tan.

I hope you find the following entertaining. There are probably errors in the text -typos, etc. I’ve been over it a couple of times but they always creep back in when I’m not looking.

Feedback is appreciated.

All characters are over 18. Any resemblance to anyone either living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Thanks for reading.

GA – Ranong, Thailand – 9th of December 2016.


She was out by the pool when I went out. I paused by the big doors overlooking the deck. Took a good look and felt the illicit thrill stir me up. I shouldn’t have been looking. I shouldn’t have been thinking what I was, but I just couldn’t help it. She was forty-seven years old. Stacked. Had a pornstar figure and face. I looked at her and my cock got hard, my mind conjuring up a lewd fantasy of her down on her knees, all submissive as she sucked my cock. In true porn film fashion, she took my jizm over her face, strings of snotty gloop clinging to her hair while she took burst after burst of the stuff over her face and her boobs.

“Fuck,” I muttered, knowing I’d have to wank off.

If I didn’t pull my cock and get some release, I’d be all stupid and reckless and probably do something to earn a slap round my face. And I couldn’t afford to make any inappropriate moves. Not on her. After all, it’s the sort of thing that’s frowned upon in most families. It wouldn’t be proper to offer my own mother’s sister my cock.

But I could make up some things inside my head and yank myself to orgasm. Nobody had to know about that.

I stood there for a few seconds longer, soaking up the detail of long blonde hair piled up on top of her head, the sunglasses and one-piece swimsuit, the lycra-type material stretched over her boobs, all that décolletage on display. After that, after adjusting my dick so it wasn’t such an obvious ridge in my shorts, I stepped onto the deck.

“Here, Aunt Nina,” I said. “G&T. Large. Ice and a slice of lime. Just like you asked for.”

My mother’s sister moved to take the glass, moving her body, her figure drawing my eyes as excitement ballooned within.

“Thanks, sweetie,” she drawled, her voice hoarse with last night’s excess. “Hair of the dog,” added my aunt. “Kill or cure,” she said with a grin.

My aunt had arrived the previous day. She’d flown in from England already half-cut, the drinking going on until past midnight as she gossiped and told me her most recent tale of woe. As usual, my aunt, with a face and body which always seemed to get her the wrong kind of man, was on the tail-end of another broken relationship.

I watched her sip the drink, my attention going down to her bosom. Then I remembered who she was and averted my eyes, desire dribbling south as yearning opened up in a deep aching chasm.

“God, that’s foul,” my aunt went on.

Regardless of what she said, she took another sip, then leaned away from me to put the drink down on the small plastic table alongside the lounger. The action meant she turned her face way from me, leaned in and gave me a quick look at her rump, the swimsuit stretched tight, the view all about her feminine shape. I gawked at her waist and her hips and her bottom before she settled back into the cushion, the pronounced bulge of her mound obvious as she settled down and got comfortable. It was one of those bathing costumes that was cut high on her hips, a provocative style which exposed a lot of thigh, and even the cheeks of her arse.

Then I was looking at her boobs again, the desire a visceral tug down at my core.

“Are you going to sit down?” she said, eyes obscured behind the huge dark lenses. “Or are you going to loom there all day and block out the sun?”

She waved a hand, an impatient flick of the wrist to indicate I should get out of the way.

The heat rose in my cheeks.

“Uh, sorry,” I said, not knowing if she’d caught me gawking or not.

I dragged the other lounger across the decking. Lined it up with the angle of my shadow. Checked the sun and then settled down onto my front to mask my erection.


The chirrup of her mobile phone brought me out of a doze. I opened my eyes and lifted my head in time to see my aunt do the leaning forward thing again. When she moved in to grab at her phone, I had a great view of her bottom as she strained to get the device. I could see the crease of buttocks, and even thought I could make out the cleft of her pussy, the shocking-green costume all clingy down at that intimate place.

My aunt leaned over so much, I thought the swimsuit was going to get all wedged up between her buttocks.

“Hi, Rachel,” I heard my aunt say. She settled back down on her back, the phone at her ear. “What?” added my aunt as she levered upright.

She pushed her sunglasses up into her hair, and I took the opportunity of her distraction to ogle her boobs, Ankara escort her breasts big and round and compressed, a magnet for my gaze.

As I soaked up the sight, my aunt went on to say, “What do you mean delayed? How long are you talking about?”

That got my attention. We were expecting my mother to arrive that day. Her flight was due in the late afternoon.

“Oh, well, I suppose it can’t be helped,” Aunt Nina was saying. She shrugged and continued to listen. Then added, “So we’ll see you next week?”

My eyes went wide as the question formed on my lips.

“What is it?” I asked when Aunt Nina ended the call.

“Your mum has a problem at work. She can’t get away today. Won’t be here until Tuesday.”

“But it’s only Thursday today,” I said.

My aunt pulled a face and rolled her eyes.

“Well, yeah,” she said. “I know.”

“What kind of problem?” I asked.

Aunt Nina shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Just some crap at work. All I know is she’ll be delayed until Tuesday.”

There wasn’t much more to be said. I’d heard my aunt’s half of the conversation, and it didn’t matter much about the why, anyway. The upshot was, my mother would be a few days late. Not that it upset me too much. Not since I could perv at my aunt some more. I was sure I would cope.

Like she could read my mind, my aunt shrugged one more time, then grinned and said, “So, it’s just us.”

“Yeah,” I said, trying for cool and casual.

“Don’t suppose you’d be a love and get me another, would you?”

She was smiling and holding out her glass, and I was a slave to her whims. For my Aunt Nina, I’d do just about anything. Something I suspected she was used to from men.

“Okay,” I said as I got to my feet.

I took the glass and went to the doors. Went into the villa. Walked to the kitchen and poured a more-than-generous measure over the ice I’d dumped into the glass. A splash of tonic and a slice of the required lime and I was set to go. I took a beer out of the fridge for myself before making my way back to the deck.

There was a moment of deja-vu when she reached for her drink, the sunglasses back on her face. It was the same as earlier. I handed Aunt Nina the glass and had a good look at her body. My cock, which had been on the way down, was suddenly stiff again.

“You’re looming, Craig,” my aunt said. “Get out of the sun.”

I mumbled an apology and stepped aside. Then I settled down onto my chair before taking a deep swig of my beer.

We sat that way for a couple of minutes. Aunt Nina took an occasional sip while I tried to refrain from gawking at her body.

Then, with the sun high overhead, my aunt said, “You know, Craig…”

She paused. I looked at her, expectant.

“What?” I asked.

Aunt Nina grimaced.

“Well,” she said, hesitant. “This swimsuit…”

She paused again.

I sat upright and said, “What about it, Aunt Nina?”

I thought she might be going to complain about the colour or something. Maybe the fit. But what I didn’t expect was what she said next.

“Well, it covers a lot of me up. And I’m out here in the sun trying to get a tan. I’d rather get brown all over. A bikini would have been a better idea, but…”

My aunt sat up and directed the dark lenses my way.

Then she shrugged and added, “Well, I’d prefer it if I could take this off. You know, for an all-over tan.”

All I did was boggle at her. I didn’t know what to say. Wasn’t sure what exactly it was that she meant.

“If your mother was here,” my Aunt Nina continued. “I wouldn’t even consider the idea. But, since she isn’t…”

I carried on gawking, wondering. Hoping.

“I’d lay on my front,” she said after a pause. “If you looked away now, I could just slip out of my costume. I’d lie down and get the sun on my back.” She chuckled and rolled her eyes behind the big sunglasses. “Okay, yes, I’d be nude. But I’d be on my front. That wouldn’t be too rude, would it, Craig? It’d only be my bottom. And, let’s face it,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “You can already see most of my arse.”

I thought it would be incredibly rude. I’d be able to see her bare backside. She’d be naked.

My hot Aunt Nina in the nude.

I gawped some more before spluttering some inarticulate sound.

“Well, Aunt Nina,” I said on a gurgle. “If you … I mean … Uhm…”

She blurted a laugh and grinned.

“God, your face,” my aunt said. She shook her and smirked, amused. “It isn’t such a big deal, is it, Craig? I’d only be sunbathing. You wouldn’t be able to see my boobs or anything.”

Then Nina paused and sucked her lower lip between her teeth. I could feel her eyes on me despite the lenses.

She looked at me for several seconds, then went on to say, “Or would it be too weird? I suppose it might be incredibly awkward. What do you think? I don’t want to embarrass you.”

I had no idea what I was thinking. My head was spinning.

“It … uh … it’s up to you, Aunt Ankara escort bayan Nina,” I said. Then I realised I might be on the way to talking her out of doing it and I collected myself enough to add, “But if you’re on your front…”

Her head canted towards one shoulder: “You think I’d be okay? You wouldn’t be embarrassed, would you? It wouldn’t be awkward?”

“I … I think it’d be all right.”

My aunt stared at me for a little while longer before she tilted her face towards the sky.

“Well…” she drawled. “Okay. If you wouldn’t mind closing your eyes. I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

There was a rush of something taboo inside me. On one hand it didn’t seem an unreasonable thing to do. Her logic was clear. She wanted an all-over tan. The bathing suit did show off quite a lot of her boobs, and it was cut quite high and showed off her bottom, but, of course, a lot of her body was blocked from the sun. The outline of the costume would be an inevitable consequence if she kept it on. So why not take it off? Why not get naked? And it all seemed very clear when I thought about it along those lines, but, the thing is, she was a very attractive woman. And she’d be nude in front of a twenty-year old male; and I was her nephew. I might not get a look at her boobs and bush, but my aunt would still be bare, all of her body and buttocks exposed.

I closed my eyes and even turned away, the lust curdled inside me.

“Okay,” I said.

A pause and then I heard the aluminium frame of the lounger give a little. The metal creaked and scraped over the deck. I assumed my aunt had moved out of her chair. She’d be standing up and shrugging the costume down over her shoulders. At that very moment, if I turned to face her and opened my eyes, I’d see her breasts. She might protest, might say something to me, but at least I’d have the image imprinted on my memory. I could call it up later on while I chugged my dick. I could call her body to mind. I’d know the reality of it instead of imagining what her boobs were like. I’d actually see their shape. I’d see her nipples. I’d know what the areolae were like, their size and texture.

I might even catch her with the swimsuit halfway down her legs. Then I’d know for sure if she was bald down there. I’d already had the idea my aunt had done something to her pubic bush. The cut of the swimsuit made it obvious she’d made some effort at trimming the foliage between her thighs. It was just a question of how far she’d gone.

I swear I heard the bathing costume whisper its way over her body, the sound of her settling back onto the lounger coming right on cue.

“Another second or two,” my aunt said.

There were noises like she was shifting around. Then she sighed.

“Okay, Craig. I’m decent,” she told me.

“Are you all right?” I said through a croak when I turned.

I couldn’t help it. I had to look. Anyone would.

“Fine,” my aunt replied. “It feels a bit strange,” she added. “I’m naked and you’re right there.”

I gulped and stared. Saw the costume in a heap on the deck. Looked at my aunt and saw she was laid on the front, hands for a pillow, her cheek against the inter-laced fingers. She was looking at me, or at least I assumed she had her eyes open. She was still wearing the sunglasses, tendrils of hair loose at her temples, her spine curved where it ran down to the small of her back, the rounded swell of her buttocks drawing my gaze. I could see her breasts compressed against the towel she had draped over the lounger, big squishy pancakes, her body all bare.

Desire swelled my throat when I said, “Yuh-you look okay, Aunt Nina. I … I can’t see anything, really.”

“Only my bottom,” my aunt put in. “You really don’t mind? You’re not uncomfortable with me like this?”

I couldn’t tell her, but my cock was a little uncomfortable. It was caught up inside my swimshorts. An erection of gargantuan proportions, the thing as hard as steel.

“It’s a bit weird,” I admitted, the words coming up clotted and thick. “But you look lovely.”

I think she blinked when I blurted out the inappropriate remark. I saw my aunt’s brow furrow, like her eyes had gone wide in surprise under her glasses. Then she pulled a face and moved one shoulder in what I took to be a shrug.

“Well, thank you, Craig,” she said. “That was an odd thing to say to me. I’m your aunt after all. But thanks for the compliment.”

Desire made me babble. I looked at my aunt and, in a kind of breathless rush, went on to compound the awkwardness by blurting, “I didn’t mean to sound pervy, Aunt Nina. But you do look nice like that. You … You’ve got a really great body. I mean your figure. You’re lovely. I mean it.”

She laughed, a sound halfway amused and halfway nervous.

“Yes, well,” she said. “No need to go on about it, Craig.”

“I … I’m sorry,” I stammered, heat in my cheeks.

“It’s okay,” my aunt replied. “Don’t worry. And thank you again. It’s nice to hear a young man paying me a compliment. Okay, it’s a bit Escort Ankara strange because it’s coming from you. But I suppose you’re just young and … well … pumping with hormones. Even if we’re related, I suppose you might notice things about me.”

Then she sighed and added a wistful, “A lot of men do.”

My cock was pulsing, and I had half a mind to get it out and start yanking it right there and then. I was close to being reckless with lust, the hot rush of desire so intense I could quite easily see myself working a hand over my dick until the hot stuff burst forth. I could gaze at my aunt and wank myself hard, the spunk flying out of me in a great rush of joy.

I didn’t say anything in reply. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t trust myself to utter a word in case I blurted something really wrong. The heat was on me, the urges close to overwhelming, and all I could think of to do was to grab at my beer and take a few hefty gulps.

“God, that sun feels gorgeous on my skin,” my aunt put in. “It’s so much nicer than dreary old England,” she added, a sigh coming out as she said it. “Your poor mum. Fancy being delayed like that. I was bloody glad to get away, Craig. It’s been a hard couple of months.”

I nodded and struggled with the dark need inside me.

“This holiday was a great idea, Aunt Nina,” I said, finally getting myself under control. “Thanks for booking this place. Thanks for letting me come over, too.”

“I’m glad of the company, Craig,” she said. “Especially now your mum’s going to be late. I wouldn’t have liked to be here all on my own.”

I didn’t comment, and my aunt seemed to settle. The conversation ended, just tapered out, with her on her front while I sat upright and drank my beer, my cock still fully tumescent.

It went on that way for about five minutes or so, and I’d just drained off the last of the beer when my Aunt Nina let out a sigh.

“Shit,” she said, lifting her head off her hand. “I’m going to burn.”

“Do you want me to go inside?” I asked, thinking she might want to move into the shade.

My aunt frowned. She looked at me and said, “Inside? Why?”

“I thought you might want to get up or something. You know, get under the umbrella. Get out of the sun.”

She shook her head and went up onto her elbows, the movement giving me a side-on view of her breast.

I gulped and only just managed to stop myself from pawing my cock.

“You could put lotion on my back,” she said. “Would you mind, Craig?”

The lust, which had cooled to a simmer, suddenly boiled again. I gulped, swallowing down on the rush of desire.

“Me?” I said on a croak.

“Well, there’s nobody else. And I can’t reach round and do it myself, can I?”

“You sure?” I asked, not knowing if I could do it without lunging in for a grope of her boobs.

“It’s just rubbing lotion into my back, Craig,” my aunt replied.

The way she said it made it seem the most casual thing in the world. Sure, I’m naked; and yeah, you’re my nephew. But so what? Don’t worry, you’ll only be smearing lotion into my skin. Of course, you shouldn’t really be touching me. Not with me being nude, and all. But I’ll burn if you don’t.

I was thinking about it all when my aunt said it out loud, echoed my thoughts: “But I’ll burn if you don’t. And I don’t want a sunburn, Craig.”

“But … But you’re naked,” I stammered.

“Just this once, Craig. Please. I won’t ask again. I promise. Just this once. There’s nobody here. It’s just us. I won’t tell if you don’t.”

With her eyes concealed behind her sunglasses, I couldn’t tell if she was teasing or not. And while I really wanted to get my hands on her body, part of my mind was still capable of warning me against touching my aunt. It might be a simple favour I was bestowing. I would be putting lotion on her skin to protect her from burning, an act of kindness, just helping her out. But I felt the thrill of the illicit. I’d be touching her skin, her body under my fingers, my hands moving over flesh I had no business feeling under my palms.

“I … I don’t know, Aunt Nina,” I said on a croak.

“Oh, Craig,” she huffed, lenses pointing right at me. “It’s only sun lotion. I’m not asking for a massage.”

I doubt I could have coped with a full-on massage. It would be difficult enough just smearing lotion onto her back, God knows how it would be if I really got working over her body.

I gulped and sucked in air through my nose.

“You sure it’s okay?” I asked in what would be her last chance to change her mind.

“Certain,” she told me.

“Okay,” I said. “Where is it?”

“In my bag next to the chair,” my aunt replied. She pointed a finger, weight remaining on her elbows, breasts against the towel, nipples hidden from view.

I looked down and past her and saw her bag.

“In here?” I asked, leaning in low over the top of my aunt to grab it.

“Yep,” she said, nodding.

I fished around inside the bag. Found her cigarettes and lighter. Found a paperback book. Then I touched the plastic bottle and brought it out.

I put the bag down and unscrewed the cap. Looked at my aunt, saw the shape of her body, the sight of her buttocks putting me in a mind to just swat her rump.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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