Aunty Sheen, Dee in Goa – Day 05

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with yet another exciting, sensual post. This is an account of everything that happened on the week-long trip to Goa. My slutty Muslim widowed aunt, Aunty Sheen, and her daughter (my sexy older cousin) Dee along with me went on this short vacation. I’ve already shared detailed accounts of what happened during the first four days of our hedonistic, sexual vacation. This post details the events that transpired on Day 5 of our Goa trip.

A little background first…

I’m Ali. I’m a rich, good-looking Muslim guy. I stand over 5’10” tall, fair-skinned with black, needle-straight hair and big, light-brown eyes. Ever since I was small, I have been playing soccer regularly, so I have an athletic but muscular physiqu. I maintain my physique now by working out regularly. I have three main passions in life — Books, Bikes and Booty — though not always in the same order.

I’m single, in my late 20s now and enjoy a happy, healthy and exciting life with my numerous sexual partners.

About my Family

I can’t reveal where I was born but I can tell you that my hometown is one of the largest cities in central India. I come from a huge extended family, which include the individual families of my father and his seven brothers. We are extremely well-off and live in a huge 2-acre gated and walled property on the northern outskirts of our city. This immense compound is fenced in by a 12-foot tall wall with an immense black, steel gate up front. There are three, 3-storied buildings within the compounds. These buildings have expansive, spacious apartments for each family so we all live together very comfortably.

Regardless of being rich, we live a relatively simple, religious life. My family belongs to an ultra-conservative Muslim sect and almost all of us follow our religious tenets obediently. There are over 20 people living together so we are a close-knit family. However, due to our religious beliefs, we are discouraged from mixing with members of the opposite sex from outside the family. This rule is applied once we reach puberty. The women in my family always wear a Hijab to cover their heads and an Abaya to hide their tall, beautiful, curvy bodies whenever stepping out of home.

Such extreme restrictions resulted in some of my female family members to rebel and start secret, illicit sexual relationships with me. From these, Aunty Sheen is one of the first ones to seduce me. Sheen aunty had been married to my oldest uncle, who sadly passed away in 2006. She has been the matriarch of our huge family ever since. Aunty seduced me less than a couple of weeks after her husband’s demise to vent out the 18 years’ worth of sexual frustration that had built up. Dee is her daughter and my older cousin sister. We’ve been always been really close and shared everything. This caused a sexual attraction to grow between us, which eventually led us to losing our virginity to each other.

About Aunty Sheen

Aunty Sheen does not look like your typical Indian Muslim MILF. She is very different from the other women in my family because Sheen aunty is short, dark and plump. She is barely 5’3″ tall. Sheen aunty has smooth, dark-brown skin. She has a dark round face, with big brown eyes and thin, severe lips. Her hair is still black, wavy and cut to shoulder-length. Aunty Sheen is very voluptuous, with dark, round and soft 50DD boobs which have long, black ultra-sensitive nipples. She has a significantly slim 30″ waist which then widens out to a huge, round and cushy 50″ ass. Her legs are thick, shapely and smooth-skinned.

Aunty Sheen is a mix of Jada Pinkett Smith (Hollywood actress) and Layton Benton (black porn star).

About Dee

Dee is a year older than me and is one of my closest friends. She is short, dusky but very curvy with a fun, bubbly nature. Dee stands around 5’3″ tall and has smooth, light-brown skin. She has a round face with big brown eyes and plump, soft lips which make her look very cute. She has black, wavy hair which she usually keeps down to her shoulders, just like her mother. Dee shares her mother’s curvy genes too and has enormously voluptuous 40D boobs that are very firm, extremely round and crowned with long, dark-brown nipples. Back then, Dee had a significantly slim 26″ waist that flared out to a pair of perfectly round and taut 36″ bubble butts. Dee has smooth, shapely legs which makes her a package.

Dee looks like a mix of Niki Minaj (American Hip Hop star) and Victoria Cakes (black porn star).

Dee and I had lost our virginity to each other long back. Ever since then, we’ve had an obsessively unhealthy sexual relationship. This eventually led us to a live-in relationship in Pune where Dee and I attended college and lived a highly exciting sexual life.


Outdoor Threesomes on Thursday

(7AM — 10AM, Thursday 30th October 2008)

I woke that morning when I felt a hand on my crotch. I cracked my eyes open, looked down and smiled. artemisbet yeni giriş Dee smiled wide from her kneeling position near my feet. She had her hand on my morning wood as she stroked it gently.

“Good morning, babe.” I mumbled as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

“Muah!” Dee kissed me on the mouth, “Good morning baby.” She whispered into my ear and continued to play with my stiff, long dick while smiling naughtily.

I wrenched my eyes away from her pretty round face and looked out through the glass doors of the balcony. Outside, the weather was cloudy and I could see the strong wind blowing the palm fronds against the first-floor balcony railing.

It was around 7 AM on the wall-clock over my head. I had an idea.

“Dee, do you want to go for a jog?” I asked, “It’s nice outside.” I pointed to the glass doors.

“All right.” Dee said excitedly and slid off the bed.

I watched her lovely, large brown ass cheeks jiggle when she shuffled off the edge of the bed. My huge, stiff cock jerked excitedly at this.

“Mm… Good morning. Where are you two going?” Aunty Sheen suddenly mumbled from behind.

“Oh. Hi mom!” Dee said surprised, “We were going out for a jog. Do you want to join us?” She invited her mother.

Aunty Sheen pushed the blanket off and revealed her large, dark, round boobs. I watched them swing gently as she sat up on the bed and rubbed her face with her hands.

“That sounds nice. I’ll come with you for a walk.” Aunty Sheen replied and smiled as she too got up off of the bed on the other side.

I watched my mature aunt’s big, dark breasts dangle and sway as she walked around the bed and passed me by. I followed her huge, round, black ass cheeks and enjoyed the way they swung and jiggled with her steps. My thick, around dick trembled softly now. I followed my cousin and aunt into the cool bathroom and switched on the small golden light-bulb overhead.

It took us less than 15 minutes to relieve ourselves, brush our teeth and get ready for a stroll and jog on the beach.

Sheen aunty looked slutty in her short outfit. She donned a tight-fitting, dark blue colored T-shirt. It clung to her big, bra-less boobs and her long, thick nipples made noticeable dents on the thin fabric. Below, she wore matching blue-colored, stretchy capris. They stuck to her thick, large thighs like a second skin and showed off her shapely, round calves. The tight pants were stretched taut behind her by those huge, rounded mature ass cheeks. Aunty Sheen had worn her dark sneakers on her tiny feet.

Dee, on the other hand, looked very hot. She wore a small, pink-colored vest with a matching sports bra underneath. Her large, firm boobs were pushed together which made her dark cleavage even deeper. Dee’s midriff was visible under the short vest. So were her lovely, curvy hips and flat, soft tummy. She wore bright red soccer shorts below. The shorts clung fiercely to her wide, curvy hips and highlighted her sexy large, round bubble butt. As always, Dee’s sculpted, thick, golden-brown legs were a treat to look at. She had worn her pink sneakers on her small, brown feet.

I was wearing a plain black-colored T-shirt with a pair of blue soccer shorts. I also wore my sneakers. The weather looked cloudy and it could rain any time so we didn’t wear too many clothes. We prepared for the beach too.

Just before leaving, we packed some things in the small black-colored sling-bag. Aunty Sheen kept a couple of water bottles, a towel, fresh pack of Classic Regular cigarettes, a lighter and a couple of joints left over from the day before. She slung the bag over her shoulder and we walked out of the room. After we locked the door we headed down to the parking lot. Alvin waved cheerfully from behind the counter when he saw us pass outside the store entrance. We waved back and walked down the small, winding pathway which led to the beach.

The weather was cloudy with a fierce, salty sea wind blowing in from the sea. The temperature was quite low and it initially chilled my exposed skin. We chatted softly as we made our way out to the beach. The wind blew harder on the open beach and flicked Dee and Aunt’s ponytails and my long, straight hair. There were several people out on the beach. The fishermen had already rowed out to sea but many tourists were out jogging, walking or meditating on the beach-side.

Aunty Sheen could not jog because of her weight, so she was going to walk a few laps along the beach. Dee and I stretched and warmed up while talking and then began to jog back and forth on the familiar sea-side. Gradually, the wind felt less cold as my adrenaline started pumping. Dee and I kept a decent pace on the firm, wet sandy surface along the tide-line. We jogged back and forth between the rocks on the southern end and the Baga River at the north, which was running full.

While jogging, I occasionally glanced at my sexy, older cousin’s big, firm breasts. I loved the way her lovely, artemisbet giriş large boobs jiggled up and down hard while she jogged. My eyes often strayed to Dee’s huge, round ass cheeks. I enjoyed watching them bump up and down with her steps. Whenever we passed Aunty Sheen on the way, I would leer at her openly. My shameless aunty would respond to my leering look by either popping her voluptuous, busty chest out or jiggle her huge, round ass-cheeks invitingly.

I didn’t fail to notice how some of the men on the beach were ogling my mature, slutty aunt’s thick, full figure openly. She noticed it too and responded by walking with an exaggerated swing to her hips. She strolled slowly along the beach and distracted many men while they meditated.

At around half past 8 AM, we decided to stop. Dee and I slowed down gradually and stopped just as we reached the large, round rocks at the southern end of the beach. Aunty Sheen had stopped walking after a few laps and was at the waist-high rocks. The rocks were still moist from the high-tide of the night. Aunty Sheen leaned against a large, lone rock looking out at the stormy grey sea while smoking a cigarette. She turned her head from the sea and grinned when she saw us approaching.

“That felt good.” Dee said as she too leaned on the rock beside her mother.

Aunty Sheen handed us the bottles of water and we drank a few gulps. As we chatted, we decided to smoke the joints and relax on the beach. There were several people sitting on the rocks so we could not smoke weed there. That’s when I suggested that we could walk up to the steep hillock behind and go up to the small cliff-top.

Aunty Sheen and Dee agreed and we sneaked up the slippery slope of the incline. Once we reached the top I led them to the small grove of coconut trees that grew right at the edge of the cliff, facing out to the sea and the rocks around 40 feet below. The ground was littered with coconut fronds inside the grove so it wasn’t too muddy.

We had been there many times before so we took a seat on a fallen coconut tree where we weren’t too visible from the beach below. It was just a couple of feet from the cliff but within the small cluster of coconut trees and quite well-hidden. From our vantage point, we could lean forward and look down at the folks sitting on the rocks below and look to watch the rolling gray sea. I sat in the middle, with Dee to my left and Aunty Sheen sitting close to my right. The wind felt colder as the adrenaline wore off so we snuggled to sit as close together as we could.

The clouds had darkened considerably and the wind had picked up too. It blew straight on our faces, evaporating the sweat from our hot, perspiring bodies. We waited to catch our breaths and then I helped Aunty Sheen and Dee light the two joints.

“Mmm…” Aunty Sheen and Dee moaned softly together as they breathed in the first puff.

I watched them close their eyes and tilt their heads up as they held in the smoke. I waited for a few seconds and they blew out the smoke slowly through their parted lips. The grey, stinky smoke was quickly blown away by the strong, salty sea-wind. I grabbed the joint Aunty Sheen offered me and she took the joint from Dee. I took the first pull and instantly felt the weed take effect. I welcomed the familiar tingling sensation on my fingertips and toes as I sucked the acrid smoke. We passed the two thick, long joints between us.

As we smoked the joint, we naturally started kissing and petting each other. I draped my left arm around Dee’s almost-bare shoulders and she sat close, pressing her taut, big breasts on my side. Dee and I shared several long sensual, smoky kisses. I brushed my hand over Dee’s deep, tight cleavage while she pressed my crotch with her elbow. Aunty Sheen had her left arm around my waist. She slid her hand under my T-shirt and caressed my moist, bare back. Soon though, her hand slid down into my shorts and she grabbed my butt-cheeks. I liked the way her soft, warm palm caressed and squeezed my young, firm butt gently. We quickly relaxed and let the weed take control.

The weed helped me to unwind after the long, hard jog. I began to feel horny too. After a minute or so, I felt my young, big dick getting aroused. It soon made a small visible tent in my crotch. I felt restless and my legs were cramping from almost squatting on the foot-wide fallen tree. When Dee passed me the half-smoked joint, I took it before slowly standing up. I clamped the joint between my lips and stretched my arms and legs.

Then I stepped over the fallen coconut tree and leaned against the thick upright coconut tree a foot behind. I took a deep long drag, closed my eyes and held back the smoke in my lungs. I could hear the crashing waves down below and felt the salty, strong sea-wind sharply on my face. I heard the rustle of the soggy fronds but didn’t open my eyes. Soon, I felt a warm, curvy body lean on me from the left. Then I felt hands grabbing the waistband artemisbet güvenilirmi of my shorts and I finally opened my eyes.

“Hey…” I mumbled as I pretended to protest and grinned.

I looked down to Aunty Sheen grinning with big, red eyes. She was now sitting facing me, with her back to the cliff. She quickly slid my shorts and underwear down to my knees.

Dee had come to stand close to me and placed her right hand on my bare, young butt. I wrapped my left arm around her lovely, curvy waist and pulled her into a side-hug. I spread my feet a few inches on the soggy ground so I could get lower to her big, brown boobs but the shorts around my knees restrained me. So, I let Aunty Sheen strip them off completely. She was careful not to get them muddied and carefully placed them at one side on the fallen tree.

“Yeah…” I grunted my approval and spread my feet a few feet wider.

The strong sea wind felt cold on my bare cock and balls but invigorated me otherwise. I blew out the smoke I had held in and quickly took another drag on the joint before passing it to Dee. By then, Dee had pulled her vest and sports bra up to reveal her firm, round boobs. I held her hand to help her stand upright while she struggled to step out of her small, red soccer shorts. Once she succeeded in pulling down her shorts, Dee stood on tiptoe, grinned and stretched like a semi-naked cat. I knew she loved the cold sea-wind blowing on her bare bottom. She then leaned closer to me and planted her soft, lush lips on mine.

“Mmhh…” Dee and I moaned softly as we shared a moist, tender kiss.

Aunty Sheen, sitting on the log in front, began caressing my bare, strong legs. She brushed her fingertips over my broad calves and up to the back of my knees. Then, she felt her way up my bare, muscular thighs but paused just as her fingers reached my clean-shaven crotch.

“Hmm…” I moaned while kissing Dee.

I had felt my aunt’s warm, soft palm cup my smooth-shaved ball-sack from below.

“Mm…” Dee mewled softly when she broke the kiss to pull deeply on the joint.

I held my sexy, semi-naked cousin close to me. Her large, firm boobs pressed hard against my left torso. At the same time, I was enjoying my aunt’s gentle caresses on my sensitive scrotum.

Soon enough, she wrapped her other hand around my thick, stiffening shaft and began to stroke me. I looked down to see Aunty Sheen wink and leer, with the joint clamped between her thin lips. The embers glowed bright orange in the grey light of the cloudy morning as she took a long puff on the joint. She held the smoke in her lungs and offered the joint to me with a naughty, knowing grin.

Eagerly, I took the joint from her and saw her bend forward till her face was barely an inch away from my aroused, thick dick. I pulled hard at the joint with increasing excitement. I watched lustily as my slutty, mature Muslim aunt blew the acrid, grey smoke out on to my round, circumcised dickhead.

“Oohh…” I groaned with growing arousal and watched my thick, young dick jerk once, “Oh yeahhh…” I groaned approvingly next when Aunty Sheen wrapped her thin, moist lips around my sensitive, swollen dickhead.

I eventually turned my head and noticed Dee observing me closely. She grinned when our eyes met and continued to grin while she pulled back a few inches. This way, she stripped my t-shirt off easily. I let her do that and gladly got nude out on the small hillock on the beach. She dumped my t-shirt on the log and turned to look at me. I lowered myself so I could get my face to her chest. I pushed my face in her warm, voluptuous chest and kissed my way to her large, left breast.

“Oh, baby…” Dee moaned softly when I kissed her lovely, left nipple, “Yesss…” She hissed approvingly when I next started to suck on her taut, long nipple.

Dee grabbed a handful of hair at the back of my head and pulled my face harder on to her wonderful, busty chest. I kissed and sucked on her thick, large nipple and blew the smoke out through my nostrils. I pulled my head back and quickly took a puff on the joint before proceeding to kiss and suck on her right nipple. I have always liked to suck on her big, firm boobs because her nipples are long and become extremely taut when Dee gets aroused.

Down below, Aunty Sheen had started to suck lower and lower down my huge, thick shaft. It was extremely stiff and aunty struggled to fit it into her small, wet mouth. Sheen aunty leaned forward so she could fit my thick, long dick deeper into her mouth. I loved the way her soft, wet tongue ran circles around my huge, thick shaft. She had a firm grip at its base which caused my big, round dickhead to get swollen and tender.

“Mmm… Mmph… Hmmm… Ack… Ackk… Mmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned and gagged softly while she hungrily tried to fit in another few inches of my big, stiff dick into her small, warm mouth.

Sheen aunty let go of my young, clean-shaven balls and reached out to touch Dee’s crotch at my side.

“Oohh… Hmm… Hmm… Oh yeah…” Dee moaned along while I sucked on her big, firm boobs and suddenly jerked and exclaimed when her mother touched her tender, horny pussy, “Yesss…” Dee hissed louder when Aunty Sheen started rubbing her clit.

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