Autumn Morning

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As Gabrielle opened one eye to greet the morning, she let out a slight moan, a sound to softly curse the bright sunshine falling across the bed, and to reprimand her husband for moving from their heavenly positions. Already she could feel his weight shift upon the bed and feel his arms slip out around her entwined body, a position they had snuggled up to late last night. Perhaps on any other night the two could not have slept in such a position so soundly, so cuddled up, their bodies pressing so tightly that sleep would have escaped them. Last night though, the two slept so soundly that it only could have come about from the most satisfying of sex. The two of them had truly had become one, just as the great book had said, and Gabrielle moaned again, a low volume curse that told her husband she wanted to remain in that position truly forever.

“Travis,” she said in a low drawn out tone that signified she was upset at his rebuttal against her wishes. Her words were ignored however as she felt his lips press lightly against her cheek, and then felt his strong hands begin to push between her body and the mattress, scooping her up and lifting her from the bed.

Instantly Gabrielle began to smile. The man she wed had many ideas, many loving traits and this deviation from the normal routine only meant that the powerful loving-making from the night before was going to resume, somehow, someplace this wonderful Sunday morning.

Gabrielle’s smile only grew bigger as she was hefted up into his arms. Never in her life had she felt so loved, so controlled, so taken care of then when he held her in his arms and carried her away. It was barely six Am, and as her other eye opened, she had just enough time to see the room come into focus, then spin slightly as the blankets and comforter fell away and he moved her easily through the room, out the bedroom door and into their living room.

Their house was small, and the walk was rather short, but it was still long enough to impress her how strong her husband orhangazi escort was, and how he could so effortlessly carry her without heavy breathing, without so mush as a strain on his arms and legs to the couch where he gently laid her down. Fluffing the pillow and tucking her in with a soft patch-work quilt was done merely to show his love and she swooned at the two gestures, then felt a deep stirring within her as he kissed her again. This time it was no simple kiss on the cheek, but a deep probing kiss that sent his tongue sliding through her mouth, past her teeth and connected with her tongue that made every dinner she had ever cooked in the past three years worth it; every load of laundry she had done for him worth it, and certainly every duty a wife could do for her husband, worth it.

For that reason alone she let out a little louder moan as he broke the kiss and retreated by a step or two. She tried to beckon him back, but she could see from the look in his eye that he had a reason for everything, and she watched as he hooked his thumbs into the waistline of his pajama bottoms and whisked them downward. As he did so, he had made sure to catch the waistband of his boxers as well, and with one fell swoop, had stripped himself naked. Just watching her husband step from the pajama bottoms and kick them quietly out of view along the hardwood floor, made Gabrielle suck in her breath. Between the showmanship of his strength, and now the exhibition of his nude body, Gabrielle was smitten with love and amazement.

“I thought I would cook you breakfast in bed this morning Hon, but I thought I would do it for you naked. I figured if I brought you out here on the couch you could watch me,” he said as he slowly spun around on one foot so that his wife could see all of him.

Gabrielle smiled a broad smile. Her husband had a great ass and did not mind showing it off for her. His cock was equally pleasing, both in size, use and how pleasurably it looked now nilüfer escort arching hard up and to the right. She could not resist a little squirm of pleasure as she watched him from the couch walk the short distance into the kitchen and begin to prepare their breakfast.

Under the blankets Gabrielle could not resist the urge to slip her hands upon her sex and slowly begin to massage the area that was now as much her husband’s as it was hers. Everything he had done this morning was done to slowly excite her. Even now she could feel the build within her. Just watching her powerful husband glide naked about the room, his backside turning in and out of view in time to the cooking of the eggs, the pouring of juice and the shuffling of bacon upon the frying pan, made Gabrielle wild with excitement. She realized as her fingers began to get damp that she could return the pleasure in her own sweet way. Kicking the covers off her torso, she stretched out upon the couch, striking a pose of pointed feet, a body part both of them so dearly loved about her as her fingers toyed shamelessly with her sex.

Between his cooking tasks, Gabrielle noted that he took glances at her. She knew full well that she looked as sexy as him. Last night to inspire she had worn a dark red haltered chemise and she still wore it now, the hemline pushed up and her fingers deeply inserted, toying, running lightly across the hairless mound that Gabrielle kept in an impeccable shaved state just for her husband.

The ambiance outside their small log home only added to the beauty within, the morning sunshine reflected bright red in the East, the low light of the sun reflecting off the deep white frost of this New England autumn. Sadly already half the red, yellow and tan leaves had fallen from the trees, but there was enough clinging to the Beech trees to show that Fall had not quite given up on Maine just yet.

Gabrielle’s self-ministrations upon her sex took a slight hiatus as bacon grease splattered bursa türbanlı escort out of the pan and a spot or two landed on her husband’s stomach, thighs and genitals. Gabrielle could not help but make a hearty laugh as he jumped around and cursed the bacon for its misdeed. Convinced that he was not burned to bad at all, Gabrielle summonsed him over towards her.

“Here, let me kiss your boo-boo,” she said with a smile and then with her own sexy laugh jokingly took his raging hard-on into her mouth and gently licked at his balls. If the bacon had not been cooking and the eggs almost done, Gabrielle would have gladly finished the job. As it was she had never taken her fingers off her clit and just watching her husband walk away, the bright sunshine highlighting his round buttocks, drew her ever closer to her finale.

Rubbing harder and faster, it was all Gabrielle could do to keep her eyes open and upon her kitchen-toiling husband as she thought about what he was doing for her. Slowly she felt the build, the feeling welling up stronger and stronger until she was sure she was about to explode. Only when she rolled her tongue around in her mouth and subliminally licked her lips and tasted the slight-pre-come from her husbands hastily sucked cock, did Gabrielle release. With a load moan and flickering fingers, Gabrielle cried out on the couch, her bottom slip-sliding away on the silk chemise as her orgasm overwhelmed her in wave after powerful wave.

Through the thick of it all, she had scarcely noticed her husband sliding plates, cups and utensils onto the table in preparation for breakfast. As her pleasure receded and her eyes opened again to greet the sight, her husband swooped down to sit next to her on the couch.

“Did you enjoy that,” he asked with a gentle kiss upon her cheek? Nodding her head but speechless, Travis had just long enough to say that “Breakfast is ready.”

With determination, Gabrielle forced herself off the couch, grabbed her husband firmly by the cock and led him over to the breakfast table with her teeth gritted the whole time. Roughly shoving the plates of food aside, she cleared a path through the carefully laid out dishes.

“Fuck breakfast,” she said and laid back on the table, her legs outstretched and wide, more then ready to be taken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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