Ava’s Ass

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Author’s note: This story posted by RedTang is inspired by adventures between two Literotica authors, BlueTang and Ethyllene. Please visit our separate pages for other stories.


I love my wife’s ass. I always have. Since we first started dating and she shared her liking of anal sex, anal activities have been a part of our sexual repertoire. It started with one of our very first remote “dates.” We lived apart, but we knew from the start that we had a lust for each other that could only be satisfied by orgasming together. Sometimes we did it by text; sometimes on the phone; eventually by video. On our very first phone sex chat, Ava pulled in anal as we talked and touched ourselves.

“I know you want more anal. I want you to do something,” she said, “and I don’t want you to say no. Trust me. It’ll be OK.”

I was nervous, but said OK.

“Go get your toothbrush from the bathroom.” I did. “Now I want you to take your lube and lube it up. And then I want you to slide it into your ass.” I followed her directions. It slid in easily, as my ass had taken bigger vibrators before. But I could feel the hard, unyielding plastic pushing on me from the inside. “Good boy. Now stroke your cock. I’m thinking of your ass with that toothbrush in it. I know it feels, good, doesn’t it?” I told her it did. “Good. I’m touching my pussy. I wish I was there to play with your ass myself, but this will have to do for now.” I could hear her breathing heavily. “Now move it around. In and out.” I complied, telling her how it felt sliding in and out of my tight asshole. “Uh huh. I can imagine you there, with your legs spread wide, one hand on the toothbrush, the other stroking your hard cock. It is hard, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s so hard,” I whispered, trying to balance the phone by my ear while using both my hands on myself. “I have a lot of precum too.”

“Oh you do? Dirty boy. I want you to taste it for me.”

“OK,” I whispered, and moved my hand up my cock like I was squeezing a sponge, pushing the precum up the length of my shaft and out. Scooping it up on my thumb, I brought it to my mouth, licking it, tasting the salty, slippery liquid. “It’s salty.” I heard her breath catch.

“I’ll bet it is. Good boy, Hank.”

“Now I want you to taste yourself too.” I heard a small gasp, followed by a soft, “OK.” I heard some rustling sounds, and I imagined her running her finger up her slit and lifting it to her lips.

“I’m so wet,” I heard.

“How do you taste?”

“Mild. I taste good.”

“I can’t wait to taste you. I want to slide my tongue deep in you. To taste you. I want to eat you until you come.”

She laughed softly. “Maybe you’ll get to.”

We were silent for a moment, each concentrating on touching ourselves. I propped myself so that the toothbrush would stay in me without Etiler escort me holding it, putting pressure on my prostate. I brought both hands to my cock, one stroking, and one playing with my balls.

“I’m getting close,” I murmured.

“God, me too,” I heard Ava mutter. “Is the toothbrush still in you?”

“Yes. I can feel it.”

“Good. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes… Ava, I’m about to come…”

“Yes, me too, come for me, come with that toothbrush in you,” Ava was breathing heavily, almost panting. “Oh, I’m gonna… I’m… Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming…” Ava’s words put me over the edge, and my cock pulsed, shooting come up in air, landing on my belly. I pulsed again, and again, my spasms finally slowing. The head of my cock became too sensitive to touch, and I gave a final run of my hand up my cock to force the last of my come out.

“That was good baby,” Ava said after a minute. “Do you still have your toothbrush in you?”

“Yes,” I said. I’m still recovering.”

“Good,” she said. “Take it out and throw it away. You can get another one at the front desk tomorrow.”

That was our first anal play together. We had many more. We each liking taking a butt plug, and often had them in while we fucked. Our plugs matched in size; mine black and hers pink. And if Ava wasn’t in the mood for sex, she would sometimes put a plug in me and jerk me off. Usually, that session would start with her fingers invading my sphincter, first one, then two, getting me ready for my 1 ½” plug.

Ava always loved insertions as one of her fetishes. She liked to take different objects in her pussy, seeing what fit, and seeing what felt good. We started with bathroom items like my hair brush. When we were travelling, found objects were very exciting, like a hotel shampoo bottle, slid into her until only the cap was visible. When we were playing at home, we used kitchen utensils. Like our cooking spoons, which I would slowly push into her until the end of the long handle touched her cervix and she gasped. The handle of a rolling pin. The smooth metal handle of a whisk, which made her come as the coolness slid into her hot, wet pussy. And sometimes tools – the handle of different screwdrivers, from smallest to largest, stretched her as she held her pussy lips open for me to see her holes. The metal shaft gave me something to hold as the handle disappeared all the way inside of her, reaching all the way to the back of her pussy. As we played and she became excited, the penetration became deeper, and I could slide them in and out, hitting the back of her pussy as she rubbed her clit until she came, squeezing her legs tight together around her pussy, trapping whatever object we were playing with inside until she could uncoil and I could slide it out.

Knowing of Ava’s object fetish, Beşiktaş escort I took pictures of my ass for Ava. But not just any pictures – pictures of my ass with something inserted in it. I took a medium sized screwdriver from the same set that I had used to fuck Ava, and took pictures with the handle inserted in my asshole. When she saw the picture, all she said was “You dirty boy, Hank. Your ass is definitely ready for something else.”

We had anal sex the first time we met – multiple times in one weekend, in fact. The first time we made love was unbelievable. I remember the feel of sliding into her, how good it was to stroke inside her. Ava’s pussy was hot, and tight, and smooth. And when I came deep inside her, I swear I could feel my come filling the depths of her pussy and splashing back to surround my cock head with heat. And our second time making love was just as good, and anally. We knew we wanted to, and Ava’s ass was hot and ready without much preparation needed. Lubing my fingers, I played with her tight opening, sliding in one finger and then two to loosen her. But Ava quickly got up onto her hands and knees, and told me, “I’m ready.” Lubing up my cock, I placed the head against her asshole and pushed gently. Her ass opened almost instantly, and the head pushed inside. She made a small noise and I paused, until she whispered, “keep going.” I pushed in a little more, and pulled back before pushing forward again. My cock was throbbing as I got progressively deeper into her. Like her pussy, Ava’s ass was hot, and slick, but her anal opening was tight around the base of my cock. It didn’t take long for almost the whole length of my cock to be inside her ass.

I began to slide in and out, and as Ava began to moan, I began to push harder and deeper into her. My hips were hitting against her beautiful ass, my cock deep in her. I could feel my cock swell as I worked on getting enough friction to come in her ass. Ava’s ass was not as tight as her pussy, but it was oh so hot, and she took me as deep as I could thrust. I slowed to pull almost all the way out, and slid back in to the hilt. Ava moaned loudly again, and I repeated the motion. It was almost too much, and I began to fuck her ass faster, and harder. She was pushing back against me, trying to force me deeper inside, and heard her say, “Keep going… Yes, yes, come in me, I’m there..”

A few more strokes, and I began to come too. I pushed as deep as I could into Ava as my come burst into her ass, pulling out a little only to push in again as I pulsed, and pulsed again. Ava thrashed under me, pushing back as I pulled out, keeping my cock inside her as I rocked back and forth. I collapsed on top of her, my hips tight against her, and she collapsed to the bed under me. I lay on her for a minute, my cock still inside Taksim escort her, with both of our breathing slowing until I moved and my cock slid out of her with an audible pop. We lay nestled together, until Ava kissed me and led me to the bathroom to clean up.

I didn’t get to lick Ava’s ass until the second or third time we met. Licking Ava is my favorite fetish. I love the musty smell I approach her ass, kissing her buttocks and working my way to her center. I love spreading her cheeks apart to reveal her puckered hole, watching it pulse as she tightens with excitement to me looking at her. And I love using my tongue on her. I start by gradually working toward her opening, sometimes licking in the crack of her ass, sometimes just my planting kisses closer and closer to her hole until I’m breathing on it. I trace my tongue in a circle, running around the rim of her anus. I can feel her ridges as I run my tongue it around first one side of her asshole, then the other. I could lick Ava’s asshole for an hour.

After licking over her hole, I always want to push my tongue deep inside. Ava’s ass is always tight, and my first forays to penetrate her never succeed. But as I continue to lick around and over her asshole, I can gradually force my tongue further into her. First it’s just a little. But as I push, I can feel her stretch a little, and then my tongue feels like it’s starting to go into her opening. Her ridged outside transitions into the velvety- smoothness inside her anal ring, and I can feel that softness against the tip of my tongue. After pushing in, I’ll return and lick around her ridged rim, and then return to push my tongue into her further. I can feel her opening to my tongue. But my tongue never seems hard enough to get too deep into her tight hole. Trying is always fun, and I’ll lick and push my tongue in until Ava gets too turned on. Then she pulls me up and tells me it’s time for me to fuck her ass.

Licking Ava’s asshole always loosens her enough for my cock to slide directly into her ass. When she is warmed up like this, Ava will push back against me and I will slide right in, this time quickly. Once my head is through the tight inner ring of Ava’s ass, it will only take 2 or three thrusts until I’m deep in her and I can begin to fuck her ass at the same pace I would her pussy. Ava always gives out a long, low moan as I slide into her at the start, and will sometimes even whimper as her ass stretches around me and as I begin to move back and forth, but she never wants me to pull out. When she’s ready, I’ll press her down to the bed, pinning her hips as I thrust the full weight of my hips onto her, my cock pushing hard, going as deep as I can manage as I thrust into her. It doesn’t take me long to come when I do this, and Ava will come too as I force her against the bed under me, having an anal orgasm that she says is totally different from her other orgasms.

I’m a lucky man, especially when Ava whispers to me, “Don’t you love it that your wife loves you so much that she lets you fuck her ass?” I tell her yes, and plan for the next time.

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