Avery’s Desire Pt. 10

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Avery and Rick arrived back at the apartment around ten that night. They were both pretty tired, but also excited. Their first date had gone perfectly, even despite Avery being nervous in the beginning. They decided to go to TJ’s steak house and buffet. It was a favorite of Avery’s but a place that he rarely had the chance to go to. It wasn’t overly expensive but it also wasn’t considered cheap dinning like fast food. Avery was concerned about the price but Rick assured him that he could afford it. He wasn’t about to take Avery to Mcdonalds their first time out as a couple and he refused to allow Avery to pay his own way either.

Avery was thrilled to go; it had been a long time since anyone had taken him out on an actual date, though he would have been just as pleased sitting home eating macaroni and cheese. It didn’t really matter to him where they went, or what they ate; as long as he was with Rick, he was happy.

Spending time together in a public place wasn’t without its advantages though. Avery was proud to walk in with Rick, hand in hand. It was like he was showing him off and Rick felt the same way about Avery. He realized just how good they looked together; they complimented each other perfectly, each of them falling into their respective roles without any argument. Rick liked that about Avery; he never felt the need to be assertive and was happy to let Rick take the lead in most situations.

Avery didn’t mind at all that Rick assumed the more traditional ‘male’ role in their budding romance, because Rick didn’t really treat Avery like a woman. He opened the door for Avery, and insisted on paying for their meal, but they each agreed that next time, Avery could pick up the check.

Rick quickly realized that being with Avery meant making a few compromises, and he was fine with that. It wasn’t what he was really used to in a relationship but he didn’t think that it would be too difficult for him to adapt. The most important thing to Rick was just being with Avery and making him happy.

Avery was in really good spirits throughout the course of the meal which really pleased Rick. Avery had a contagious smile that seemed to light up the entire room, Rick loved seeing his smile, and he loved seeing Avery happy. It seemed that all of Avery’s fears had quickly vanished as they sat enjoying their food and some light hearted conversation.

There were no judgmental looks, sneers, or mocking glances. In fact, most of the people seated around them weren’t really even paying them any attention. The waitress who had taken their order smiled warmly at them, and the hostess who’d seated them was kind and accommodating.

At first Avery had glanced around the room, nervously looking for any sign that their presence there was unwanted. Rick casually reached across the table and placed his hand on top of Avery’s.

“Relax…” He whispered with a reassuring smile. “We’re not doing anything wrong. Besides, if anyone is staring at you, it’s probably just because you’re hot.” Avery looked down, blushing some as he smiled back at Rick. “You always know the right things to say.”

Rick shrugged. “It’s the truth. You’re beautiful, and when you blush like that you’re totally adorable.”

“Oh my God…” Avery tried to hide his face as he laughed.

Rick chuckled some. He picked up the menu and scanned over it but he was only half conscious of the items listed there. His attention was focused on Avery and how happy they both were. Being there with him, dinning out as a real couple, it was like a dream come true. ‘If I’m dreaming…’ Rick thought, ‘I pray to God I never wake up.’

Avery dropped his coat on the couch. Rick walked in behind him then shut and locked the door. He yawned as he removed his own coat and laid it over the arm chair next to the door. Avery wrapped his arms around Rick’s neck and kissed him. “Sleepy?” He asked.

Rick smiled. He put his hands on Avery’s hips and pulled him closer, pressing their bodies together. “I’m not that sleepy.” He said as he kissed the boy back.

“Um…”Avery licked his lips as he looked up at Rick seductively. “I had a nice time tonight.” He told him. “Dinner was really good, but now I want desert.”

Rick raised an eye brow and smiled. “Desert sounds really good.”

He slipped his hands down over Avery’s hips and rested them on his firm, little ass, giving it a good squeeze.

Avery kissed Rick’s neck, and then nipped at his ear. “Rick…” He whispered into his ear. “Take me to bed.”

Rick groaned slightly, tightening his grip on Avery’s ass. Avery continued to kiss and suck at Rick’s neck as he pressed his body into Rick’s. Rick could feel himself begin to swell as the anticipation of what was to come grew. Finally, he couldn’t resist it any longer. He scooped Avery up, cradling him in his arms as if he were a small child, and carried him back to the bed room.

He laid Avery down gently on the bed then crawled in next to him. Avery rolled onto his side and stared into Rick’s isveçbahis yeni giriş eyes. He smiled at him. Rick let his fingers slide through Avery’s silky long hair. He reached around and pulled the rubber band off that held his pony tail back, and let the boys ebony locks fall softly over his shoulder and onto the bed.

“I just can’t get over how beautiful you are.” Rick told him. “You’re like an angel that fell to earth. No human being could possibly be this beautiful.”

Avery snickered. “Thank you for the compliment, though I’m not sure ‘Angel’ would necessarily be that accurate.”

Rick smiled and shook his head. “Oh shut up, you’re a perfect Angel.” He cupped Avery’s face in his hands and kissed him. “And I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

“Hmm…”Avery kissed him back. “I could argue that I was.” He moved closer to Rick and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Rick put his hand on Avery’s hip as he leaned into the kiss. His heart was beating so fast, his breathing was becoming heavier. Rick felt dizzy. His mind had blocked out everything in the world except Avery. Avery was now the center of his world as well as the object of his desire. Everything about Avery brought Rick to life; the feel of his skin, the touch of his lips, even the smell of his cologne. Rick closed his eyes as he inhaled Avery’s aroma. He was absolutely captivated by him.

Avery touched the side of Rick’s neck, his fingers curling around, gently touching the skin and hair in back. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue. He licked Rick’s lips and kissed him again. When Rick opened his mouth, Avery pushed his tongue in, tightening his grip on the back of Rick’s neck; he captured his lips with his mouth and kissed him hard. Rick moaned. Their tongues met, moving together, twisting, and twirling around in his mouth. Avery’s fingers griped Rick’s hair, pulling him closer. He sucked his tongue, and then his mouth.

His lips tasted deliciously like menthol and red wine; mouthwatering, and his scent, his scent was tantalizing. He smelled like a man; rough, sweaty and natural with a sweet musky perfume that was intoxicating. Avery breathed him in, shivering with excitement. He let his hand drop down to Rick’s face and he lovingly touched his cheek. He had a bit of stubble that Avery found quite alluring.

Everything about him was so arousing that Avery could barely contain himself, he wanted Rick; he needed him like crazy. Every inch of Avery’s body was screaming to be touched. He wanted to feel Rick pressed against him, the weight of his body on top of him, and the feel of his hands exploring his naked form.

Slowly Rick’s hand moved up Avery’s hip, over his side, and beneath his shirt. He ran his hand over Avery’s back, letting his fingers trail along his spine causing the boy to quiver at his touch. The kiss seemed to go on forever, and Avery savored every moment of it. Rick’s touch was maddening. His kisses, gentle at first, became more intense, more demanding.

Rick pushed Avery over onto his back, resting his head against the soft pillows that were piled up near the headboard, then gently turned his head to the side and planted his lips eagerly upon the boy’s neck.

“Umm…” Avery moaned as Rick kissed him. “Oh God Rick, that feels great.”

Rick put his hand on the side of Avery’s face. He brushed his thumb over his bottom lip. Avery opened his mouth; he nipped at Rick’s thumb then kissed it.

“I love you so much Avery.” Rick whispered.

He kissed him quickly on the mouth then sat up and pulled his shirt off. Avery grinned as he marveled at how handsome Rick was. Everything about him screamed sex appeal. He was completely enthralled with him. Avery loved everything about Rick, his thick auburn hair, his beautifully sensuous, cinnamon eyes, his muscular arms…Rick was a God in his eyes and Avery worshiped him.

“You have way too many clothes on.” Rick mused. He pushed Avery’s shirt up past his chest and pulled it off over his head.

Rick kissed Avery’s chest. “That’s a little better.” He said as he kissed his way down Avery’s body till he came to the waist band of his pants. Rick undid the button then slowly pulled the zipper down so that a small bit of his pubic region was revealed. “Now, I just have to get rid of these.” Rick winked, smiling; he pulled Avery’s pants down and off, dropping them on the floor next to the bed.

Rick looked down, admiring Avery’s body. He placed his hands between the boy’s thighs and pushed his legs apart. Rick eyed his sex hungrily. Avery was semi hard but it sprang to life when Rick leaned over and laid his lips upon it, kissing it delicately. Avery whimpered and moaned. He drew his knees up; planting his feet on the mattress with his legs spread open. Rick lowered himself, situating his head between the boy’s legs as he began to kiss and lick his special place. Avery’s erection continued to grow and stiffen, bobbing up and down as Rick stroked it, as though it were isveçbahis giriş a small bud struggling to blossom.

Rick took the entire length of it into his mouth and sucked furiously. He dragged his tongue along the shaft then teasingly over the head before delving back down on the organ, owning it as he sucked with voracious greed. Avery arched his back, writhing on the bed as he moaned with pure passion. Rick cupped Avery’s sack in his hand and massaged it gently. Avery jerked; he closed his eyes and groaned loudly. He was breathing in heavy gasps as the mounting pleasure overtook him. Rick continued to fondle him, his tongue moved slowly along the length, teasing it.

He grazed it over his teeth, then playfully bit at the head all while sucking and licking at the soft, salty, flesh of the organ. Avery wrapped his fingers tightly around the edge of the headboard and moaned loudly as hot, searing waves of ecstasy rocked his slender body. Rick lifted his balls, and then swept his tongue over them. Avery shuttered and cried out as he felt himself nearing his release.

Rick recognized his sounds and with a playful grin he devoured Avery’s arousal once more and sucked it until he felt Avery explode in his mouth. He drank him in, greedily swallowing all that he had to offer.

“Oh God Rick, that was…amazing.” Avery sighed as he collapsed back against the cushions on the bed.

Rick licked the last of Avery’s juices from his member, and then licked his lips. He moved to Avery’s mouth and kissed him deeply and passionately, invading Avery’s mouth with his tongue as he lovingly wrapped his arms around him, pulling the boy into a tight embrace.

“You taste amazing.” Rick told him. “I swear I can’t get enough of you.” Rick sat up and looked down at Avery.

He looked so sexy laying there, his arms stretched high above his head, and his chest rising and falling with each ragged breath. His nipples were hard and pink, a sharp contrast against his pale, creamy white complexion. Rick’s eyes were locked on the boy. His hands slid over his soft flesh, exploring him. He traced the line of his hip, over his thigh, and along his calf. He leaned forward and grasping the underside of Avery’s knee, began kissing the side of his leg.

“Your kisses feel amazing.” Avery whimpered.

Avery felt himself flush with color when Rick looked down at him. His smile was so handsome; Avery’s heart did leaps and bounds inside his chest when he caught those amber eyes move over him. Avery desired Rick so badly then, it was all he could think of. He wanted to feel the weight of his body against him, the hot, feverish feel of his naked flesh pressed passionately close to Avery’s. He wanted to feel Rick inside of him as they moved and melted together becoming one being.

As though able to read his mind, Rick released Avery’s leg back onto the mattress and then kissed him once more before slipping off the bed and removing his own slacks. Rick, now completely nude, crawled onto the bed, situating himself between Avery’s legs.

Avery watched him with deep desire and hunger in his eyes. Rick’s body was stunning, so much so that Avery had a difficult time tearing his eyes away from Rick’s naked visage. He wasn’t a truly big guy, though he was quite a bit larger than Avery. He was well built, with firm, strong limbs. There wasn’t a bit of fat anywhere on his entire body though he had broad shoulders and a thick, muscular chest.

His chest calves, and thighs were covered in a thin layer of fuzz that trailed down over his abdomen to his groin. His organ, long and hard, protruded from within a thick nest of auburn curls. As he leaned down to kiss Avery, Rick pressed his crotch against him. Avery exhaled as his entire body shuttered with anticipation at the feeling of Rick’s heavy erection.

Rick kissed him ravenously, his mouth sucking and biting at every inch of exposed skin he found. Avery moaned and pinched his eyes closed. His hands reached around Rick, pushing his fingers into his back, he pulled him down, pressing their bodies closer together. Rick groaned as he moved his mouth down over Avery’s bare, smooth, chest.

He kissed the boys nipples, teasing them with his tongue then he bit at them playfully. Rick’s hands were everywhere, touching him, caressing him, and exploring him. His fingers brushed over Avery’s erect nipples, wet from Rick’s mouth. He pinched them, tugging lightly on each one before devouring them again, and sucking hard at the soft pink flesh.

Avery stiffened, his body jerked and he pushed his fingers deeper into the bare flesh of Rick’s back. “Oh God you turn me on.” Rick moaned a deep, guttural moan.

He rested his hand on Avery’s hip, his other hand cupping the boy’s ass cheek as he gave it a sharp, playful, squeeze. Avery gave a soft, deep, feverish moan. Rick squeezed again, this time rubbing and caressing his ass. Just when Avery felt as though he could endure no more, Rick cupped both hands beneath him, lifted isveçbahis güvenilirmi his hips, and pulled Avery up, against him.

Rick pushed Avery’s knees up so that they were nearly touching Avery’s chest, then he spread the boy’s legs farther apart, revealing that hot, tight, little portal. Rick stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked it, letting his saliva cover it completely. He then took that finger and slowly but forcefully pushed it into Avery’s hole. It slid in effortlessly and with so much ease that he was able to insert a second finger with as little force.

He moved his fingers in and out slowly, and then withdrew them just as slowly. He traced the outline of Avery’s opening, circling around his soft, tingling flesh. Avery whimpered, bit his bottom lip, and squirmed a bit on the bed. Rick pushed his fingers inside once more and continued to tease him. He smiled when he looked down at Avery again, taking great pleasure in the boys torment. Hearing the sounds he made, seeing the look on his face, and feeling his legs quiver were all so arousing to him.

Just the thought of feeling himself sinking deep into that tight, dark, cavern made Rick’s balls ache, but he wanted to savor the moment; take it slow, dragging it out till the last possible moment before plunging in. Up till now, their bedroom play had been mostly oral, with some heavy petting, but this would be the first time that the two had made love with each other. Rick was eager to take that next step in their relationship, but he also wanted it to be special, romantic, and sensual.

Avery was precious to Rick and he wanted to show that in his love-making. Every touch, each caress, every passionate kiss was just one more way for him to show Avery how in love with him he was. Rick had never felt so in love with anyone in his entire life. The love he felt with Avery was so pure, it was as though his entire life up till this point had been an opening act but now, with Avery, the main show had finally begun.

Rick looked at Avery and his heart skipped a beat. His withdrew his fingers then leaned over and kissed Avery on the lips. He gazed into his emerald eyes and smiled as Avery drew him down for another kiss, and then another. They kissed each other as though their lives depended upon it. They kissed as though it was their first kiss; and then, gently, Rick wrapped his arms around Avery and lifted him up, off the bed, pulling him onto his lap.

Avery stretched his arms out around Rick’s neck and held him tight. Rick slipped his hands beneath Avery’s bottom and raised him up slightly and, handling him with gentle care, he guided his entrance over his throbbing organ, and then slowly lowered him onto it.

Avery nuzzled Rick’s neck, moaning loudly as he felt Rick slide deeper inside him. Rick groaned, his hands still tightly grasping Avery’s ass, he pulled him closer, pressing their naked bodies together in a tight embrace. Avery spread his legs farther apart as he straddled Rick, his sex was pushed against him, nudging his stomach, causing Rick to quake with such immense pleasure that his body suddenly erupted in a wave of uncontrollable tremors.

“Oh God, yes…” Avery purred. He pushed down with his feet as he began to lift and drop himself slowly onto Rick’s cock.

Rick leaned back, propping himself up on one arm while the other he had around Avery, holding his hand firmly on the small of his back. He thrust his hips forward, falling into rhythm with Avery as the two rocked together in perfect synchronicity.

“Oh God, baby…” Rick moaned deep and low, his chest heaving in heavy breaths. He felt delirious with pleasure. Avery’s tight little hole felt so good wrapped around his eager and hungry cock. Each time that Avery clenched his muscles it sent waves of pure ecstasy throughout Rick’s entire being.

“Fuck yes!” He growled as he slid his hand from Avery’s back, down to his ass, once more squeezing it hard. “Oh fuck baby boy, you feel so damn good.”

“Umm, so do you.” Avery exhaled, “You feel amazing, Rick.”

Rick continued to thrust himself forward pumping his cock in and out of Avery’s hole while Avery rode him. Rick was in heaven. Sex with women had never felt this good to him; it was like he was experiencing a new sense of satisfaction that he didn’t even knew existed.

Harder and harder he pumped him until they were both breathless. Rick sensed Avery’s growing fatigue so he slowed his pace then gently laid the boy back against the mattress, resting his head on the enormous bank of pillows once again.

Rick lifted Avery’s leg up and placed it over his shoulder. His other leg Rick grasped under the knee and held tight, pushing it to the side as he began to drive himself forward, burying his dick in Avery’s ass.

“Uh…Fuck!” Avery cried out as Rick pounded his ass with furious force. “Oh God Rick…yes…Fuck yes! Oh my God, harder…oh God!”

Rick moved his hips faster and harder, slamming himself deeper and deeper into Avery. A thick covering of perspiration broke out all over his body and his arms and legs were shaking from the effort. “Oh God you feel so fucking good!” Rick howled. He worked even harder now, totally enraptured with the cries and whimpers of total elation coming from Avery’s mouth.

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