Awakening, Assimilation, and Denial

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This is a follow on chapter to look but don’t touch and is part of a series that deals with the idea of nymphs in modern times.

Giselle found the scene in Matt’s office bewildering. They had lain coupled together for some time. It seemed as if Matt would continuously pump his hot cum into her willing virginal pussy and the endorphins would flood their senses for an eternity. The orgasm was intense beyond anything she had ever witnessed when she had watched the old man with the call girls. Matt had fucked her from every conceivable angle and piece of furniture.

Once he had tasted her juices and brought her to her first squirting orgasms his cock had swelled beyond recognition and he had brought her to countless orgasms, each more intense than the next. Each causing her hot tight pussy to explode with wetness and clamp his swollen member like a wet velvet vice. Her pussy vibrated with a fine shiver that pulsed around his cock and when she had rode him and rocked on his enormous cock and he exploded inside her she felt as if her pussy drew him inside her and milked him of his energy, his strength and his hot sticky cum that shot in endless steams into her eager pussy. She had collapsed on him and they shared simultaneous breaths their bodies in complete synchrony, their heartbeats aligned, their skin radiating a gentle heat.

Giselle had stirred to find that Matt had passed out exhausted by the intensity of their lovemaking. She pulled herself off his cock reluctantly and dressed while he lay with a blissful expression. She put on her silk bra and then the dress. She had worn her panties throughout the lovemaking and they were stained with her virgin blood and soaked with the gushes of her excitement.

She gently woke Matt and kissed him sweetly and guided him to a cab with instructions to take him home making excuses that he was unwell. In his suit jacket pocket she had placed her blood stained panties. She promised she would visit him before the end of the day to continue their lovemaking in more congenial surroundings. He left as if in a trance obeying everything she asked of him and quietly boarded the cab to go home to wait for her.

Giselle had intended to follow him as soon as she could make her excuses at work. She felt unbelievably strange. She felt more alive than she had ever felt, a surge of energy filled every pore. Memories started to drift back to her, ideas filled her head as if the sex had awakened her past. She had a strange desire to revisit the apartment where the old man had first found her.

As she made her way through the busy office building she felt a tingling sensation each time she passed a man who looked at her. As if she knew what they were thinking. Sure she was dressed in a very short dress and had no knickers on but there was something else an awakening sense of the sexual tension in the onlookers. She felt so sexy, so desirable so horny.

She hailed a cab and chose to sit in the front seat. As she sat she knew her short skirt would rise within a hairs breadth of her naked pussy. The cab driver was middle aged perhaps forty, he was fit and toned for his age. The vision Giselle offered him was not wasted. He drank in her lithe feminine form with approval scanning her long shapely legs and running his eyes over every inch of her delicious figure. Delighting in her small round firm breasts and angelic youthful face. Giselle recognised his hunger she felt his yearning as if it was her own and then she realised that she was hungry too.

She was imagined touching this stranger, she imagined taking his cock into her mouth. She gave him the address of the apartment sat back in her seat and watched him glance at the gap between her legs beneath the hem. His breathing quickened. By the time they had reached the apartment the lump in his pants was too obvious for words.

Giselle had not spoken a word to the cab driver and liked the idea of being anonymous she was so horny so hungry. She leaned across to the driver and kissed his ear lobe and slid her hand over the large lump that filled his pants. He moaned as he pulled into the kerb. She nimbly unzipped him and slid her hand into his pants liberating his cock from its confines wordlessly she stroked him pulling the foreskin back from his cock and kneading his cock until it became rock hard. Her fingers barely touched as he stroked him gently. He was so thick and hard.

‘Ooooooooh yeah that’s so good honey.’ He sighed.

Wordlessly, for that was the only way she felt she could do this with a stranger she lowered her head onto his cock and ran her moist tongue around the tip slurping noisily. The taste of pre cum made her shiver and tingle. This was what she wanted or was it what she needed. She needed him to cum in her mouth. She blew across the tip as she moistened her thumb and painted the wetness onto it. She grazed his swollen balls with her deft fingertips and nails and felt their weight in the palm of her hand. Her tongue began to flicker in tiny wet swishing motion all Sivas Escort over the tip as her hands cupped and stroked. When the cabbie began to shake with excitement she slid his whole cock down her throat and began to suck him hard and fast. He screamed in pleasure as she moved her head up and down on his cock followed by her teasing and stroking hands.

It was barely five minute before the cabbie exploded in her eager mouth and she drank his offering like a greedy child. The cabbie too erupted into copious quantities of cum and Giselle swallowed every drop as he sat back his head rolled back onto the headrest exhausted. When he had finished he too passed out and looked comatose or asleep. Giselle never bothered to wake him. She decided not to leave his fare and simply left the cab and headed up the stairs of the stylish art deco building of which only vague memories persisted.

She entered the building and passed the front desk where the porter smiled as if he recognised her and waved to her. She entered the old elevator and chose the top floor penthouse suite. The building was circa 1920 and art deco. It had been recently renovated in lavish taste. It was all so familiar yet strange at the same time. She didn’t know why she was even going to this apartment. She didn’t have a key nor did she know the occupant if there was one.

The apartment and the building apparently belonged to the trust which she stood to inherit, technically she was the owner now at 21 she thought. As she approached the door walking down the marble hallway lined with French tapestries she could hear the sound of a woman. As she approached the door it was clear that it was not just a woman but also the sound of a woman reaching a sexual climax. She hesitated at the door and allowed the sound to abate before she knocked. A few minutes past before the door opened.

A very young woman answered wearing a red satin floor-length robe. The scent of sex filled Giselle’s nostrils combining with the taste of sex that was on her own lips. Giselle stared at the young woman who smiled at her as if she knew her. The woman was perhaps more of a girl than a mature woman. At that age in teens where men are uncertain of their legality yet have no strength to resist, she was perhaps eighteen maybe younger. She was tall, 5’10” with a slender but shapely physique and generous 36 C breast that spilled lasciviously from the tight satin robe, the excited nipples making a thick outline against the shiny red fabric. Her waist was slender and emphasised by the tie that held the robe together. Her curvaceous hips and round pert ass contoured by the soft satin that outlined them.

She spoke to Giselle in a foreign language. It was something like French. At first she understood only a few words that she recalled from her French speaking school days in Switzerland. Then as if her memory for this language was awakened she understood perfectly what the beautiful young brunette had said.

‘ Sister, where have you been it has been so long since we have seen you?’

Was this girl her sister? She was confused what was the language she didn’t know she could understand. She began to say ‘I don’t understand. Who are you? She spoke in English but suddenly she began to cry and strange words came from her mouth.

‘I don’t know where I have been or even who I am. Are you my sister? My memory has been gone for five years now.’

She was sobbing now and the beautiful stranger took her into her arms and helped her inside closing the door behind her. The young woman guided her to a divan holding her, her scent was strangely familiar, and she acted more like an older sister than one younger than herself. She calmed her and stroked her knowing that when a woman feels this kind of confusion that only touch and intimate hugs can calm the storm that raged inside her confused mind. As she calmed and the tears abated she opened her eyes to glance around the room the girl continued to hold her and pat her back and Giselle felt loved and secure for the first time.

In the room she could see that the young woman had been actively having sex. The room was strewn with her lingerie, underwear, shoes and stockings. Lying comatose on a couch was a middle-aged man naked. A laud moan came from another figure draped over a chair of a much younger man also in a torpid trance. The scent of extreme sex filled the air.

“My Poor little sister, I can imagine what has happened to you all these years while we were in France. We expected you to follow after your transformation and then when you did not we could not risk returning for fear of being discovered too early.’

The story the young woman told was unbelievable but made sense to Giselle. She was a nymph. Every twenty years or so a nymph regenerates as a young woman. To survive nymphs need regular sexual contact. They need to orgasm and fill every orifice with male sperm. Without it their ageless memory was gone and without it their immortality at risk.

To find Sivas Escort Bayan out one is immortal and lives on sex for survival was a gentle shock to Giselle but it made more sense than the car crash that killed her mother. She was her mother and the old man must have followed her to this secret place, broken into the apartment and watched the transformation. Knowing the old man he would have had a detective stalk her for months documenting her every move, every man she coupled with every person she met.

A nymph’s secrecy is the most important aspect of her life. She must be able to live in world where people grow old without anyone noticing that she did not. Carla the young woman explained all this to her. They always lived together in groups of three or more, two sisters and an aunt, each physically different so that the greatest combination of male lovers could be accessed. When an aunt reached the time when she would transform the sisters would prepare for her in another country to re design their lives. Carla had recently transformed. It was child’s play for the nymphs to seduce lawyers and businessmen to re invent their identities, passports and bank accounts. Their long lives and vast inheritance provided a large sum for their survival whilst men lavished gifts and money and invested in their enterprises for the chance to be with them momentarily or repeatedly depending on the magnitude of the favour.

By preventing Giselle from having sex the old man knew he could cripple her memory and quash her power. His plan must have been to do so for long enough to either take over the company or increase his shareholding so that he could have controlling interest in what was a family business that had been in the same female hands for ten generations. The old man was dangerous. He knew too much. He had documents about Giselle’s identity and even no one believed the story of the nymph’s existence, the fraud of the identity changes would be enough to cause problems for all of the nymphs.

Slowly as Carla held her Giselle began to understand. As her long slender fingers caressed her she felt surer of herself, she began to know herself again.

‘You grow even more beautiful each time sister.’

She felt a tingle of excitement as Carla’s hand began to caress her breasts. Her nipples stiffened. She had never been excited by a woman before but she felt so warm and sexy as Carla touched her that she lifted her head from her shoulder smiled and kissed her wetly on the lips. Her soft lips were moist and tingled with anticipation. She found her own hand moving inside Carla’s robe and caressing the large firm breasts inside.

Carla purred like a kitten and moved her hand between Giselle’s legs to her pantyless pussy and found her clit instantly. She shivered and tingled as her expert fingers brought her to rapid orgasm. Her own finger squeezed Carla’s large brown nipples hard. They undressed each other slowly and sensuously enjoying the contours of each other’s warm sexy young bodies. Their tender kisses so gentle as to take their breath away. The wetness emanating between their legs betraying their need for mutual gratification.

‘ When you taste me, you will know who you are.’ Carla panted in a sexy French accented whisper.

Giselle lay back on the divan and Carla’s shaved pussy hovered over her eager lips. She felt her own pussy erupt in wetness and begin to squirt as she fingered and suckled her pussy. Giselle found Carla’s moist labia and parted the folds until her erect clitoris presented the opportunity for her tongue to flicker over it. He own orgasms erupted and overflowed with wetness and Carla’s flooded her mouth. The sweet taste of her juices strangely familiar and addictive, she felt she could not get enough of them and with each wave of bliss, each orgasm, each taste of her sister juices she became more and more aware of who she was and the ways of nymphs.

She knew she had to return to Matt. She knew she must form a plan to protect her sisters from the old man’s greedy and selfish plot. The bliss of two exquisite bodies intertwined drizzling sexual juices onto each other wore into the afternoon until both were exhausted and sated. Carla had awakened every sense in her luscious body. She was ready. She was hungry for a man, she was hungry for many men.

By the time Giselle had gathered her senses she and Carla had formulated a plan and they would put it into practice as soon as they had both refuelled their sexual appetites, Carla with the two men in the apartment and Giselle with Matt. As Giselle entered the elevator she could hear Carla screaming in pleasure as two men penetrated her simultaneously one fucking her hot tight pussy the other ripping into her delicious ass. The experience of a hundred years of hot sex had made her so diabolically sexy as to make her impossible to resist while her youthful shapely body was alluring beyond belief.

Assimilation She was tempted to fuck this cabdriver such was the hunger that filled Escort Sivas her as she journeyed to meet Matt. She had phoned him and found herself masturbating as she spoke to him breathily. He had recovered enough to feel the longing associated with wanting a nymph. He found himself breathing in the scent of her holding her white silk panties to his face, his cock achingly hard all the time. No thought filled his mind except those that involved fucking, sucking, caressing and kissing Giselle. He was obsessed, infatuated, enchanted, in love, lust and horny beyond comprehension.

She paid the driver. She paid no attention to the hard on he carried in his pants as a result of her presence and the knowledge of her absence of panties. She rushed to the elevator and almost ran to his door. He opened it and they stood holding each other so tightly that their bodies knew no boundaries. They kissed wetly, longingly, passionately so sweetly as to send shivers through them that tingled as they touched lips. Their tongues intertwined and they held each other motionlessly. Matt began to unzip her dress and she helped him unhitch her bra. He caressed her lascivious curves revelled in her silken skin and cupped her sumptuous ass cheeks and breasts holding them like precious fragile treasures then covering them with kisses.

She removed his boxer shorts and glanced at his perpetually hard cock. He was so big, so hard so thick. She shivered with delight in the memory of it slipping into her tight hot pussy. She forced herself not to touch it. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom as she kissed his neck and ears sweetly then kissed his mouth with more urgency.

He laid her on the bed and kissed her neck and ears and slowly made a trail to her breasts where he suckled each nipple rolling it between his lips and teeth and sucking it hard and swirling his tongue over it as she shivered and moaned in pleasure. He kissed his way to her flat belly and then slid his tongue into her wet slit. The first taste of her sent a shock of electric current through him and as he flickered his tongue on her clit and she grabbed his head and ground urgently against his incessant mouth she began to cum. She squirted his face and he swallowed her hot, sexy, sweet elixir feeling with each swallow that energy pulsed in his body. He felt strong, sexy and wild. His cock throbbed and with each draft of her sex he grew in strength and resolve to fuck her. He fingered her pussy and touched her G spot wriggling inside her as she bucked in joy.

‘I want you to fuck my tight little ass darling fill me with cum. Do me in the ass Matt darling Do my hot buttonhole.’

Matt removed the moist finger from her pussy and lanced it into her ass hole. She shivered and squealed.

‘That’s it now do me with that big beautiful cock darling.’

She shivered and orgasmed as he lanced his finger in her tight ass and lapped at her hot wet cunt. When her screams and pants and begging reached a frenzy he lifted his head and returned to lie facing her his cock between her legs. He kissed her and she guided his cock into her wet pussy. It was virgin tight and his cock was extended beyond belief. As she guided his cock to her wetness he throbbed with the memory of the first time he had pushed past her tight folds. His thick head entered her more confidently this time.

There were no tears this time only squeals of joy and begging sounds that encouraged him to push deep until his balls slapped her. He ground against her luxuriating in the torrent of wetness and the firm grip that surrounded his cock. She bucked against him as if they both wanted to push as deep as possible and hold it there without moving. They kissed longingly and sweetly once more like they had at the door. This time the tingles were like twitching that threatened explosion. When neither could stand it any more he began to move inside her slowly at first and sensing her excitement. Bringing her to the edge and then teasing her with stops.

He withdrew his cock until it sat just inside her velvet cave and moved it slightly where he knew her G spot lay and when she began to approach explosion he rapidly pumped her wildly fucking like a piston in a high revving engine pummelling her as she screamed and shouted and urged him to fuck her hard and deep and fast. He oscillated between wild ecstatic fucking and slow tender loving which sent them both into raptures. He was a delicious lover a sensitive lover a lover who knew how to please a woman.

He had not lost site of what he had dreamed of since the first day he had seen Giselle’s hot tight curvaceous ass. He loved anal and so few women shared his pleasure. Giselle was a virgin. She was exquisite. He opened her legs and slid his thick wet cock out of her hot cunt. He spread her legs and slid his cock from pussy to asshole letting the wetness trickle between the two. He guided his thick head to her anal rosette and rubbed the wet tip around the rim as Giselle shivered and moaned. He pressed the tip against the opening, she squealed and then he was inside her hot tight ass. His thick prick burrowing deep into her until she was screaming uncontrollably, she orgasmed with a primal scream and he pumped her hot ass in a frenzy of hot hard wild fucking.

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