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It was an honor to be chosen as a “breeder”. After a all-inclusive series of psychological and physical testing only one out of ten applicants were selected.

A breeder’s duty was to be a surrogate mother for wealthy couples children where the wife was unable to conceive. For her services the breeder would be looked after during her confinement and receive a lump sum payment of fifty thousand dollars on successful delivery of the child.

The catch was the breeder would not be impregnated by artificial insemination but in the old-fashion way, the prospective father would fuck her until she was knocked-up!

The fucking would take place with the wife present in the bed during intercourse, the breeder only supplying a viable receptacle for his seed.

Potential breeders were comprehensively listed in a catalogue complete with a nude photograph and vital statistics.

The prospective clients were allowed to select girls from the catalogue and interview them until they found one satisfactory to their taste.

At twenty-four years of age I had made the grade and listed as “ready to conceive”.

I was selected on my second interview. An older couple, Charlie and Helen Beasley, choose me to bear their child.

Charlie was a early fifties owner of a small foundries. About five foot nine inches, a bit paunchy with receding salt and pepper hair with a moustache.

His wife Helen was about ten years younger, a rough around the edges brunette who had past her “best before date”. Helen was a stay-at-home wife whose main function was entertaining her husband’s guests.

The Beasley’s lived in a large six bedroom Georgian style mansion and employed a live-in cook/housekeeper and a chauffeur whose duties main duty was driving Mrs. Beasley’s ass around.

I was assigned the bedroom next to the master bedroom for convenience.

Andrew, the chauffeur, delivered my meager belongings and me to settle into my new surroundings. That evening I dined with the Beasley’s to get acquainted.

It seemed bizarre politely dining with a strange couple knowing that the husband was going to fuck me that night.

My menstrual cycle had been carefully plotted so it would be known when I was ovulating. According to calculations I was at the peak of my fertility.

The routine was carefully structured. When summonsed I was to join the Beasley’s in their matrimonial bed wearing a plain white vest, naked from the waist down. I was to offer my vagina to Mr. Beasley’s penis to deposit his seed whilst her kissed and made love to his wife.

We had retired for almost an hour when I was summonsed over the intercom.

“Veronica, we are ready for you now.” Mrs. Beasley’s voice cooed.

Slipping on my robe I went to the master bedroom.

I had carefully prepared for my début. A luxurious bubble bath, shampooed, brushed my long blonde hair and douched with a delightful strawberry solution. Breeders were not allowed to wear perfume while mating.

My pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a natural vee. Breeders were discouraged from shaving their vaginas Gaziantep Genç Escort of cropping their pubic hair into any erotic shapes. The wives generally considered it too common and provocative. A breeder’s duty was only to receive the seed, not to stimulate its production, as that was the wife’s duty.

I knocked lightly on the door and entered. The room was dimly light by the light from a bubbling aquarium. I could make out Charlie and Helen waiting in a huge bed under a billowy snow-white duvet.

“Won’t you join us?” Invited Helen.

I slipped off my robe and hurried under the cover on the opposite side of Charlie from his wife.

Helen had been stroking Charlie’s cock getting him ready for me.

“Get on top of him.” She ordered.

Obediently I straddled the master’s hips and lowered myself onto him. Helen guided the head of his erection into my entrance.

Being somewhat chaste although not a virgin my vagina was tight and I had to slowly lower my weight as I accepted my master’s cock. Finally I felt his balls press against my labia, I had taken all of him into me.

“Give her a baby Charlie.” Helen urged, “Cum in her.”

Helen kissed her husband as he fondled her ample breast while I prepared myself to receive my first insemination.

Thankfully he came quickly, stiffening and grunting as he planted his seed in me.

After allowing an opportunity for her husband’s testicles to drain into me Helen dismissed me.

That will be all for now Veronica thank you.” She said.

I climbed off of her husband’s cock and left their bed with semen running from my crotch. I put on my robe and returned to my room.

This breeding ritual repeated for three consecutive nights, each time I returned to my room with a womb full of my master’s sperm.

A subsequent pregnancy test proved negative, I had failed to conceive. The doctor consoled me saying it was not unusual for their to be a time of familiarization before I was relaxed enough to process my master’s seed. I returned to the prospect of another breeding cycle.

During the interim Mrs. Beasley was called away to tend to her sick mother in another city. She expected to be away for a few days.

On the night of Helen’s departure Charlie invited me into his bed. I told him I was not ovulating but he said it would be a good opportunity to get to know each other.

After the maid had retired for the night I went my master’s bed. Andrew was away driving Mrs. B.

“Take you clothes off.” Charlie ordered.

“All of them?” I asked.

“Yes, when my wife’s not here I want you naked.” He established.

Submissively I removed my robe and vest and stood completely naked as he viewed my body. The room was no longer dark as two bright bedside lamps light every detail of my nudity.

“Get in the bed, tonight we are going to fuck!” Charley smirked.

I was shocked, such crude language from my master. Nevertheless I complied with his command.

Charlie was on me like I was a bitch in heat. Ruthlessly driving his cock into my unprepared vagina. Gone was the gentlemanly politeness displayed in his wife’s presence, I was his slut!

Quickly my pussy lubricated to accommodate his ramming cock and I found myself beginning to get turned on. I had never climaxed with my master or even detected any passionate sensations while he bred me. Now I considered the possibility that I may cum with him.

Charley came in me before my orgasm had time to ripen. Exhausted he collapsed on top of me his spent cock draining into my now sodden pussy.

Then I did something totally unexplainable and irrational. Squirming out from under my worn out lover I rolled his onto his back and took his spent cock into my mouth. Slowly my tongue resurrected his weapon.

“I want you to fuck me doggy!” I unabashedly said.

What the hell was I doing? Asking my master to fuck me like the bitch I had turned into?

Charley smiled realizing I wanted his cock as much as he wanted my pussy. I knew “doggy” was a good position for me to climax in.

“O.K., bitch, on your knees!” he ordered.

Gleefully I assumed my position.

This time his cock slid into me without resistance, my slick fuck-tunnel was ready for him. He held my bare hips as he entered me up to the hilt, his balls once again stopping his penetration.

“Oh yes!” I brazenly moaned, “Fuck me hard!”

We fucked for over an hour before sleep claimed us. At early dawn I slipped back into my own bedroom.

Our secret nighty liaisons continued during Mrs. B’s absence. The master and I became passionate lovers.

On the evening before his wife’s return the master disclosed some awful news to me. It seemed the reason his wife did not become pregnant was his fault, not hers. His doctor had told him he had “lazy sperm” and he made the doctor promise not to disclose the fact to his wife.

Thus he had gone through the charade of enlisting a breeder with little hope of completing the deed himself.

Charlie had developed a “plan B”.

Charlie’s plan was to have me inseminated by another man!

“Who?” I asked amazed.

“Andrew.” Charlie informed me, “The next time you are ovulating you will go to his room and seduce him.”

My master expected me to go the chauffeur’s room over the garage and fuck him?

“He is a young stud and will knock you up in a flash!” my master grinned.

I had much to ponder when Helen and Andrew returned.

If I were unsuccessful in conceiving after three months I would be dismissed with only a stipend of a thousand dollars. According to my contract I had to successfully deliver a baby to collect the agreed fifty thousand dollars.

I was counting on the fifty thousand to be my opportunity to invest in flipping some houses and building up my fortune. I was talented in finding bargain fixer-uppers and with a little sweat equality turning them over for a tidy profit. Without a downstroke I was helpless.

I had to seriously consider my master’s plan. If I became pregnant with Andrew’s child I would receive my money, Mrs. B would have her child believing it was her husbands and Andrew would dare not admit he had fucked me. Everyone would be happy!

It would not be a chore to seduce Andrew. The early twenties chauffeur was tall and slender with jet-black hair, not a good resemblance of Charlie. Living alone above the garage I imagined he must have spent a great deal of his leisure time jerking-off. If a tall blonde in a flimsy negligee stumbled into his room one night I imagined she would be well received. The prospect of fucking yet another stranger was no longer a problem since I had adapted quickly to my master’s cock.

Charlie continued to fuck me in his bed with Helen present. Even though I was not ovulating he convinced his wife it was good “practice”. We had to subdue our love making so Helen would not discover how much we were enjoying it.

I took my daily temperature reading and it was time! According to my calculations I was beginning to ovulate. Tonight after receiving Charlie’s sperm I would go to Andrew’s room.

The session with Charlie and Helen was routine. I spent half-a-hour in their bed and left with a pussy full of my master’s seed.

To reduce the possibility of discovery I crept down the hall to the entrance to the bedroom over the garage.

The room was dark when I carefully opened the door. I could hear the deep breathing of the sleeping chauffeur. Quietly I closed the door and slipped off my robe and vest. Naked I got under the covers with Andrew.

Andrew stirred and mumbled something as my naked body pressed against his. He quickly drifted back into a deep sleep.

He was sleeping in the nude with his back to me, our naked bodies pressed together. Boldly I reached over hip and grasped his limp cock. My hand closed around it and I could feel it awakening.

Andrew begins to stir once more as his cock came to life. Gradually he opened his eyes and saw me bent over him as I worked his cock.

“What…?” he began to say realizing he was not alone.

“Shhhh!” I whispered as I kissed him.

I rolled him onto his back and straddled his now erect cock. Guiding his cockhead into my hole I lowered myself onto him. His cock slid into my freshly fucked cunt with ease lubricated by my master’s cum.

“Fuck me!” I whispered to my startled lover as my bare breasts dangled in front of his face.

I could feel his cock throbbing in my cunt, every vein engorged with blood. Andrew took a hold of my hips and thrust upwards into my soggy depths.

“Oh yes!” I moaned as he filled me with his cock.

It was a slow and sensuous fuck like in a dreamland. I rocked up and down on Andrew’s rock hard shaft as if he were a machine about to make me pregnant. I enjoyed him for about ten to fifteen minutes before his cock became the fountain of life, spurting his cream up into my hungry womb.

I savored the moment allowing Andrew’s cock ample opportunity to drain into me. Then with a loving kiss I thanked him and left his bed.

I welcomed my morning sickness with joy. I had succeeded in mixing my master’s seed with the young chauffeur’s and created a new life within me.

Charlie and I had several secret couplings as my belly swelled with child. I never did fuck Andrew again nor did he ever mention our secret contact.

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