Baby-Sitter Sex

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I’m a single parent. It wasn’t my idea but the separation has definitely worked out for me. Being divorced it gives me the opportunity to have more fun and sex that I found myself missing being married. Of course, being a single parent gives me some very good quality time with my two children.

My ex-wife lives on the other side of the country. So she isn’t too much of a bother. At least she does call the kids nearly every week to keep in touch with them.

I’m glad she isn’t around. I can go out to the strip clubs and singles bar as I wish and not have to worry about staying out too late or bringing some one home with me. Having a reliable baby-sitter is what comes in handy. She is here for as long as I need her to be at night. They look after the kids while I’m out.

The girls get paid well so they never complain about some short-notice stay overs. I love it because I don’t have to answer to an angry wife the next morning. The kids are too young to know what is going on as long as I’m home before dawn and ready to get them up after seven o’clock.

My system has worked well over the past six months from the divorce. I’ve been fortunate to have several cute looking girls as babysitters. Each has been very dependable and takes good care of my children. One moved out of apartment complex and was no longer available. It was their parent’s choice to move to Kansas not the baby-sitters decision.

My latest babysitter is a real cute girl and eighteen years old. I like them legal and willing you know! We get along well and she really loves my kids and they get along just fine. I don’t have to worry about my children while I’m out. The more I use her babysitting services and I’m around her/him, the more I found myself liking their personality and hot body!

Apparently she does too. I find her flirting with me when they first come through the apartment door and then whenever we are along without the kids around. I thought she was just being overly friendly at first. But then it continued and steadily increased over time. I found myself incredibly attracted to Julie.

The next I knew, I found myself anxious sitting at the bar I usually go to. I was thinking more and more about Julie. It got so bad that I had to go home early just to be with her. We were sitting on the sofa watching some television movie just because Julie told me they weren’t in a big hurry to go home.

* * *

Well, of course, one thing leads to another on the sofa. The next thing I knew, Julie and I were kissing. It wasn’t long before we were groping each other’s body. We were both hot for each other and I could definitely tell that Julie was ready to fuck from the heat coming from her body. I was soon taking her blouse and bra off and both items fell to the floor quick enough.

Julie was busy unbuttoning my shirt and then taking off my belt, unzipping my pants and pushing them down. She was soon stroking my hard throbbing cock.

I took Julie’s big beautiful boobs in my hands and started groping them. Squeezing each of her tits in turn, while my head moved to kiss her neck. Then her mouth.

Julie’s tits were well shaped and soft to my touch. kaçak iddaa I kissed her mouth deeper. Penetrating her warm lips and my tongue entering her mouth. At the same time, I started pinching her erect nipples.

She was getting even more turned on and wanted more. I could sense it in her touching my hair, and then my shoulders. Followed by her hands running all over my bare chest. Julie’s mouth felt so warm inside.

I continued to fondle her boobs all over. I felt how big, firm and smooth each was. Squeezing both and then playing with her nipples. They were harder than before.

I pinched each and pull on the skin so that Julie’s nipples were pulling away from her tits. She loved it.

It was then apparent, that Julie wanted my hard cock badly. She began kissing my chest, stomach and then down between my legs to my balls. Julie rolled each one with her wet tongue. It felt so great.

Her lips were hot to the touch. She slowly tongued her way up and down my throbbing shaft. Getting it wet all over. The more she licked my hot cock, the more Julie moaned with pleasure.

Soon she was taking my stiff cock in her hands and very slowly stroking it gently. Julie knew what she was doing. It was good. Very good!

Julie obviously had a lot of experience doing this. Soon she was using her wet tongue to make circles all around my cock head.

Her actions were making me drip pre-cum all over my cock. Julie wanted it. She licked up every drop as it oozed from my dick. As Julie did so, her moaning made me hornier.

Soon she put her tongue I into my slit and took more pre-cum directly from the soft. Julie loved it as her continuous moaning told me.

Then she began sucking my cock. Taking it into her hot, wet mouth and sliding it down Julie’s throat as deep as she could take it. She licked and sucked me a long time.

Julie alternated between kissing and sucking my cock head and taking it deep. She was deep throating my cock and sending me into a wild craziness of lust.

Then, Julie sucked my stiff cock good and for a long, long time. It felt so good that I didn’t want her to stop, but I had to have Julie’s pussy.

I wanted to taste her juices. So, I grabbed Julie by the shoulders and pushed her upright.

I kept kissing her boobs. Then my hands gripped both once again and I squeezed them. My mouth moved to kiss her cleavage, her stomach and down to her beautiful, wet pussy.

As I reached her pubic mound, I found it had a trail of silky red hairs. My hands continued to tease her nipples and boobs. My tongue caressed her pussy lips. Flicking them back and forth.

I tasted her sweet juices as it leaked from Julie’s vagina. Her body temperature has increased. She was getting hotter.

Julie also wanted my tongue inside her. Julie’s moaning also increased as I parted her lips and eased my wet tongue into her.

I then slid my tongue into her vagina deeper. Getting more and more of her juices as they freely flowed from within her. She tasted very sweet and I loved it.

I wanted more and more of it. I started licking and rubbed her clit with my tongue. Julie’s moaning was louder with my touch.

My kaçak bahis tongue then slowly began to circle her clit. It was slowly at first. Then I was enjoying making circles all around Julie’s clit. Slow and teasing circles.

All the while, my firm hands were on her tits. Caressing them every where and continuing to play with her nipples.

The sounds of Julie’s moans were driving me to a higher state of lust. I knew from the sounds, she was too. Her pussy was flowing with her love juices more.

It wasn’t long before I was sucking on her clit. I wrapped my mouth around Julie’s clit and sucked harder. Her juices were flooding my mouth and I licked her clit more. I listened to her purr like a kitten.

By this time, she was running her hands all throughout my hair. The more I played with her clit, the more Julie would moan.

When I slid two fingers into her pussy, she gasped. I moved them deeper into her wet vagina. Soon I was finger fucking her good.

Julie moaned even more. She began moving her hips to the rhythm of my fingers inside her and my tongue licking her clit.

The more I finger fucked her, the more Julie pulled my head closer to her wet box. She wanted more. I began moving my fingers inside her faster and faster.

I fucked Julie’s pussy deeper with my fingers. Soon her legs were wrapped around my head, forcing me to maintain my position licking and sucking her clit. She made it more difficult for my fingers to probe her inner secrets, but I made sure I did.

As expected, it wasn’t long after, that Julie started to cum. Her orgasm was intense and long lasting. Julie’s legs squeezed harder on my head. I watched her playing with her nipples. She took delight in pinching them as I had done. Then pulling on them.

Julie’s moaning was nonstop now. Her juices flowed even more freely. My face was quickly drenched.

I loved watching as Julie continued to climax. I finger fucked her faster. Then deeper.

Julie’s body quivered. Her squeezing my head was intense, but I knew it wouldn’t last too much longer. Besides, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her cum all over.

Julie’s body moved in wild, uncontrollable movements. It was the uncontrolled actions of her body that I loved the most. She was letting herself good and reacting as Julie’s body wanted.

When she slowed down and was recovering, I moved up on top of Julie. I moved to kiss her mouth and lips. I tongued her mouth.

Then I made Julie taste her own juices. She loved it. Julie was slowly catching her breath after her wonderfully intense orgasm.

Next, we kissed for a while. But my throbbing dick reminded me that it is his turn to have some fun with this hot girl. I moved down a little so that my cock was touching her pussy lips.

I was rubbing my stiff cock against them and teasing Julie good. She loved it and started moaning again. I pushed her legs further apart. Getting her ready.

Then I slowly pushed my stiff cock through Julie’s pussy lips and into her hot, wet vagina. It slid in effortlessly. She was so wet.

My cock felt so good being inside her. Julie was holding my strong shoulders as I put illegal bahis my arms on either side of her head and start pumping my cock in and out of her pussy.

Julie was so wet that my stiff cock just glided in and easily slid back out. I fucked her harder. Getting my cock into Julie deeper.

She moaned like never before. Julie loved to be fucked. It was obvious and she knew how to respond. Moving her hips to meet my harder thrusts.

Soon, Julie wrapped her legs around my waist. She was trying to pull my cock into her vagina deeper. I fucker Julie faster.

We were fucking like animals. Hard and fast. Julie and I were letting the lust take over our minds and bodies.

All I knew was how good Julie’s pussy felt with my aching cock buried deep inside her. I looked at Julie and her face was a complete mirror of female lust. It was intense and beautiful. I loved watching the look of total pleasure on Julie’s face.

Then she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. It is a deep and penetrating look. It was just as pleasurable a view as the feel of my stiff hot cock penetrating Julie’s pussy deeper.

My hard cock inside her pounded Julie good. She held my head. Her whole body being pounded.

Julie’s body was bouncing with each of my thrusts. Making our embrace all the more better. My cock was feeling great inside Julie’s tight pussy. Her legs tighten their grip around my back. She wanted more of my cock.

It was as though Julie couldn’t get enough. We fucked for what seems like hours. It was a feeling of absolute pleasure. Both of us moaning like crazy.

After a while, our tempo increasing and with an urgent need. I fucked Julie deeper. Harder. I knew I was going to cum soon.

I felt my balls start to tighten. Julie sensed the moment was approaching. Her moans increased as did the pressure of Julie’s legs around me. I couldn’t escape her tight pussy even if I had wanted too.

Julie grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard. She wanted me to cum. Julie wanted my cream filling her cunt deep. I gave it to her good. All of it.

I moaned loudly and started spraying my cream into her depths. Lots of it. My cum was shooting out of my cock and filling her up. I pumped it into Julie as deep as I could.

I gave her every last drop and Julie loved it. The feeling of my cum blasting against her inner walls, soon sent Julie into another orgasm. Her legs tightened around my waist, making my own breathing more difficult. But it worth it to watch her cumming too.

Then, Julie’s body shook. Her juices were flowing freely again. I was quickly soaked in them.

By now my cock had slid out of her. Julie’s climax weakened. I collapsed on top of her. I was exhausted. But I could freely breathe again. It had been a great fuck.

Julie and I kissed. We held on to each other. She and I both enjoyed the moment together.

* * *

The sex with Julie is always great and readily available when ever I want. We had it often too.

That’s the best thing about having an affair with a young babysitter. Plus another benefit is I don’t have a wife who could walk in and catch us having oral sex or fucking.

I’m glad to be able to spare myself all the yelling and crying. I saw enough of that before and during the divorce. The divorce was totally her idea. I hadn’t been cheating. But I found out that she had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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