Babying Belle back to Health

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Dear Reader,

I recently discovered a new kink. It involves women being treated like babies and wearing diapers.

This story tells the saga of a woman who is lost in grief following a tragic event. She is taken in by neighbors and pampered by the matriarch of the family.

It is my first foray into this kind of subject matter and I hope that you will appreciate it. It’s not for everyone and if you don’t have any interests in these role-playing games, I would suggest you move onto another story.

I take a while to set this up so if you are looking for a little “quickie” you will find this very boring…

This story is best described as an erotic tale that exposes a kinky topic. It is not a pornographic one. You will not find a graphic description of every sexual act… I will leave that to your imagination. I will not be telling you how “the bulbous head of his powerful organ penetrated the silky wet lips of her steamy love canal…” If you are looking for this type of granular detail, you will also be very disappointed by what you are about to read.

This first installment focuses mostly on the initial regression that the protagonist experiences. It focuses on the relationship between a young woman who is turned into a baby and the older woman who cares for her. There is no sexual intercourse in this story in the sense that only one character is masturbated by another in a purely selfless act to clinically provide mental and physical relief to the main character.

If you do decide to read on, you will find some elements of:



Diaper/Urine play,

Mother/Son Taboos (no actual sex play between the family members though they are both witnesses to the acts),


and an introduction to Anal play.

Please let me know your thoughts and vote!

I already know how I want the story to develop in later chapters and your feedback will inform whether I will keep writing the story or not. Namely, I will not develop the relation between Sean and Belle in these first chapters. I reserve that for later… if your kind comments urge me to do so.


Babying Belle back to health.

Chapter 1 – In which tragedy strikes and Belle is orphaned.

She was the girl next door.

The Hawkes and the Kaplans were neighbors. Their kids had known each other since childhood.

She was a “Neurotypical”, smart and beautiful. Her mother had named her Belle after the classic tale and, like her namesake, she was fiercely independent, very smart and cultivated.

His name was Sean and he was on the autism spectrum.

For the first years of their lives, they had seen each other every day, had grown up and had played together as brother and sister.

Eventually, as they grew older and the gap between her intellectual and emotional capacities and his had widened, they stopped hanging out altogether. The families had remained close and there were the occasional dinners and holiday celebrations. But the close “fraternal” relationship they had built as kids had waned and wilted away.

Yet, despite the lack of day-to-day interactions, she had cared and protected him all through the years. Like a guardian angel, she had watched over him to make sure that he never got bullied or taken advantage of in middle school and high school.

A brilliant scholar, she had then been away for several years after high school from college onto med school. During those eight long studious years, she had hardly ever traveled back home. She had requested for her folks to come visit her at school so as not to waste too much time traveling. Her parents were retirees after all and had the luxury of time.

She had become the first Doctor of the family and she had just received her medical degree when the tragedy struck.

Her entire family had gathered to celebrate her momentous achievement and a gas explosion had decimated them in their sleep.

The neighbors were alerted of the tragedy by the detonation that shook them up in the predawn hours of the day.

That same day, Belle was coming back home for the first time in years on an inbound redeye flight. She had not been able to sleep much in the plane and was looking forward to the cozy embrace of her childhood bed.

As she stepped out of the plane, she began scanning the waiting area for the familiar faces of her mom and dad.

Her parents were supposed to pick her up at the airport that rainy, dreary, terrible morning and she was surprised to see Sean and his mother Kim in their stead. It had been so long since she had seen these two that she barely recognized them at first.

Kim was bonny, ashen and looked so much older than the woman she remembered from her childhood. Belle thought that the years had not been kind to her. Of course, she probably had aged faster due to the burden of having to care, on her own, for the special-needs of her son after her husband Michael had passed away.

She would not have recognized Sean in a crowd. He was a very tall, strapping, handsome, dark antalya escort man built like a bodybuilder. His physique the result of many hours spent exercising; the only activity that Kim had found to occupy him for extended periods of time during the day.

After high school, Sean’s universe had shrunk back down to the few blocks surrounding his house. He had no friends to speak of and he lived in quasi-isolation except for the company of his mom. His social and communication skills had deteriorated and regressed. The small rural town was not adapted to a person on the spectrum. There were no care facilities to guide him; no one to teach him the skills he required to live a life as an independent member of society. He was an oddity in these parts with no prospects for work in the few remaining “mom and pop” businesses in town.

He was overly excited to see Belle after so many years. He was beaming and happy to see his friend. There was an effervescence to his demeanor completely disconnected to the heart-wrenching events that were transpiring.

Belle sensed that something was off as soon as she turned her attention back to Kim.

A knot of anxiety twisted the young woman’s guts when Kim turned her teary eyes away from her.

“What’s wrong Mrs. Kaplan?” asked the young woman in a panic.

Kim grabbed her hand and tried to pull her towards the exit. She did not want to give her the bad news in the airport’s arrival hall.

Belle wouldn’t budge.

“You are scaring me… Tell me what’s wrong!” she begged.

“Your house exploded and your whole family is dead,” replied Sean in an emotionless monotone. His autistic urge to tell the unfiltered truth popping out at the worst possible time.

Belle’s head started to spin as she looked to Kim for confirmation.

Dreadfully, the woman returned her gaze with a sad expression and a slight nod of the head as fresh tears streamed out of her eyes.

“Oh…” Belle began to utter as the world around her quickly spun out of control. She lost her balance and started stumbling between her two neighbors.

“Sean! Help me! Grab her!” yelled Kim as she caught the collapsing girl.

It took a few seconds for Sean to react as his mother strained under the effort of keeping the young woman from hitting the floor.

“Take her in your arms! Quickly! I can’t hold her!” she instructed him.

Sean swept the petite woman up in his thick arms in one fluid motion.

During the ride back, Belle came to several times but, coupled with the exhaustion of her last weeks of studying and the fatigue of her sleepless night of travel, the reality seemed too much of a shock for her to handle. She kept on passing out as soon as she was conscious enough to recall the pain of her loss.

After three such syncopes, her body could no longer take it and she remained unconscious the rest of the way.

Sean carried her into the house and laid her out on the small bed of the guest bedroom.

She slept uninterrupted for over twenty-four hours that first day.

When she woke up, she was completely confused and disoriented. She was dazed and she did not recognize her surroundings. She was in a dreamlike haze, her mind completely detached from her body. “What happened?” she just could not remember.

Her eyes drifted in the room, searching for any clue that could help her collect her spirits.

A colorful photograph on a bookshelf attracted her sight. It was a picture of Sean and her playing on a swing set years ago.

“Sean and her…” the nightmare came rushing back.

In tears, she rushed out of the room and made her way down the flight of stairs towards the sound of voices that seemed to be coming from the kitchen.

As she reached the last step, her sight caught a vision of horror through the glass pane that lined the entrance hall of the Kaplan’s house.

That one image revealed the extent of the tragedy.

Her family home had been completely wiped away by the explosion and, even after so many hours, columns of white smoke were still rising in the air off the cinders.

A shrill worthy of horror movies escaped her lips as she fell to her knees.

Belle became hysterical unable to process the sight in front of her.

Kim came rushing to the front of the house accompanied by Sean and the family practitioner.

Dr. Bill was a neighbor, a friend, a care giver. The Kaplans had become his second family after Mike had died and he had been the father figure in Sean’s life.

Kim had called him in to look in on the girl. She had been worried by her initial reaction and the long sleep that had followed it.

Belle was just inconsolable.

In the house next door, she had lost everything and everyone she cared about. She now was an orphan without anyone to turn to. Her parents along with her aunt and uncle and her only cousin were all sleeping in the house when it had blown up. She felt alone in the world.

Unable to calm her down, Dr. Bill decided to sedate her.

And thus, she sank into a deep depression.

She antalya escort bayan would not leave her room or her bed. It went on for a few days.

Sean was so upset to see his friend sad.

The trays that he would leave for her on the small wooden desk in her room would be left mostly untouched. A bite from a sandwich or from an apple, a few sips of water…

He was worried for Belle. She just slept and cried and slept.

It went on for three or four days before he could no longer take it. He pleaded with his mother. Something had to be done. Belle was not acting like Belle. What was wrong with her?

Kim was touched to see her son so concerned for the young woman.

He had been self-centered for so many of the past years, always expecting his mother to handle everything for him. As he had become more and more isolated after high school, he had been tougher and nastier with her. It was as if he had been punishing her and blaming her for his solitude.

For years, his life had been regimented and compartmented by a strict to-the-minute schedule but, since Belle had been brought into the house, everything had been thrown out the window. He no longer seemed to care about his usual routines.

His whole demeanor and attitude had changed.

He was hovering around in the hallway by her room; waiting and listening for any sign or noises.

He was worried and preoccupied.

For the first time, he wanted to do something for someone else.

What could he do to help her? He was distraught by his powerlessness to do anything to make Belle feel better.

Kim was starting to worry too. She could not let this go on much longer.

Chapter 2 – In which Belle is made to take a bath.

On the fifth day, Mrs. Kaplan stormed into Belle’s room with Sean in tow.

The first thing she noticed was the stench.

She pulled the curtains wide apart letting the sunshine in and pulled open the window.

Belle was awakened by the commotion.

The rush of light and fresh cold air was disorienting.

She tried to take refuge beneath her warm duvet. It was tugged off from her before she could latch on.

Shivering, she was left curled up in a ball in the middle of her mattress with only her white cotton nightgown to cover her.

“Get up girl!” ordered the older woman.

Belle would not budge.

“It’s been five days! You must get cleaned up and eat! Get up!” she told her.

Still no reaction.

“Ok, Sean pick her up!” she asked her son.

He was eager to comply and lifted her easily like a rag doll off the bed.

Belle remained without reaction. She did not fight back. She did not care.

“Here! Bring her into the bathroom, she must be cleaned up and changed.” said the matriarch.

“Here! Stand her up in front of the sink and leave us.” She told her son.

Once the door was shut behind him, she turned her attention to the small brunette.

She gave her a quick scan from head to toe and realized that she had shed most of her excess weight in the last few days.

Belle had never been fat. However, her unhealthy lifestyle in medical school; the hours spent studying, the lack of sleep, and the necessity to substitute sleep with energy in the form of candy bars had made her gain a few extra pounds in the past few years. It seemed they had just melted off her petite frame.

“Ok, darling… I know you are hurting right now…” started Kim “you are going through a tough time… I know… but you cannot keep on hurting yourself like that…” she continued.

At these words, Belle grabbed onto Kim and collapsed in tears in her arms.

“Shush… shush… now darling… let’s get you undressed… let’s try to get you in the tub… a nice warm bath will do you some good,” continued the older woman.

She tried to get Belle to stand on her own, but the girl would not let go of her. She would keep on leaning into Kim and latching onto her as soon as the woman pushed her off. It was a struggle and Kim was not strong enough to fight her off.

“Listen up Girl!” she took on an authoritative tone to try to snap her out of it.

“If you are not going to cooperate, I’ll have to call Sean in to help me,” she warned.

“Do you hear me?” she kept on.

“You are too big and too heavy for me to wash if you won’t do it on your own. Do you understand?” she asked again.

She pushed her off her shoulders once again and grabbed her by the chin to look deeply into her green eyes.

“Belle! Sweetie… you have to do something… or we will… we love you too much to see you like this… let’s start with a bath, ok?” tenderly, she once again attempted to sway a reaction from the grieving girl.

“I… don’t care…” barely whispered Belle as she once again caught onto Kim.

That was it! Kim had reached the limit of her patience.

After years of dealing with Sean and his autism, she had a rather short fuse. Her temperament could change on a dime. She was no longer the type of person who could take any crap for extended escort antalya periods of time. Life had made her a bit abrupt. She still loved wholly and cared for others but she was known to dispense a fair amount of “tough love” as they called it.

“Sean! Sean! Come in here!” she screamed.

Sean opened the door in an instant. He had once again been hovering in the hallway hoping for any positive signs of improvement from Belle.

He was sad to see that the girl was leaning into his mom, sobbing in the same manner she had been sobbing for the past few days.

His mom snapped him out of it.

Kim began barking a set of orders:

“Run the bath!

Quick!… and get her off me!

She is too heavy for me.

Open the buttons of the nightgown.

Lift her arms, I’ll lift the robe off.

The arms are too high for me!


Grab this and pull it off.

I”ll get her panties

Here, hold her up!

Don’t stare at her!”

And just like that, the teary-eyed beauty was standing as nude as the day she was born in front of the Kaplans.

“It’s ok sweetie… I told you I’d call Sean… are you gonna step into the bath and wash yourself like a big girl now?” asked the woman hoping that the nudity would force some response out of her.

Belle stood silently for a moment, her cheeks turning red with embarrassment. She was flustered, confused. So many emotions were coursing through her.

She was not prepared to be bare and exposed to the Kaplans as if she were a newborn.

Sean was staring at her. He had never seen a naked woman in real life. Belle was so beautiful.

Time stood still.

“Well honey? Are you stepping into that bath or not?” asked Kim impatiently.

Then, to the surprise of everyone involved she repeated, “I don’t care.”

Panic passed through her mind as she blurted these words. What was she saying? She did care. Didn’t she?

Another part of her psyche was screaming “Why should you care? You’ve lost everything.”

Kim interrupted the girl’s train of thought by barking another series of order:

“Ok, Sean…

She does not care!

Why don’t you lift her up.

Just like that.

Like a baby…

Lay her down in the bath

Give me the soap and the glove.

Let me clean her up.”

“Why should she care?” Belle repeated to herself as she was being scrubbed by Kim.

She did care. She did not want to be seen by Sean and Kim. Naked. The feeling was overwhelming.

It turns out, she cared because it was humiliating and mortifying. Something seemed fundamentally wrong with being stripped, exposed, and exhibited like that.

It was so utterly embarrassing.

Yet, this was her first thought disassociated from the unfathomable calamitous mind shattering agony that was pulling her whole “raison d’être” apart.

The shame she was now feeling was so much better than the pain that had overtaken her these past few days. She was glad for the escape it provided. Perversely, she welcomed it.

Entranced, she relived the scene in her head several times. She had been stripped naked by Kim with Sean’s help. She was being washed like a baby.

The more she thought about it the more she wanted to hide. The shame began burning her up. She felt feverish.

Yet, she did nothing to stop the deed.

To her utter disbelief… she was relieved to be sidetracked away from her heartache.

The warm water was relaxing and so was the gentle touch of Kim’s care.

As her feet and legs were cleaned, she could not keep her eyes off Sean’s intense stare.

Kim reached the top of her thighs and was about to start on her genital area.

She took the bath glove out of the water and poured more liquid soap onto it and without any ceremony started washing the girl’s hairy sex.

“Ooh!” a gasp of air escaped Belle’s lips.

It was unexpected. She did not think that Kim would wash her there.

The older woman was not shy about her movements.

If the young woman was going to behave like a baby, then she would be treated like one.

The woman kept rubbing.

Was Belle getting aroused?

Belle was glad for the bath glove and the water. Maybe it would hide her state of arousal. Maybe, Kim would not notice?

Was it the deep burning shame brought about by Sean’s gaze or the direct physical contact with her pussy?

Whatever the reasons, it astonished Belle. This sudden sexual longing was completely unanticipated… and in these circumstances… what was happening?

And Kim kept on scrubbing her.

“Spread your legs girl!” she barked.

Belle obeyed, entranced by the urging that Kim’s touches were awakening.

“You are so hairy down there,” she continued “I want to make sure you are thoroughly clean.”

At these words, Belle turned a deeper shade of red. It was so degrading.

Yet, all this touching was starting to feel good… very good.

Kim kept on applying pressure on her mons pubis and between her legs right where Belle liked to be touched.

There was nothing erotic in Kim’s intents.

However, Belle’s body did not perceive it that way.

Due to her extreme study habits, the young woman had been overlooking her sexual needs for ages. In her current state of mind, that neglect was rearing its ugly head with a vengeance.

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