Babysitting My neighbour’s Children

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Baby Sitting My neighbours’ Children

This is a story about myself and how I got the opportunity to do something really sexual.My
name is Tim and I am very busy when it comes to work but finally I got my vacation and this time I
decided that I will not travel but spend it at home.I have my own house and I am divorced for almost
5 years now.Since my bitter seperation I payed a lot of time to my work and so I have not had much chance
to date women but I have had a few women at my place to get laid.As summer approached I was done with
work and as usual school is out and so my 3 weeks vacation starts.I went and did my vacation shopping
for Liquor,Junk food,smokes,groceries and a few other stuff.My first day home was very relaxing and I
actually watched a movie after a long time.My next door neighbour is a single mother(Sammy) lives with her
2 kids Dorian (13 years) and Andy (15 years).They are quite a happy family but with the male figure
missing sometimes Sammy would call on me to assist her with heavy work etc.So it is safe to say that
we have a close connection.At about 7pm Sammy called me up and asked me to do her a massive favour.
Now at first sammy was a bit nervous cause she knew I was on vacation and I might not want to but she
asked anyway.She asked me if it was possible to babysit her 2 kids for 1 week since she have to attend
a Seminar in Canada.I had to think hard as to whether I can handle this but was soon reminded that they
are well behaved and will pay me if I want.So I accepted to do it but no payment.Now I have a pretty
good raport with these kids cause like I said they have no male in the house.

So next morning Sammy dropped them off and I had to sit them both down and lay down the rules for my
home and what is expected.I have a 3 bedroom house so both of them got a room for them selves.I had to
ask them why Sammy choose not to let you guys stay at home when Andy told me that Sammy did not want to
leave them in the house alone.So I carried on and both of them were very relaxed.Dorian would help me
with cooking and Andy would help with cleaning.I was actually enjoying their company and so did they.
Next day I decided that we’ll have a house party and I got everything in place and they were so happy
cause Sammy don’t really have anything special for them.So the night arrived and we had lots of snacks
and drinks.They wanted me to get beers but I was too afraid to give them but I had my stock of liquor
for myself.Anyway as the night went on we were having fun.Eventually as I got a little drunk Dorian
was very persistant in wanting some of my Whiskey and after a few tries I decided that she can have a
shot when soon Andy wanted to try some as well.I gave them both their glasses and we all had a few shots.
About an hour later things got very interesting when both of them complained that they were feeling very
hot and Dorian removed her shirt to reveal her upper body of which her breasts were in a blue silk bra.
Andy then removed his shirt too and so they asked me if I was hot and I was so I took off my shirt too.
The alcohol was giving them a good work out and I noticed that Dorian at times would have etiler escort quick glances at
my chest and upper body.I myslef was checking her out too.She had beautiful young breasts and I started
to wonder what would it be like to have a young flower like Dorian at my disposal.The more I drank the
more I stared to have sexual thoughts towards Dorian.Now the whiskey was doing something to Andy cause I
noticed that we was only rubbing his cock and he was getting an erection.I asked him if all is well and
he told us that he is feeling very strange in his cock.I assured him that it is perfectly normal to have
an erection.So now I was doing a sex lesson and boy did they have questions.Dorian asked me about sex
and Andy was very interested in girls.After a while when the whiskey had full effect Andy asked me what
it feels like to have sex and I told him it’s great but only the real thing will make him know exactly.
Dorian confessed that she is a virgin and have never seen a cock before and Andy quickly offered to show
her his cock.I did not care no more about modesty or what was going on.I said yea lets have a look Andy.
He dropped his pants then his boxers and his solid 4″ tool sprang forth.Dorian was in shock and curious
at the same time.As she looked at it she right away said that my cock must be much bigger than Andys’.
I said yes it is but it is not erected.Dorian asked me how will it get erected and I told her that it has
to be stimulated and boy oh boy did she offer to stimulate it for me.Andy seemed excited at the prospect
and so I took my pants off then my boxers and my limp cock came forth.

As soon as Dorian placed her hand on my cock a certain chill went through my entire body and it felt good.
Within seconds of Dorians’ touch my tool went from limp to a solid 7″ and she was enjoying it.Andy then
asked if he can touch my cock as well and I did not mind at all because I was loving it alot.So now I had
both of them massage my hot cock.As I was moaning and groaning I reached down and started to massage
Andy’s cock and he was only saying “yes,yes” and boy was he having a good time.I then asked Andy to remove
his shirt and he did leaving him totally naked.Dorian was curious and said that she wants to feel nice
like her brother too so I told her to remove her bra and pants and her panties.They were not shy at all
cause the alcohol and the passion that was growing between us was now at an uncontrollable stage.So now
we’re all naked.Dorian massaging my cock,I was massaging Andy cock and I then used my left hand and started
to play with Dorians’ nipples.I was so taken a back at the pure beauty and innocence of these 2 young
kids having sexual acts with me.I felt dirty and wicked but I was overcame by intense passion and I was
too far in to stop now.Dorian was clean shaved with a pretty puffed pussy that looked so succulent.
She had a body of and angel,young,smooth and very pretty.Andy had some pubic hairs and he too had a nice
body for a young boy.Next I asked both of them if they will tell anyone and they were strong on that point
that no one will know.I then offered them both the chance to become çapa escort a man and a woman and they were happy.
I told andy that today he will get to fuck a pussy and Dorian will fell a cock and all its beauty and they
agreed quickly.I went straight to work on Andy, I stooped down and took his young cock in my mouth and
it was so tasty and he just layed back and was only smiling and saying “please don’t stop”.

As I was sucking off andy dorian was stroking my cock and it felt heavenly.After a few minutes I told
Andy to suck my cock and he was up for it.He took only half my dick in his mouth cause it was too thick.
next I told Dorian your turn to suck my cock and she was more than ready to do so.As her soft lips took
me in I was in ecstasy and I held her head and played in her hair.Next I layed down on my back and told
Andy to climb on top me and put his cock in my ass and he was a little nervous but told him it was ok.
He positioned his cock head at my anal opening and pushed and since his cock was rock hard and small it
went in and I felt so wild that his fucking was pleasurable for me.While he was fucking my ass I told
Dorian to come and stoop over my face and I will suck her pussy.As she stooped down I saw her lips
open up over my face and what sight to behold.As I licked her pussy she was groaning with pleasure.The
feeling for me was so intense.A young cock up my ass and a young pussy to suck on.As dorian was jucing on my
mouth andy looked like he was gonna blow his load when I pushed him out just to delay his fuck so he
can stay in the game.After sucking on dorian pussy I got up and told dorian to lay down and open up her
legs and she did without any questions.I positioned myself over her and then told Andy to give her your
cock to suck on while I do the good deed.As she started to suck on her brother’s cock I placed my cock
head on her pussy and rubbed it up and down a few times to tease her.Both of them was experiencing
intense pleasure.I then pushed my cock in her pussy and stopped afterjust 1″ went in.She was super tight
but very very wet and hot.I pushed a little more when I felt her hymen and I just gave a soft push and
pulled out again.I finally was ready to break her and gave a powerful push and she screamed out for pain
and stopped sucking on andy.I quiclky rubbed her tummy and told her it will go away soon.And so it did
go away when she started to wine on the bed.She took andy cock again and I started to make small thrusts
in and out.She started to enjoy my fat cock in her tight pussy.She was in pure ecstasy,so was andy and i
was surely in heaven.
The pure thought of me fucking a young virgin while she sucks off her brother was so so erotic for all
of us.We were having the time of our lives.As I fucked this young flower I can feel her heat inside her
pussy.Her walls were holding on to my cock and she was enjoying her self.Andy was also in ecstasy since
his younger sister was sucking his cock after he had just fuck my ass.I then pulled out of dorian and told
them lets change positions.I told dorian to stay on her back and told andy to mount his sister.He was
so excited to merter escort get his first pussy.I positioned his cock head and guided him in and he started to fuck her
really fast.She was about to get her orgasm and so was andy.I then moved behind andy and started to massage
his anus and he turned and told me to continue for it made him feel good both in his cock and in his ass.
I then placed my cock behind him and told him to slow down fucking a nd pushed my cock slowly up his ass.
my pre cum worked fine as a lube and I slowly enter his virgin ass.It hurt him at first but the pleasure
was too intense to focus on pain.He started to ram his sisters’ pussy and I started to slowly fuck his
young soft ass.He was tight but took my cock in well.I felt special being able to do what I was doing.
As I looked over andy’s shoulder I can see dorian in full pleasure.She bit her lips and was enjoying
andys’cock buried in her cunt.As I noticed the tension building in my cock I slowed down cause I wanted to
full my load in dorians’ pussy.Andy started to tremble and so did dorian.Dorian started to talk dirty and
so did andy.Dorian was begging to be fucked harder and so was andy.Soon Andy shot his load up dorian cunt
and he quiclky went limp leaving dorian in the open with no orgasm.
I then pulled out of andys tight ass to a loud popping sound and moved over dorian.As I pushed my hard
cock up her now worked pussy she quickly regained her pleasure and was shouting and moaning and begging
me to slow down cause it was too intense.Within a minute dorian was releasing her pussy juices and my
cock was feeling so nice in her love hole.I then held her legs up high and stared to fuck her with more
force and soon I got the most intense orgasm in my entire life.I released my sperm deep in her hot pussy.
She was so exhausted and so was andy.I slowly fucked her until my cock got soft and I pulled out.She was
so full that I could have seen some of my juice ozzing out her tight hole.We all just layed on the floor
and relaxed when I asked them how was it.Andy told us that this was the best day of his life and dorian
told us that she wants us to do it again the next day.We agreed and then both of them asked me how did I
enjoy it and I told them with a huge smile on my face.I told andy that his cock made me feel a pleasure
that I never felt before and his ass was the best I have ever fucked.I told dorian her pussy was the most
beautiful and she gave me the best fuck of all the women I have had.I tried to make them feel that
they were really good and so it resulted in all three of us sharing our bodies for the duration of their
stay at my home.For me it was the best possible way to spend my vacation.Suddenly both dorian and andy
told me they have a secret to share and I was ready to listen.Dorian told me that at nights they would
hear their mom making noises like we were making and she calls out my name that she wants my cock in her
pussy.I was happy to hear this that sammy wants me to fuck her cause she is indeed a pretty sexy lady.
I had a fuck feast with these kids.I fucked andy in his virgin ass,fucked dorian in her virgin pussy,
andy fucked my ass with his young cock,andy fucked dorian,and sucked my cock,I sucked andy cock,dorian
sucked my cock and andy cock,I sucked dorian pussy and so we continued until sammy came back home.
So now I have a new focus to get sammy to fuck with me.

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