Back From Iraq Ch. 03

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During our walk from the park to the train station, I could not believe what I had just agreed to: I was taking my brother back to my apartment for sexual release of some sort or another. I was not sure what form that release would take. But, I promised myself that this would be the last time.

I told myself: “I am Jack’s older sister. I’m supposed to be the mature one. I’m not supposed to do this.” Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but admit that I was more turned on than I had been in a long time. It was the wrongness of it that was making my pussy tingle.

On the train back to our neighborhood, Jack and I got seats next to each other. Jack began stroking my thigh. I don’t know why, but this simple act was making me short of breath. The further up my leg Jack’s hand wandered, the shallower my breathing became.

When the train went into a tunnel, the lights went off. Jack profited from the sudden darkness to trace with his finger the outline of my slit through my jeans. I couldn’t stop myself from uttering a moan of surprise and delight.

While the lights were still out, I grabbed for Jack’s big boy. It was easy to find in his pants as it was large and swollen. I gave the bulb a squeeze, and it was Jack’s turn to moan. We both removed our hands just as the lights came back on.

The train ride home was interminable. I was aching for Jack. I knew it was not right. But, that made it all the more delicious.

The walk home from the train station was agonizing. Jack kept trying to pin me up against a wall, a tree, a fence, etc. On each attempt, I could feel his big bulge. Jack tried to kiss me. I drew the line there and told him that this was one thing that siblings cannot do. I also worried that someone I knew would see us.

We barely made it in the door. Jack ripped my t-shirt over my head. He didn’t bother to unfasten my bra. He simply pulled it up over my aching breasts and yanked it over my head. Before I knew what hit me, my brother was going to work once again on my nipples with his lips and tongue. Every once in a while he would also gently bite my brown wonders with his teeth. This sent me through the roof. I could feel my panties getting very moist.

While Jack continued his loving assault on my boobs, I gripped his boner through sarışın porno his pants. I then fumbled with his belt buckle, button and fly. I couldn’t get his pants down because my brother refused to give up his lip-lock on my swollen tits.

“Jack,” I panted, completely out of breath. “Let’s go over the couch.” Jack nodded and grunted. He peeled off his pants and briefs, leaving them in a pile on the floor.

“Sit down, honey,” I said with authority. I sat next to him and began working my fingers up and down the length of his pulsing staff. His dick felt so good in my hands. Meanwhile, Jack began kissing my neck and tried to kiss my open mouth. I stopped him by pushing his head back down to my hooters which were still crying for attention.

I had one hand at the base of Jack’s penis and the other up just below the head. I applied loving ministrations. The head of the beast was an angry, purple color. I was jacking Jack.

“You like me stroking your cock, little brother, don’t you?” I asked in a playful bad-girl voice.

Jack grunted with my nipple in his mouth.

“Are you gonna’ come for your big sister?” I asked.

Before I knew what had happened, Jack lifted me up and threw my body lengthwise across the couch. He spread my legs and jumped on top of me. He began to grind his crotch into mine in a furious manner. It felt so good.

Jack stopped and reached down to my jeans. Before I could protest, he had unsnapped them and was pulling them off my legs. He got them off rather easily and was reaching for my panties when I shouted: “No Jack. We can’t do that. We can’t fuck.” Although he was clearly crazed with lust, Jack stopped.

“What do you mean? I need you,” he said.

I replied, “I know, honey. But, you can’t put your penis in my vagina. That we can never do.” He looked at me expectantly. I continued, “But, there are a lot of other things we can do for each other, baby.”

Jack smiled down at me. There I was, lying on the couch with my legs spread wide apart, wearing only my little striped panties. My brother crouched above me with a raging boner.

He looked unbelievably good. Army physical fitness training had done wonders to help Jack to shed the little bit of baby fat he had sex hikayeleri possessed when he entered the service. His chest and abs looked sculpted.

Jack extended his hand. I looked down at my pelvic area and saw the target of his reach. My panties had a big wet spot at the site of my dripping cunt. Jack looked at me as if waiting for approval.

I nodded my head vigorously. Jack touched my crotch with his finger and it felt like an electric shock. I moaned loudly. He then began to massage my little baby through the thin material of my panties. Bliss.

After rubbing me for a little while, Jack said softly, “Why don’t we take these off?”

Once again, all I could do was nod my head. I lifted my hips off the couch and Jack hooked his index fingers in the waistband of my underwear and slid them off me. I spread wide for my brother and he went to work with talented fingers on my twat. I made noises that I had never heard come out of my mouth.

Jack certainly knew what he was doing. He would alternate between running his fingers gently along my labia and expertly stroking the bulb of my clitoris. He would insert the tip of his finger tentative in my pussy, only to teasingly pull it out. He was driving me mad. I would have shouted at him had I been able to form words.

My passion kept building. However, when Jack stroked my asshole with his strong thumb, he put me on the edge of a massive orgasm. My rosebud has always been very sensitive. I love a man who is not afraid to treat my butt hole as a beautiful part of my sexuality.

Jack handled my backdoor like a pro. When he rubbed my asshole and my clit at the same time, I erupted.

“OH, FUCK YEAH, JACK,” I shouted. “You ARE a good brother.”

My spasms continued for some time. When they finally abated, I pulled his hands up to my mouth and sweetly sucked on his ten little piggies.

Although I had come hard with Tommy that morning, this climax really rocked my world. It was strange that my brother’s fingers could produce this outcome. In retrospect, I realize that it was the build-up of the event combined with the wrongness of the act with my brother that created this spectacular result.

But, there was still one more item to address. şişman porno

“Sit back, Jack,” I said gently. “I want to make you feel good.”

My brother did as he was told and sat back on the couch. Without any preamble, I went directly into my deep throat act. By the third trip down, I was constricting my throat muscles and squeezing hard on the tip of his dick. Jack was issuing gurgling sounds from his mouth.

I was prepared to swallow a mighty load of Jack’s semen, when he surprised me. He grabbed my head and lovingly pulled it off his cock.

“Can I fuck your beautiful tits, Amy?” Jack asked.

I was so touched by this request that I was taken aback.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 13,” he said. How could I refuse him?

Jack bent over and licked up and down my cleavage to create a slippery channel for his lap lizard. His cock was already coated in my saliva.

Before he went any further, I said: “Let me do it to you, sweetie.”

While kneeling in front of him, I began to work my luscious mounds up and down his throbbing pole. Jack sat back and enjoyed the show as I slowly titty-fucked him to death. I have to admit that (although I am completely satisfied in bed) Tommy does not give me enough boob loving. The fact that Jack had wanted me in this way for so long made it all the more erotic and special.

I gradually picked up the pace of my breasts up and down his rod. His cock felt electric on my breasts.

Jack began to join in by adding thrusts of his own. Before I knew it, Jack had taken over completely, and was humping my globes with maddening speed. All I could do to help was to lovingly engulf his sliding cock by squeezing the sides of my love pillows around the beast. Each time his head emerged from between my girls, I kissed or licked Jack’s cock.

I heard Jack’s breathing becoming deeper, and felt his strokes slowing and becoming more deliberate.

I was next treated to a shower of Jack’s come flying through the air. It landed on the top of my breasts and on my neck. With a mighty grunt, Jack thrust upward one last time. Semen shot out and landed on my pretty mouth.

Without meaning to, I licked up my brother’s salty come. Although I am not partial to man juice, I could not help but savor its lovely taste.

Jack withdrew. He looked at me. I was covered in come. He was completely coated in sweat. We both began to laugh. We were both sexually sated and we collapsed in hysterics. It was fantastic.

“Are you really sure that this was the last time, sis?” Jack asked me.

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