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Ellen had moved up to the Mt. Charleston with Frank, her soon to be ex-husband, and Jimmie, her 18 year old son at the beginning of last summer. She thought the change of scenery from Las Vegas and its myriad of vices would maybe save her marriage. Simply put it was all only wishful thinking. Her marriage was still a train wreck despite the change of scenery.

Frank was sitting at home drunk and in ill spirits as usual and began to heap his usual diatribe of verbal abuse on her as soon as she walked in the door from a long day at work.

She was in no mood to take it tonight, maybe fueled by the glass of wine or two she shared with her best friend Marcy after work. Things escalated to the point where Frank slapped her across the face. She told him to leave or she would call the police.

He had a better idea. Why didn’t she leave and not come back. In fact, it was his idea to file for divorce first thing Monday morning. He even went as far as to call Jimmie and order him to come pick up his mother.

Frank was an asshole, but he did not want blood on his hands. He knew that his wife, between their fight and the wine she had consumed, was in no condition to drive, especially when it was threatening to rain on this cold September evening.

Jimmie answered his cell just moments after Katie gave him the heartbreaking news that not only were they breaking up, but she didn’t even want to stay friends. At the tender young age of 18 his heart was broken into a million pieces for the first time. Foolishly, he had thought they were going to get married and live happily ever after.

Now at least he was doing something to keep his mind off of her in rescuing his mother. After being dropped off by Katie and saying a tart goodbye to her, he dashed into the house just in time to see his dad and mom screaming at one another.

It was one of those rare times when Jimmie actually agreed with his dad. His mom needed to get the hell out of there and pronto. He grabbed her car keys from the kitchen counter before he turned to his mother and grabbing her by the wrist he practically dragged her out of the house. It was beginning to mist as he backed the car out of the driveway and they roared off into the night.

“Honey you came to my rescue. My knight in shining armor.” She told him with a giggle that indicated she is or has been drinking.

“Yeah well you needed rescuing Mom. Sorry you could not pack a suitcase but with the way Dad was cussing and turning red I think he was about to blow. I thought it best you get out of there pronto.”

“Suitcase what do I need that for? Am I not going back home tonight?”

“I don’t think that is such a good idea. I am taking you down to the hotel tonight.” He paused while, glancing at her briefly with a stern look on his face so she knew he was serious.

“But honey I-”

“No argument Mom, I have decided.”

“Oh you have, have you? I thought I was the parent here?” she retorted with a short laugh secretly charmed by the way her young son is taking control of the situation.

“Trust me, it’s for the best.”

The mist had turned into a quiet rain as he slowly negotiated the winding road. It’s about a 15 minute trip roughly half way down the mountain to the hotel on Kyle Canyon Road.

Upon reaching the hotel Ellen decided she was not yet ready to retire for the evening.

“Honey can we drive around a bit before you I check in. I’m just not ready to sit alone in a room as of yet.”

“Really are you serious. I mean it’s starting to rain harder and it’s getting cold and you don’t even have a jacket on.”

“Yeah well you didn’t give me time to get one remember. Please can you just like take the scenic loop on Hwy. 157? It’s so beautiful up there and it will give me time to think and clear my head.

Before heading out for their drive they stopped at the one stop small general store inside the hotel so she could buy her a coke to mix with the small bottle of Jack Daniels she had taken from the house. She took it basically to spite Frank as Jack was his favorite but by now had decided getting a bit drunk on some Jack and coke would be a rather fine idea.

Armed now with a pair of large cokes from the soda dispenser they headed back onto into the night. As he headed back up the mountain towards the scenic drive she jokingly began to hassle him a bit about not giving her a chance to change her clothes before he dragged her out of the house.

“You could have at least let me change before we rushed out of there. You know how I hate wearing my work clothes.”

“Why are you still dressed in them? It’s about nine and you get out of work at what six?” She was a bookkeeper at the local church and they expected her to dress formally every day. Today she was wearing a pretty crème colored blouse with a rather short navy blue skirt.

“It’s the end of the month so I was extra busy and when I got home it was a bit late. Real late actually since I stopped and had a drink with görükle escort bayan Mandy after we finished up. Then your dad started in on me and we got to fighting so I never bothered to change. He was on me to get his damn dinner started as soon as I walked through the door.”

“What an a-hole. Sorry but it’s true.”

“I know,” she sighed.

“Yeah well I would have let you change but I sensed that he was ready to blow. You know how he gets when he starts to turn red. I just thought it best I get you out of there, the sooner the better.”

He looked over at her liking the way the short skirt revealed a rather generous portion of her well-toned legs and added, “Besides I like your- ahh work uniform. You look real nice. Sexy even maybe.”

“Oh just maybe. What a charmer you are son,” she commented wryly even as she blushed from his observation.

Even though it was only about 9:30 by now this was late for Mt. Charleston so there was little if any traffic on the roads. The late hour, plus it being Tuesday, only added to the sense of isolation as they reached the scenic loop.

Jimmie glumly noted how the rain was not stopping, but instead if anything, was picking up in intensity.

Normally, he would have been thrilled at this alone time with his mother who he secretly adored. Secretly because Frank had been insanely jealous of his pretty Filipino wife even with his own son so he was careful to hide his love for his mother.

She is all of 5″ 1″and might weighed roughly around a hundred and seven pounds. She is both pretty and petite. Short and sweet. Despite her rough life with Frank she has aged well. Her pretty face hardly has any lines to mar its distinctive beauty. Her lovely black hair fell to her shoulders with nary a hint of grey.

But maybe most of all it was that warm smile that she could turn on like a thousand watt bulb that charmed him. His mom’s smile was inviting, magnetic, and alluring all at once while also seeming to possess a beguiling bit of mischievous naughtiness to it when the mood struck her.

All in all, Jimmie thought his mother was a stunning beauty who was only growing finer with age. In the dark of night, alone in bed, he often wondered what she looked like – naked. Such thoughts brought him shame, along with a powerful erection.

He glanced over at her and noticed the top three buttons of her pretty crème colored blouse were casually undone which allowed a generous portion of her rich olive dark skin to be revealed. Not for the first time that night did he marvel what great shape she was in for a woman who had recently turned 44. Trying to keep his eyes focused on the road was growing difficult as between her unbuttoned blouse and her short skirt there was plenty of alluring bare skin to look at sitting right next to him.

As they drove on into the night, Jimmie started to get the sense that this night was somehow special. Maybe it was because he had been dumped, just like her, or maybe because he planned on suggesting strongly she end this tired old sham of a marriage did things feel different.

Moreover, he felt emotionally raw and in need of serious comfort, much as he suspected she was feeling. His mood was not helped as his thoughts were a bit dark on this cold night. Mainly they centered on how mismatched him and his mom seemed to be. She was pretty, outgoing, easily smiled, well liked while he, on the other hand was none of the above.

Instead, he thought of himself as plain in nearly every way. At 5′ 10″ and a hundred and sixty five pounds soaking wet he was slightly built with a smattering of freckles across his baby face. He had light brown hair, a light dull complexion, a non-descript nose and chin, average ears, average this, this and this etc. etc. etc.

She is beautiful, I am plain such is life he thought darkly to himself before she interrupted his thoughts.

“Jimmie you are handsome and Katie is a fool for not taking better care of you.”

Jimmie was taken by surprise by his mom’s comment. He knew he should not engage in any real conversation with her now, but instead should be giving his full attention to the road. But what she said piqued his interest to the point where he had to respond. “What do you mean by that?”

“It’s so obvious honey, the hurt on your face tonight, she dumped you huh.”

“Shit mom how did you know?”

“A mother bear always knows when her favorite cub is in pain sweetie.”

He glanced at her with awe. How did she know? He had given no hints as far as he could tell.

Jimmie looked at her as she greedily was sucking down her potent rum and coke and now understood the fight between his parents must have been real, real bad for her to be drinking like this.

That simple look turned out to be a near lethal mistake because once more his eyes lingered first on her open blouse and then on the generous portion of thigh that her skirt showed off.

He tore his eyes off her body just altıparmak eskort in time to see a tiny woodland creature of some sort darting across the road unexpectedly in front of the car. Ellen screamed, “Look Out”, as Jimmie instinctively swerved to avoid hitting the poor critter.

The car skidded out of control on the wet, slick pavement before it veered off the road. Jimmie fought to regain control but it was too late—the car plunged down a decent sized incline just barely squeezing between a large stand of evergreen trees and a large boulder.

As the car plowed its way through the underbrush while small tree branches lashed at the front windshield Jimmie fought to slow the car down and get it back under control. The car finally thudded to a halt about 40 feet off the road after smacking into a large stump. Thankfully, by the time the Cadillac hit the stump it had slowed down enough where both Jimmie and Ellen, although badly shaken, were not hurt.

“Are you all right, Mom?” he asked shooting a worried look her way as he took a deep breath and turned off the engine.

“Yeah, but I am now wearing the majority of my rum and coke.” She looked down, first at her blouse where an obvious dark stain was already spreading, and then down at her dress skirt where another large stain was well underway.

“Important thing here is that we are both fine. Really, it could have been much worse,” he said thankful that she was not hurt.

He took a deep breath and twisted the key in the ignition after assuring her he was OK. The engine fired up right away.

“At least it still starts. Now let’s see if maybe I can back it up slowly out of here.”

“Doubtful,” she told him as she dabbed at the wet stain on her blouse with some Kleenex she had stashed in the glove box.

“Well, I will at least try.”

He tentatively eased the car into reverse as gradually depressed the gas and prayed. The car starts to creep backwards. But gravity is working against them as he must back up the hill now which will be no easy task in the best of conditions. Now at night, in the dark rain, it proves to be impossible.

He does not get the big car more than two feet up the hill before it lurched to a stop. He opened the car door and looked behind him. The back wheels of the car have disappeared slightly into a rather deep trough of muddy water running across the path of the car. That must be the last big jolt he felt on the way down before slamming into the tree. He depresses the gas trying to get the rear wheels unstuck but they just grind deeper into the muddy trough.

“Yeah, we are not going back up that hill,” he lamented with a grimace.

“No reception on my phone.” Ellen told him only adding to the growing pile of bad news.

“No luck for me either,” he answered after quickly checking his phone.

“So what do we do? Walk back down.” Ellen asked. She is starting to get nervous and maybe a little scared.

“Mom it’s a good 4-5 miles anyway till we hit something or somewhere we could call for help.”

“Maybe someone would stop and help us.”

“At night in the pouring rain. Sounds like wishful thinking to me.”

“Fine your right. But what then?”

“How about this. I will go back up to the road and maybe by a miracle someone saw us crash down here or maybe a car will pass by.”

“Jimmie, no. It’s dark here and I don’t want to be left alone.”

“Once I get to the road I will only stay long enough to find out if anyway saw us by some chance. Then I will be right back. Be gone 20 minutes at the most.”

“Fine, I guess, but hurry please.” She looked at him with big pleading eyes. His mother just looked so beautiful, so vulnerable at that very moment that his arms ache to hold her.

“At least the rain has stopped.” He opens the car down and sees the rain stopping was only wishful thinking. “Almost,” he added doubtfully as she gave him a look of motherly concern.

“Just hurry baby please.”

On impulse he leaned back into the car and kissed her fondly on the cheek before, again acting totally on impulse, he expressed his deepest feelings towards her. “I promise and remember I love you more than anything Mom.”

As he tried to pull away she impetuously wrapped a hand around his neck pulling him back towards her. She gave him a kiss of her own now firmly on the lips that sets his heart literally on fire. It doesn’t last long enough or maybe it lasts forever, either could be possible as time literally stopped when her warm lips, tasting of the Jack and coke she has been gulping down, pressed against his.

They parted but not before she gently caressed the side of his face. “Thanks for telling me that hon I really needed to hear it and you know I love you too with all my heart and soul.”

“Yeah OK Mom be right back.” He said as he slammed the car door shut. He wanted to say more, much more, but he has to get up the hill and see what he can see. nilüfer escort As he climbed the rain which he thought had slowed down started to pick up again in intensity.

It’s not an easy climb back to the road in the dark and in the rain. He climbs over, aroundor sometimes even through a variety of trees stumps, rocks- some insignificant, some quite significant – small stands of pine trees, and a wide assorted variety of scrub underbrush. Finally he reaches the road somewhere near where the car left and went crashing downwards. Hopefully anyways as he can’t really tell for sure.

The road way is utterly deserted and as silent as a graveyard. Worse still there is little evidence of their car leaving the road and plunging down the slope of the hill.

He waits for about 5 minutes peering first to the left and then to the right hoping against hope to see the telltale flash of headlights. But there is nothing but rain and cold to be found here.

Dejectedly he started back down the hill. He tried to follow best he could the trail of broken bushes and snapped tree branches, but halfway down worry begins to set in that maybe he has lost his way in the dark.

The car is nowhere to be found, even after he has travelled more than enough ways down the hill to where he should have spotted it by now. A bit panicked his slow careful plodding down the hill has turned into a reckless ill-advised jog.

In the meantime, Ellen had been busy. Just after Jimmie left she hurried out of the car and popped the trunk open. She fortunately took some local residents advice when they first moved up on the mountain to always have an emergency kit packed in the car. Just in case.

Her emergency kit consists of a first aid kit, flashlight, some bottles of water, a box of granola bars, and maybe most important, three heavy blankets. She was most thankful for the extra blankets she packed as she pulled them out of the trunk and piled them into the backseat of the caddy.

The thought of spending the night on the mountain scares her, but at the same time she is secretly thrilled. Spending the night with her handsome 18 year old son/hero, could be fun and exciting she mused. She imagined them cuddled under the blankets in the back seat of the car holding each other tight. She hurriedly gets into the front seat once again, slamming the door against the rain which is now coming down in buckets.

Ellen was now feeling the full effects of the cold as besides her blouse being soaked when her jack and coke spilled on her during the accident, she is now drenched from the rain. Feeling she has no choice she started the car and cranked the heater on high.

Much to her dismay she determined she cannot run the heater as long as she would have liked as they are nearly out of gas. The needle was just hovering about empty.

She was starting to worry about Jimmie. The 20 minutes is up and he has yet to return. To calm her nerves she poured a generous amount of Jack Daniels into Jimmie’s cup and took a large swallow. The whiskey immediately worked its magic allowing her to relax.

She leaned back in the front seat of the car, sipping on the whiskey, letting her mind wander. It wandered almost immediately to that impromptu kiss she just gave him on his lips. “Jesus, Ellen, you have not kissed him full on the lips since he was little,” she says aloud in the darkness of the car.

A little voice in her head scolds her for that bold and audacious kiss. “So what!” She fired back at the voice. He deserved a kiss anyway. A nice one especially since all that had happened that day.

She could see the hurt on his face when she brought up Katie and intuitively knew, as only a mother would, her baby boy needed both love and comfort to ease his aching heart. And by God she would be there to give him plenty of both in untold abundance if need be.

The one thing she would not think about, although it was nagging at the back of her mind, was how their kiss had made her feel. The simple fact was it had taken her breath away. Her heart continued to race long after their lips parted. The undeniable fact that she refused to let come to the surface was she wanted more!!

She took another large sip of the Jack and coke and once again cursed silently wondering why he hasn’t returned. He had always had a poor sense of direction so it was not hard to imagine him wandering around on the side of the hill lost in the dark.

Lost and afraid and wanting his mommy. Somehow the whole idea of Jimmie wanting his mommy gave her butterflies. She tried to ignore the feeling as she peered out the window in the darkness hoping to see him come into view.

She made a quick decision. She will start the car up- flash the lights, blow the horn- just in case he got somewhat lost.

Just as she suspected, Jimmie had managed to veer off track somehow in the dark. At a stand of trees he had to go around he went left instead of right and never got back on course. Instead, he continued to veer a bit left going slightly away from the car instead of towards it as continued down the side of the hill.

Not finding the car a nagging sense of panic was well underway. Finally he heard the car horn and then spotted the flashing of the lights some distance to his right and down the hill just a bit.

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