Bad Boy Road Trip Ch. 05

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Please enjoy this new story. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.

If you would like to assist with proofreading/editing, please contact me via the CONTACT tab on my profile. Thanks.

-Taylor VanCannon.

Jake stood at the top of Guadalupe Peak and admired the early morning view. He started hiking before dawn and used his light to make his way along the easiest part of the trail. He pushed himself, making it to the top in just over two hours. He tossed his rucksack down at the base of the American Airlines monument, a shiny aluminum pyramid standing sentinel at the top of the mountain.

He opened the visitor’s log and was about to write something when he heard voices coming up the trail. Two people were cresting the peak and appeared to be jogging.

“Hello,” one of them said with a thick German accent. Jake thought it was a woman’s voice, but couldn’t be sure. She had on a floppy-brimmed hat with her hair tucked under it. Her baggy hiking clothes completely obscured her body.

Definitely two women, Jake decided, watching the way their hips swayed as they slowed their pace to a walk. It stunned him to see that they wore lightweight running shoes; he wore clunky high-top hiking boots. “Hi,” he said, waving back at them.

As they approached the monument, Jake noticed that unlike him, they had barely broken a sweat. “Looks like you two made good time. When did you start?”

The first woman checked her watch. “We made the hike in an hour and ten minutes.”

“Sweet,” Jake said, wondering how they could possibly cut his time in half. “Jake,” he said, extending his hand.

She shook his hand. “Heidi, and this is my friend Lurlene.” She took off a small fanny pack and set it on the ground next to Jake’s rucksack.

Lurlene eyed him carefully and gave him a shy wave, but didn’t speak.

“Hi Lurlene,” Jake said, hoping to put her at ease. “You made good time… did you jog all the way up?”

She nodded.

Jake pressed on, determined to hear her voice. “Do you do a lot of hiking?”

She nodded again, still not speaking.

“She can’t hear you,” Heidi said, “but she does pretty good reading lips.” She faced Lurlene and signed something to her with rapid hand movements.

Lurlene giggled and replied with a flurry of hand motions.

Heidi shook her head and wagged a finger at her friend.

Jake gave the girls a wide smile. “What was that about?”

Heidi winked at him. “She has trouble controlling her… desires. Apparently she’s got the hots for you.”

Jake laughed out loud.

Heidi gave him a curious look. “What?”

“I wasn’t expecting to encounter two horny women up here, at the top of a mountain.”

Heidi furrowed her brow. “Make that one horny woman.”

“Where are you from,” Jake said, changing the subject.

“Germany,” Heidi said, “I’m a flight attendant with Lufthansa, and Lurlene is my neighbor back home. We’re on a two-week holiday, trying to climb the highest points in as many states as we can.”

“Cool,” Jake said, “what have you climbed so far?”

Heidi pulled out her phone and scrolled through her pictures, then handed it to Jake.

Jake did his best to maintain his composure, but he was pretty sure that his bulging eyes gave him away. The picture was of Heidi and Lurlene, buck naked, jumping atop a mountain peak. He stammered, his voice breaking, “Where’s this?”

Heidi smiled, amused by his reaction. “Humphreys Peak in Arizona… do you like the view?”

Jake stared at the picture. Both girls had their hands high in the air and their legs spread wide. He could help but notice their unshaved armpits, not to mention the unruly bush between their legs. “I do,” Jake said, zooming in on the picture of Lurlene. The thin trail of dark hair that led from her navel down to her thick bush intrigued him.

Heidi attached the phone to her mini tripod and connected the remote shutter. She held the camera out for Jake. “Can you take a picture for us?”

Jake took the camera and watched in stunned silence as Lurlene sent her clothes flying in all directions. Just like the picture, his eyes were drawn to her hairy crotch.

Heidi snapped her fingers, returning his attention to her. He kept his eyes glued to her as she took her time stepping out of her clothes, folding them neatly as she went. He led them to a flat spot near the monument and leveled the tripod with some flat rocks.

“Perfect,” Heidi said, handing Jake the remote shutter. “I’ll count to three, then you snap the pic when we jump.”

It took a few tries to time the shutter to capture the girls at the top of their jump, but he finally nailed one that was every bit as good as the one from Humphreys Peak.

Lurlene pointed to Jake, stabbing her finger in his direction, then motioned for him to come over. It was just the opening he hoped for; he glanced to Heidi for confirmation.

“Sure,” Heidi said, grinning from ear to ear.

Lurlene jumped escort izmit into action and stripped off Jake’s clothes, sending them flying just as she had with hers. She let out a muffled gasp when she lowered his shorts.

Intrigued by Lurlene’s reaction, Heidi leaned to the side to get a better look. “Damn, Jake,” she said, her mouth agape. She signed something to Lurlene.

Jake didn’t need an interpreter to know that Heidi told Lurlene to go for it.

Lurlene tenderly stroked the underside of Jake’s monster cock, making an odd giggling noise.

Heidi said, “Maybe we better take a picture of the three of us… before things get any bigger.”

Jake laughed at the pun, intended or not, and stepped away from Lurlene’s reach. Jumping worked for the girls, however, Jake’s big cock went flying off at odd angles every time they tried taking a shot with the three of them jumping. They had better luck with Jake standing between the girls with his arms draped over their shoulders. The girls stretched their outside arms into the air and crossed their inside legs in front of his. “Perfect,” Jake said as he pressed the remote shutter several times.

They examined the pictures and agreed on their favorite. Jake gave them a wink, “This one definitely shows off all your charms.”

“Yours too,” Heidi said, returning his wink and signing something for Lurlene.

Jake nodded his approval as Lurlene squatted in front of him. She wrapped her lips around the bulbous head of Jake’s cock and sucked him into her warm mouth. She glanced up at him and batted her eyes. Jake had no doubt that she was up to the challenge of sucking his big cock.

Heidi stood to the side and massaged Jakes ass while she watched Lurlene devour his cock, snaking it deep into her throat. She reached under and fondled his balls, gently rolling them between her fingers.

Jake sucked in a deep breath and licked his lips as his cock disappeared from sight.

Lurlene managed several long strokes, then faltered as Jake’s cock grew in size, until she could no longer take it down her throat. She rose to her feet, did a half turn and bent down to grab her ankles, leaving no doubt what she wanted.

Jake stared down at the thin trail of hair in the crack of her ass. He rubbed the head of his cock from top to bottom, getting it wet with the slippery juices of her dripping pussy. He glanced down the trail to make sure nobody was coming up on them. “Are you sure you didn’t see anybody on the trail?”

Heidi nodded impatiently, thrusting Jake forward, forcing him deep into Lurlene’s waiting cunt.

The slippery warmth of Lurlene’s cunt enveloped his hard cock. “Fuck, that feels good,” he said. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up to get a better angle to fuck her.

Lurlene placed her hands on her knees and pushed back against him, impaling herself on his monster cock.

“She likes it rough,” Heidi said, pressing her thumb up against Jake’s asshole.

Jake gripped her by the hips to keep her from bouncing off as he pounded his cock into her as hard as he could manage. She made no sounds, but he could tell from her ragged breathing that she was getting close.

Heidi gripped his balls and pressed the tip of her thumb into his ass. “Harder… make her come.”

Jake felt Lurlene’s body tighten around his cock, locking it deep inside her cunt. Her body convulsed with pleasure as Jake held himself still and let Lurlene milk his cock for all the orgasmic pleasure she could handle.

Heidi pulled Lurlene off Jake’s cock and took her place, bending over and grabbing her ankles just as Lurlene did.

Unlike Lurlene, Heidi’s thick trail of kinky hair completely obscured her ass crack. Jake nudged her crack open with the head of his cock.

Lurlene grinned, seeing what he wanted. She spread Heidi’s ass cheeks with both hands.

“Nice,” Jake said, staring down at her tight little pucker. He pressed the tip of his thumb up against her asshole.

Heidi glanced back over her shoulder and scowled at Lurlene. She’d had many cocks up her ass, but never one as big as Jake’s. She shook her head emphatically. “Not my ass,” she pleaded.

Lurlene frowned, disappointed by Heidi’s reaction. She released Heidi’s cheeks and signed something to her.

Whatever Lurlene said surprised Heidi. “What?” Jake asked.

“Fuck me first… then I’ll tell you.”

Jake nodded and slipped his hard cock into Heidi’s slippery waiting cunt.

“Ahhh,” Heidi moaned, as his magnificent cock filled her like never before.

Jake gripped her by the hips and pumped her slowly.

“Faster,” Heidi cried out.

“Tell me what Lurlene said… then I’ll fuck your brains out.”

“She want’s it… she’ll take you up her ass. Now… do it.”

Jake obliged, thrusting hard and fast.

Heidi wailed with pleasure.

Lurlene cupped his balls and jammed her thumb deep into his ass.

Jake grunted loudly as a wave of pleasure coursed through his body.

Heidi bit down on her lower lip, ready izmit escort to explode.

Jake hung on for dear life, desperately trying to hold back, saving himself for Lurlene’s ass. It didn’t help that her thumb was having just the opposite effect.

Heidi shrieked as every muscle in her body contracted in a massive orgasm.

Jake froze, on the verge of blowing his load.

Lurlene withdrew her thumb and pushed Heidi off Jack’s cock. She bent over in front of him and spread her cheeks.

Jake gripped his cock, still slippery from fucking Heidi, and pressed it up against Lurlene’s tight asshole.

Heidi gave Lurlene a mighty push, impaling her on Jake’s cock just as he exploded, sending rope after rope of hot cum up her ass.

Jake nearly fell back on his ass as he reached out to Heidi, desperately flailing to grab her hand.

She succeeded, keeping all three of them upright, just as they heard voices coming up the trail.


It was a close call, but they composed themselves and got back into their clothes before they got caught.

The trip down the mountain was much less eventful, and Jake was able to keep up with the girls. They said their goodbyes as Jake got his RV back on the road. He had several hours of driving ahead of him if he would make it to his destination for the night.

He pulled into the strip joint off Interstate 5, just outside of Albuquerque. The parking lot was nearly empty, with just a few big rigs, a handful of motorcycles and maybe a dozen cars; it could easily hold ten times that many. A faded banner proclaimed Tuesday – Amateur Night – Ladies Drink Free. It was late in the day and he had nothing better to do, so he parked his RV out past the truckers, thinking he might spend the night.

The bartender poured him a frosty mug of Bud, the King of Beers. After becoming an honorary member of the Mile High club this morning, he felt a little like a king. He took a big swig, then asked, “Kind of quiet, where’s the girls?”

“Strictly amateurs tonight, there’s three girls backstage now… but don’t get your hopes up.”

Jake questioned him with his eyes.

“Rookies… from Australia,” the bartender said, shaking his head. “They’ve been back there for a while… probably got cold feet already.”

“Is it always like this?”

“Nah, but it’s early. Give it a couple of hours, the amateurs always show up.”

He turned to face the brightly lit stage. It was more like a rectangular pit ringed by a bar with a couple dozen barstools. Several men spread out around the stage, waiting to watch the dancers. Nearby, a handful of bikers played pool. He picked up his mug and took a seat on the corner of the stage.

The bartender’s voice boomed out of loudspeakers. “Walking on stage now is Audrey, all the way from Australia. Give it up for A-u-d-e-r-y.” He cranked up the volume for Wild Thing by The Troggs.

Audrey reluctantly walked into the center of the pit. Her body language exuded innocence, but her look said get me out of here. Jake was the only one to clap his hands. Her white blouse was already unbuttoned, but she clutched it tightly closed. Her white shorts were tight and showed off her shapely ass. She had nice long legs and wore jet black stilettos.

Jake watched the other men lay a dollar bill on the back edge of the bar and did the same. Audrey’s dancing was decent, but sexy it wasn’t. She stayed well back from the men; after nearly two minutes of dancing, she still hadn’t shown any skin.

“Take it off,” the man next to Jake yelled, impatiently.

Audrey opened her blouse and let it drop to the floor. She had a nice pair of tits, but her oversized white bra hid them.

“More,” the same guy yelled.

She unhooked the bra, but then cupped her breasts, preventing them from being exposed.

Her tits were still covered when the music ended. She moved to the bar to pick up the dollar bills, only to watch the men pull them back. In the end, she only collected Jake’s dollar before fleeing from the stage while the men booed.

When no other girl was announced, Jake turned to the bartender to see what was going on.

The bartender shrugged and made a slashing motion across his throat.

Jake walked back to the bar and ordered a fresh mug of beer. “What happened?”

“Like I said, cold feet. Happens all the time. Stick around, we always get a couple of regulars that are smokin’ hot.”

Audrey came out from behind the stage and took a seat near Jake, along with two other girls. She leaned over and placed a hand on Jake’s. “Thanks for not…” She blushed as her words trailed off. “You know, letting me take the dollar.” Her accent was definitely Australian, but muted, like she’d been in the states for a while.

“Yeah, they were a little rough on you.”

“Fair dinkum!”

He fished for a delicate way to ask what the hell they were thinking, going out on that stage with no experience. “What brings you girls into this… joint?”

Audrey introduced her friends, Billie izmit kendi evi olan escort and Chloe, and told him they were in the States to finish an exchange program for dental assistants. They were graduating next week and scheduled to return to Australia. They decided to try to stay and get work in the states, but needed some quick cash for an immigration lawyer.

“How much?” Jake asked.

Billie said, “Fifteen hundred… each.”

Jake let out a low whistle.

“See,” Chloe said, “I told you it couldn’t be done.”

Jake gave her a warm smile. “Well now, I wouldn’t exactly say that. After all, from what I can see, you girls have all the right equipment.”

“But?” Chloe asked, defiantly.

“These men are ready to pay up… but you’ve got to give ’em what they want to see.”

“And how are we supposed to do that?”

“Well, you can start by loosening up.” He waved the bartender over and motioned for three more of what he was drinking. “Have you ever even been to a strip club before?”

All three girls shook their head.

“How about your boyfriends, have you stripped for them?”

All three giggled. Audrey said, “Seriously? You want us to do that… up there… on stage… in front of strangers?”

He swept his hand over the stage. “Hey, the money is out there, it’s just waiting to be plucked from their pockets.”

“I dunno,” Billie said, “did you see what happened to Audrey out there?”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “but I can help you fix that… if you want to give it another try.”

They looked at him, astonished, and said in unison, “How?”

Jake smiled. “Is there a practice area back there?” He pointed to the stage.

“Nah,” Chloe said, “just the dressing room, and it’s barely big enough to fit the three of us.”

“Okay, tell you what,” Jake said, “There’s room in my RV, out in the parking lot. If you’re up to it, I can show you what you need to do to kill it with these truck drivers.”

All three looked at him skeptically.

“Look ladies,” the bartender said, butting into their conversation, “if I’m going to let you back up on the stage, I’m going to need some assurance that you can make my customers happy. So, I suggest you take the man up on his offer.”

The three girls huddled to discuss Jake’s proposal. It didn’t take long for them to agree.

Jake said to the bartender, “Do you mind if they borrow a few things from the dressing room?”

He shrugged his shoulders and moved down the bar to serve a new customer.

“Let’s see,” Jack said, deep in thought. “Grab the highest pair of heels you can handle, you know, the big platform jobs. And make sure you’ve got some red lipstick… and some red powder for you face.”

“Okay,” Audrey said. “What else?”

“A pleated skirt, the shorter the better.”

“Crikey, you mean that’s all we’ll be wearing?” Audrey blurted out.

“It’s just to supplement the clothes you are wearing,” Jake lied. “you grab those things while I’ll go out and fire up the A/C.”

“How will we find you?” Billie asked.

“It’s all truckers, and I’m the only RV out there.”


Jake sat on the couch and waited for the girls to arrive. He had a lot more on his mind than just teaching them how to strip. He opened the door as he heard them approach, grateful that they hadn’t changed their minds.

“Surprised to see us?” Billy asked with a smile.

“Happy,” Jake replied, motioning to the seats in the dinette. Hoping to loosen them up, he placed three cold beers on the table.

Audrey clinked her longneck with each of the other girls. “Bottoms up!”

“Exactly,” Jake said with a chuckle. He handed them a mirror and had them start by painting their lips a bright red and putting rouge on their cheeks.

“That looks great,” he said. “Now, muss up your hair, like you just got out of bed.”

“Excellent,” he said, “now, who’s wants to go first?”

Billie and Chloe shoved Audrey out of the dinette.

Jake laughed. “That’s good, we have an eager volunteer.”

The light-hearted laughter eased the girl’s tension.

Jake patted his lap, and Audrey hopped on, straddling his legs. “Okay Audrey, I want you to seduce me…” He let the thought sink in.

Audrey’s eyes grew wide.

“With just your face… your lips, and your eyes, and your hair.”

A relieved Audrey said, “I can do that.” She raised herself up on her knees so she was looking down on Jake’s face. She batted her eyes and suggestively licked her lips. She draped her dirty blonde hair across his face and dragged it from side to side. She sat back, pleased with herself. “How’s that?”

“It was good. Now, do it again, but this time whisper something dirty into my ear.”

Slightly buzzed from the beer, Audrey asked, “How dirty?”

“Something you’d say to your boyfriend, dirty enough to make me want to part with a ten-dollar bill.”

She grinned and started from the top. She blew her hot breath into his ear and licked the lobe. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she whispered.

Jake sputtered at the unexpectedly lewd suggestion, while the other two laughed out loud.

“Too much?” Audrey asked, blushing.

“Too much for just ten dollars,” Jake said, teasing her, “but I certainly envy your boyfriend.”

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