Bad Girls Behind Bars

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Copyright © 2020 Ellie Wylde

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any way without written permission from the author.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

This book is for adult readers only. It contains explicit sexual scenes with graphic language which may be considered offensive by some people. All sexual activity in this book is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

Bad Girls Behind Bars

Maria heard the heavy metal door clang closed behind her, sending a tremor through her body. The bare whitewashed stone walls made the sharp cold feeler even colder, not a single Russian Ruble had been spent on comfort or decoration. Even inside she saw her breath turn to clouds in the air and she fought hard not to shiver, not to show weakness. There were two guards with her, both wearing thick jackets and fur hats, neither looked like the kind of women you would mess with. Ex-military was Maria’s guess and hard as nails. One stood behind her at a safe distance, while the other stood behind a desk with a scowl etched onto her face.

“Empty your pockets and place all possessions in the tray,” said the guard behind the desk in a thick Russian accent.

Maria did what she was told, she didn’t have much left, her watch a couple of rings, a wallet that had already been emptied.

“Sign,” said the guard pushing a document in Russian in front of Maria.

Maria signed it, it didn’t really matter what it said, she was going nowhere soon.

“American, right?” The guard asked.

“Yes, that’s right,” Maria answered making sure to look the guard in the eyes.

“Having a good time in Moscow? Don’t worry, you will get to experience a lot of culture here,” the guard laughed and the other one joined in.

“Yeah, see all our beautiful architecture, meet our friendly locals,” the guard from behind laughed.

“Maybe I will get myself a souvenir or two, perhaps one of those ridiculous hats you are wearing,” Maria replied making an extra effort not to let her voice wobble.

The two guards looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing again.

“We have a cocky American here! I wonder how long she stays like that?” The guard behind the desk said.

“I want to see how fast talking she is when the girls are making her clean the toilet bowl with her tongue” the other guard laughed.

“Ah she’s a pretty one, they will definitely be using her tongue for something!”

Maria gritted her teeth and made sure she stood tall even though she felt the ball of dread in the pit of her stomach grow.

“Now strip!” the guard behind demanded.

Again, she knew she had no choice, her lawyer told her to just do what she was told and don’t cause any trouble. Then maybe just maybe when she went to court next month she could get the hell out of here. She took off her jacket and immediately felt a wave of cold. Then she pulled off her top, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her jeans. She put them all on the desk and did her best not to look fazed.

“Don’t stop there,” the guard behind her said.

Maria did what she was told, unfastened her bra, releasing her shapely round breasts into the air, and placed it on the desk. She knew her nipples were rock hard, the cold bit at them and made them stiff. The guards just watched, they had seen this a thousand times before, although Maria was certain her olive-skinned Latina complexion wasn’t the norm for winter in Moscow. She lowered her panties and placed them on the desk too, she felt herself blush, the total vulnerability.

“You want to sniff them or something?” Maria asked nodded at her panties, she wasn’t going to allow herself to be intimidated, but she felt the words lacked the confidence she had hoped for.

“It isn’t us you need to worry about,” the guard said with a laugh, “We have big strong husbands to go home and fuck every night, but the girls in here… you try that shit with them and they are going to eat you alive. They will especially like that you made an effort to wax your pussy!” The guard added looking down at Maria’s recently waxed crotch.

Maria couldn’t help but tremble, she tried to tell herself it was the cold.

“In the corner, hands against the wall, and squat,” the guard behind her ordered.

Maria knew what was coming and she knew she had no choice — she did what she was told. She heard the snap of a rubber glove being put on then a finger pressing on her vagina, in a second it was inside her. A moment later it was out and probing her anus. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. The guard, satisfied, moved away. There was the sound of a tap being turned and then Maria’s whole world turned to ice. A blast of freezing water washed over her, she opened her mouth to gasp but no sound came out. She tried to cover herself up but it was futile, the power hose cut straight kaçak iddaa through her defense until she was just a shivering little ball on the cold tiled floor.

“Get up!” Maria heard one of the guards say. She stood, her whole body shaking, her long dark hair hung in limply down her back. She wanted to cry.

“Nothing funny to say now, American?” the guard with the hose asked with a cruel smile.

Maria said nothing, she could barely think.

The guard behind the desk threw her a coarse towel along with grey sweatpants and top,

“You think you are tough, but the girls in here will break you in days. Next time I see you you probably will be on your knees with your tongue in someone’s cunt crying like the bitch you are.”

Maria clung to the towel and gritted her teeth even tighter. She told herself, ‘Do not cry, don’t let them see you cry’.

After Maria had dressed the guard led her through countless steel-reinforced doors and passed several checkpoints where equally tough guards watched her with impassive eyes. They then entered the main prison block, dozens of cells on three floors overlooked the concourse, inside which, women looked out curious to see the new animal in the zoo.

Maria looked up and around at the hundreds of faces all glaring down at her. Her bladder suddenly felt weak and a terrifying thought crossed her mind – what if she wet herself right now, in front of all the other prisoners? It would be like jumping into a shark tank covered in blood. She tried to push that thought to the back of her mind to stand tall, to look defiantly back at anyone who caught her eye. One of the prisoners shouted something at her in Russian, she had no idea what it was but the way she was licking her fingers that were shaped like a ‘V’ left her no doubt as to the woman’s intentions. Fuck, her bladder wanted to release! Please, God, please let me just get to my cell without me pissing myself! She thought. Her prayers were answered.

“In here,” the guard said pointing to a cell door.

The cell was small with two single beds, a metal toilet at the end and nothing else. Sitting on one of the beds, wrapped in the bed’s blankets, was a girl, at least five or six years younger than Maria, maybe twenty-one or twenty-two. She had short blond hair that had been roughly cut, but she was pretty with bright blue eyes and delicate features. The girl looked up as Maria was shoved in, she immediately pressed herself hard against the wall tucking her legs up under her chin in order to make herself as small as possible. The guard shouted some words in Russian to her, the girl nodded obediently, eyes full of fear. Then the door slammed shut.

“Hello?” the girl said still curled up in the corner of her bed.

“Who the hell are you?” snarled Maria, trying to sound as aggressive as possible.

The girl shrunk back even further and pulled the blankets tight around her.

“I’m… I’m Ivana,” the girl stammered.

Maria realized that this girl was no threat and there was no need to act so tough, she actually felt bad for scaring the girl more than she already was.

“Hey, sorry,” Maria said softly and raised her hands to show she meant no harm, “I’m Maria, I’m American.”


“Jesus, it is cold in here!” Maria thought allowed and then realized why Ivana had wrapped herself up in the blankets.

“Yeah, they don’t turn the heating on unless…” Ivana started then petered out.

“Unless what?”

“Unless Tatiana says so,” Ivana replied.

Maria remembered her need to pee and looked at the toilet and then back at Ivana awkwardly.

Ivana shrugged, “It’s ok, I won’t look. I was the same when I first got here, I was so scared. I peed myself when the guards were hosing me down so they wouldn’t notice,” Ivana added with a little smile. This honesty made Maria feel a little better.

She hurried over to the toilet, glanced at Ivana who was looking down at the floor. It was hardly the best way to introduce yourself, Maria thought. She sat down and tried to relieve herself but she couldn’t.

“It is strange first few times,” said Ivana, “But then you just get used to it.”

Maria, took a breath and heard the sound of pouring water, “Who is this Tatiana?” she asked feeling awkward at just the sound of her own running water.

Ivana looked at her in surprise, then remembered she had said she wasn’t going to look and turned away quickly, “Tatiana, she is in charge here.”

“You mean like the warden?”

“No, no, she is an inmate. She is the daughter of Demetri Vladimirov. He runs Moscow underworld.”

“So she is Mafia Princess?” asked Maria finishing up, and flushing.

“Yeah…a real princess,” said Ivana with a dry smile, “She owns everyone here, prisoners, guards, warden…everyone. This is her playground, everyone here is for her to play with… her own little game.”

Maria pulled the blankets off the bed and wrapped them around herself before sitting down, they did little to fight off the cold and now her adrenalin was coming down she shivered.

“So how do we convince her to put on the heating?”

“You have kaçak bahis to do something for her…” Ivana answered.

“Like what?”

“Anything she asks…” replied Ivana.

“The way the guards spoke it is like this place is full of lesbians, but I think they were just trying to scare me.”

“Hmm… with Tatiana it isn’t as much about the sex… it is about power and control.”

“Well I’m straight so I will have to find something else to offer her,” said Maria.

Ivana just looked at her but said nothing.

There was the sound of a deep female voice bellowing outside the cell followed by a banging on the door. Maria glanced over at Ivana, unable to hide the look of fear in her eyes.

“It’s ok, it’s just lights out and time to sleep,” explained Ivana.

“Oh ok,” said Maria, breathing a sigh of relief.

“It’s good you try to act tough,” Ivana said, “But I think you might need to be more convincing. There are serious people in here.”

“I can look after myself, I am half Puerto Rican,” replied Maria with pride.

“This isn’t Puerto Rico…nor America… this is Russia. There are no rules here,” she then hesitated, “Erm… which bed do you prefer we sleep in?”

“I’m ok with the one I am on, thanks?” Maria answered, unsure what Ivana meant, thinking it was to do with the language barrier.

“Ok, I come over there,” said Ivana and started picking up her blankets.

“No, I said I am ok to sleep in this bed, you are alright to stay where you are.”

“Maria, it is cold now, in an hour it will almost be freezing in here, we need to share a bed or we will freeze to death before morning.” Maria looked up at her unsure so Ivana continued, “You are unlucky and lucky, I am small so I won’t make much heat, but at least we can both fit in bed easily.”

Maria realized she was right, she hadn’t stopped shivering since she had sat down, and if it was going to get even colder then freezing was a real possibility. Well, at least she is a pretty, sweet girl not some smelly disgusting creature like some of the women who had leered through the bars at her had been.

“Ok, sure,” said Maria.

Ivana climbed into the bed next to Maria and piled her blankets on top to try to keep them as warm as possible. She then wrapped her arms around Maria and nuzzled tight against her. Maria felt her warmth and was grateful for it.

“I forgot to tell you something…” whispered Ivana.


“The reason I am in here…” Ivana answered, “I am a lesbian, cannibal, serial killer.”

“You’re what?” Gasped Maria.

Ivana laughed sweetly, and then Maria laughed too. She couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed about anything, certainly not since this nightmare had started. She suddenly felt very glad to have Ivana with her and wrapped her arms around the girl too. Ivana gave a slight ‘purr’ and pulled herself even tighter, resting her head on Maria’s chest.

“Maria,” whispered Ivana.


“Tomorrow I am sure Tatiana will ask to see you, we don’t have many Americans here, especially not beautiful ones. She will be curious about you. Please do whatever she wants. Don’t try to be tough or strong, it won’t work. Just do what she says. No one will think any less of you.”

“I don’t like bullies. We need to stand up to them.”

“We are not at school, she isn’t a bully, she’s a vicious psycho bitch that has complete control over us!” Ivana said with fear, “Do you understand?”

Maria trembled and not just from the cold. Ivana felt it and hugged her even tighter trying to soothe her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…” Ivana said and gave Maria a tight squeeze, “Just you seem nice, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you… So when you meet her, show respect, don’t provoke her and if she tells you to dance around naked like a monkey then… then dance around naked like a monkey!”

“Is she likely to do that?” asked Maria with trepidation.

“Dance around like a monkey? Er… no… of course not…. That would be weird… But she will want to see that you submit to her.”

Maria tried to sleep but couldn’t. Fierce howls and screams would echo through the building followed by angry shouts, presumably from the guards demanding silence. Then thoughts of her situation and how she got there ran through her head, getting caught with forged documents was so stupid. And tomorrow she knew she was going to start paying for it. She would do anything to be back home, in her cramped apartment, complaining to her brother that he hadn’t come round to fix the air-con and it was too hot. She shivered, the cold was unrelenting. She hugged Ivana tighter to get as much warmth from her body as she could. Ivana mumbled and hugged her back, their legs entwined and at that moment Maria felt as closer to this pretty stranger as she had ever done to anyone in her life. She felt Ivana’s hands reach up under her top and onto her bare back, her hands were warm and it felt good to feel such a caring touch — kind and tender.

Violent banging on the door woke Maria with a start, her eyes burst wide open, shaken from a nightmare illegal bahis she must have drifted into and into the equally scary real world.

“Inspections in twenty minutes,” mumbled Ivana, eyes still closed, her face partly buried against Maria’s breasts, “Plenty of time,” she added.

“Then what happens?”

“Then showers…” came a slow mumbled response, “then breakfast. Mmm… you have wonderful comfy breasts, warm and soft.”

Maria didn’t take much notice of the last comment, the idea of having a shower as her introduction to all the other prisoners terrified her.

“Do we need to shower?” she asked with no pretense of courage.

“Of course, otherwise you get smelly, silly,” Ivana sat up and yawned, “Today will be a big day for you, but don’t worry I will look after you,” and with those words, she threw some punches into the air with a playful yell of ‘Kapow!’ “Unless they have shives, then you are on your own,” she added with a smile.

“That’s not funny!” Maria snapped out of nerves.

“It is a little funny,” Ivana replied with shrug.

Maria stood behind Ivana in a queue. She could feel dozens of eyes on her, some curious some hostile. A guard indicted for a batch of them to move forward with a bored wave of her hand.

“We undress now,” whispered Ivana over her shoulder, and immediately pulled off her sweat-suit. Maria could see her perfect porcelain skin, and her eyes darted involuntarily down to her small but shapely round ass. Then she noticed the guard staring at her and she quickly pulled off her own clothes.

“Just throw them in this basket, we get fresh ones on the other side of the shower,” Ivana said glancing over her shoulder, “Oh, you are trembling, don’t be scared.”

“I am not scared,” snapped Ivana back, “Just cold.”

“Cold? You wait till you get in the shower, then you will know what cold feels like! But seriously, no one is going to take you in the shower, well not without Tatiana’s permission anyway and as she hasn’t met you yet, so you are perfectly safe,” said Ivana.


Ivana turned around and gave Maria’s hand a squeeze, “Really!” Her eyes then dropped down to take in the rest of Maria’s curvy body, “Oh wow, you don’t see many like that in Russia,” she said with a mischievous grin. She then dragged her eyes back up to Maria’s and gave her a smile, “Come on.”

Maria felt a little reassured and also found herself checking the rest of Ivana’s slim body, she had small breasts but they were shapely and very pert, with tidy little areolas and cute pink nipples. Ivana let go of her hand and at the instruction of the guard the batch of prisoners entered the shower.

Maria gasped at the blast of cold water. She grabbed a bar of almost scentless soap and rubbed herself with it as quickly as possible. There was a plastic dispenser that provided some kind of shampoo, like the soap it was almost devoid of all smell. As she turned to wash the shampoo from her hair she saw some of the other inmates looking over at her. Amongst the pale-skinned bodies, her olive complexion was attracting interest.

The guard shouted something and Maria looked over to Ivana for her lead. Ivana finished washing the soap suds from her body then gave Maria a nod to follow her. They left the shower and grabbed a towel from a basket, it was coarse and scratchy on her skin, but she dried herself as quickly as possible. Then she grabbed her size of sweatsuit from a shelf and quickly dressed, keeping her eyes down. When she looked up Ivana was nowhere to be seen.

Maria looked around searching for the pretty girl amongst the hoard of naked and half-naked bodies but she had vanished. A moment later she felt strong hands grab her arms from both sides. She looked around to see two large, fierce looking women grip her by the elbows and start pulling her away.

“Get the fuck off me!” shouted Maria.

The women didn’t respond and dragged her to the door of the changing room. Maria saw a guard leaning against the wall by the door.

“Hey, help will you?” Maria called to the guard, fear rising in her voice.

The guard looked up and gave an unconcerned shrug and went back to staring at her nails. Maria continued to struggle but the women both had over twenty pounds on her and had little difficulty dragging her out. She was taken down several corridors, whenever they passed an inmate they moved out the way and averted their gaze. Maria started to panic and thrashed around with renewed determination. She felt a punch to the stomach and all air and energy went out of her. The two women carried her, with her feet dragging along the floor, through another door and into a large room.

The first thing Maria noticed was the warmth. It was the first time she had felt heating in ages. She looked around and saw a well-decorated room, furnished with sofas, a king-sized bed in the corner, even a large tv fastened to a wall. In the center of the room, sat on a plush red velvet armchair, was a woman. She wasn’t dressed like an inmate nor a guard, instead, she wore dark green combat pants, a sports vest and a black leather jacket. Her hair was black — combed stylishly down one side while shaved almost to the skin on the other. She looked beautiful but tough, her dark eyes looked up coldly as Maria was dragged in and held tight.

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