Bad Kitty

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Passing my neighbor Kat in the hallway of our apartment building one night, with a friendly wave, turning my head and checking her out a little more closely as she walked by, there was just something about her, and it wasn’t just her sweet, sweet ass, although I gotta stay that booty she’s rocking is stellar.

Thing was, I was beginning to realize, I was every bit as intrigued as I was attracted to her — which made her pretty irresistible. Normally as she came and went from the building, with a pleasant little hi and bye, often with a book or two in her arms, she gave the appearance of being pretty straight laced, like a grade school teacher or librarian. But with all that long fiery red hair, bright teasing blue eyes and the sexiest dimpled smile I’d ever seen, never mind a body that wouldn’t quit, I had a pretty strong feeling when she let loose, I’d want to be there to see it happen.

So, that weekend, over at my friend Mike’s place for his annual Halloween bash, decked out as a Vampire in a floor length cape, with my dark brown hair slicked back, and even a widow’s peak penciled-in to look more authentic, the last person I expected to see was the woman I’d been fantasizing about pretty much day and night, dressed as — are you ready for this — a playboy bunny! And looking so unbelievably hot, I could feel myself getting hard just looking at her. And the longer I stared, the more I began to wonder what the hell was happening with my heart, the way it was trying to pound right out of my chest, she just looked so delectable, all I could think of was having a lick.

Once Kat recognized me, she wandered over and gave me a flash of that sexy dimpled smile, those perfect breasts nearly popping out of the top of her body hugging little costume, had my eyes firmly fixed on the titty show, despite the fact I knew I should be trying to raise my gaze to get a look at her gorgeous face. But I was pretty sure the tops of her rosy pink areolas were almost peeking right back at me, pretty much taunting me to just go for it and bathe them with my tongue.

And since I’d had a couple of beers, I might have been a little more loose lipped than normal, when I teasingly wiggled my eyebrows, keeping my gaze on the twins, as I said, “Well, hello, girls.”

Thankfully, Kat had a sense of humor and just laughed, but then she shocked the shit out of me, when she placed her hand on my chest and ran it slowly down along my red satin vest, over my abs, all the way to the top of my fly, making everything I owned come roaring to life, as in a sexy breathy voice, she asked, “Ethan, right?” Then she flashed those dimples again and gave me a wink. “Gotta say, you make one hell of a sexy vampire, and now I just hope you don’t bite.”

Jesus, I almost choked on my tongue. Could this really be her? Her costume was just so damn revealing, raking my gaze over the tiny scrap of skin-tight black satin, I could hardly believe she had the nerve to wear it. Insanely seductive, cut so high in the thigh, I imagined her pussy had to be shaved clean, and so low in front, her breasts were practically on offer for anyone who’d like to have a taste, or a bite, as she pretty much suggested, which naturally got my mouth watering even more. So no guarantee I wouldn’t be planting my teeth in her somewhere tonight — if I was lucky.

Well, I’d been right about one thing, when she let loose, she didn’t kid around. And fuck me, in black fishnet stocking and sky high come-fuck-me-heels, with those cute little bunny ears and sexy satin cuffs circling her wrists, it was exactly what I had in mind — bending her over somewhere and fucking her good and hard. My cock already stiff as a board, almost screaming to get at her, I couldn’t believe this sexy little temptress was my quiet, unassuming neighbor, who’d come out to play. But if that’s what she wanted, then damn, I was more than willing to be her playmate.

Finally tearing my eyes off her smokin’ little body long enough to smile up at her deceptively cherubic face — she just looked so hot and had gotten me so aroused that my gaze quickly gravitated to that long, sexy red pony-tail trailing down her back, which I quickly realized would give me something to hang onto if I took her from behind. Feeling a little disgusted with myself; giving my head a shake to try and banish all the filthy thoughts running through it, after clearing my throat, I asked, “You want a drink, Kat?”

She nodded. “I’d love one.”

Deciding, what the hell, since she’d already been pretty forward with me, I took her hand and walked her over to the bar, mostly so I wouldn’t lose her. Noticing as we wound our way through the crowd, it was probably a good idea, since it seemed every guy in the place stopped what they were doing to check her out, and who could blame them, when she looked so ridiculously hot. Looking back at her I grinned to myself, giving the stink eye to the pack of wolves lusting after her. Too bad, suckers, I got here first. Van Escort So you assholes can go find your own little bunny to play with.

Surprisingly we both chose Scotch neat, and I was impressed by the fact that she drank it down like a pro. Not many women liked their booze straight, but then again I was beginning to realize that Kat was like no other woman I’d ever known — like she had some kind of split personality — sweet little schoolmarm by day and red hot vixen by night. And I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying the hell out of her late night alter ego, since right now, as I suck back my drink, hungrily eyeing every inch of her, I’m thinking that she’s so fucking hot, all I can think of is getting her out of the bunny suit and onto her back.

We chatted for a bit, and she made me laugh more times than I could count. Who knew she was funny as hell, too. Insanely hot, gorgeous, witty, charming and with dimples that made me smile every time she flashed them, I decided I wanted to get know her better — way better.

Smiling into her eyes, about to say, ‘Would you care to dance?’ suddenly out of nowhere two other sexy squealing girls — one dressed as a naughty little cat, and the other an uber sexy mouse — came and grabbed her, dragging her onto the improvised dance floor in the middle of the room . ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé was blasting from the speakers, and damned if the three of them didn’t jump right in and prove they had choreographed the dance moves to a T. As they artfully twisted and turned and spun to the beat, it was just like watching the music video, only so much hotter since it was happening right in front of our eyes. She’s got to be a dancer, with her moves, I decided, my eyes glued to her spellbound, as she kicked up her heels and showed off her crazy sexy moves, grinning at me the whole time. Jesus, if I thought I was hot for her before, I had to be twice as hard now.

Once the song finally ended and everyone watching erupted into cheers and applause and ear-shattering whistles, I couldn’t believe it when she ran back over to me at the bar, happily laughing and smiling and threw her arms around my neck, planting one scorching hot kiss on my mouth. Her tongue quickly tangling with mine, it took us a long while to pull apart, our chests heaving hard by the time she smiled coyly into my eyes, waiting for a reaction. Thrilled with the sexy glint in her eye, I just hoped she was thinking what I was, because damn, did I ever want to get inside her now. My hands already firmly planted on her lush satin covered ass, as we got back into sucking face, I pulled us into a dark corner and desperately ground her against my throbbing cock. Both of us moaning, her leg already circling my hip, giving me better access to her hot little pussy, that with a stroke of my finger, I could feel was dripping wet right through her costume. Seems this sexy little bunny wanted me too — and my aching cock and I couldn’t have been happier.

Finally lifting my head, both of us gasping for air, so aroused I could hardly see straight, I asked her, “You want to find somewhere more private?”

Numbly nodding her head, she whispered on a shaky breath, “Oh, yes, please.”

So, as she took the lead and led me by the hand up the stairs to the bedrooms, I wasn’t even sure if this whole thing was for real. With that gorgeous tight round ass of hers swaying in my face, practically begging me to sink my teeth in, as her cute little white cotton tail bounced with every step she took, all I knew was that it had better be for real, or I was about to lose my mind, and possibly even my load, I was just so fucking desperate for her.

Flicking on a little bedside light in the first room we found, with a quick glance around, it looked like it might be a guest room, but all I cared about was that it had a bed. With Kat already softly moaning and wrapping her leg around my thigh, her hot little pussy trailing up and down my pant leg as she feasted on my mouth, all I knew was that I needed to get inside her, and pretty damn soon.

After giving her sexy little cotton tail, along with her ass, a playful squeeze, my trembling hand found the zipper of her skin tight little bunny suit. Grabbing hold of the catch and sliding it down her back, I was thrilled to discover, that beneath it, she was naked as the day she was born. And fuck me, I’d never seen anything more beautiful than Kat, breathtakingly naked and aroused. Soft pale skin the perfect foil to all that fiery red hair and just over her pussy was the most delightful little tuft of matching red curls that had my breath catching in my throat, knowing how much I wanted my mouth there. Her nipples hard as pebbles, I could feel them rubbing against my chest, right through my clothes as she fisted my cape and tugged me close, grinding her pussy relentlessly along my thigh, only making me that much harder. Now I just had to taste the pretty pair, my mouth wet and eager for a lick.

With Van Escort Bayan her tiny black bunny suit pooled at her feet on the floor, she really got into kissing me, desperately tugging me onto the bed with her. My hand sliding up her silky leg, I reached between her parted thighs and groaned so damn hard, my throat ached. Because, fuck me, I couldn’t believe how wet she was. And I knew I had to get down there for a taste, although I hated to leave her mouth, because damn, this girl could kiss. But with the way my cock was beginning to throb, like an absolute bitch, I also knew I had to move things along, or I’d be embarrassing myself and coming in my pants, she’d got me so damn stoked to get inside her.

Parting her thighs even wider, I pulled away and took my first good long look at her naked and on her back, with her legs invitingly parted. And Jesus, my imagination had not done her justice. She was beyond beautiful. A delightful sprinkling of freckles trailing over her lush full round breasts had my head dropping to taste each one. Sucking a pretty pink nipple between my lips, my eyes sliding shut, I savored the sweet taste of her, rolling the hard little peak with my tongue, making her writhe and whimper as I kissed a path across her chest, her fingers tightly wound in my hair, as my hand trailed low over her belly, sliding a finger along her hot little slit, as I savored the other breast, too. Licking and nipping and finally tugging each hard little peak between my teeth, her hand anxiously fisting the sheets, I had her whimpering like a hungry little kitten, desperate for what only I could give her. And as eager as I was to sink my cock into all that tight, wet heat, I knew I had to have a taste of her, too. If this turned out to be the only time we ever got together like this, I’d shoot myself for not getting at least a lick of her hot little pussy when I had the chance.

She sure as hell wasn’t my first, but for some weird reason it kind of felt like it, maybe because I’d never wanted anyone more than I did her right now. Horny as fuck, didn’t even begin to describe how jacked I was to get inside her.

Kissing a trail down over her belly, stopping only long enough to dip my tongue into her irresistible little navel, clutching her ass in my hands, I spread her open wide. And after shaking my head at how fucking sweet her pretty little pussy looked close up, I stopped admiring and started feasting, diving in and burying my face deep between her thighs. Sinking my tongue into the hottest, sweetest little cunt ever created, eyes closed, groaning as I tongued her as deep as I could, deliriously sucking back her delectable essence, my tongue lapped at every last drop she gave me. Sweet, hot, wet and fucking amazing, the taste of her was like heaven, I’d had desserts that weren’t nearly as sweet. And I also knew once she’d come good and hard, my cock would be buried right here, in the most delectable little pussy I’d ever had the pleasure to feast on.

Kat’s hands desperately clutching my hair, frantically squirming and writhing as I ate into her, hungrily lapping and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth, with that tiny tuft of fiery red hair teasing my nose, I knew I’d never enjoyed eating a cunt more than hers right now. Once I sucked her clit between my lips she really began to whimper, anxiously thrusting her pussy into my face, practically begging me to make her come. And I have to say I’ve never seen a woman react so strongly to having me go down on her. I’ve been told I’m good at this, but Jesus, she was practically levitating off the bed, she was so blown away by having my mouth on her. Pushing a finger inside her, groaning as I realized how insanely tight she was, sliding it in and out of her, I kept right on licking and sucking, adding a second finger just to be sure she came nice and hard. I already knew I’d need her dripping wet, if I ever wanted to get my cock inside her, seeing as she was as tight as a damn clam shell.

As I gave her a really good finger fucking, I was a little shocked at how loud she was getting, really beginning to moan and shake, which only spurred me on, stoked to see how hard she was getting off on my oral skills. And it wasn’t long before I felt her sweet juices filling my mouth, her whole body writhing as she moaned and squirmed and tugged at my hair like a woman possessed, as she came harder than I’d ever seen anyone come. Lifting my head, I just had to see how hot she looked when she came apart, and damn, what a sight; eyes closed, breasts heaving, thighs open wide, swollen little pussy just dripping from what I’d done to her. She wasn’t shy about coming hard, and didn’t seem to care that I was watching her, utterly spellbound. Finally, impatiently groaning for me to finish what I’d started, she tugged me up her body and whispered against my mouth, “I’m clean, you?”

Heaving an elated sigh, after watching her come that hard, I nodded and said, “Yeah, I’m clean,” as I Escort Van took her mouth again, letting her taste how sweet she was as I tugged down my fly and freed my throbbing cock. Not really giving a shit that I was still in my vampire costume, as long as I’d freed my long hard member, so I could finally fill her with what she seemed to need, I figured finally getting inside her was all that really mattered to either of us.

My weight up on one arm, I watched her face to see her reaction, as I held the base of my cock and began to push just the swollen head inside her, at least until my eyes rolled so far back in my head — as I realized just how fucking tight she was — actually starting to worry that they’d never roll back. Because, holy shit, you want to talk about sinking into heaven, her pussy was like absolute paradise, squeezing my cock like the hottest tightest glove I’d ever felt. She had to have the sweetest, wettest little pussy I’d ever had the pleasure to plunder, and yet I’d barely begun to fuck her, so I knew I’d really lucked out with her.

And once she wrapped her legs around my hips sinking me just that much deeper into all that warm welcoming heat, although her face was a little scrunched up, almost like she was in pain, I still thought I’d just about die from the feel of her. Dropping my head to lick a pouting nipple as I began to pump, glancing up at her face, seeing her gradually seem to relax, and actually slowly begin to smile as I rode her a little harder, finally she just looked so blissed out, like she’d been aching to be fucked like forever, and I was giving her just what she needed.

Happy to oblige, I began to pick up my pace, getting up on my knees, clutching her ass in my hands, looking down and watching my slick cock sliding in and out of that sweet little pussy of hers, still glistening with her juices, had to be the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen in my life. And as she began to whimper even louder, I just slammed into her that much harder, both of quaking as one helluva fucking orgasm began to rock through us both, my cock still sliding in and out of her, pistoning as hard and fast as I could, I was sure sex had never felt this good. My balls tight and heavy, about ready to explode, her pussy hot and pulsing, I could feel her cunt clamping down hard around my cock in spasm after spasm, as she brokenly whimpered, “Oh, yes, oh, god, yes.” I watched her go to pieces, my cock pulsing crazy hard inside her, filling her tight little cunt with all I had to give. Throwing my head back, I nearly howled, as a tidal wave of relief washed through me. I don’t think I’d ever come so hard, or so long, or ever felt this fantastic, or anything even close.

Still joined, my cock nestled in her nice and tight, just as we were basking in the warm fuzzy afterglow, happily smiling into those incredibly blue eyes, reaching up to tenderly stroke her cheek, whispering sweet little things, as one does, after a crazy satisfying fuck like that, the doorknob rattled and I turned my head and saw another couple walking in on us. Thankfully lost in lust, mindlessly kissing each other’s faces off and tearing at each clothes, gave me the time I needed to reach around and cover Kat’s body with my cape, before they could see what we’d been up to — especially since I was bare-assed and still buried in her deep. Quietly chuckling to myself, I figured, still in my cape with Kat naked under me, I had to look like Count Fuckula with my latest sexy victim. Finally they stopped kissing long enough to look over at the bed, laugh and tell us sorry, before they staggered back out looking for another place to satisfy their own kinky needs.

Smiling into Kat’s eyes, I said, “Sorry, guess we should have locked the door.”

Wrapping her arms around me even tighter, flashing the sexiest dimpled smile imaginable, pretty blue eyes sparkling with mischief, she said, “I don’t think we had time.”

She was probably right about that, we’d probably only been at the party an hour, and yet here we were, with my cock buried in her nice and tight, and I actually felt it twitch, just thinking about where it was, and how insanely good it felt to be snug and warm, right where it wanted to be. Damn, and now I could hardly wait to do it all over again. No matter how fast we’d hooked up, I already knew I wanted more. And not just more of this, but more of her, because now she had me curious to know who she really was. But watching her bite anxiously into her lip, and awkwardly look away, I could see she wanted up, so I rolled off her, and after snagging her little bunny suit and ears off the floor, I watched her disappear into the ensuite bathroom.

I used the bathroom to clean up after her, and by the time I came out she was gone. And not just from the bedroom, but when I searched around for her downstairs, it looked like she’d split, perhaps regretting our impulsive little hook up. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed, but smiling to myself, at least I knew where she lived, so we were definitely going to be seeing each other again. And I just hoped it wouldn’t be too awkward, seeing as we’d gotten naked together now, not to mention, made each other come like there was no tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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