Bangkok City Nights Pt. 03

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Continued from Part 2, link on my profile.

Please note that Part 3 was written from the female character’s point of view.


It was noon by the time we woke up, and it took me a few minutes of just looking at you to realize I really wasn’t dreaming. After a few moments of snuggling, we had to rush to get ready so we could meet our friends for a late lunch before they headed out of town. I don’t think either of us wanted to leave the apartment, but it’s definitely nice to just be out and about with you again.

I have been planning to take you to places in Bangkok that I grew up seeing, something outside of the Lonely Planet guides, and what not. So it was best to just hop on to trains and cabs, not having to worry about parking wherever we went. I have to say it’s been quite a delight to have your hands all over me, even over my dress or just subtle brushes of your knuckles against my bare arms. The little touches and teases have been going on all day, and every time I kiss you a little harder, you push me away to remind me where we are. There’s a fine line between playful teasing and frustrating the heck out of me, and you’ve managed to keep me on that line all day long.

As the train continued on, I noticed a few men leering, but you were quick to put them in their place, looping your arm around me and holding me close before you planted a quick kiss on my lips. That feeling of you keeping me safe had been missed for far too long. I put my arms around your waist and held on as the train departed yet another station, burying my face in your chest. The smell of your deodorant was the sweetest fragrance. When our stop was announced, I grabbed your hand and led you to the restaurant. As we passed by a small alley, I felt you pull me back and duck into the small space. Your hand running through my hair, arm grabbing me from behind and holding me close, lips pressed into mine. Our tongues fighting back and forth in a sensual, forceful dance.

A little smirk appeared on your face and I knew that look all too well. Before I could react, you grabbed me by the waist and spun me around, turning me to face the wall as you quickly hiked my dress up and smacked your hand down on my ass. A quick yelp escaped my mouth right before you lean in closer to tell me to be quiet. My panties were slowly peeled off of me, you sliding them down my legs while caressing them as you go. Once they were off, you quickly got back up to grind into me from the back. Just your hardness through your jeans and against my bare ass. Something about all of this – so raw, in the middle of the day. My lips parted a little to let out a little moan and your hand quickly covered my mouth, pushing my panties inside to muffle any sound.

I hear the unzipping and the shuffling behind me as you keep one hand over my mouth. I part my legs and pushed back a little, inviting you inside me. I felt the head of your cock against my lips and a moan escapes my throat, muffled by the panties still lodged in my mouth. Without a warning, you plunge the entire length of your cock inside me, the Yalova Escort slight wetness not enough to lube your throbbing cock and I feel every inch of you pushing in-almost violating me. A light scream erupts but no sound leaves my mouth. It feels so raw, so angry, you taking me here, not letting me prepare. You pushed in and out, my pussy slowly starting to release and enjoy the feeling of your sudden aggression, I start moaning more, my legs trembling as I can almost feel my release coming when I feel your cockhead expand and streams of cum shoot inside my pussy. You hold still, emptying yourself inside me and quickly pull out. My groans of frustration have no effect as you pull down my dress and lead me quickly into the restaurant, putting my panties away in your pocket.

We sit in the booth and I can still feel your cum dripping out of me, but you’re sitting on the outside and I can’t go to the bathroom. I look over at you and plead with my eyes to let me get up but your look tells me I’m not going anywhere. Our friends soon arrived and I was quite glad to have the distraction even though it was going to be just a quick lunch. I shouldn’t have been surprised that you would lean in close every now and then and nibbled on my ear, just to remind me that it was still our time even with other people around.

We said our goodbyes to the cheerful group as you lead me out of that place. “Weren’t you going to show me the best view of this city?” The way you said it – so calmly, like nothing has been going on the entire day. I was mad, annoyed, and so incredibly turned on at the same time.

A quick cab ride later and we’re at the Pinklao bridge, where we got down and walked up the beautiful structure overlooking the Chao Phraya river. Just cars speeding by, nobody noticing that we’ve even walked up there, standing behind the giant concrete pillar looking out into the water. Golden pagodas, the Grand Palace, evening boats, night markets – all in sight. The sun light was slowly fading away and this was just the perfect time of the day to look at Bangkok from this place. The crowds during the day had faded and a quiet had fallen over the pedestrian side of the bridge.

We were pretty high up and the breeze was absolutely pleasant. With that kind of view and your arms wrapped around me from behind, my evening couldn’t have been more perfect. But I was determined to make yours even better. Turning around, I wrapped both my arms around your neck and pulled you in for a gentle, sensual kiss. With our bodies pressed up against each other, I was happy to feel your bulge growing and pressing into me again. Nothing ever made me happier than knowing I have this effect on you, anyplace and anytime. My hands slid down your body, gripping you at the waist as I lowered myself down, landing my knees on your feet. I have you pinned in place for once, and I couldn’t contain my grin when I looked up and saw that raw, animalistic desire in your eyes. You had your fingers in my hair and pulled your cock out faster than I could even ask you, and the scents of your arousal Yalova Escort Bayan mixed in with the traces of my juices from earlier drove me wild. Looking up at you, I grabbed the base of your hard cock and eagerly wrapped my lips around the head, flicking my tongue around as I took more of you in. My moans escape my throat onto your throbbing cock as you pulled my head closer towards you, slowly thrusting forward and groaned at me.

I can feel myself get more aroused as you bring your other hand to my face, lightly brushing your knuckles along my cheek. The contrast of your gentle caress and primal need sent me into a frenzy and I almost forgot where we were. It was rush hour again and the traffic behind us slowed down, and I knew it was no longer safe for us to be where we were. As much as I needed to taste you, I slowly backed away, looked up at you and said we had to get out of there.

We start walking back and the thumping of bass music draws my attention. The nightclubs were already lining people up outside and you looked over at me to see that familiar smirk. “Let’s go inside”

We made our way through the line and approached the dance floor, I pulled you on to it and close to me, the rhythms of Diplo coursing through our bodies as we got closer and closer. I leaned into you and with a sigh of exasperation, whispered “I’m still not wearing panties”. You slid your hands up my thighs and felt my wetness immediately. You had edged me all day and it was quickly becoming unbearable. I tried to reach down and pull your hands up faster but that just made you slow down even more. You knew exactly what effect you were having on me and that just seemed to push you further. After what seemed like an eternity, your fingers found my craving, eager hole, sliding into it one finger at a time. Surrounded by people just added to the allure and I felt myself get more excited as some of our neighbors turned and glanced knowingly. I put my head in your shoulder and moaned into it, almost whimpering, barely hearing it over the rich, vibrant notes of David Guetta. You pushed your fingers in further and I was getting close to that moment again, my moans becoming stronger and more frequent, my breathing becoming ragged, and my wetness sliding back and forth on your fingers, fucking myself.

In a moment of ESP, you pulled your fingers out right as I was about to go over the edge and again I was left frustrated. I’m not sure how much more of this I could take but I didn’t dare to touch myself for fear of your punishment. Just before I could even form any words out of all the frustration, I feel you grab my wrist and quickly yanked me away from the crowd. We get to the secluded, dark corner just next to the side of the bar that is shut for the night. You pushed me back into the wall and I quickly wrapped my arms around your neck, using the wall to support my back as you grabbed both my legs and pulled them up to wrap around your waist. My fingers in your hair, my lips and tongue hungrily ravishing your mouth as I let my moans convey the message to you.

You Escort Yalova hiked my dress up around my hips and tested your finger inside me again, making me push against your finger but you quickly pulled that out, tasting it. Then you dropped your hand to your pants, unzipping them and pulling out your cock, ramming it all the way inside me as a loud gasp and then sigh of pleasure escaped my lips. There is no better way to describe this other than how you completely fill me up, and not just physically. My mind, along with my body, has been constantly craving you, your scent, your touch, your desire to have me.

You knew it wasn’t going to take any time at all. You knew how ready my body was for this release, and in fact – how both our bodies were so ready. It no longer mattered where we were, the only thing we both cared right now was just to break free in each other’s arms and let everything go. My eyes widened as I felt your lips pull away from mine, slowing down your thrusts.

“Please, no. Not again. Not anymore.” I pleaded, knowing I couldn’t possibly take any more torture and denial from you – not today.

“Then just say yes” You say to me, almost grunting the words out through your teeth. Before I could even form a question, since I had no idea what you were even talking about, you continued.

“I’m taking you back to the US with me. Say yes.”

I moaned louder, involuntarily, as I felt your short, harsh thrust inside me before you held still. You knew it wasn’t that easy, you knew I couldn’t just decide to leave. And you knew I would never say anything I didn’t plan on doing for sure.

I looked right at you, wanting to plead for the release but I have known you long enough to know that there was no winning any of this. And to be fair, a part of me wishes that will never change.

“Yes… ok” I whispered, closing my eyes, trying to not think of the consequences I would actually have to face later on, right now.

My eyes open again when I felt your lips on mine, softly kissing them as you slowly pull your throbbing cock a little further out. “Yes? Just… yes?”

I bit down on my lower lip, shook my head in disbelief and intense arousal at the same time, looked straight into your eyes and said to you in a loud, clear voice “Yes, sir.” just before I pull your face to mine again and push my tongue inside your mouth, feeling you thrust all the way inside me, digging your fingers into the back of my thighs as you fucked me with every cell of your being. A little drop of tear rolls down my face as I try to not scream out loud, digging my nails into the back of your neck and exploding around your cock. Wave after wave of orgasm took over me, while I couldn’t help but squeeze and pull you harder inside. Seconds later I felt you erupt streams of hot cum inside me, grunting and groaning into my mouth as you filled me up.

It took us a few moments to even catch our breaths again, as you lowered my legs back onto the ground, pulling yourself out of me. We scramble to get dressed properly again as you pulled me into you to kiss my face where the little drop of tear was rolling down, smiling at me.

“Looks like you’ll have some packing to do in the next few days, because I’m definitely not going to forget that Yes.”

******* To Be Continued *******

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