Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 31

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A single encounter can lead to a heavenly time, especially if it is the first of a bathhouse visit. Even if I had actually made a mistake – instead of this being a normal Thursday, when the baths open at 3pm, it was a holiday, with an hour earlier opening time.

The feeling inside was considerably less crowded than my last visit, also on a holiday. However, the waiting for an extra hour had turned out to be unnecessary, as after this long of a stretch between visits, horniness had become a driving force. A male only sauna is a reliable place to find fantastic sex, but in some strange fashion, the more crowded it becomes, the less sex seems to occur.

The other difference with the crowd today was that it was not precisely typical. Finishing a wheat beer, I went upstairs, wondering how full it would be after an hour. Not very, it turned out. About the only thing that was a surprise was seeing that there were different videos playing in each booth across from the porn area.

Nothing was going on in the porn area either, so I went into a video booth, taking out condoms and poppers, getting comfortable. Several men went by with at best a bare glance. The porn was not particularly interesting, nor was my cock particularly hard after a couple of minutes of watching it.

Another man walked by, then stood at entrance. He was still wearing a towel, but he parted it as I watched, his cock getting harder while playing with himself. I looked, turning my head. Knowing that he was also looking at me added a growing interest to our encounter. A booth tends to be just a bit more social in a sense, making sure that desire is mutual before entering a private space to have sex with another man.

The fact we were both watching the other jack off an erect cock was an unmistakeable invitation to explore further delights. He came in, spread his towel, closed the door, now quite hard. Displaying himself as I kept playing with a hardened cock, his body covered with a good amount of black hair. It soon seemed as if he expected me to go down on him, without any foreplay. Something that is distinctly not my taste, preferring to share sluttiness with another slut.

I continued to stroke myself while playing with his nipple. He seemed to enjoy my fingers squeezing, seeing how his cock quivered, but he still did nothing in return. This continued almost to the point of wondering whether to break off completely. Surprisingly, he went down on me after that bit of intimate touching, allowing me to feed him a horny dick, moving it around in his willing mouth, surrendering myself to the tempting sensations.

This lovely cock sucking also made it essentially guaranteed my sucking his sexy cock at some point, because even while resisting his apparent desire for me to merely service him, it had been a turn on to look at his sexy rod, thinking of kissing and sucking it deep.

I bent down as he sucked me, able to kiss his neck and ears, left hand playing with his gorgeous cock, surprised at how direct he had become, seemingly switching roles in a second. As he kept sucking, seeing that the screen was showing hot rimming, surrendering to the kinky porn’s appeal as a stranger went down on my horny rigid cock. I love having sex like this, bahis şirketleri male only, a finger lightly touching my hole, exploiting an enticing weakness only well too known among those who regularly visit the baths.

He shifted position after a delicious interval of going down on my rigid length, pushing me back. He went up on all fours in front of me, blocking the view as he went down on me again. At times, I tried to reach his cock, continuing to caress and fondle what was available. But his stiff rod remained out of reach, particularly of my mouth.

Finally, after having almost cum several times, he lay down next to me, making it possible to position myself over his face, with his cock wonderfully close to mine. I could not resist smelling and licking it before even finding the poppers, letting him know what was going to be happening.

I took my cock out of his mouth before doing that first hit, grabbing his sexy shaft, mouth starting to slide over its head. The rush made it feel as if his cock was completely huge in my mouth, wanting to be filled with his hot dick. Even before breathing out, his mouth had taken my cock again, 69ing like real sluts, taking time to let the sensations grow ever better. Almost as if we shared a single mouth and cock in common. We were clearly not making the other cum in that first mutual contact, but instead enjoyed stretching it out, losing ourselves in male sex.

We stayed in this position for a while, exploiting its possibilities, like teabagging or mutual hole touching. He shifted again, ending up on his knees sucking my cock, fingers doing magical things to my nipples. My hands were at his crotch, fondling cock and balls, his blow job’s motions reflecting the stroking.

Over time, things can fall into a pattern, and now, I was recognizing an older one, having hot sex with a talented stranger in a private space. He was leading, though not anywhere that bothered me as we kept merging into a sexual pair. At a level whose intensity could easily increase, without either of us pushing too far to orgasm. When I would start to pump my hips to fuck his mouth, he had no problems with my hand getting involved, to slow things.

The same applied when he stood in front of me, after he picked up the magic brown bottles, asking “Poppers?”

“Yes” I moaned, his cock so close and available. Waiting until he had done a hit and closed the bottle before starting to take his cock deep, wanting to take it into paradise, where orgasm never quite occurs when getting sucked inside a mouth that seems infinite. After reaching the root of his held cock, I let my finger slide over his slippery hole, stroking my rigid cock, on the verge of orgasm myself. Hearing him breath out, I began to slide that finger deeper as he started to talk real dirty about cock sucking and ass fucking. Talk that turned dirtier as I slid two fingers into his stretched ass.

This was glorious shared bathhouse sex, two men using poppers, both clearly aware of what rush does to a man, taking advantage of that knowledge. He bent over, then handed me the paired condoms before going down on me. I tore both wrappers, eager to cover my wet cock before fucking a now clearly offered ass. Taking out one condom, trying bahis firmaları to figure out what way to roll it for a short moment. A moment that stretched for an irresistible interval, as he was on his hands and knees, moving back, the contact against my naked cock head feeling so good, I just let it continue for a bit, amazed at how perfect it felt.

Such temptation is to be avoided, in part because how irresistibly good it feels. And yet, playing with fire has an undeniable attraction, though I finally did put the condom on, before pressing my cock head past his invitingly smooth anal ring into paradise. As always, the sensations were incredible, particularly as he began to move, taking my rod ever deeper, moaning as we started fucking.

I was playing with his cock while sinking deeper into his ass, soon starting to gently fuck, keeping the motion constant, but not moving much back or forth. We kept at this for a while, with me almost cumming once. Though he had remained hard, finally he put a hand back, disengaging my now softer cock.

“Not enough lube,” he said in a soft voice, cheek on the platform. He turned to me, bent down, and put my just fucking cock in his mouth, an incredibly shocking and dirty delight, seeing the man I had fucked go down on me. He soon took off the condom, the pleasure increasing immeasurably when his lips slid down my bare rod.

By now, time was becoming difficult to track, finally deciding to not even bother with the camera. Taking off the locker key had been difficult enough to concentrate on, and a camera might have disrupted the fantastic sex we were having.

As happens inside such a closed room when having sex, we had grown hot and sweaty. The heat builds up, making the sex even more intense after sweating becomes involved, adding its scent to the mix of intoxicating smells of sex, from hairy bushes and licking tongues. And making skin even slipperier when pressing against each other.

After changing position, I sucked him again, both of us laying down. He did another hit of poppers, and I slid a wet finger into his ass after he closed the bottle, taking his cock deep into my mouth. Knowing just what a poppers slut would want, circling my finger and his cock in my mouth, almost cumming as he began to play with my ass while teabagging me.

The 69ing continued, with me over him, getting prepared to get even sluttier. Taking off my glasses and putting them in the corner, finding the brown bottle, placing it near my nose while still sucking his cock. Feeling how his wet finger kept sliding over my ass, doing the same to him. Settling myself between his legs, opening the bottle to do a hit before indulging in another delightful dirty bathhouse pleasure. That giving is as good as receiving was an interesting discovery, though not so surprising after learning how hot it is to suck cock or play with nipples.

I did not really tease him after closing the bottle, my tongue out to slide between his cheeks. After his desire was obvious, through spreading his legs and shifting his hips a bit following that first probing lick, my tongue went to his waiting hole. As the rush filled me, I began licking, getting ever sluttier, knowing how good it is to be rimmed, feeling his slick kaçak bahis siteleri finger slide deeper into my own ass.

Breathing out the second hit of poppers, I pulled his cheeks wide, burying my face as deep as possible, settling my ass against his questing tongue. Mutual rimming is as addictive as mutual cock sucking, and the fact that I was licking a fucked ass just added to the growing pleasure enveloping me. Sinking to a fantastic primal level, lost in desire and its satisfaction, completely surrendering after entering sexual paradise.

At some point, he took my cock deep into his mouth yet again, and after some some more mutual cock sucking, things changed. My tongue slathered his soft ass as he positioned himself on hands and knees, making it wetter, this time ensuring that sex would last longer, my rimming having taken on a new perspective, my tongue going deeper into his soft smooth hole.

Of course we would be fucking soon, and the last time, the amount of lubrication had played a role. This time, the fun would at least last longer as I kept licking him, spreading spit to where it would be best appreciated. I reached for the second opened condom, his motions along my hard cock becoming insistent, tongue going further into his pulsing and already fucked ring.

Finally, I raised my head, as he held my cock, placing the head against his yielding hole. I could not resist playing with an offered slippery licked ass, unable to keep from sliding my naked cock head over it. Knowing I could fuck him so easily, even one time moving my hand to his hip, aware that he wanted my cock, to be used again. Especially after having made sure this time that things would be much better lubricated.

Temptation just grew with the wonderful contact, cock now pressing and sliding intimately, the sensations intoxicating in incredible fashion. My mind was dissolving as my cock head kept moving against his wettened soft skin, feeling how it was taking control of my being.

He had been aware of condoms, part of the reason for my fucking him the first time, but by this point, he just wanted to be fucked by the cock he kept moving against. I understood, but retained just enough control to recognize that bareback anal sex with a poppers slut at the baths was one thing to avoid, a lesson from decades ago that is still relevant to me.

Though in honesty, as my held cock head went past his spit lubed hole, the desire to just take his hips and sink deep was very tempting. Nonetheless, the fact that I was not wasting a condom by fucking again was an amusing reminder, making it easy to cover my cock in the end, pleased with my luck, starting to satisfy the horny rimmed bottom underneath me.

His hole was looser, but I was fully hard, his hot tunnel tight around my fucking shaft. This time, I started using him thoroughly after he did a hit of rush, taking my hand from his hard cock to grab both hips, riding him. He started talking dirty again, saying things like “big cock fucker .. so big .. pound me .. big cock .. love it .. fuck me hard.”

Finally, after riding him so good, he disengaged, unsteadily. We were both covered in sweat, and when he opened the door to leave, the air felt wonderful. He smiled as he left, neither of us having cum, both knowing that we would be finding other men to have sex with.

The visit lasted 2 more hours, but nothing as purely delightful as this reminder of how intense focusing on a single man can be occurred.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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