Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 37

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Once you become a regular bathhouse visitor, it is difficult to resist remembering the pleasures found there. A male only sauna is a place to have unbelievable sex, whether feeling another man’s soft lips slide down your cock, or laying on your stomach in a booth, offering yourself to be fucked. Such easy sexual availability is extremely seductive once indulged a couple of times. Direct sex, often naked from the start, shared among other experienced men.

Particularly when being able to follow certain late 70s practices that add immensely to a bath’s attractions. First enjoying a bowl, then drinking a beer wrapped in a towel at the bar counter, the black bag with poppers, camera, condoms, and lube to the side. Generally, first going upstairs to check out the porn. Watching male group sex is one of the best turn ons I know to get horny, having been first exposed to it in my mid-20s, when poppers were still easily found at any bookstore with video booths. A powerful vestige of the late 70s sex scene as first discovered in magazines and alternative papers a few year beforehand.

Poppers are again available, including some of the best poppers I have ever enjoyed over decades of using them, bought at a leather shop after an enjoyable discussion with several other men involving the varieties and styles that one could buy. Looking at hot gay porn and doing a hit of poppers as a stranger goes down on my cock is irresistible, moaning about getting blown by a man, watching men having hot sex. And not just on the screen – the porn room provides the opportunity to watch porn and real sex publicly.

The steambath, and in a more physical sense the dark room, are also about public sex, great places to get off with other men. Obviously, the pleasures vary in intensity and variety and likelihood, but that is part of the addictive pull of the baths – often experiencing unimagined and familiar delights together.

Of course, there are stretches where nothing happens or a deepening encounter is disturbed by a clumsy man – or a series of men. However, my luck seems to have been good for a while, much of the time at this sauna spent having sex with other visitors. Generally, other bathhouses in different cities have been equally enjoyable, though more uneven. In part simply by the various differences, such as a couple of steam rooms that were far too hot, or lacking an available place for various games. Some small saunas can be quite limited, though obviously getting a half hour long blow job is always sufficient reason to visit such a place.

Sometimes a new bathhouse offers unfamiliar possibilities to explore, such as having very public sex on a stair landing topped with a TV playing porn, having space for a couple of long lounge chairs, with no pretense of privacy, having sex with several passersby. Or a well made leather sling, perfectly suited to fucking the man in it while sharing his poppers as my cock entered his ass. This was basically the very first time ever openly sharing poppers, entranced at how the sling moved as my cock filled his tight soft hole, both of getting lost in the rhythm.

Some interests of mine tend to be a bit less common, such as using a camera. One reason is that often, I am simply too horny to deal with the technical aspects, another one being that these days, I am often having group sex in public, an unsuitable place to use a camera. And the steam room is effectively a no picture zone anyways due to lens fogging.

Normally, I write about my experiences after coming home from a satisfying visit, but today decided to increase my anticipation by creating a broader introduction, strolling through different memories before riding the bike to the baths.

And with the visit over, one of the main things relearned is why Saturdays tend not to be favored, compared to Sundays or most weekdays. Though there were 10 men waiting before me, and a number followed afterwards, the bathhouse somehow seemed deserted after leaving the locker room. Except for the whirlpool, ironically enough, as it has often been empty in the past. The steamroom was very hot, with nothing much going on, though it was at least better filled than upstairs, which remained empty for the first part of today’s visit.

A barren 3/4 hour stretch, to be honest, leading to thoughts that today would involve following the rules that occasional poor luck have taught. Basically, if nothing happens for 2 hours, it is simply time to leave, and not keep hoping for more. Hoping that just leads to greater frustration as more empty time passes.

Returning to the steambath, it seemed to have unusually gotten a bit cooler. Along with being more promisingly crowded. Going to the back, one brushing invitation was refused as the sounds of sex drew me on. Getting adapted to the dark took time, and the space seemed to be emptying the further I went. However, it only took a couple of minutes to make another pass, this one accepted, feeling a hand çanakkale escort start to lightly slide over my inner thigh.

We were offset to the center as we drifted against each other, hands roaming, cocks swelling, already falling under the spell that arises when starting to have sex with a willing stranger. We both knew what men find irresistible, taking advantage of each other’s weaknesses and talents. Including spending some time exploring a new man’s body, before starting to concentrate on the areas that feel so good when turned on.

His nipples were large, and they clearly loved being squeezed and twisted, followed by kissing and lightly biting them. Stroking his rigid dick as my tongue and lips and teeth pleasured his neck and ears. Then being the man getting stroked while a stranger’s mouth covered a nipple, moaning about how good it felt.

Soon, he went down on me, a natural progression after getting each other so horny. His tongue swirled tantalizingly before his lips slid over my cockhead. So good that I knew the poppers would make me fill this willing mouth with cum, far too early. Those first sensations are so inviting that mastering them always presents a challenge.

He was an excellent cock sucker, allowing me to use my hand at times, to slow or guide or feed him my cock. He continued to follow my desires, stroking under my balls, then starting to touch around my anal ring. Making me moan about how fucking hot it felt to feel a finger there, being touched between my legs.

When he stood again, we started kissing, guiding his cock sucking mouth to mine, totally turned on tonguing where my cock had just been. We continued to enjoy other, particularly when I offered my armpit, that he then licked so good when continuing to jack each other off.

After feeling his tongue run over each armpit, I reached down to start fingering his soft hole, kissing him hard as he sagged, obviously getting lost in the pleasure of being taking advantage of this way by another man.

We continued our uninhibited sweaty naked male make out session in public, and after several sessions cock to cock, he started pressing my cock down as we kissed, the sensations becoming more than tempting the further I moved between his legs. Especially when he began to slide himself over my cockhead, past his sack to the tempting softness of his hole.

I simply let him take advantage of me this way, as over my last few visits, the incredible sensations of having my cock head slide over a man’s hot hole has become much like getting sucked – something I visit the baths to enjoy with other men. Many of them who wanted to be fucked, and don’t care about a condom.

However, feeling is not the same as fucking, seductive as it can appear to just let go, letting the other man guide you in, cock teasing so good, sliding a cock head against soft warmness, so yielding when pressed. I had been pumping his hard cock the entire time, both of us completely slutty, pre-cum working its slippery magic. Nonetheless, it was possible to keep in control enough to keep things from getting out of hand, tempting as his motion was.

The next time we kissed, my finger played with his ass the entire time, feeling him turn into a total slut in my arms. When he broke off kissing, he went down on me again. In a public space, close to the curved inner wall. Other men were around, and occasional jostling and minor disturbances part of the ebb and flow of having sex here. One man was considerably more clumsy, not seeming to understand that switching from one side to the other would not make me more interested. Firmness is sometimes necessary, generally by gripping a wrist or arm and holding it tightly enough to get the message across.

Luckily, not many men are so clumsy, and the number of talented partners is seemingly never ending, though not always available at a specific time. The steambath is a great place to encounter skilled partners – the plural being part of the attraction. That was true in this sauna’s original steam room, and the doubled size of the new one just leads to even more men participating in group sex. Something that draws those who share the same desires – a bathhouse is not just about having anonymous sex, it is about having sex with multiple partners at the same time.

One of the best ways to enjoy group sex is to get turned on first, as we both were, kissing cock to cock, fingers at each other’s butthole. My fingers played with a sexy nipple as he held our shafts together, pumping them. Arching back, aware that he was guiding my uncovered cock to paradise, unable to resist such fantastic naked sexual contact, removing the ability to think – or to care about anything other than just indulging in the pure bliss of the moment.

Being so close to orgasm is delightful in its mindlessness, and it was only by regaining a bit of control that I realized my partner was kissing a third man. Shifting çanakkale escort bayan position a bit, reaching out to find the new man’s erect cock while bending down to suck a nipple, realizing just how tempting a true bottom can be. Rising a bit from his nipple, I started tonguing his neck, near their kissing lips.

When the new man broke the kiss, my mouth replaced his on my original partner quickly, my tongue swirling deep as his cock left mine. Feeling his kiss turn utterly slutty, I knew he was being sucked off. Something that became mutual, feeling the wetness of lips and cock merging and flowing down my cock, sharing our tongues while a cock sucker shared us, playing with the other’s nipples, our hands touching along the top of his moving head.

He stood up at some point, making me quickly guide him to my mouth, unable to control my desire to kiss a cock sucker. A man who also soon turned completely slutty, clearly getting a blow job from the man whose nipple I kept playing with as he shifted down. When this blow job ended, three way kissing followed, each stiff cock sliding against two other cocks. Lost in bliss, I only slowly grew aware that the third man had drifted away, a simple detail of little importance as we resumed passionately kissing.

Mainly because my bottom had begun pressing my cock head against his smooth hole, focusing all available attention. I started murmuring about condoms, though mainly saying how fucking good it felt to play like this.

“Not naked .. oh fuck .. so good .. love it .. cock there .. condom .. naked cock .. oh fuck . so tight .. no fucking .. hot hole .. god yes” was the sort of thing that I could not stop from saying. Fully aware of what was happening, letting him take me right to the edge of orgasm again. The way he was moving his hips was entrancing, my cock head being pressed to its flared ridge against his hot soft ring.

Kissing still, a finger probing my ass, the pleasure grew increasingly intense, fogging my mind. Part of which recognized that the pleasure came from how he was riding me after taking my cock head inside. His tongue went deep inside my mouth, both hands playing with my nipples. He had taken total control, but then moved back a bit, ending our kissing.

The kissing had provided an effective thought erasing distraction, allowing me to simply ignore what he was doing to my willing cock on a rational level. With the kissing coming to an end, just enough awareness returned that I reached down to start sliding my cock between his cheeks. We continued to play and kiss a while longer, until he said the heat was too much.

Strangely, the heat appeared to not have any particular effect on me till now. Leading to staying in the dim rear area, where it was easy to find another cock sucker, sitting on the bench against the wall. Whose mouth slid delightfully down my shaft, soon leading to me leaning against the wall, lost in pure bliss again, starting to face fuck him.

This continued for a while, putting one foot on the bench to his side, then the other foot, both to relieve the muscles and to provide a better angle for him to go down on my full length. Or to luxuriously teabag me, another one of those things that men understand so well. Especially when combined with anal play at the same time.

There came a point, still lost in a sexual haze, when he stood, saying that he had stayed in the heat long enough. Prompting me to leave soon after, aware that likely more than 20 minutes had passed, a reasonable interval in the steamy heat.

Showering, the clock above the steam room entrance revealed I had been inside for 45 minutes, an extended period by any reasonable measure, especially when thinking just how enjoyable the time had been having sex with three men. Even if I had not used the leather shop poppers or gone done on a sexy cock.

Showering, in part to cool down and in part to get cleaned off enough for the whirlpool, is another subtle sauna pleasure, since here, luxuriously soaping a horny cock is no concern – and occasionally followed by having very public sex with another man. Generally, though, the showers, and the lounge chairs facing the whirlpool are not really used as sexual spaces.

However, after preparing myself, it turned out that the whirlpool was still full, without anything seeming to be going on. Admittedly, it was just a quick glance, but after years of experience of how men look when having sex, it seemed no one was playing, even alone. With no free spaces, my opinion of what was happening was not important.

Back upstairs, there were more men around than before, including several in booths on their stomachs, along with a couple of closed doors. After noting the rising level of sexual activity, I went into the darkroom. Which was close to empty, as near as could be told by a fairly careful probing of the space.

Having found two men, the darkroom was not really escort çanakkale crowded, providing space to lay out in. Relaxing and cooling down, well positioned at the rear, near the back entrance. As expected, after a pleasant interval, a man found my outstretched foot, and soon began following my leg up to my cock, making me sigh audibly the closer he came to my waiting cock.

A familiar game that did not take long to start playing, as another cock sucker began enjoying going down on a stranger’s cock, moaning about how good it felt having a man suck me. His talent was undeniably tempting, making it easy enough to decide to wait to use the poppers. After a delightful interval, he moved up, prompting me to reach out and pulls his head towards mine, positioning another hot cock sucking mouth before kissing deeply.

As we kissed, his cock started sliding against mine, slippery with spit. Followed by my cock head sliding over his sack and between his thighs. When he reached back, the pleasure was incredible as he pressed down. I knew why, and it didn’t matter at all – this is what I wanted, to have my uncovered rod in contact with an offered hole. Soon enough, my cock was being tempted by a bottom who was actually on top of me, and who wanted to fuck, as I played with his hard cock.

The second time this occurred, kissing passionately, he put my condom package on my chest. But regardless of what I said while being cock teased so good, he just left it there. He had been leading me on to fuck him with a naked cock while kissing, but he raised himself straight, grinding down. Though it felt exquisite, I knew what he was trying to do, and the fact he did not care about using an available condom actually irritated me a bit.

Most striking in memory is how the two different strangers tried to seduce me. The man in darkroom the same in many ways, first cock sucking, then kissing, then offering a sexy ass. Without using poppers, wanting the pleasure to go on. Yet each man had the same misunderstanding about kissing being the best way to tempt me to fill their soft wanting ass, instead of stopping and attempting to force things. Each time I could get them to start kissing again, but each time when I was so close to giving in and just fucking them deep without a condom, they shifted things, allowing me to resist.

However, the second man was not as skilled, enjoyable though it was to feel his naked soft hole. Basically, he kept me always on my back, straddling my hips. Meaning that as the space began to fill up, with my interest now waning, it took some effort to shift position. He took a bit of time to understand that I wanted to leave, regardless of how he ground himself.

Which occurred through the back entrance, on the private side of the gloryholes. Nobody was there, though I was completely in the mood to suck off a stranger, or just stick my horny cock through. It took a bit of navigating to leave, since after a couple of hours open, the baths were starting to get more crowded.

This level has no clock, making it impossible to note how long I’d been in the darkroom. Wandering around, deciding that my last stop would be the porn section before going downstairs and likely leaving. There comes a point where the sauna is simply too full, a point nearly reached today.

Entering the porn room, there was a cock sucking pair against the far wall, the man getting head sitting on the middle row. An appealing sight, along with the porn showing some tempting 69ing, particularly as it was at this sauna where I discovered that going down on a cock is as sexy as going down on a pussy while being sucked.

Sitting on the top row center after putting down the towel, the view was great. Downstairs or upstairs, I walk around naked, but the towel is a necessary accessory to carry for reasons other than modesty. My experience with saunas is a quarter century long at this point, though the first couple of decades was in mixed public saunas, which are quite different. In particular, a male only sauna is a place to have sex.

After watching them for a while, stroking myself, the cock sucker moved to the top row, still against the wall, as the sucked man went down on him in turn. Starting to get hard, looking at the real blow job going on, touching a stiff rod in full view of both of them. Soon, the man getting sucked reached his arm out, after my having moved closer to him. That first touch felt exquisite, my fingers lightly running up his arm, quickly aware that the other was skilled in how to pleasure a man. Along with knowing how to enjoy male sex, his fat cock engulfed by a stranger’s lips.

When he started stroking me, I leaned over to take his nipple into my mouth, kissing it, swirling my tongue, making it grow harder. His hand slowed on my cock as he sank into the pure delight of being orally pleasured by two different men in two different ways at once.

As anticipated, it did not take long before he bent down to take my cock in his warm welcoming mouth. Of course I moaned about how good it felt, seeing his cock and mine getting blown at the same time. When he straightened again, I leaned over to start kissing another sexy cock sucking mouth, hand playing over his left nipple as I jacked off, tongue deep inside a soft wet open paradise.

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