Beach Fuck of a Lifetime

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Here goes… I can hardly believe I’m telling you this, haven’t ever told anyone before.

I was at a nice secluded beach on Okracoke Island, NC on an intensely hot summer day. I was wearing a neon pink thong with a custom, extra large “torpedo” pouch to accommodate my rather well-endowed form. As I slid the “swimsuit” (really quite inappropriate for swimming!) on in the hotel room, it was as if the super thin, clingy stretchy hot pink fabric was being painted on to my form. The sides and back were really just thin little strings that strained to hold on to the pouch, and curved up and over my hips and formed a “Y” in the back, disappearing between my firm, well tanned ass cheeks. I pulled on some super tiny cut off jeans shorts, totally frayed and skin tight, so worn out they were practically dissolving. The top button was unbuttoned and I had a form fitting white Volcom short sleeved rashguard on, which was just short enough to show part of a row of tanned abs above the top of my shorts. I’m 5’11”, about 200lbs and about 1% body fat. Huge pecs and shoulders, tiny waist, rock hard abs and bubble butt. I live to work out, and then show off that hard work to anyone who cares to look. I was (still am) a huge exhibitionist, but what happened next was beyond my wildest dreams.

I grabbed a beach towel and some tanning oil and walked out to my M3 convertible and put the top down. The side strings of my thong arced up over the waist of my little shorts and down again. I love that, it’s such a tease for others to see. The morning sun felt amazing on my face and warmed me all over. I drove out to the national seashore and parked, found a secluded spot in the dunes, and tugged off the rashguard and peeled off the shorts.

I laid out my beach towel and started to oil up. I was bent over oiling my muscular calves with sweet smelling Hawaiian Tropic when I saw a man and woman appear over the crest of the dune behind me. They were maybe in their late 40s, I was 32 at the time. The man had baggy black trunks on, and the woman had Jean shorts that were so short the white pockets were about 50% sticking out below the shredded hem. Her beautiful, tanned ass cheeks were peeking out below the maybe 3″ hem of her shorts. Her purple side tie strings were also curving way above the waistline of her shorts and you could tell she had an excruciatingly small thong on under there.

She had a gauzy white crop top shirt on and I could tell she was wearing a metallic purple micro triangle top over what appeared to be really big (like, DDD) fake boobs. She was a curvy, sexy little thing, couldn’t have been more than 5′ tall with a body to die for and beautiful flowing blonde locks with dark highlights.

The guy waved and asked if they could lay out next to me. I was pretty embarrassed, but I said sure. This was my first time wearing such a skimpy swimsuit in such a public place. Previously I had just worn stuff like this at my parents’ Zonguldak Escort pool while housesitting for them. Just thinking about other people seeing me made me really hard. That just added to the embarrassment. I’m normally about 8″ long fully aroused. That’s too big for the suit to handle, even with the big pouch. I felt really hot, sweat just cascading down my sides, beading up on my tanned and oiled skin, and starting to soak the thong and turn it semi transparent. I could now clearly see the outline of my engorged cock shaft, head and balls through the material. Oops! I could feel my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

The couple laid out next to me for about 20 minutes, listening to pop music and oiling up. As the woman pulled off her shirt, I could see that her triangle top strained to barely cover her nipples. The strings were lifted significantly off her chest by her big, beautiful fake breasts. Her “underboob” was amazing.

I could hear snippets of their conversation, which eventually went something like this:

“Honey, stop gawking at him. You’re making him uncomfortable!”

“Well, I would, but every time I look over there, his cock looks bigger. I think he’s going to burst out of that little suit. He’s really asking for it, the way he’s acting and showing off in that itsy bitsy suit. Mmmm, yummy!”

She had a lilting southern accent, sounded like Georgia. She was a beautiful, carefree southern belle who knew how to play with a man.

I kept trying to keep calm and keep to myself, but eventually I had to look over at them. The man was reading a book, and the woman was lying face down, legs splayed out and her ample breasts straining in her little top. Her bikini bottom was just two little purple elastic bands that formed a ‘Y’ and disappeared between her succulent ass cheeks. Now I was starting to strain so hard against the confines of the suit that when I looked down, about 2″ of my cock shaft was visible at the top of the suit, peeking out of the top, pushing the fabric away from my pubic mound.

Then the woman noticed me getting more uneasy and decided to really tease me. Looking right at my package, she slid her gold rimmed, purple mirror lens aviators half way down her nose, looked over the glasses with the deepest aquamarine blue eyes, and then she said, making sure I could hear,

“I want that cock, Jim. I want to just peel that slutty little pink bikini off his shaft and blow him while you watch.”

I coughed with embarrassment.

The woman said,

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” looking me right in the eyes. Jim replied,

“I’d like to see you take his cock in your pussy. That thing is huge!”

“Sorry dear, that big dick does put yours to shame. This guy is also really built, looks like he works out a ton! You want me to fuck him, you got a deal. I bet you will learn a thing or two from this hunk.”

I could Zonguldak Escort Bayan not believe this was happening. I really get off knowing people are looking at my chiseled body, and now this!

The woman got up, walked over to me and straddled me. She looked down and put her thumbs under the straps at my pelvic crest and started to peel the suit away from my shaft. As she did this, I just kept getting bigger and harder. I’m definitely a grower, which is funny because even flaccid, my package is way above average.

She slid her fingers under the suit and gently caressed my shaft, slid down to my balls and kept going, lifting the thong strap away from my perineum and massaging my taint. The tug of the strap on my asshole while she was doing this was also intensely pleasurable.

This got me really excited, just vibrating with fierce, raging sexual energy and anticipation. My heart was beating hard and fast. It felt like it was pumping most of my blood into my dick. It got bigger with every heartbeat.

She gasped as the full size of my throbbing, engorged cock became apparent.

“Oh my God, he’s hung like a Pepsi bottle!”

“Linda, you’re torturing the poor guy. Just fuck him already!”

“No way! I want that giant cock in my mouth first! I bet I can’t anywhere near get it all in!”

It was hard for her to get the suit off. She slowly, teasingly peeled it away from my shaft and as my cock came out of the suit, it seemed to gain another couple inches! I looked down in amazement. I knew it was big, but this was beyond the biggest and hardest (and most sensitive) I had ever been.

When she finally got the suit off, her eyes were wide with amazement. Her pouty lips were trembling with excitement, her fingers slid gently over my throbbing dick. She wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft. There was probably still a good 7 inches above her hand. Her fingernails were sparkly purple, they matched her suit. She leaned down and wrapped her other hand around my enormous shaft, double fisting it. She licked the tip of my glans and started to caress my balls. She deep throated me for about 5 minutes and I came, hot, thick cum blasting through my insides and blowing into her mouth, salty and hot, a truly enormous amount of cum which she swallowed. She licked her lips, gazed at me with a ravenous twinkle in her eyes, big dark eyelashes fluttering, and said,

“OK, now it’s your turn! You better fuck me proper.”

I could not believe what was happening. I looked at the guy, Jim, wondering who would let their wife or girlfriend do this kind of thing, let alone encourage it. He was watching intently, clearly very aroused.

I flipped her over and tugged at the side tie bows of her bikini bottom strings. I peeled off her purple g string and saw that she had a clit piercing.

Somehow, even after the most amazing blow I’ve ever experienced, I was Escort Zonguldak still rock hard, and she was dripping wet. She knelt with her ass in the air, legs splayed, presenting the wet peach of her pussy between her shining round ass cheeks. I slid up behind her and my cock teased her pussy lips and her clit ring, gently rubbing her from behind. She got wetter. She flipped around and tackled me gripping me with her sexy, smooth thighs.

“Alright stud, that’s enough fucking around. I want you inside me.”

My cock slid right in to her tight little shaved pussy and I watched as she fingered her clit and moaned as I gently fucked the living daylights out of her. I wrapped my thumbs around the string at the base of her triangle top and flipped up the suit. I bent up and sucked on her erect nipples. I could tell she had been doing kegels. Every time I’d lick her she would tighten up. It was like her pussy was giving me another blow job.

I grabbed her tight ass with one hand, and lifted her up as I stood. I held her in my big muscular arms as she rode me like a fuck swing, legs wrapped firmly around me. Her hand moved across my six pack abs, and she reached around behind me and stuck a manicured finger in my asshole and started massaging my prostate. This was unbearable. I could hardly believe what was happening. I had never experienced this level of pleasure before. I wanted to keep going so she would cum, but the level of self control was almost impossible. I felt the eyes of not only her husband, but about 10 other people who had gathered to watch, hot on my body. There were gasps of disbelief from the crowd.

We both eventually and simultaneously came so hard it was like the universe ending in a blinding blue flash of light. Jim and the others seemed to be blown away, vaporized by a thermonuclear blast of sexual climax radiating off me and my newfound partner. We stared at each other, floating free and naked in the brilliant blackness of outer space. Our coming together had destroyed the entire solar system, but somehow we, the two most perfect sexual beings, still existed.

I could feel what felt like half a pound of cum course through my cock and stream against her waiting cervix. She squirted about half a cup of hot sticky pussy juice right at my heaving pelvis.

She moaned, opened her eyes, grinned and looked me deeply in my soul with her large blue green eyes.

“That was a great beach fuck. You’re a pro. Good job!”

The world streamed back into existence around us. The crowd and Jim rematerialized in a sweep of gasps and applause.

This perfect, amazing, beautiful fucktoy unmounted me and sauntered off to the ocean, completely naked past the now large group of people watching us slackjawed. She froklicked in the ocean, cum dripping out of her, while I caught my breath.

“That was damn hot, my man,” Jim said.

I still cannot believe this happened. It was so surreal in every way. I still get rock hard just thinking about it.

Hope you like this story. It was an amazing experience. I now just love to flaunt my sexy body in very public places on the beach in tinier and more outrageous suits. Maybe one day something like this will happen again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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