Beach Lust

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I’m driving the car and we’re both not wearing very much because it’s well over 30c outside. We stop at an intersection and I lean over to share another wonderful kiss with you. I gently squeeze your thigh with my hand which has been resting there for the 10 minutes of our 30min drive already. The car behind us starts tooting its horn at us so we stop kissing and turn on to the final stretch of road.

I can sense you moving in your chair and I look over to see you arranging yourself so that you can lean over to my chair. You ask me to slide my pants down a bit so anticipating another amazing blowjob I slid them down to my knees, freeing my rapidly hardening cock. You gently take it in your hands and slowly begin stoking and gently squeezing it as you make yourself comfortable. I watch eagerly as you move you mouth down and over the head making it wet with your saliva as you lick the head all over. You then start the motion that you know I love so much, running your hands up and down in rhythm with your mouth.

I can feel your lips sucking gently and your tongue massaging my shaft as you move up and down slowly increasing the speed and depth with every stroke. Every now and then you pull away only to bathe my entire cock with your gorgeous tongue before taking it back into your mouth. As always this feels like heaven and I can feel myself starting to give in to the urge to cum. I’m looking ahead to find a place to pull over to avoid crashing when I cum as you continue your magic but then I spot the beach just ahead. I tell you that we’re there and you reluctantly pull yourself of my cock and help me pull up my pants. You kiss me and tell me that I’d better cum in your mouth later then and I groan with frustration as your words keep me turned on.

We cruise along the beach road until we find a spot with no other cars parked there. We grab our gear and race over the sand dune to claim our spot. We lay out the blanket and then survey the area, there are a few people on the beach but they’re all miles away and will pose no immediate threat to our growing horniness. You throw me a bottle of suntan lotion and you lie on your stomach asking me to rub lotion into your back. I reach down and untie the ties of your bikini top and begin massaging the lotion into your skin. I’m still incredibly horny so I’m sitting across your thighs and my still hard penis is tenting my shorts and poking your beautiful firm ass every time I lean forward to rub your shoulders. You start relaxing under my touch so I decide to make it even better for you.

I begin slowly working my way from your shoulders to shoulder blades, to the small of your back and then over your ass cheeks all the while rubbing and kneading and teasing your beautiful skin, when I reach your ass I slid a hand between your legs and you part them slightly to allow me better access, I run a finger up your crack from you clit to your ass hole tracing the thong of your bikini bottom. I consider carrying on but decide to keep moving. This time you let out a frustrated groan as I slowly continue down your legs all the way to your feet massaging your skin the whole time.

As I begin working my way back up your legs I look between your thighs and notice how wet you’ve gotten. The thong is soaked and your bare pussy lips are glistening with your juice. This time as my hand slides up between your legs I keep it there. I apply slight pressure with my hand flat against your soaking wet pussy and you begin to press and gently grind against my hand. I move my body up and switch hands. I offer my now very wet fingers to your mouth and you gratefully suck and lick them, tasting yourself on my hand.

This makes my already hard cock grow even bigger and harder so I decide to stop teasing you. I move back down your body tracing kisses all over your back and down to your ass tasting the sweat starting to rise on your skin as I go. I open your legs a bit wider and pull the thong to one side. I take in the sight of your beautiful wet pussy and ass and thanking the gods for creating such a heaven, I lower my head between your legs, moving my hand under you more so that it’s now sliding against your clit as you continue to grind your hips against it.

I lower my mouth to you pussy and taste you, licking slowly from where my fingers are against your clit, all the way up until my tongue is pressed gently against your tight asshole. I feel you push back against my tongue encouraging me to continue so I repeat the process. The whole time I can sense you building towards your orgasm as my lips and tongue work your pussy and ass while my fingers continue to slid along both sides of you clit. I can’t believe how wet you are getting as I try to bury my whole face in your crotch to lick you everywhere and feel your against me.

Just as I sense you’re getting close I slide two fingers inside you and begin swirling my tongue against the sensitive area between your openings. You’re starting to buck your hips with the rhythm of the fingers almanbahis giriş inside you now and you’ve began to whimper softly, a sure sign that you’re close. It’s hard to keep my face pressed against you now so I pull away and add a third finger to your pussy. Three fingers are now pumping in and out of your soaking wetness and my other hand is still sliding up and down against your clit. I lean my head back down and press the flat of my tongue against your asshole and the tip of my tongue can just taste the juices leaking out of your pussy when suddenly you lift your ass off the ground and start shuddering, I begin to rub your clit with more pressure to really throw you over the edge and you groan loudly as your orgasm washes over you.

I continue licking you and gently stroking my fingers inside you prolonging the sensations running through your body as you continue squirming and grinding yourself against me. I quickly move up your body so I can kiss you as your orgasm starts winding done and you roll slightly on your side to accommodate my face against yours. My fingers have nearly stopped all movement now as the final spasms run through you and you kiss me hard, sliding your tongue into my mouth. Tasting yourself once again as our lips slide and mash together, I feel you breathing hard into my mouth as we kiss and press our damp faces together. As you begin to go limp relaxing after your orgasm I lie against you and gently take your ear lobe into my mouth, sucking softly on it. I pull away to whisper “I Love you so much” in your ear and you grin, and roll onto your side and tell me that it’s my turn…..


After telling you that it’s your turn I lay you on to your back to make sure that you have a full view of what I’m about to do to you. I arrange a few of our clothes under your head to make sure you’re comfortable and have a quick check to make sure no one is watching us from a far… I begin to kiss your gorgeous soft lips. You always taste so good and you still have the taste of me on you, it turns me on even more to have our juices mixing around with our tongues. I have one hand cradling your gorgeous head and the other is holding your hand above your head resting on the blanket. Your kisses are so incredible.

Our tongues are connecting and every now and then we just hold our tongues together and enjoy the sensations going through our bodies. With my body pressed against yours I can feel how big and hard your cock is getting so I grind against it a little. I start to work my way down… I love kissing your neck also, so I slowly move my lips from your gorgeous lips across your check and down to your neck. I lick you a little and kiss you while sucking slightly, but not enough to leave any trace that I’ve been there. I always love to tease you and I know you love the feeling of me being on top of you and kissing you on the sides of your neck.

I slowly move down further tasting, kissing and touching every part of your body on my way. I stop at your right nipple and begin to suckle gently on it using my tongue to stroke it slightly in my mouth. You groan quietly as I keep moving down. Kissing you and licking your chest down to your stomach I run my nails over your body. Only gently though, and just enough to send small sensations through your body as you feel my breasts gently rub across your hard cock as I make my way down.

I untie your shorts and pull down the zip. As you lay there eagerly awaiting my mouth on your now very big, hard cock, I slide your pants down your legs and place them on to the blanket next to us. I then use both my hands to stroke the insides of your thighs and they make their way up to your balls. I then stroke them gently and begin to use my mouth to lick in between your thighs and balls as you groan with encouragement.

My right hand then moves up to your hard cock and I run my hand all over it feeling its smoothness and hardness. You turn me on so much! I can’t keep away any longer and begin by pulling the skin down slightly and placing my tongue on the tip of your cock. I can taste a slight drop of cum and I want you even more. I use my tongue to cover the head in slippery saliva and then take the tip in to my mouth. I can feel myself getting wet again you taste so good. I slide my tongue down every side of your cock covering all of you making it nice and slippery for my hand to start moving up and down.

My mouth stays working the tip of your cock with my tongue while my hand is sliding up and down. Just when I feel that you think you can handle me just playing with your tip, I take in all of you. I push your cock so far in my mouth that it hits the back of my throat. You take a deep breath as you try and hold back any urges of cum just bursting to get out. I slowly move back out again massaging every part of your cock as I get back to your tip. My tongue then goes around the tip covering all of it. I begin to move down again and squeeze slightly with my hand as it moves in motion with my almanbahis mouth.

The wetness between my legs is absolutely soaking me. I keep one hand on your cock while I move my other hand down to my clit. As I keep using my hand and tongue on your hard cock massaging it with every movement I begin to play with myself. You can see how horny I am as you hold my hair back so you can see my mouth tasting you. I look up at you and you look straight in to my eyes with so much love an appreciation of how incredible you’re feeling. I begin to feel my orgasm building up and I know it won’t be long until I burst. My mouth then starts to go faster up and down still using my tongue to lick it all over. I push it right inside my mouth and you can feel how deep down my throat your cock is going and it feels so good.

My hand starts to work harder on my clit as I feel myself about to orgasm. I moan as it builds up more an more. It excites you even more to hear me enjoying myself so much and you start to move your cock in to my mouth even further. I can’t take it anymore and as my orgasm flows through my body. My mouth is still all over your cock and I suck you in slightly as you feel my body moving from the orgasm now taking over me.

You relax your body as you feel yours is now coming as well. Just as mine is lowering down I feel a flow of cum burst out of your cock and in to my mouth. You let out a slight groan as it your electric orgasm shoots through your body. You taste amazing as I feel your cum enter my mouth and down my throat. I keep playing with you and lick your cock all over making sure you’re nice and clean. I keep my hand at the base of your cock while my mouth and tongue still massage you until you are totally relaxed and starting to go soft… You take a big breath and sigh as you breathe out.

I kiss your body as I make my way back up and kiss your mouth so we can mix both of our juices together. I pull away from you and you sit back enough to be able to see your gorgeous face. With a grin on my face and stroking your hair I quietly say “I love coming to the beach with you sweetie”. You smile back at me and hold me close and whisper, “I love you”.


As we lie there basking in the afterglow of my orgasm we begin kissing again, gently at first but with increasing passion as we both start to feel the effects of the last 40 minutes or so kicking back in and that familiar feeling beginning to build deep inside our bodies. We’re holding each other so close and kissing each other so lovingly and passionately that it feels like we’re one being lying there on the beach. Our legs are entwined and we can feel the warmth from each others bodies radiating all around us. With one hand I begin gently stoking your face and with the other I begin to touch all the parts of you that aren’t pressed firmly against me. Gently but with firm strokes running my hand over your gorgeous firm round butt cheeks, tracing a finger down your crack as I do so and then moving my hand down over the firm softness of your thigh and then back up over your ass to your back. All the while our kisses are getting more and more intense and I can feel you hardening nipples pressing into my chest and the wetness between your legs beginning to coat my thigh.

Our tongues are sliding over each other and our lips are pressed firmly together. Just as I begin to pull myself away from you, I feel your hand working its way between our bodies heading to its target. I feel your fingers wrap around my erection and lean back in to kiss you lovingly letting our tongues and lips once again work us into a sexual frenzy. I again pull away and gaze over your gorgeous body. I roll u on to your back and then set myself above you. U still have your hand wrapped around my hard cock and you point it at your wet pussy making your intentions clear. I begin to lower myself and together we slowly slid my cock into your warm, wet and beautifully bald pussy.

We groan together as we feel my erect penis stretching and filling you as I slide in slowly. Its feels so warm and wonderful that I nearly can’t control myself and have to hold myself back from cuming so soon. Once I get all the way in I lower my lips back to yours and we share another intense kiss. I can feel little shivers running through my body as your mouth teases mine. I’m in absolute heaven and I tell you this. You pull my head into you even more and increase the intensity of our kiss and I feel like I’m going to burst inside you any minute. I manage to break away and raise myself back up above you. I begin to slowly thrust in and out, taking my time to regain my self control and I gaze over your gorgeous body as I work my cock deep inside you.

You are now letting out gentle moans and I adjust my angle so that I can grind against yr clit on the down stroke. You raise one hand to your beautiful breasts and begin to gently knead them and tease your own nipples alternating between them. I can feel your other hand lazily rubbing your almanbahis giriş clit on my up stroke. I can see this is beginning to affect you as you have now closed your eyes and tilted your head back, your moans are coming quicker now and I notice your have started working your clit slightly faster.

I’m feeling so incredible and its hard to maintain my rhythm when every nerve in my body just wants to speed up so I can flood your insides with my cum but summoning all my will power I resist the urge and keep my pace nice and slow and steady. You beginning to moan even louder now and balancing myself on one arm I bring my other hand down underneath our union to find your soaked and very lubricated asshole. I gently press a finger against it and you pushback against my finger obviously wanting it inside you. I slide it in and once we’re comfortable again I add a second. You now have both holes filled and your hands working your clit and nipples. I love looking at you as you are squeezing your eyes shut and panting even louder now.

I can feel my cock rubbing against my fingers inside you through the thin wall between your pussy and your ass and it feels so incredible. Your fingers are practically a blur now on your clit as you are getting closer and closer to your orgasm. Watching you getting closer has me so exciting and I’m struggling to hold back. I lean down and take your right nipple into my mouth and this drives you over the edge. You buck hard against me as you start cuming and I struggle to stay inside you while you thrash through your orgasm. I feel your pussy soaking my cock with It’s cum and it leaks down adding more lubricant to my fingers still slowly sliding in and out of your ass. I let go of your nipple and move my lips to your mouth. You’ve removed your fingers from your sensitive clit and you bring them to my mouth for me to taste. We both share your soaked fingers between our mouths as we kiss lovingly. I slowly withdraw my fingers and cock from inside you and roll off you onto my back. You look at my soaked erection and climb above me, quickly lowering your head to take me into your mouth tasting yourself on my cock. After a couple of hard sucks you lift your mouth to mine once again sharing the taste with me.

As we’re kissing I feel your hand grab my penis and guide it into your lowering pussy. You lower yourself all the way down letting a long moan escape your lips as you feel its full length inside you. I reach my hand up to cup your beautiful tits and tease your nipples as you begin raising and lowering your gorgeous body up down the full length of my rock hard cock. You sit yourself up straight and I gaze lovingly over your body feeling so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend with such an amazing body making love to me right now. I reach one hand down to begin rubbing your clit and you reach one hand behind yourself and I wonder what your up to until I feel something pressing against my cock from inside u and realize you’ve slid a finger inside your ass. The thought of you fingering your own butthole turns me on even more.

I remove my other hand from your hard nipple and pull your head down til your lips are hard against mine. I hold your face against me loving the feel of tongues battling against each other. I feel you begin to grind yourself hard against me and both our fingers are working your ass and clit even faster and I can sense that you are getting close again. I’m getting incredibly close myself and kiss you even harder as my feel myself building towards my orgasm. Your finger in your ass is stimulating my cock along with your tight wet pussy and I know I’m not going to last long. You pull away from our kisses and rest your cheek against mine as you gasp for breath, moaning as you get closer. I turn my head so I can kiss and suck on your neck tasting your yummy skin.

All of a sudden I feel your pussy contracting hard around my cock and it just drives me over the edge. U pull yr finger from your ass so you can steady your self with your hand as you cum. I feel your contractions continuing around my cock as I moan loudly and begin to pump my cum inside you.

Fuck my head is spinning with pleasure am I’m barely conscious of you spasming and moaning through your own orgasm. You quickly pull my hand from your clit as you’re too sensitive now and resume kissing me as we both start coming down from our incredible orgasms. I feel you pull yourself off me, and just as soon as I feel fresh air on my wet cock, I feel your warm mouth engulf me. Your mouth feels incredible as you suck me inside you and swirl your tongue around cleaning both our fluids from my slowly softening cock. I love it when you do this and this time is no exception. Your mouth and tongue are working incredible magic on me and I shudder as every nerve in my body is feeling overloaded with pleasure. You release my now flaccid cock from your mouth and move up to kiss me sharing the combined taste of our love.

We hold each other close and our senses begin to come back to us and realizing where we are we both look around. Luckily our area of the beach is still empty but having spent so long naked we’re both very burnt. We grab our clothes and start laughing together sharing the moment as we scramble to pull on our clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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