Beautiful Gifts, Small Packages Ch. 01

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“Just talk to him already,” Heather quipped impatiently to me.

I jumped at the sound of her voice, not realizing I’d zoned off.

“What?” I asked.

“Thomas!” She scolded, “You’ve been drooling over the same guy for weeks, and he’s always here, alone, studying. Just go say hi. Maybe you’ll get a study buddy out of it,” she teased.

“We aren’t even in the same classes,” I told her.

“I know,” Heather replied with a wink before leaving me alone at my table.

I sat there for a few more minutes while I finished my coffee, debating on what I should do next.

I stared at the boy for a moment. He certainly was beautiful. He had light brown hair that was slightly mussed from the wind and lovely brown eyes with dark lashes that were always hidden behind a pair of square spectacles. They sat perched upon his cute button nose, as he absentmindedly chewed on the end of his pencil, the wood pushing against his full lower lip in a way that made me imagined his mouth on my raging hard cock.

“Wrong,” he muttered to himself before furiously erasing whatever he had written.

Impulsively, I pushed myself up from my seat and made my way towards his table and sat myself down across from him, which neither of us expected.

“H-hey! Im Thomas,” I announced, offering my hand. I figured it was the very least I could do, given I’d invited myself over to a strangers table.

The boy turned a bit pink, “I know who you are. Jock, right?”

“It’s just soccer,” I waved my hand dismissively.

“Well, you’re also in Alpha Sigma Phi,” he accused suspiciously as he pushed his glasses further up onto his nose.

Up close I could see he had a light spattering of freckles across his cheeks and when his hair hit the light just right, I could see a bit of ginger there.

I must have been staring too long without speaking for he suddenly asked, “Do I…um.. need to leave or something? I.. I thought the coffee shop was okay for all students but im new! I could be wrong.”

He looked panicked as he gathered together some of his papers and when I gently put my hand on his wrist to stop him, he shuddered at my touch.

“Heyyy, slow down. I never said you had to leave. Fraternitie’s don’t make the rules about students in general anyways,” I added with a chuckle.

“Oh…” he looked confused, “But you’re popular.”

“How old are you?” I asked him, feeling amused.

“Eighteen,” he answered with another blush.

“Well this isn’t high school, it’s college. You don’t have to worry about shit like who’s the most popular, ok kid?”

The boy scowled a bit when I called him “kid”.

“Riley,” he corrected me. “I… I know it’s a bit of a girly sounding name.” He added, looking ashamed.

I had no clue what this guy had to be ashamed of but I hated the fact that me talking to him had made him so distressed.

“Well, nice to meet you Riley! And don’t worry, I’ve met plenty of guys with your name.” I added with a grin.

I hadn’t, but that didn’t exactly matter when all I wanted was to put this cute boy at ease.

He blushed again, “Thanks,” he replied softly.

“So… Riley. I know this is sorta out of nowhere but I’ve been wondering… are you gay?”

Riley’s blush deepened and he began gathering his things once more, in earnest this time. “N-no! I’m not.. that. Why would you-” he didn’t finish. Instead he shoved his belongings in his bag and practically ran out of the coffee shop.

“What the hell?” I muttered to myself. Maybe it was vain of me to assume but I sorta thought he was into me. The way he kept blushing and shit…

“Oh he’s totally is gay,” Maggie, the barista told me as she passed by my table, apparently having eased dropped.

I got up to follow her, “How do you know Mags?”

“Ugh! I hate when you call me that you know,” she scowled.

“Hey. You being my best friends girlfriend gives me the right to call you Mags,” I told her with a grin.

“I’m gonna have to talk to Heather about this,” she grumbled.

“She will be on my side,” I told her as she rolled her eyes at me. “Now, ısparta escort back to my thing. How do you know he’s gay?”

“My little sister went to high school with him. Apparently, he use to be this sweet, quiet, super nerd but then he ended up dating some guy on the football team; Troy something or whatever. The way she told, it ended badly and there were a lot of rumors going around about him being… poorly endowed. He was mocked forever; no one let him live it down. The bullying got so bad that he skipped his senior year to be homeschooled.”

I could feel my blood boiling as I listened to her talk. I could tell that Riley was sweet and probably pretty defenseless being he was very short (he couldn’t have been taller than 5 feet) and slender and I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be bullied about something so intimate. I instantly hated his ex and everyone at that school.

“So, anyways,” Maggie prattled on, “You should probably steer clear. The kid seems like an emotional wreck and if the rumors are true, he won’t be able to do much for you.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “What? I know you bottom all the time!” She told me with a smirk.

“Heather?” I asked with a grimace but she only smiled.

I rolled my eyes in response, “I’m gonna kill her.”

“You and me both,” Maggie replied before she turned away from me to help another customer.


The next time I saw Riley, it was two weeks later and in the library. Now… I didn’t normally spend time here, as I preferred the coffee shop for all my studying, but I hadn’t seen him there in a while. So my next thought was to come here, thinking he might have changed his study zone and I was right.

My breath caught in my throat when I finally saw him again. He just looked so damn beautiful with his hand tangled up in his hair as he focused on the book in front of him. All his focus was caught up in whatever he was studying so I took the opportunity to sit at his table once more.

“Hey,” I offered. “You ran away last time we talked.”

Riley looked up from his book, confused, then he recognized me and his expression changed.

“Are you following me?” He asked, looking nervous.

“Well… I wouldn’t call it following exactly but I have been looking for you.”

“I told you I’m not gay!” He whispered coldly as he made to shut his book but I placed my hand in the center too quickly for him to accomplish it.

“Hey hold on! Can’t we get to know eachother anyways? As friends? I noticed you’re a bit of a loner.”

He stiffened a little at my comment, “Well, you’d keep your distance from people too if-” he stopped himself from talking as his cheeks blazed.

“If what?” I coaxed.

“If nothing! I’m not gay and I don’t want to get to know you! Just..” his voice dropped to a whisper. “Leave me alone… please,” he added without looking at me.

I nodded, embarrassed with myself for being to pushy and forward. No way was I gonna get him to like me if I made him feel trapped into it.

“If you change your mind, the Sigma Phi’s are having a party tonight. You should come!”

He looked incredulous, “Why? So you can get me drunk and fuck me?”

I blushed at his accusation. “I would never take advantage of you and I don’t fuck around. I have relationships, not hookups.”

He shook his head, still disbelieving me, “If you’re lying no one would believe me anyways,” he muttered.

I held up my hands in surrender, “Look, I get it, you’re not into me. Promise I just want to be friends but if that’s not what you want, I’m gone,” I told him as I got up to leave.

I noticed the conflict in his eyes when I mentioned him not being into me but I didn’t comment on it. I was crushing on Riley hard and on the slight chance he was into me, I didn’t want to scare him off.

“What time?” I heard his soft voice ask as I began to walk off.

I grinned to myself before smoothing my face to a neutral expression so I could face him. “Starts around 9pm.”

“I’m not saying I’ll go!” He replied. “I just wanted ısparta escort bayan to know.”

I smirked a little, “Have a nice day Riley,” I told him, not missing the pink that spread across his cheeks when I said his name.


It was midnight and I had yet to see Riley make an appearance at the party. I was a bit disappointed, as I had refused to drink at all in hopes that he’d come hang out but I failed to see him show up.

I sighed in irritation as I hit the blunt Heather passed me, wanting the people in the house to stop with the karaoke already as the drunken singing was giving me a headache.

“He could still show up,” she offered, as she looked up from kissing Maggie. “These things don’t wind down until 3 am most of the time.”

“I know, being it’s my frat house,” I replied testily, not wanting to see hope where there was none.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Don’t get bitchy. Here,” she stood, “I’ll get you a drink. You guys finish that,” she said, pointing to the blunt. “Want anything babe?”

“Just water,” Maggie answered before taking a hit that had her coughing up a lung.

Heather kissed the top of Maggie’s head and then made her way through the groups of people on the lawn.

I took another hit before closing my eyes to relax, feeling tired after all that pent up energy. In the distance I could hear another drunk voice, singing their heart out and I cringed, ready to unplug the damn thing.

“Hey! Earth to Thomas!” Heather snapped her fingers in my face and I begrudgingly opened my eyes, taking in her own worried ones.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, immediately feeling tense.

“Your crush is here. He’s super drunk. That’s him singing now actually… Tom, I’m worried. The guys inside keep feeding him shots while he sings and one said something about a strip show-“

She’d barely gotten the words out before I was up and out of my chair, racing towards the house.

When I got inside, I quickly made my way to the karaoke room and what I saw made my heart beat wildly.

There, standing on the pool table, shirtless, looking hot as fuck, was Riley. His pale skin glistened with a coat of sweat and his glasses were gone. His cheeks were rosy from the alcohol as he sang “Toxic” by Brittany Spears and I had to smile. His singing was off-key but he looked adorable doing it, as he danced around on the table, shaking his hips suggestively.

“It’s always the nerds that are the freaks huh?” Fred, one of my frat brothers said as he stood next to me, smirking at Riley.

I wanted to tell him off but I kept my mouth shut. In house fighting was never a good thing for anyone involved.

I kept my focus on Riley and noticed when a random guy reached up to grope his crotch. The dude barely got a feel as Riley stopped singing to quickly back away, while the rowdy crowd around him protested.

“Come on, don’t be like that!”

“Sing another song!”

“If you’re gonna dance like a slut, expect to be touched.”

“Don’t be such a baby.”

I growled in anger at the random things I heard, as a scared Riley backed his way to the corner of the pool table, his eyes wild with fear.

“Thomas?” He called out weakly, his eyes searching, as if he didn’t believe I would actually save him from whatever the drunken crowd of college students wanted.

I had already begun to make my way forward when I heard Riley call for me and his pathetic plea only quickened my pace. Seconds later I was close enough to touch him, though a few others were trying to help themselves to that very thing.

“Move it, president coming through!” I ordered.

Upon hearing me, many of the guys dropped their hands and made to leave the room. The few that remained glared or looked sullen but they were not from my house so they were not my responsibility.

I held my arms out to Riley and he nervously came forward, letting me help him down to the ground before swaying on his feet.

“Whoa, hold on! I got you!” I told him as I scooped his small frame into my arms.

“Where escort ısparta were you?” He slurred, looking irritated with me. “I searched the whole house.”

“Outside. I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were coming.”

Riley blushed a little, before burying his face against my chest, refusing to say more. I smiled to myself as I carried him to my empty bedroom and thought, not gay my ass. I set him carefully on the bed and pulled a waist basket close, just in case.

“I didn’t know you had to be drunk to hang out with me,” I teased as I gently took his hand in mine.

Riley looked at our hands as if fascinated and his thumb gently traced a circle on the back of mine before he spoke.

“I got drunk so I could… so we could…” he blushed furiously and then threw his small body at me, forcing his full lips against mine.

I pulled away instantly, not liking that he was drunk and worried that he’d regret me in the morning. I refused to be his regret, even with just a kiss. Unfortunately, pulling away only caused tears to well up in his big brown eyes and I felt guilty for doing so, even though I knew it was the right thing to do.

“I thought you weren’t gay,” I offered gently as an excuse.

“I… I’m not,” he sniffed. Before saying, “I thought you liked me… I must look so desperate,” as fat tears rolled down his pink cheeks.

I shook my head a little, “I do like you… but do you like me? You didn’t even want to be friends this afternoon and now you’re drunk, kissing me and throwing yourself at me… I’m not gonna be an experiment for you. I told you, I don’t do hookups,” I told him as I brushed a lock of hair from his face.

“If I get to know you, it’ll hurt more when you leave me,” he slurred, not meeting my eyes even as he blushed from my touch.

“Why would I leave? Just give me a real chance before deciding how things will be,” I pleaded, forcing him to meet my gaze.

His lower lip trembled slightly before he begged, “Please just fuck me… I- I’m not someone you date.”

I put my hand on his thigh, testing him, as I slowly slid it up to his crotch but he instantly put both hands down to stop me, turning completely red.

“N-no need for all that. I’ll get on all fours and you can fuck me from behind,” he said, trying to turn as he spoke.

“I like to look at the person I’m sleeping with,” I told Riley, making him freeze his progress.

The boy quickly pulled his t-shirt back over his head and made to get up, “Sorry, sorry. I feel so stupid,” he muttered as he tried to leave but I cut him off, pulling him close by the waist.

“Riley, please stay, get to know me. We don’t ever have to date or have sex. Let’s just try and be friends.”

Riley stiffened at the word, “First it’s friends, then I’m helping you with your homework, then I’m helping you with your cock, then I’m your little fuck toy before I stop being good enough to associate with because some other well muscled, hung dude wants to date you!” He ranted. “I know how it goes when you’re friends with a jock. Let’s just skip to the sex part for a night. I won’t bother you again after we are done but right now I’m horny and you’re probably the sexiest guy in this whole school.”

“So you want me to be your fuck toy then, is that it?” I asked him, feeling hurt that he was unwilling to see me for who I was.

Riley had the grace to look embarrassed, even as he asked, “Look man, what’s your deal? I know plenty of guys who would be cool with using me for a night… one night is all I’m good for.”

I shook my head, “I want to date and fall in love. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“You won’t fall for me,” Riley chuckled darkly. “I told you, I’m only hookup material.”

“Why’s that,” I challenged but Riley refused to meet my eye.

“Reasons,” he muttered, looking sad again.

“Why did you say you weren’t gay?” I asked him.

“I-I’m not,” he sniffled quietly.

“Clearly you are at least bi,” I told him, done with the lying.

His face crumpled. “I wish I was,” he finally said after a long moment of silence.

“Why?” I asked him, confused.

He shrugged, “Girls might be nicer.”

“I’m nice,” I insisted. “Please, just get to know me. I’m not a bad guy.”

Riley stared at me for a long moment before asking, “Do you really promise not to… be a dick, if I get to know you?”

“I swear,” I agreed, shaking his hand.

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