Beauty and the Geek Ch. 02

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PART 1 – Beauty Seduces the Geek


Sitting at his bedroom desk, Charlie tried to concentrate on his homework, but it wasn’t going well. How pathetic, he thought, doing homework on a Saturday afternoon; no wonder he wasn’t popular. Rising from his chair, Charlie stepped over to his dresser and opened the top drawer to look at what was keeping his mind from schoolwork. There they were; Miley’s white panties. He lifted them to his face and took a deep whiff of their aroma; it was the most intoxicating thing Charlie ever smelled. Miley had given them to him just a day prior, when the two had masturbated together.

He’d had a crush on her forever, but what guy didn’t? She was the most popular and best looking girl at school after all. But for Charlie, those feelings were amplified a hundred-fold now that they had fooled around a couple of times. He really liked Miley, and he couldn’t get her out of his head. But she said she just wanted to be friends. Not that Charlie minded; being friends with Miley was a hell of a lot better than getting ignored by her (and every other girl at school).

Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Not only was Miley unbelievably attractive, but she had a great personality too. She had shown kindness to Charlie and didn’t treat him like an outcast. She was funny, and smart, and confident – so confident! That was one of Charlie’s favorite things about her. He recalled the way she talked dirty to him when they masturbated together; she was fearless and erotic. He’d never encountered anyone like her before in his eighteen years.

With a sigh, Charlie put the panties away and closed the drawer. He wondered what Miley was doing. She was probably at some party having fun, with all the other popular kids. Charlie imagined her having sex with some brainless jock, surprised by how much that bothered him. How could he feel so jealous? It’s not like he had any chance of becoming her boyfriend; he and Miley lived in separate worlds. With a frown, Charlie returned to his desk and tried to focus on his homework.


“What’s with you, Miley?” Stacy was complaining. “First you abandon me at lunch yesterday to go sit with those two geeks, then you ditch out on going to the mall with me after school. I thought we were best friends?”

Miley couldn’t help but grin from behind her big sunglasses. She and Stacy both lay in her suburban back yard, beside the pool soaking up some afternoon Florida sun, “I didn’t abandon you at lunch, I invited you with!”

“Yeah right, like I’m going to sit in loser-land.”

“I told you, Charlie isn’t a loser. It turns out he’s a really nice guy. Yeah, he’s a little rough around the social edges, but he’s totally sweet.”

“Oh my god,” Stacy whined. “Please tell me you’re not falling for Charlie White.”

“I’m not falling for him,” Miley assured. “We’re just friends, sort of. And I’m sorry I forgot about shopping with you yesterday. I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately, you know?”

“Like Charlie White’s big dick?”

Miley giggled, “No! Like deciding on a college and stuff. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with my life.”

“Whatever, you’ve had like a hundred offers, and with your parent’s money you could go anywhere you…”

As Stacy rambled on, Miley rolled over onto her stomach, unfastening her bikini top to avoid a tan line. She told Stacy she wasn’t falling for Charlie, but Miley wasn’t so sure; she’d been thinking about him all day. She recalled how hot it was when they masturbated together, and how she gave him a hand job the day before that. It was fun, sexy, and naughty! But there was more to it than that. He had a naïve innocence about him and wasn’t completely full of himself like all the other guys Miley dated. Charlie was sweet, kind, and funny. Plus, it was obvious he was totally into her; Miley adored the way he looked at her. Most guys leered at her like she was a sexual conquest. But when Charlie looked at her, Miley felt like she was the center of his universe. She was more than just a body to him; Charlie made her feel special.

“…you even listening to me?” Stacy was saying.

Miley glanced aside, “Huh?”

“I asked if you wanted to go to the mall with me tomorrow. I swear Miley, you’ve been a total space cadet for the last few days.”

“Sorry,” Miley had another grin on her face. “Of course I want to go to the mall with you tomorrow. I need to find something sexy to wear on Monday.”

“Oh?” Stacy asked, eyebrow lifting. “Who do you want to impress?”

“No one, ” Miley lied. “I just feel like something new.”


“Hey dork,” the jock snorted, bumping a rough shoulder into Charlie as he got off the bus. With a sigh, he picked up a book the jock made him drop. Monday morning meant going back to the harsh reality of unpopularity.

It had been a long weekend for Charlie, because he simply couldn’t get his mind off Miley. Part of him couldn’t wait for the day to come, in the escort şişli hopes that he’d see her. But another part was dreading it, fearful that things would return to normal and that Miley would go back to ignoring him. Charlie worried that Miley had her fun with his big penis and wouldn’t be interested in him anymore. What could he possibly offer her, after all? He didn’t have a car, didn’t have any money, and she could have any guy she wanted.

When lunch period came Charlie sat at his usual table, a desolate area of the cafeteria avoided by most of the other students. He greeted his somewhat portly friend, “Hey Brian.”

“Hey Charlie, how was your weekend dude? Did you catch the new episode of Clone Wars?”

“I missed it,” Charlie lamented. “I forgot it was even on.”

“How could you forget, dude? It was totally awesome. There was this new bad ass clone who-” Brian paused, then whispered “Holy shit.”

Charlie glanced at Brian, then turned in the direction his friend was staring.

There she was, looking so utterly fantastic Charlie could barely breathe. Miley had a blue floral-print sundress on that clung to her torso like a glove; the bust of it lifted her small breasts and showed off the top of her tanned cleavage. The skirt was short and slightly flared, revealing Miley’s amazingly perfect legs. She had heeled sandals on, which arched her trim ankles perfectly. Her dark curly hair was lifted into a bedazzling tangle above her head, with just a few coiling tendrils falling to frame her gorgeous face.

“Dude, Miley Andrews is so fucking hot,” Brian whispered in a flat tone, staring longingly.

“Yeah,” Charlie agreed, watching Miley as she crossed the cafeteria to sit with a group of her friends.

“Were you seriously helping her with biology?” Brian asked, recalling what Miley had said at lunch the Friday previous.

“Yeah,” Charlie confirmed, “I mean, sort of.” He shook his head, trying to look away.

Brian gave him an odd look, but Charlie didn’t notice. Seeing Miley like that made his stomach turn. He liked her so much that it felt like a thousand butterflies were constantly fluttering inside him whenever he thought about her, which was constantly. He wanted to go talk to her, just to say hi, but he was scared. He feared her friends would tease him or belittle him. Even worse would be if Miley was cruel. Charlie simply didn’t have the courage to face that potential humiliation. So he did his best to ignore her and tried not to think about Miley Andrews.

He didn’t know if such a thing was possible.


Pretending to pay attention to the conversation at her table, Miley kept stealing glances towards Charlie but he never looked her way once. She hid her frown, frustrated that Charlie hadn’t even noticed her. She had gone out of her way to find the sexiest dress she could when her and Stacy were at the mall, then she spent over an hour on her hair that morning. She had done it for Charlie, hoping he’d look at her the way he often did and make her feel special. But the way Charlie was ignoring her was like she didn’t even exist to him.

Every other guy in school was slipping on their own drool as they passed her in the hallway, but the only one she cared about impressing was Charlie. Could she really be falling for him? And why wasn’t he paying attention to her, she wondered? Was he just like all the other guys? Did he have his fun with her and now he wasn’t interested? Miley felt totally confused, and the same butterflies Charlie had were assaulting her innards as well.

During Biology, the only class Miley and Charlie shared, Charlie never even showed. Miley wondered if he was avoiding her. Did she do something to make him mad? I was difficult for her to concentrate during class, all she could think about was Charlie, his big beautiful cock, and about how much she craved his attention.

By the time the bell rang, Miley was so irritated by it all that she had grown angry. She barely said anything to Stacy after class and hurried out of school to where the busses loaded.

Standing outside, Miley looked everywhere for Charlie. She meant to let him know just how pissed off she was that he hadn’t even said hi to her. Miley knew that she could have been the one to approach him, but she felt that a girl deserved to be romanced. She wanted to be chased. She wanted to be desired. Miley wanted Charlie to make her feel special, but he let her down. Unfortunately Charlie was nowhere to bee seen and Miley started to grow frantic. “Where is he?!” she blurted in frustration.

“Who are you looking for?” Miley heard someone say. She turned to see Charlie’s friend.

“Brian! Thank god. Have you seen Charlie?”

“You’re looking for Charlie? Wow. Uh, he skipped after lunch. He said he didn’t feel well and was walking home.” Brian’s eyes were firmly on Miley’s breasts when he added, “If you need help with biology I could certainly…?”

“Thanks Brian, you’re a life-saver!” Miley interrupted, dashing towards the student escort beşiktaş parking lot where her car waited.

Ten minutes later, Miley was knocking on Charlie’s front door. She didn’t see any cars in the driveway and assumed his parents weren’t home, which was good. She meant to give Charlie holy hell for not paying attention to her all day!

Finally, the door opened. “Miley?” Charlie looked surprised.

“What is wrong with you Charlie White?!” Miley snapped. “You ignore me all day after what we did together? We get naked and masturbate and you act all sweet and nice and I buy this dress just for you and spend all morning on my hair and you think you can just pretend I don’t exist? Well I’ve got news for you Charlie, you and your phony nice-guy act and your big dick can all go to hell because I don’t even care!”

Charlie reeled back on his heels, wide eyed at the verbal barrage. He lifted his palms towards Miley in defense, “Whoa, whoa, Miley, slow down.”

“How could you just ignore me like that? Huh, Charlie? When I go to all the trouble of trying to turn you on?! Stacy was right, how could I even consider going out with you? You made me feel awful all afternoon! Every other guy in school wanted to talk to me but I only wanted to impress you and you couldn’t even say hi to me!”

“Miley!” Charlie pleaded. “Please, I didn’t mean… just slow down for a second, let me explain.”

Miley’s only reply was a glare that could make steel wither.

“Miley… I…”

Miley waited for Charlie to say something, but the only thing he seemed able to do was trip over his own tongue, “Just forget it Charlie, god! I can’t believe I let you get into my head. I thought you were different, but you’re just like every other boy. All you care about is getting your rocks off and moving on to your next conquest!”

Miley spun with a huff to walk away.

“It was like a thousand knives stabbing me all at once!” Charlie suddenly blurted.

Miley was halfway down the front steps when she stopped and looked back over her shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful,” Charlie continued. “When I saw you today you were so beautiful it literally hurt.”

Miley’s expression softened a little as Charlie finally managed to find his words.

“I’m a nobody. I mean, you’re totally out of my league and you could have any guy you wanted. I figured you’d had your fun with me last week and that there was no way you could really be interested in me.”

Miley turned around to face Charlie again.

“I’m a geek, and you… you’re perfect. When I saw you in the cafeteria it was like the whole world got brighter. It’s like that every time I see you. I-I just didn’t think I had a chance with a girl like you.”

Miley folded her arms across her chest, eyeing Charlie.

“I’m sorry I ignored you. I wanted to talk to you at lunch, but I was scared of what your friends would think of me. I didn’t want to be embarrassed.”

“Just shut up Charlie.” Miley let out a heavy breath, eyes suddenly warm, “You had me by the time you said I was perfect.” Miley suddenly trotted up the steps and threw her arms around Charlie’s neck, kissing him with all the passion she could muster. It took Charlie by surprise, but eventually he responded by putting his arms around her and kissing her back. The two embraced for several long moments.

“Charlie…” Miley breathed, her voice low and husky, “you really need to work on your self confidence.”

“Sorry. I mean, I will.” Grinning, Charlie asked, “So you seriously bought this dress for me?”

“Of course I did you big goof. I’ve been trying to torment you with it all day.”

“It worked,” Charlie informed her, still holding her close.

“I can’t believe you, Charlie. I jerk you off, I masturbate in front of you, I give you my panties for crying out loud, and you still don’t get the message.”

“Um, I’m still not very clear.”

“Oh my god, Charlie, I want you. I want to be with you. I don’t care how popular you are, or what anyone else thinks. That stuff doesn’t matter to me anymore. You’re a really nice guy and you make me laugh. You turn me on and you make me feel like I’m the only girl on the planet when you look at me.”

“You want to be with me? Y-you mean,” Charlie stammered, “you want to be my…?”

“Well, we’re going to have to get you to a stylist, and a trip to the mall is somewhat urgent, but yeah. I want to be your girlfriend.”

“A stylist?” Charlie asked, horrified.

“At least a talented barber,” Miley compromised with a giggle.

“And the mall?” Charlie wondered.

Miley nodded, nuzzling a kiss against Charlie’s cheek, “I’m not saying you have to burn the Batman tee shirts sweetie, I’m just saying we need to buy you some alternatives.”

“But on Friday you said you just wanted to be friends?”

“A girl has to play a little hard to get?”

Charlie laughed. “Any other demands?” he wondered.

“Uh huh,” Miley nodded sagely. “You have to let me play escort beyoğlu with your cock whenever I want.” Her hand groped between his legs, “When will your mom be home?”

“Um, in a couple of hours?”

“Perfect. Take me to bed,” Miley whispered seductively, fondling Charlie through his pants. “I promise I’ll be just as hot without the dress.”

Charlie didn’t want to pinch himself for fear of waking up. All of his fears and self-doubts washed away as he and Miley rushed up the stairs to his bedroom, laughing and holding hands. Miley Andrews, the girl he’d had a crush on since he knew what a crush was, liked him. She wanted to be his girlfriend!

He watched in awe as Miley sat him on the bed and modeled her body in that fantastic dress, slowly letting it fall from her body into a puddle on the floor. She wriggled out of her panties, twirling them on her finger before tossing them at Charlie. He laughed, fumbling with his own pants. Miley helped him, pulling his shirt off and kissing him as he shed himself of the rest of his clothes. She pulled his glasses off and kissed him again, running her hand through his hair as they lay back on the bed and embraced.

“Miley, I don’t, I mean… I’m still a…” Charlie struggled with his words, a little overwhelmed at the prospect of a beautiful girl in bed with him.

“Shh, it’s okay. I know. You’re doing fine,” came Miley’s reassuring voice. She kissed him, laying on her back and curling a leg around one of Charlie’s. Miley had a way of licking and nibbling on Charlie’s lips that made his whole mouth tingle. She was reaching between their bodies to grip his erection, fondling it loosely until it was firm and pulsing in her hand. “Your thing is so powerful. Rub it against me, rub it against my pussy.”

With her hand helping to steer, Charlie maneuvered his erection between Miley’s legs, his long shaft fitting perfectly against her labia. With gentle movements of his hips Charlie’s cock slid against her sex, dragging against Miley’s clit and stimulating it with a slow friction.

“Mm, that feels so good,” Miley cooed, taking one of Charlie’s wrists and guiding his hand to her breast. “I can feel your cock against my clit; you’re making me wet.”

With a handful of one of Miley’s tits Charlie humped against her slit, her arousal making the underside of his shaft slick. He looked down at Miley’s sun-kissed body and marveled at her toned frame. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.

“Don’t ever stop telling me that.” Miley’s hands smoothed up Charlie’s chest and then cupped his face, “Don’t close your eyes, just look at me. I love it when you look at me Charlie. I want to see your face when you fuck me.”

“Damn Miley, you’re getting me so hot.”

“Do you want to be inside me?” Miley murmured in a teasing tone. “Do you want to put your big cock in me and fuck me?”

“Y-yeah,” Charlie rasped, barely able to speak. “I want to be in you so bad,” he was trying, the tip of his cock poking and probing against Miley’s opening.

With a warm smile, Miley reached to his penis once again and helped Charlie aim, “Go slow okay? I don’t know if I can take your whole thing, you’re so big.”

“Okay.” Charlie took in a sharp breath as he felt the head of his erection enter Miley, “Oh god. Oh wow.”

“Easy,” Miley winced. “Easy baby… oh fuck you’re big,” Miley’s eyes closed and she grunted as though in pain.

“Miley?” Charlie worried. “What is it, am I-?

“It’s okay,” Miley assured him, her voice heavy. “Go slow. Oh my god, you’re filling me up. Just… just go slow.”

With all the speed of a snail, Charlie slowly worked his hips. Miley felt tight, and he feared hurting her. But with every little thrust his erection penetrated a little further. He lowered his head, kissing her, and Miley responded hotly. She grabbed the back of his head and explored his mouth with her tongue.

“You’re amazing,” Miley eventually gasped, spreading her legs further to accommodate the large intrusion. “Go a little deeper, it’s… oh god Charlie, I can feel you inside me. Filling me.”

With fluid motions, Charlie started to fuck his cock in and out of her. He could manage a little better than half his shaft before he’d slide it back and fuck it into her again. He maintained a slow pace.

Miley hugged Charlie close, curling her arms around his torso. Her breasts pressed against his chest, “You’re fucking me so good Charlie. So slow, so nice. I love it. I love your big cock.”

“Miley…” Charlie said in a raspy voice full of arousal.

“Does my pussy feel good?”

“Yes. Oh shit, Miley, yes.”

She felt him quicken, urging him, “Keep going slow baby. That’s it, oh god your cock feels good against my clit. Charlie this is incredible, fuck me slow. Fuck me slow and make me cum. I want to cum on your big cock.”

“You’re so warm… so tight… Miley…”

“I know sweetie, it feels so good. Your cock… oh god your cock is so awesome. I don’t ever want to get fucked by another cock Charlie. I just want your cock. Promise me, promise me you’ll never stop fucking me… promise me you’ll fill me with this big cock whenever I need it.”

Charlie grunted, almost two thirds of his cock buried into Miley’s innards. “…I… I promise baby…”

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