Becca and Her Uncle

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Even from an early age I have always been very inquisitive about sex. My family are very prudish. Well at least I thought they were…turns out my Uncle Ian isn’t such a prude. . I know I have always been his favourite niece and that he has a soft spot for me. What I didn’t know was just how easy it would be to turn that soft spot hard.

This summer after I had finished my exams and celebrated my eighteenth birthday, my friends and I had organised a night out and I was planning on getting a little tipsy only, I ended up three shades to the wind. I knew that my mother would do her nut in if she found out and so the only person I could call to pick me up was Uncle Ian. He had bailed me out a few times before and I had woken up more than once in his spare room with a raging hangover.

The morning after the party was no different, only this time when I woke up I could hear Uncle Ian and his latest fuckbuddy having very noisy sex in the room next to mine. I buried my head in the pillow and tried to blot out the sound of her moans. By the sounds of things she was getting a really hard pounding and loving every minute of it. They must have been going at it for over an hour. I lay in bed and started to think about my Uncle naked. The most I had seen of his body was when he took his t shirt off during the summer and he was in pretty good shape for being in his late 30’s. I had also seen his cock bulge in his trousers a few times when I had walked in on him watching porn. He was always so embarrassed and quick to try and cover himself up but I always knew what he had been up to. A few of my friends were always flirting with him and I suppose he is quite good looking but I had never thought about him in a sexual way until that morning.

I knew very little about sex even though I had been masturbating from quite early on. The furthest I had gone with boys from school was a blow job and some fingering and it was always all over for them in minutes. My fingers strayed between my legs and cupped my smooth mound which to my surprise was slick and already quite wet. I could hear Uncle Ian grunting and groaning and I closed my eyes and imagined his cock sawing into his Fb’s pussy. I wondered if she was as tight as me? I let my fingertips play over my clit and even though I knew it was wrong I couldn’t help but imagine myself in her place. How would it feel to have him between my legs? His cock sliding inside of me as his fingers plucked at my nipples. I wanted his face to be at the top of my

thighs and his tongue to be flicking out to lick my clit. I began to furiously finger fuck myself at what I imagined to be the same pace as his cock was fucking her, I mirrored her moans and got lost in my own orgasm long before she did. I came so hard I almost made a damp patch on the sheets and that would have been rather awkward to explain!

Finally I heard them get up and shower and I heard her leave to go back next door to her husband. I was glad as I didn’t want to face her after hearing them having sex. I could hear Uncle Ian come upstairs and he knocked softly on the room door. Without waiting he swung the door open and walked over to the curtains pulling them open letting the bright sunlight flood into the room.

‘Come on Becca’ he said, a little too loud for my head to cope with

‘Time to rise and shine’

I pulled the duvet up to my chin quickly knowing that if he were to look he would still see my little breasts all flushed and glowing and my nipples still hard.

‘No wonder he was in such a good mood this morning after having a good fucking session’ I thought to myself a little grumpily and felt a little twinge of jealousy.

‘Ok, Giresun Escort ok…who’s rattled your cage or do I need to ask? I will get up in a minute’

I yawned sleepily trying to look anywhere but at his crotch. Knowing that his cock had been buried deep inside his fuck buddy’s wet pussy not even half an hour ago was turning me on again. Now I became extremely conscious that I was nearly naked under the covers apart from a pair of white cotton knickers with a wet gusset.

‘I have to take Bruno for his morning walk and maybe you should come with us…it might help blow some of those cobwebs away on the way home’ he chuckled.

Bruno was Uncle Ian’s chocolate lab and I had been taking him for walks with Uncle Ian ever since I was little. Maybe he was right, maybe a brisk walk would clear my head and get rid of the very naughty and dirty thoughts I was having.

As soon as he left the room I jumped out of bed and quickly grabbed the clothes I had been wearing the night before. Just a pair of black leggings and a red top and cursed the fact that I had decided to go without a bra. I didn’t have a shower instead deciding to wait till I went home to have one, I really enjoyed the feeling of my pants still being wet after I cum. I pulled my dark brown hair up into a high pony tail and went downstairs. Pausing to look at myself in the mirror I could see that my eyes were shining and I still had flushed cheeks. It shouldn’t have bothered me what I looked like but I wanted to look as presentable as I could for Uncle Ian. Not for one moment I thought he would look at me twice. I was still his innocent niece and compared to his fuck buddy, I didn’t have great tits, or a fantastic figure. My boobs are ok but I wish they were bigger and maybe if my ass was a little rounder he might look at me. Turning this way and that, and preening a little, I didn’t hear Uncle Ian come into the hall.

I jumped with fright as I turned and saw him leaning against the door frame with a peculiar look in his eye. It lasted for a split second before Bruno ran towards me and jumped up placing his big paws on my thighs. Laughing I bent down to stroke him and I realised that from this angle Uncle Ian could see right down the front of my top.

He made a little coughing noise and said,

‘Come on let’s go…let’s get this daft old dog out for his walk before he starts to rip off your clothes!’

I wasn’t really sure if he was talking about himself or the dog! As he handed me the dogs lead his fingers lingered just a little bit too long on mine and I gasped. Uncle Ian said nothing.

Walking along the back roads that led to the fields where Bruno loved to frolic, we talked about mundane stuff. Uncle Ian asked how school was going and if I thought I had done well in my exams. I couldn’t really concentrate on holding a proper conversation as my mind kept wandering back to what had happened this morning and if I had imagined that little spark of electricity between us before we left the house.

‘You know Becca, you really should be more careful. You are too young to be drinking and I know that boys your age like to push their luck’

I wasn’t really listening to Uncle Ian as I was too busy trying to keep an eye on where Bruno had ran off to. We chased Bruno up a path that had been cut between some trees and finally spotted him bouncing around in the stream that ran through the clearing.

‘Sorry. What did you say?’

‘I said maybe you should be a bit more careful about how you look when you go out with your friends, I couldn’t help but notice this morning that you aren’t wearing a bra and some boys your age might see this as Giresun Escort Bayan an open invitation!’

‘Oh Uncle Ian’ I scolded ‘I can look after myself!’

‘Yes I know’ he sighed ‘But I was once your age and I know what boys can be like and especially if you have had too much to drink. I dread to think what could happen to you. I know it’s none of my business but you are still a virgin aren’t you?’

Fuck!! I could feel my face start to burn.

‘What kind of a question is that to ask?’ I said nervously.

I didn’t know where to look. The ground could have opened up and swallowed me.

‘Well…your mum told me that she had found some condoms in your bag and seeing as how your dad isn’t around she wanted me to warn you about boys’

‘Don’t worry! They weren’t mine! Karen must have out them in my bag as a joke.’ I couldn’t look him in the eye.

‘Becca…I didn’t come down the Clyde in a banana skin! Just make sure that when you do have sex it’s with someone you love and trust. I don’t want you getting your heart broken.’

He took a step closer to me as he said it.

‘Oh like you love and trust her from next door? I heard you this morning!!’ tears started to well in my eyes. I was so angry and embarrassed.

‘That’s different’ he said. ‘We are adults’

‘I’m an adult too. Old enough to understand what you were doing!’ I spat at him. Grabbing my wrist he pulled me towards him.

‘No you’re a silly girl with a lot still to experience. I just want to make sure that you don’t get hurt!’

‘I can look after myself’ I cried.

‘Well you didn’t do a very good job of it last night did you? Going out dressed like that it’s a wonder you didn’t get assaulted!’

He was still holding my arm. My little tits jutted out as I said

‘There’s nothing wrong with the way I dress!!’

‘Becca you’re even making my cock hard!’ he blurted out.

Suddenly he dropped my arm and took a step back. I could see that he was telling the truth. My eyes dropped to his crotch and I could see his cock bulge through his jeans.

Without thinking I reached out and brushed my fingertips across the denim.

‘Becca’ he whispered breathlessly.

‘What the hell do you think you are doing’

In a heartbeat, with all my anger vanished I answered. ‘Touching your cock’.

Nervously he looked around. We were a fair bit away from the road and surrounded by trees. He shook his head wordlessly he lifted his hand up and slipped it inside my top. His hands roamed over my nipples and rolling them between his forefinger and thumb he pinched hard.

‘You silly silly little girl…you really don’t know what you are doing do you?’

‘No’ I answered shyly ‘but I know I would like you to teach me’.

His lips came crushing down on mine and I felt my pussy pulse as his tongue parted my lips. The memory of that kiss will stay with me forever. With complete disregard to where we were he turned me around and pushed me so that my back was up against a tree. As he kissed me I fumbled for his belt and managed to unbuckle it. Before long my hand managed to slide into his boxers and for the first time I felt his raging hard pulsing cock under my fingertips. The top of it felt wet and sticky and as he wriggled out of his jeans I wrapped both hands around the thick shaft. His hands flew up my top and he cupped my tits and softly moaned.

‘You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this.’

His wet mouth was licking and sucking my pert little nipples. Lashing them with his tongue and grazing his teeth over them I felt sure that I was going to cum then and there. Squeezing Escort Giresun my thighs together I sank slowly to my knees.

‘Oh Becca’ he grunted and groaned as I slipped his cock from his boxers.

I had never been so close to a cock before and stared in amazement. I couldn’t believe that this had happened so fast. One minute we had been arguing and the next I was face to face with his cock. Subconsciously I must have licked my lips.

‘Oh you greedy greedy girl’ he groaned. I pursed my lips and started to kiss the tip. It was so wet now and I thought I could smell the faint trace of pussy on it.

I looked up at him.

‘Uncle Ian, I want you to fuck me like you fucked her this morning.’

My baby blues must have been too much for him as I felt his cock twitch and jerk in my hand.

‘Oh baby put it in your mouth now. Please.’

Slowly I fed his cock in between my lips. Drawing guttural groans from him I twisted my hand around the base. I had never sucked a cock before but it felt so good. He must have been at least seven inches long and I took every last inch into my innocent young mouth. He pushed his hips slightly and I could feel him at the back of my throat.

‘Oh sweetheart, keep doing that and I’m going to cum right here in your mouth.’

I looked up at him through my eyelashes and gagged as he thrust deeper. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back so my throat was exposed. He never took his eyes off me as he plundered my mouth with his cock. Every time I ran my tongue up and down his shaft I could feel his legs shake. My saliva combined with his sticky wet precum was making his cock really wet. He tasted so good I wanted more. I was hungry for his cock now and slurped greedily with every stroke. His balls looked so heavy and full, even though he had come not all that long ago I couldn’t help but lick them.

‘Oh Fuck Becca….Oh baby…suck my cock deep’

Luckily my back was against the tree and he was able to lean on it as he fucked my mouth. He pounded me until precum and spit flew in all directions. Pushing me back he took his cock out of my mouth and I covered it with my hand.

‘Do it like this baby’ he said as he put his hand over mine and squeezed hard so that more precum oozed from the tip. He moved his hand faster and faster and I followed.

‘Put your head back’

I leaned my head back against the tree tipping my chin up so that he could see my face.

The head of his cock was banging against my lips and they felt tender and raw. I poked my tongue out to lick him as he drove his cock time and time again against my mouth.

‘Awww Becca I’m going to cum baby’ he panted.

When his cum hit my face it took me by surprise. It was hot and wet and very thick. I could feel it dripping from my chin and I knew that some of it had landed in my hair and it tasted so fucking good. He must have shot four or five jets of cum into my face.

Then I heard voices. There were people walking down the path. Uncle Ian hastily pulled up his jeans and I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I had to pretend that I was looking for the dog just as two boys from my school walked passed. Uncle Ian started calling on Bruno and he came leaping towards us from the undergrowth.

‘That was a very close call.’ Uncle Ian said soberly.

I just smiled sweetly and swallowed the cum that was still in my mouth.

‘You are a very very very bad girl Becca…what we just did was very very wrong and will never happen again.’ He said with a smile and planted a kiss on my forehead.

We walked back along the path wordlessly. Perhaps we were both still in shock about what had just happened. My mind was buzzing.

We reached my house and just before we went in he put his hand on my arse and whispered

‘This will be our little secret, tomorrow when you come round to take the dog out I’m going to start you on your journey of experience.’

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