Becoming His

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Part 1

“Who’s a good little whore?” Ronaldo asked as he balled Melissa’s hair into a bun and mercilessly thrust his cock in and out of her throat.

It was the same fantasy, day after day, for nearly three weeks. The two had not been together since he left on a business trip three weeks prior. Melissa was bursting with anticipation built up by imagining what their reunion would be like.

Bzzzz. Her phone vibrated in her lap, interrupting her thoughts. It was another text from Ronaldo who was battling with a fantasy of his own. He and Melissa had been exchanging ideas and sexting for what seemed like hours.

Melissa looked over at the clock. It was 1:30. Just a few more hours. She’d finish work at 4:30 and be free to get everything her body was begging for.

“This is what you wanted? Me fucking your face like the dirty slut you are?” She could hear Ronaldo’s deep voice in her ear as clearly as if he were actually there.

Imagining his rough tone made her clit throb even harder and she squeezed her legs together beneath her desk to ease the torture unfolding between her thighs. She needed to get home to her man quickly.

She knew the time would go much faster once she busied herself with the last of the paper work on her desk. So she buckled down and did just that. By the time she had finished, it was well past five. Surely Ronaldo would be home by the time she got there.

Melissa escort bayan ataköy hurried home to find her lover’s car parked outside. It was raining heavily and she did not have an umbrella with her. But the promise of what was inside waiting for her was too great. She ran through the rain and fumbled for a bit trying to unlock the front door as the drops beat down on her.

Once inside, she kicked off her shoes and sought out Ronaldo. She found him standing before the ceiling to floor window in their room. Nature’s fading light cast a shadow over his features. His presence was dark and dangerous, as he stroked the weapon before him. From the length of the strokes he made, Melissa new he was rock hard.

She was a wet mess in more ways than one. Her blouse was made sheer by the rain and the thin material of her bra did nothing to hide her erect nipples.

“On your knees slut.” The husk in Ronaldo’s voice knocked Melissa over like a feather and she crawled her way over to her master. Her mouth was already open when she reached him. Without skipping a beat, she wrapped her eager lips around his member.

Within moments she was overcome with lust feverishly tasting, licking and sucking on every inch. By the time Ronaldo finally grabbed the back of her head and took control of the pace, her inner thighs were drenched with her juices.

Melissa grabbed Ronaldo’s ass as he rammed her throat full escort bayan fatih of his cock. It made her choke but she loved every second of it – pleasing her man.

She knew by the low groans he was making that her reward was close. “I’m gonna come all over your fucking tits,” he grunted. And with that Melissa ripped open her blouse, sat back on her heels and welcomed the warm cum.

Part 2

Ronaldo had not finished with Melissa just yet. Though he had just covered her breasts in ropes of cum, his erection still raged on. He was filled with the desire to have her in every way possible.

Grabbing a fist full of her hair, he pulled her so that she was on all fours and walked her over to the window.

It was dark now, but the glow of the streelights and lights from neighbouring houses lit up her body in all the right places. He could see the lust still burning in her eyes. Her expression was one of anxiety.

He loved her like this. Hungry. Wanton. His. There was no time to waste. Quickly, he positioned himself behind Melissa and plunged deep into her . He knew the neighbours would hear her screams but tonight they would also get a show.

That knowledge pushed him into high gear. With one hand in her hair and the other pressed firmly on her lower back, he drilled her mercilessly. It was not long before her breathing quickened and his cock was dripping with her juices. escort bayan şişli

He wiped up some with his thumb and presssed against her asshole. She was still riding the waves of the orgasm when he resumed the assault on her pussy. With his free hand, he reached over onto the bed for the bottle of lube he was saving just for this. He pulled it open with his teeth and squeezed it all over her ass.

He watched, with great pleasure, as Melissa’s ass swallowed his thumb, and made note of her tightening grip as he pushed harder and deeper. He so looked forward to that sensation around his cock.

Melissa panted and moaned as Ronaldo filled both her holes. She was becoming more aroused with every stroke, and eventually begged him to fuck her harder. Without warning and with great coordination, he pulled out of both her holes and forced his cock in her ass.

The feeling was strange and overwhelming. As expected, her tight ring was strangling his cock. He let it rest there so they could both get accustomed to the feeling and allow Melissa’s body time to adjust. After a few moments, he pulled back and began to fuck her.

The pace was slow and steady – the strokes long, hard and deep. It was a sweet agony for the two of them that gradually turned to pure ecstasy as their orgasms began to build.

Melissa’s moans were getting louder in between shouts of “Yes!” and “You fuck me so good Daddy!” But it wasnt until Ronaldo groaned “Yeah, you like getting fucked in the ass while strangers watch, don’t you. You filthy slut,” that her speech became incomprehensible. Her reply was lost in the sounds of climax as those words sent her finally over the edge and her pulses became Ronaldo’s undoing.

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