Becumming an EMT

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They had not met before. It was a small town but they had never met each other. They ended up taking the same class one winter. The local ambulance service was putting on an EMT course. At nearly 40, he was still somewhat shy and insecure. At first. Once he got comfortable with a group…he completely changed. Outgoing, funny, and a big smile.

She was younger. Maybe mid 20’s at the most he guessed. She already had some medical training and quickly became the one he sought out as a study partner. She was cute. Bright eyes and a nice smile. She was easy going, easy to work with and more than willing to help.

The course was by no means easy. But the instructors had a way of keeping the students engaged and making the class easier.

They went thru the, winter going to class a couple nights a week. It was getting time for testing when he started really getting nervous. He worried that he wouldn’t remember everything. That he would lock up n get that “deer in the headlights” look.

She reassured him that he’d do fine. They spent some extra time studying together when they could.

Testing went fine. They both got thru it just fine. They had each decided to go for becoming nationally certified. This involved more study time together.

They started texting more often and soon the texts got more and more personal.

Out of the blue, the discussion turned to sex. Neither knew who, or how, the subject came about. But there was no denying it was out there.

Talk of past experiences, wants, fantasies…it was all up for discussion.

It was after class one night. He was leaving in his pickup when she stopped him. She asked “what do you think?” His only reply was “I could go for one.”

She started to ask what he meant but the smirk and light in his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

She nervously gave him a smile back but she had butterflies hoping that this was finally going to happen. Ever since he “came out of his shell,” she couldn’t help but feel an attraction. The conversations were easy and felt like old friends talking.

He told her to meet him at his office. Use the back door. If she wanted. He left that decision to her. He drove off and went straight to the office. Hoping that she would come there.

She stood in the parking lot. The cool night air was helping to keep her from burning up with want and desire.

She wasn’t sure how this had all come about but she was in no mood to stop it. She had secretly been wanting this for several months.

She got into her car. Staring straight ahead for several seconds before starting it. As she left the parking lot, all sorts of things were going through her mind. And only a little bit of her mind was telling her to not go there.

She drove around for about 15 minutes. Just going through it in her head. She wanted to. But didn’t. She was so conflicted. Her head was weakly telling her to go home. Her body was screaming at her to go to him.

A single text brought her back to the present.

All he said was…”I understand. No worries.”

He had no sooner sent the text when he heard the back door of his office open. As she walked in, the little bit of light in the hallway showed the nervousness on her face. He went to her and took her hand. He brought her to him, took her face in his strong hands and kissed her tenderly. That was all it took. She melted in his arms. She knew then that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. He could feel the restraint leave her body.

He led her back to his office. A single stream of moonlight shone through the blinds. She could see the big desk in the middle of the room. She had visions of him taking her on that desk. Giving herself completely to him. He wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her. There was a hunger in his kisses that she noticed now. He tore at her shirt, nearly ripping it before she was able to help him take it off. She shivered a little bit didn’t know if it was from being cold, or from the ball of nerves she had become. Every sense of hers was heightened. She could hear the silence, only interrupted by the deepening breathing they were both doing. Her skin tingled from both his touch, and the anticipation of his touch.

His mouth found its way down her neck. Her body was on fire as he worked his way to her chest. She didn’t even notice that with one hand he unhooked her bra and thrown it to the floor. Her nipples stood erect as his mouth covered one, then the other. She threw her head back and let out a long moan when his tongue swirled around her bare nipple. He was softly pinching one nipple while he teased the other with his mouth and tongue. She held his head on her breast as she revelled in the feelings coursing through her body.

She tugged at his shirt, trying to peel it from his body. As soon as his shirt was off, she was unbuckling his belt and working on unzipping his jeans. She ankara evi olan escortlar could feel the heat radiating from the impressive bulge in his jeans. She worked his jeans to his ankles and took his hard cock in her hand. She was eager to have it inside her. He slid his hand inside her pants and found her pussy wet and ready. Her clit was swollen and aching to be touched. He slid two of his fingers in her. He seemed to know just how to touch her.

She was on fire with need. She pushed him back so he was leaning on his desk. She began kissing her way down his chest. She was stroking him and fondling his balls. She kissed further down until she was on her knees. His cock stood straight out and was hard as hell. A small drop of pre-cum was hanging from the tip. She ran her tongue the length of his penis and licked the pre-cum from it.

She was mesmerized by the man standing before her. She wanted to pleasure him in every way possible. As she looked up at him, his eyes were already locked on hers. There was a need in those eyes. A need for a night of wreckless abandon. A need to be satisfied by a woman who knew how to.

She took his swollen cock in her mouth. Inch by inch, until she was all the way down and her nose pressed against his pubic bone. His whole body shuttered as he whispered “my god Tera that is amazing. ” She slid her mouth back off and his penis shown wet and hard in the moonlight. She took him back in her mouth and began sucking his dick. She would alternate between sucking hard and fast, to slowly running her tongue the length of him, or sucking on his balls. He was neatly man-scaped, with only a small patch of hair right above his penis. She’d never been with a man who shaved down there but she loved it. She continued sucking him off, deep throating every so often. His hands, which had been gripping his desk, now found their way to her head. He wrapped his hands in her hair and was gently guiding her. He was not forcing her and as such, she didn’t mind his hands there.

Her nipples were hard and she rubbed them against him as she sucked him. She knew her pussy was as wet as it had ever been. She could feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs. She needed to have his cock inside her. But right now, she was intent only on his pleasure. She knew that soon he would cum and flood her mouth with that salty-sweet treat she loved.

She didn’t really know why she loved to swallow cum, but she did. Ever since that first time in high school. Her boyfriend at the time had finally convinced her to give him a blowjob. She made him swear that he wouldn’t cum in her mouth. He must’ve been way more excited than she thought because it wasn’t long until he erupted in her mouth. She started to gag and try to pull her mouth off him. But he held her head down and she had to start swallowing. He seemed to cum forever. Gobs of the thick milky fluid flooded her mouth. She just swallowed. And swallowed. Finally he stopped cumming and his hands fell to his sides. After that, there was never a question…she was going to swallow. Every time.

As she continued to suck Tim’s cock, she played with his balls with one hand. She used the other hand to pull him as far into her throat as she could. She had learned to overcome her gag reflex and actually loved the feeling of a thick, hard cock buried deep in her throat. She could tell he was getting closer. His breathing was becoming more ragged. The moans were getting louder. He began thrusting his hips on his own. When he came, she pulled him deep in her throat to get the first spurt of cum. Then she backed off until he was about halfway in her mouth. She felt spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat and tongue. She swallowed it all. She swirled her tongue against the extremely sensitive head of his penis. She sucked him until there was nothing left coming out. When she finally released his cock from her heavenly mouth, she looked him straight in the eyes, smiled, and gave his now flaccid cock one more lick.

He was spent. He leaned back against the desk, trying to slow his breathing. He couldn’t speak. Words left him. She stood, kissed him tenderly on the mouth and began getting dressed. She had decided this time was going to be all about his pleasure. She loved the idea of pleasuring him like this. She could see in his eyes that he was in awe at what had just happened. Never before had he experienced a blow job like this. While he wasn’t necessarily a “player” when he was younger, he’d had his share of experience with women. They had never done that for him.

He reached out to her, pulled her close and kissed her hard. His hand moved toward her still wet pussy. He slipped a finger in and began banging her. As much as she wanted more, she fought the urge and pulled away from him. She looked up at him and said “later friend. This one was all for you. You will get your chance to take me later.” And with that, she finished ankara olgun escortlar dressing and walked out of his office.

They didn’t see each other for a few days. The texts they sent only vaguely referred to what had transpired. When they did see each other, a knowing smile was exchanged but otherwise, things remained as they were before. No one would know anything just by seeing them together. They continued to study together for the big exam coming up. They had scheduled it for the same day. They had to travel about 2 1/2 hrs to the testing site. The trip down, while uneventful, was thick with sexual tension. They both had the same thing on their mind…they wanted sex. Raw, hard sex. The kind where neither leaves anything out…screaming, moaning, hard pounding sex.

They finished the test within about 45 minutes of each other. Afterwards they met a mutual friend for lunch and drinks. The conversation between the 3 was easy and light. She had no idea the things these 2 were dreaming about. Tera found out during lunch that she had passed the exam. Tim had heard nothing. He bought another round to celebrate. After a few more rounds, Tim was in no shape to drive and Lynn was not much better.

They agreed that it would be best to stay in town and return in the morning. Lynn said she was thinking about staying in town too as she wanted to finish some stuff up in the morning. As they called different motels, it became obvious that finding one room, let alone two, was nearly impossible. Finally, after a call to the Radisson, they found one room. It was the jacuzzi suite. One king bed. They decided that they would take it and split the cost.

They checked in and went to check it out. The room was huge!! The oversized king bed was along one wall. There was a patio door that led to a small deck overlooking the city. The jacuzzi was built for two (or 3 if you were real good friends.) In the far corner was a mini bar complete with whatever you desired. Tera and Lynn lay down on the bed for a nap while Tim pulled up a piece of floor. After several minutes of listening to him toss and turn, Lynn invited him up to the bed. “Good grief Tim!! We are all friends and it certainly isn’t going to kill any of us to take a nap on this bed. Hell…it’s so big we probably won’t even touch!”

Tim climbed up on the bed. He lay down on one side and scooted just as close as he could to that edge. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep. The combination of the drinks, late nights studying, and the stress of not knowing if he had passed were too much.

Lynn and Tera talked for awhile while Tim slept. The conversation was just what ladies talk about…hair, clothes, and sex. Eventually it came out about Tera and Tim. Lynn quizzed her hard about everything. How did it start? How many times? How was it? Are you going to get together with him again? Tera was hesitant about answering the questions but with a glass of wine from the mini-bar, she found herself freely sharing everything.

Just thinking back and reliving the event caused a stir in Tera’s groin. She was getting flushed and hoped Lynn wouldn’t notice. As she took another big sip of wine, Lynn blurted out…”I wanna fuck him too!! And I want you to watch Tera!!” Holy shit!! Tera spit her wine across the room. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “You want to fuck him? And I am supposed to watch?” Lynn laughed and replied “calm down Tera. It’s really not that big of a deal. You watch, I fuck him, and if you want, join in. But let’s get this much straight…I will be fucking him. TONITE!!”

Tera was so shocked by this she didn’t know how to even respond. She hadn’t even fucked Tim. Ya, she had sucked him off. And she sure as hell wanted to fuck him but Lynn was adamant about fucking him tonight. She knew they weren’t in a relationship but still…she wanted him first. And then there was the whole “I want you to watch” thing. This is where it really got conflicting. Tera and a past boyfriend had talked about stuff like that. They had even made a video of them having sex. They talked about showing it to a couple they were close to but decided against it. Deep down, the thought actually aroused Tera. Lynn was a very attractive woman…28, medium height, brunette with huge green eyes. Her body was amazing. Lynn had seen her at the pool over the summer. Her breasts weren’t huge but just right for her body. And firm. My god…how the hell did she keep them that firm? She was not skinny but just well proportioned.

Tera had never watched anyone having sex. Well, some porn and the tape she had made. But not in real life. The more she thought about it, the more the idea grew on her. And about joining in, we’ll that was sounding better all the time. She had experimented with a roommate of hers shortly after high school. It was a couple time thing and that was it. Her roommate ended up moving back east and Jess never tried it again. ankara sarışın escortlar She didn’t know if Lynn was in to that sort of thing but she guessed maybe she was. And with the drinks, her idea of being watched, and inviting her to join, Tera decided that if there ever was a chance to find out, it was tonight.

She didn’t let on to Lynn just how much this idea turned her on. She stared at Tim sleeping on the bed and wondered if he had any idea how his night was going to turn out. Tera and Lynn both refilled their glasses and killed the 1st bottle of wine. The 2nd bottle was opened and soon they were in the jacuzzi together. Obviously neither had really planned to stay the night so bathing suits weren’t packed. As they sat in the jacuzzi, they splashed and giggled and just messed around. As they wine went down, their voices grew louder and their inhibitions were quickly subsiding. Lynn reached over and ran her fingers up Tera’s thigh. She stopped just short of actually touching her pussy but it was obviously having an affect on Tera. She leaned in, took Lynn’s face in her hands, and kissed her. Not an experimental, lets-see-how-this-goes kind of kiss. This was a full-on kiss. Her tongue darted around on Lynn’s lips and soon enough their tongues were wrestling in each other’s mouths.

Tim had been awake just long enough to see what was starting to happen in the jacuzzi. He wasn’t dumb enough to stir or say anything just yet. He wanted to see just how far this was going to go. As he lay there watching, Lynn took Tera by the waist and got her to sit on the edge of the tub. She eaned back against the wall. Lynn gently opened her legs and kissed her thighs, working her way up. When she reached her pussy, she gently licked the swollen lips. Tera shuttered and let out a moan. Lynn continues to work her tongue all over the dripping pussy in front of her. She took her swollen clit and sucked it gently while she fingered her. Tera’s moans were getting louder now and Lynn was really getting into it.

Tim had watched long enough. He had to be a part of this. He got off the bed, stripped down and was with them in no time. He stepped into the tub behind Lynn. Her ass was in the air, begging to be spanked. Tim left a hand print on her ass and she screamed. He dropped to his knees behind her and began licking her pussy. She was dripping wet and her clit was so swollen it stuck out from her pussy. As Tim worked his tongue in and out, Lynn continued pleasuring Tera Tim got up from between her legs. He took his hard cock in his hand and started rubbing it on her pussy. Lynn shaved herself back and impaled herself on his cock. She moaned so loud he was worried people in the hallway would hear. Tera moved from the edge of the tub to get a better view. Lynn’s tits were just bagging to be touched. Her nipples were already hard from all the action. With one hand, Tera played with her tits. She took her other hand and moved it between Lynn’s legs. She couldn’t believe how it felt for her to be touching his cock as it slide into her pussy. She thumbed her swollen clit while holding his cock.

They moved to the bed. Tim went back to fucking Lynn as she bent over the bed. Tera lay on her back and worked her way up between Lynn’s legs. She started linking her pussy while Tim pounded her from behind. Tim could feel her tongue on his cock as he slid in and out of Lynn. Tera was loving this as much as the other two. Tim couldn’t hold out much longer. This whole thing was just way to erotic. He couldn’t have dreamed this up if he tried. He let out a groan and pumped load after load of cum into Lynn’s hot pussy. Tera stayed right where she was. Cum started leaking back out of Lynn’s pussy. Tera was licking it up hungrily. The combined taste of their juices was amazing. Soon Lynn came hard and covered Tera’s face with her cum.

Lynn climbed off, turned around and beginning kissing Tera and licking the cum from her face. She kissed Tera long and deep. As Lynn and Tera were making out, Tim took some time to recover. Soon he was back to form. As Lynn was kissing and nibbling on Tera’s nipples, Tim began eating her pussy. She was so wet and tasted so good. Her clit was ultra-sensitive from being aroused for so long. Tim began fingering her, finding her G-spot. Tera was starting to writhe around on the bed. Tim stood up, took Tera by the hips and lowered her onto his thick hard cock. Tera’s eyes rolled back in her head at the sweet bliss of feeling so full. She starting rocking back and forth as Tim held her. With her clit rubbing against him, it wasn’t long until Tera erupted in the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. She was shaking and her breath was coming in gasps. The seemingly endless waves of her orgasm ripped through her body. Tim was cumming inside her as Lynn reached over to fondle his heavy balls.

Seeing Tim’s cum dripping from Tera’s hot pussy, Lynn couldn’t help but get in there for some of that creampie. She dove in as Tera sat on her face. When Lynn finally got out of there, her face was covered in a combination of both of their cum. She was desperately trying to get the last of it into her mouth, not wanting to waste any of it. Completely spent, the three of them lay on the bed and fell asleep.

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