Bed Time

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Serena looked at herself in the mirror and flicked back her long brown hair, her blue eyes looked back at her, they were surrounded with dark make-up and eyelashes. She licked her dark red lips, they looked full and ready to devour. Her tight black dress clung to her curvy chest and hips, finishing mid thigh where the sheer black stockings covering her legs went all the way to her black patent 5 inch heels. She ran a hand over the dress, her blood red nails looked bright against the dark fabric.

The party had been fun, the last of the people had left 5 minutes ago and she had locked the door and come up stairs to bed. She was so tired she didn’t have the energy to undress or remove her make-up, instead she flopped onto the bed and closed her eyes. Her husband was away and she had been out with friends that evening, inviting quite a few people back to her house from the bar. They had carried on drinking and laughing until everyone was exhausted. As she lay in the darkness she relaxed and let her mind drift off until she fell asleep.

She started to dream. She was lying on the bed just like tonight, she felt her husband’s hand moving up her body. He started to caress her breasts through her dress and her nipples responded immediately stiffening and standing to attention. She started to feel very turned on and she could feel her pussy becoming moist. His hands moved back down her torso over her hungry mound to her legs, he pushed up her dress to reveal the bare flesh at the top of her legs where her stockings ended. His mouth caressed her thigh and she put her hands in his hair. But it wasn’t his short wiry hair she could feel, it was a woman’s soft, silky long hair she had in her hands!

She suddenly opened her eyes but saw nothing in the darkness. She still had her hands in the long hair, she could hear the heavy breathing of the kocaeli escort woman that was caressing her thigh. It wasn’t a dream it was reality!

At first she felt shocked and scared, what was this woman doing and who the hell was it? It had to be someone that had come to the party! They must have hidden until everyone had gone and come to bed. While thoughts were racing through her mind, she realised that her pussy was growing wetter, she was really turned on and this woman’s lips felt amazing! They were creeping up her thigh now towards her crotch and although her first thought had been to push her away she was desperate to feel the mystery woman eating her cunt.

“That feels so good,” Serena whispered, to let the woman know she was awake.

Serena felt the woman’s fingers grasp the sides of her lace thong and she slowly pulled it down over her stockings and the heels of her shoes until she heard it drop on to the floor. All Serena’s sense of feeling was heightened in the dark and when she felt the tongue pushing her pussy lips apart she felt like she was going to explode with anticipation of feeling it on her clit. The tongue travelled up and down her wetness, teasing and tickling her, making her gasp and writhe around with delight. The tongue moved up and over her clit, making her moan and close her eyes again. The woman’s soft hands pushed her dress all the way up her body to her shoulders where Serena pulled it over her head.

Lying in just her bra, stockings and shoes Serena was completely at the mystery woman’s mercy. She had never felt so turned on, a mystery lover pleasuring her in the dark and her lover was a woman to add to the excitement. Serena felt the woman’s mouth move up her body to her breasts, her tongue circling her erect nipple, the feeling was amazing, her lips so soft. Serena took the woman’s face in her kocaeli escort bayan hands and guided her so they were face to face.

“Who are you?” Serena asked.

“I am your secret admirer…” the woman replied.

Serena recognised the voice as soon as it spoke, it belonged to the wife of her husband’s best friend, Tess. Who’d have thought she found Serena attractive and wanted her enough to hide and seduce her! Tess’s lips met Serena’s and they kissed, Tess’s tongue pushed hungrily into Serena’s mouth.

“I can taste my cunt in your mouth,” Serena panted. She had never been so turned on and although she had been with a woman before she had never enjoyed it like she was enjoying this.

Serena rolled Tess over and straddled her. She ran her hands over Tess’s dress and pulled it up and over her head, she ran her hands back down to Tess’s tits. Serena took one of Tess’s pert tits in her mouth, circling her tongue around the nipple and then gently biting it making its owner gasp. Serena trailed her tongue down Tess’s body to the panties and then pulled them off eager to get to the pussy they were hiding. Tess opened her legs wide, this was what she had been waiting for, she felt Serena’s hot tongue push into her cunt and she let out a moan.

“My, my we are a wet girl aren’t we?!” Serena purred.

She ran her tongue over Tess’s swollen clit and tasted her sweet, honey juices. She worked hard on Tess’s clit teasing it then holding back when she felt Tess get close to climax, she wanted Tess’s orgasm to be mind blowing. Serena reached into her bed side table and took out her vibrator.

Tess was breathing hard and moaning, Serena was an incredible lover and she was driving Tess wild. Tess felt the cold hard toy push into her dripping wet hole and then felt the vibrations, it was almost too izmit sınırsız escort much to take, she struggled to stay in control and then realised she wasn’t going to win the battle.

Serena kept on teasing Tess’s clit until she felt Tess’s tensed muscles relax under her. She pulled out the vibrator and laid next to her lover.

“That was fucking amazing!”, Tess screamed.

“Tess… Can I put the light on? I really want to see you,” Serena asked.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Tess laughed.

Serena got off the bed and flicked the switch, Tess was on the bed legs still spread, her gorgeous toned body glistening with sweat, her face flushed and her hair a mass of blonde curls. Serena got back on the bed and kissed her hard.

“Mmmmm, now I can taste my cunt in your mouth,” Tess whispered.

Tess pushed Serena back on the bed and pushed her legs apart, “I want to watch you play with yourself.”

Serena put her hands between her legs and teased her clit with her fingers, Tess’s eyes were glued to Serena’s cunt and she played with her own at the same time.

“Give me the vibrator,” Serena commanded. She pushed the toy up her pussy, “Fuck me with it!”

Tess built up rhythm until she was fucking Serena’s wetness hard and fast with the toy, still watching Serena play with her clit. Tess was loving every minute of watching her friend, she was so turned on and couldn’t believe she was actually having a full on lesbian encounter! She stopped Serena’s hand from teasing her cunt and got to work on her with her mouth, still fucking her with the toy at the same time. Tess bit and sucked Serena’s clit hard, Serena screamed with pleasure and the warm feeling spread round her body, she panted hard as she came. Tess sucked Serena’s clit until her body stopped shaking from the intense orgasm.

They both lay on the bed, covered in each others juices and both hot and sticky.

“Maybe our husband’s should go away for the night more often?!” Tess giggled.

“They’re going skiing next year aren’t they?!” Serena looked at Tess and both girls smiled at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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