Behind Closed Doors Pt. 05

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Time crawled by all too slowly. Each day was different but the same. Waking to clean myself, then climb on the cold exam table, feeling the latex gloves running over my skin listening to the beep of the machines. Doing various humiliating poses and stretches in the gym, jumping rope swimming, keeping my figure taunt, having every bodily function monitored and enduring the daily cleaning and “relaxation” at the spa though there was nothing relaxing about it. I didn’t want to masterbate. I watched silently as other girls did during our limited free time, or even when they had sex. The first time I saw it was my third day. A girl about 6 months pregnant blond and blue eyed named Roxi approached a smaller asian girl Kiko who was about 3 months. They sat together at dinner talking softly then afterward went over to the nurses station. I didn’t hear what they said but two of the duty nurses followed them to their room. I was curious so I lingered nearby.

Once in the room Roxi took Kikos face in her hands and began kissing her tenderly while the nurses just watched one making notes in her folder while the other just crossed her arms and observed. Both girls sank on to the plush carpeted floor and began necking heavily, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies. I stood leaning against the door frame opposite and began to feel my own hand drift towards my increasingly wet pussy. Slaves making love is not like sex with masters. Masters always assert dominance when slaves have sex its tender and gentle. Roxi, lying next to Kiko began to massage her clit and I felt my hand playing with my own. Then suddenly I felt a girl next to me. She was another one who was 6 months pregnant. Anna was tall and slim like me though her belly and breast were now heavy. She had red hair and the softest cutest blue eyes.

“If you are going to masterbate you need to tell the nurses first or it’s serious trouble.” Anna said softly, her eyes darting to Kiko and Roxi. Kiko, hesitant at first, had spread her legs wide as Roxi positioned her face between them and began licking her tender tight pussy.

“Oh okay what do I do exactly?” I said softly, trying not to look at Anna’s open robe.

I don’t know what exactly my sexuality is. One thing I didn’t like about vanillas was their obsession with labelling it. I had sex with women, the Dame, Helena, and other mistresses and men both doms and slaves. I didn’t like sex with male doms; they were usually rough and mean. Daniel had always been tender but firm. I enjoyed sex with other slave girls when it had happened but it had been a while. Still Anna’s soft smile and lush body were only increasing my horniness. Anna took my hand.

“Follow me” she said.

She led me towards the nurses station where the pretty nurse in her blue scrubs sat typing away at a computer. She looked up as we approached. Anna stopped and gestured me forward.

“Tell her what you want to do.” Anna said softly, her eyes looking straight at me with a hunger in her voice.

I turned to the nurse. “I would like to have sex with Anna.” I said

Anna’s eyes widened and smiled “Yes nurse, I would like to have sex with Jane.”

The nurse nodded. “Okay I will page Kristen and Lucy as well as the duty doctor. Which room?”

“We will use mine” I said.

“Okay go ahead, don’t start until the nurses arrive.” She turned back to her computer.

Anna and I held hands as we walked to my room. When we got there she held up her hand as I leaned in to kiss her.

“Not yet we can’t start until we are observed.” She frowned “You know about the exam after to right?”

“Yes they told me.” I said.

Anna smiled “But you still wanted to go through with it.”

“Yes, because you are beautiful.” I said.

She smiled “Thanks so are you.”

The two nurses, neither much older than me, came over and both came into the room. Neither said anything, but Anna turned to me letting her robe fall to the floor revealing her porcelain skin and pink nipples on her swollen breast over her growing belly. I took her head in my hands and leaned in to kiss her. She returned it and I let my own robe fall to the floor.

We kissed with a passion and I pressed myself gently against her swollen belly as far as I dared. She was so warm. She took my arms and guided me to the bed where I fell onto my back looking up at her beautiful naked body. She smiled and sank to her knees pressing her face to my pubis. She wasn’t aggressive or forceful, she started slowly kissing me gently from my clit down my pussy while her hands lightly traced themselves down my side from just under my breast to my hips then back again. I had been wet before and I felt myself grow more aroused, my breath becoming more ragged.


Her tongue found my rose and she manoeuvred it with such skill. My legs wrapped around her back gently and my hands found the back of her head as I pushed her into me. I gasped as I felt her tongue lavish me with attention.

The two nurses hovered in the Bayan Eskort front of the room observing silently one continuing to take notes. While other girls moved about outside more than a few seemed to linger and watch as I had done to Kiko and Roxi.

I knew from the vanilla world there was something called voyeurism. Watching sex or being watched was somehow perverse. It was a strange idea to me. I felt my orgasm come quickly and I gasped.

“Ohhh..AHHH” and lifted my hips, my back arching as the pleasure washed over me. I had never not been watched when I had sex from my wedding day. My legs opened wide on the altar while Daniel thrusted into me like a bull. Even when we had been alone at our home we knew the Dame had cameras to watch us. Being observed was part of life. Anna climbed onto the bed and I repositioned myself to make space for her. I let my hands run over her smooth supple boy. One hand finding its way to her clit as I began to tease it. Lightly gently coaxing her into bloom. I was rewarded as her breath caught and her eyes became hungry for more. It especially made sense we were observed now I reflected as I rolled on my back urging her to straddle me. She began by straddling my hips rising over me like a fiery haired water nymph. I let my hands over her belly. Six months was when a woman was in the perfect stage of transition, her body flush with fertility yet unrestrained. Yes it made sense we were so closely monitored. We were so valuable to our masters and mistresses.

Anna let me coax her up my body until she slid over my breast and straddled me. It had been a long time since I had serviced a woman, but the Dame had trained me well. My tongue worked as my hands grasped her heavy breast, my fingers teasing her nipples running down her back to her beautiful and firm ass before they climbed her soothe back once more.

“Ohhh…Ahhh…Ahhhhhh.” She sighed. I tasted it as she came.

She sank next to me deeply satiated.

One of the nurses came forward pulling on a pink glove.

“SIde by side girls legs up and open.” She said as the glove snapped on her wrist.

We complied the bed was wide enough we could easily do so, though we were right next to one another.

The nurse began with me as I was closest to her. She was young like me and pretty like all of them. She began by rubbing her gloved finger on my clit which was just beginning to throb again. I sighed as she did so and smiling she slipped a finger into me. Then a second. That felt fine, good even, but then she added a third. It was a bit more uncomfortable especially as she moved them apart causing me to grimace.

“Jane’s vaginal elasticity is good.” She told her colleague who was still writing. She pulled the hand from my vagina and pulled off the glove tossing it in the bin. Then she took her stethoscope and placed it on my heart holding my wrist with her other hand as she did.

“Strong heart beat, and good pulse.”

She fished a new glove from her pocket and walked to the other side of the bed.

She began probing Anna the same way she had probed me. I could see her face better now, the cold neutral expression masking the sadistic glint in her eye as she put a third finger into Anna.

“Ahhh.” Anna squeaked in pain.

“Hmmm Anna is a bit loose.” The nurse said

“I am not surprised, saucy little slut has been in treatment every day last week.” Her colleague said not looking up from her notepad.”

The other nurse checked Anna’s pulse and heart but also placed her stethoscope on Anna’s swelling belly listening intently.

“Foetus sounds nominal.” She said then looking down at us. “Roll over girls butts up, time for temperature check.”

We complied rolling to all fours then placing our heads down our ass’s in the air, legs still spread.

I turned my head and was looking directly at Anna’s pale blue saucer eyes. They were a bit frightened and sad but when she saw me she smiled. I hoped I had been worth what we now had to endure.

Behind us the nurse pulled on a pair of long yellow gloves that went up to her elbow. Her colleague had set the notepad down on a supply cart and begun to do the same.

“Vaginal and rectal.” One nurse said to the other.

“Lubricant?” the other asked.

“What do you think?” the first one said.

“Umm. Who is the duty Doctor tonight?” asked the second.

“Officially the new doctor Klain but Hong is supervising her.” the first replied.

“Huuu better lube them up then, they were both good, asked permission and then waited and submitted.” the second said

“Yup.” the first agreed

As the nurses discussed us we kept our ass’s up. I was already beginning to feel horny again more so when the warm lubricant dripped on me right above my anus then the nurses gloved hand rubbed it across my ass and pussy. I felt a cold touch which I realised was the thermometer entering my ass and another my pussy. The nurses placed both together and then commanded. “Hold them.”

I clenched, Anadolu Yakası Escort holding the cool probes within me until the nurse said.

“Alright release.”

I felt her withdraw them and the nurses each remarked on the temperatures.

“Jane’s vaginal temp is a bit high.” One said

“Well she is an eager one.” The nurse closest to me replied.

I felt a gloved hand rubbing my pussy appreciatively much in the same way you would pet a well behaved dog. I sighed and leaned into the stroking. Causing the nurses to giggle.

“Oh such a good girl, well let’s get you over to the doctors.” The nurse said.

We climbed off the bed pulling our robes back on. Not for the first or the last time I reflected on how the small short garments made me feel far more exposed than if I were merely naked.

The nurses led us back through the common area. Most girls were going towards their beds. Those who had treatment or punishment had been returned more than a few weeping. We were led in the opposite direction. There was a small hallway off of the main one which led to four sets of doors each one said “Duty Exam Room.” I took it to be the set of rooms used for exams that took place outside the normal hours. The nurses led us into the first room. I recognized the doctor from our mooring inspections. She was the younger one with brown hair and freckles and sharp brown eyes. Her features were delicate and her body lithe, but I had always noticed a certain sadism in her handling of us. SHe was the one who liked to penetrate my pussy with her ungloved hand and pinch my nipples during morning inspection. Upon seeing her Anna’s face grew a bit worried, but she hid her distress well. The doctor sat next to her desk in her white lab coat. I saw she was reading a bondage magazine with a woman on the cover restrained in a black corset. She looked up as we were led in.

“Well what do we have here nurse?” She asked.

“Anna six months and Jane one month, they had observed sex. We did the initial post intercourse evaluation. All points nominal, except Jane, had a two degree elevation in vaginal temperature. Well within the margin.” the nurse said flatly.

“Oh well looks like we will need a full work up on Jane then, Anna disrobe and get on the table I will start with you.” Dr Klein said

“Yes Doctor.” Anna replied, letting her robe fall to the floor exposing her beautiful body once more.

“Jane, come here.” Doctor Klein beckoned me with her finger.

I did as I was told and walked over to her. She took my chin in her hands and turned my head to one side then the other examining me closely.

“You’re one of Hong’s little pets aren’t you?”

“Yes Doctor. My mistress Dame Olivia employed Doctor Hong as my brood mistress.” I replied with my eyes downcast.

“Oh delicious.” Doctor Klein said. “Nurse could you page Doctor Hong. Tell her I have Jane in Duty Exam 4 and will be giving her a full work up. Invite her to supervise.” she continued.

“Yes doctor,” The nurse said before leaving the room.

“Now Nurse the charts.” Doctor Klein said.

The other nurse handed the folders to her and she looked over them carefully, nodding.

“Okay I will give Anna her exam, while you prep Jane.” she said to the nurse before turning to me. “Jane, we will need to give you a full sexual stress test and compare your base line readings with the new ones. So disrobe now.”

I did as I was told, letting my robe fall to the floor. The cold air pricked my skin and I fought the urge to cover myself as Dr Klein eyed me like a piece of meat. Her face twisting into a smile very similar to that of a Cat that had found a small and helpless creature.

“Oh you are a lovely one.” Klein said “Nurse. Level 3 nipple and labia clamps for Jane.”

“Yes Doctor” the nurse said, taking me next to the wall where a number of clamps and small silver weights were already laid out.

I stood against the wall and watched as Klein pulled on her white mask and began pulling on long yellow latex gloves that went up to her elbow.

While Anna lay on the table her beautiful body shimmering under the bright lights. She flinched at the loud snap of the doctor’s gloves.

“Well my dear Anna, here you are again. You just can’t keep your legs closed can you.” Doctor Klein said, placing her hand on Anna’s thigh.

I was well positoned to watch standing at attention against the wall, my eyes flickering to the materials the nurse was preparing. I watched as Dr Klein let her hand travel up Anna’s thigh and begin to fondle her pussy. Letting two fingers slide over the outer edges of her labia then begin to gently stroke Anna’s clit. Anna took a gasp of air as Dr Klein gently fondled her, Anna’s eyes also flickered to me.

The nurse came in front of me and placed a cold round metal probe about the size of a coin on my left nipple. I gasped but stayed at attention as she did the same to my right nipple. This caused both of my nipples to harden and stand Pendik Escort up. This is what the nurse wanted her gloved finger grasping my left nipple first pinching it.

“Breath” she said

She took the alligator clamp and clipped it on. I grimaced in pain but tried to remain silent. She then did the same to my right. This time I could not help but let out a soft cry of pain. I cried again as she placed the small lead weight in the middle of the chain that connected the clips causing them to pull on my sore nipples.

“Such a lovely sight isn’t it.” Klein said, sliding her hand up across Anna’s body to turn her head to look directly at me. Klein slid her hand back down Anna’s body and gently began to penetrate her. “Oh yes the sight of your partner for your latest sexcapade in pain is getting you nice and wet Anna.” Doctor Klein said sinisterly.

The other nurse returned at this point. “Dr Hong will be down in a few minutes Dr Klein, but she would like you to start.” she said.

“Excellent, get started on Anna’s breast while I take the sample.” Klein said.

The nurse who was working on me wasn’t done. At this point she knelt down and gently pushed my thighs to have me widen my legs. I complied. She pinched my labia and I tried to breath through it, but. “Ahhhh!” I cried as I felt the clamp. Then again “Ahhhh.” The weight was not so bad but over time I could tell this would become extraordinarily painful. The nurse briefly rose to take an egg shaped and egg sized chrome metal object from her tray. She knelt again and began to tease my pussy.

I tried to focus on what was happening to Anna to distract myself. The nurse working on Anna was conducting a breast exam focusing on teasing Anna’s nipples while the doctor was taking swabs of her vagina. She had taken three already. I then felt the cold metal as the nurse began to push the egg into me.

“”Ohhh…ooooo.” I said as I felt it enter me.

“Clench” the nurse ordered. I did as I was told.

“Now hold it.” the nurse said, rising and turning to put on her own long yellow gloves and face mask.

“Jane is prepped doctor.” she said

“Very good. Now let’s see here.” Klein said holding up a wicked speculum that she began to slide slowly into Anna.

The beautifully pregnant girl whimpered in pain as it entered her. I could not help but grow wet at the scene unfolding in front of me. Anna laying on the table unrestrained but compliant as the gloved and masked medical team worked on her. The other nurse who had been dealing with me rolled a EKG machine over to Anna and began attaching probes to her body. The first nurse continued to molest her swollen breast while Dr Klein took more swabs from inside Anna’s vagina that was pulled open by the silver metal speculum. Then Dr Hong walked in the open door. Her hair up in a neat bun with two chopsticks stuck through it and her thick rimmed dark glasses adding to her stern allure.

“Ahhh I see we have things well underway Jessica.” Dr Hong said taking a pair of pink exam gloves from the dispenser near the door, and pulling them on with a snap.

“Yes Doctor Hong.” Klein replied removing the speculum from Anna “We were just about to conduct a vaginal elasticity test then undertake a standard post coital comparative test. Jane’s vaginal temperature was slightly elevated and as this was her first coital experience with us I ordered her to be prepped for a full work up.”

“Very good Doctor Klein ” Dr Hong said, pulling on her mask and walking over to me. “What number does this make for Anna for coital encounters while she is with us?” Dr Hong began to palpate my breast. I stood still as I could at attention like the good slave I was.

“This will be Anna’s 63 post sexual encounter examination.” Dr Klein said pulling out a chrome instrument that looked like a fist size egg with a long screw on the end.

“Well Jane it appears you popped your cherry here with our resident slut.” Dr Hong said as her hand manoeuvred over my pussy. “Was it fun?” she asked, probing the egg in me causing me to gasp.

“Yeeeesss..Doctor” I managed to reply my eyes downcast.

“Well,” Dr Hong said smiling “Jane looks ready, now let’s get to it on Anna.”

“Certainly Dr Hong.” Doctor Klein said, sliding the egg into Anna’s vagina.

“Ahhhh. AHHhhhh. AHHHHH!!!” Anna cried as it entered her until there was the small pop of the probe fully entering her.

“Beginning elasticity test.” Dr Klein said she turned the screw slowly causing the probe to open like a four part flower unfolding.

“Ahhhh.” Anna gripped the bars of the stirrups, her knuckles turning white.

“AHHHhhh.” She cried, closing her eyes.

The nurses were not ideal. One was monitoring Anna’s chest with a stethoscope while the other palpated and tweaked her breast.

“Doctor patient is experiencing increased heart rate.” One nurse said

“Let’s get an O2 mask on her.” Dr Klein said

Doctor Hong stood opposite of me, her arms crossed smiling as she watched Dr Klein work on Anna.

One of the nurses took a medical oxygen mask and put it over Anna’s face as Dr Klein continued to turn the screw.



Anna began to cry. Tears running down her cheeks. “Mmmm Nooo please doctor.” she whimpered.

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