Bella’s Halloween Treat

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I woke up snug in my bed, glad to be home from college for break. My open window wafted in the scent of autumn leaves, and I could practically smell pumpkin. It was October 31st, Halloween- my favorite day of the year.

Jumping out of bed, I went to try on my outfit again. This year I was staying in and passing out treats, watching the house while my parents went to Mrs. Hendrickson’s annual Halloween party. I quickly stripped, taking a little time to admire my body in the mirror. My long brunette hair fell inches below my perky and up-turned perfect C-cups. My tummy was flat and toned from years of cross-country racing, and my legs and pert bum showed the definition of my hard training. It was true, my butt had gotten a bit bigger at college, but it jiggled in a seductive manner that I was totally fine with. I pulled my costume out, a simple and modest princess dress, complete with a tiara. Putting it on, I looked like any little girl’s vision of a beautiful royal. Giving a spin, I gave an approving nod and a squeal. Halloween night was almost here!

The hours ticked by and finally it was time to change. I excitedly dolled myself up, and I was just finishing up the final touches when I heard a knock at my bedroom door.

“Come in!” I cheerily said.

My mother slowly lurched in, and I could instantly tell she wasn’t feeling well. She was a tiny woman, 3 inches and about 20 pounds lighter than my 5’4, 120 pound frame. Her face was a curious green color and her hair in a ratty ponytail.

“Hey, there, Bella,” she weakly croaked, “Change of plans. I need you to go with your father to the Hendrickson’s. I feel too sick, so you’ll need to wear my costume so we can hopefully win the couple’s costume again this year.”

“But Mom! I had plans! And don’t you need someone to take care of you?” I cried.

“No, I really just need to lie down. And please don’t fight me on this, just do what I say. I’m not up for an argument. Your costume is in the bathroom. And hurry, your dad wants to leave soon.”

With that, she walked away, ending the conversation. I gave a useless sigh and headed towards the bathroom. I already knew there was no arguing with her, even though I was sure that her costume would barely fit on me. I would just have to make do. Entering the bathroom, I scanned for the costume, and finally noticed a tiny heap of fabric on the top of the toilet tank. The first piece was a tiny, flesh-colored bikini, followed by the second piece, a tiny pair of flesh-colored underwear with decorative leaves as a flimsy skirt surrounding it. Next to the pile was a shiny fake red apple. What the hell was this?

“Bella, hurry up!” I heard my father bellow.

I threw the “outfit”, if you could call it that, on quickly. I looked in the mirror and audibly shrieked in horror. The top stretched Çapa Escort across my bulging breasts, and my nipples were clearly outlined through the fabric. It was so tight that it was almost sheer, and I was sure a hint of areola was visible. The bottoms weren’t much better. It was so skimpy it barely covered my pussy, but the skirt kept it from being indecent. I picked up the apple and that’s when it hit me-Adam and Eve! My parents were going as history’s oldest couple.

“Now!” I heard downstairs again.

Unclasping my hair, I let it fall in an attempt to cover my breasts. I ran by my room to grab a long jacket for the ride and hoped it would all be over soon.

I ran downstairs, and not seeing dad, realized he must have gone to start the car. Making sure my jacket was buttoned up tight around me, I got in the car and shut the door.

“Sorry for the rush, kiddo! Heard it was already packed at the Hendrickson’s!” He reached over and absent-mindedly ruffled my hair as he sped off on the road.

I looked over at him and my jaw-dropped. My dad was always a handsome man, with olive skin and a full-head of chocolate covered hair. When I was younger, I was convinced he was a Greek god. But today he looked even more ravishing, if at all possible. His broad chest and six-pack showed that he clearly hadn’t been neglecting the gym while I was away at my first year of college. His muscles cut a V-shape right above his groin, and to my surprise I saw he was wearing a teeny-tiny Speedo with a decorative leaf placed over his groin. The leaf tried it’s hardest, but there was no way it could cover my dad’s huge package. Yuck! Did I just notice my dad’s bulge? I shook my head to get the image out of my brain.

We pulled into the Hendrickson’s and that’s when I yelped, “Dad! Wait! My costume…it’s not going to work. It looks indecent on me.”

He looked at me quizzically and said, “Well, it didn’t look bad on your mother! But if you’re uncomfortable, let me take a look at it and we’ll see what we can do.”

I smiled, instantly feeling relieved. Dad always knew how to take care of me, and I trusted him no matter what. I unbuttoned my coat, feeling a little shy as my heaving chest was exposed, followed by my smooth tummy and tiny bottoms. The bottoms were so tight on my pussy that the line of my puffy pussy was clearly shown, and I awkwardly smoothed them out, hoping he didn’t notice.

“And see, the back is even worse!” I said, twisting to point my butt in his direction. I could feel the tight fabric had revealed even more, pointing practically a bull’s-eye to my pussy. I was a little embarrassed, but I knew Dad wouldn’t judge me.

He cleared his throat as I sat back down in my seat, and I noticed his face was a bit flushed. He said gruffly, “Well, honey, I see your point. I Çapa Escort Bayan don’t think the front is as bad as the back, that’s for sure. But if we don’t show up to the party for a little, your mom will be very disappointed that we didn’t even try to win, after all the hard work she put into these costumes. So what do you say we go to the party, and I’ll walk behind you very closely to shield your little bottom? We’ll be there an hour or two, tops. I promise.”

“Thanks, dad!” I said, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. I accidentally brushed my breasts against his chest as I did so, and felt that my nipples had grown rock-hard, probably because it was chilly outside. Dad jolted back and practically leaped out of the car, and I got out, confused. What was his deal? I got out of the car myself, and he came and stood awkwardly behind me.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s sit you on a couch so no one can see that bum of yours.” He said, acting as if everything was normal.

I walked through the door, trying to ignore the fact that when I saw my dad outside the car, he had brought along a semi-erection. There had to be a good reason for it, and hopefully it wasn’t my costume. We were greeted by a swarm of revelers and several glasses of champagne and praise for our costumes from Mrs. Hendrickson. Dad stayed close behind me, and I felt him accidentally bump his semi into to me multiple times. As the night grew on, he only seemed to get harder, I assume because of all the scantily-clad party-goers. The night carried on, and it got more crowded and wild as everyone became drunker. The music blared, but the champagne had hit me and I grew a little tired.

“Dad, can we sit down now for a little? I’m a little tipsy.” I whined in his ear.

He wrapped his arms around me from behind, and we pushed through the crowd to a crowded couch. There was barely room for one, and drunkenly, I thought it would be funny to plop us both down on the couch. I rocked back and pushed with my body weight, and my dad fell backwards onto the couch, pulling me with him. As soon as we fell on the couch, I knew it had been a terrible idea. Somehow, when we fell, my dad’s hard cock escaped his shorts, pressing onto the thin line of my panties that clung to my puss. We both froze, and I turned to look at him.

“Dad?” I questioned.

“Bella, I am so sorry. It was an accident!” he whispered in my ear.

“I know, I know! How do we fix this? If I get up everyone will see your penis!” I whispered back.

“Just… just sit up, and I’ll try to tuck it back in, okay?” he frantically said.

Without hesitating, I leaned up, and felt my dad’s dick spring up, nudging aside my panties and pushing against my opening. It was a slight tease, and I could instantly feel myself begin to dampen against my will. Escort Çapa I could feel my dad’s hand reach to adjust himself, when suddenly a drunken man dressed as a clown bumped into me. I fell, and I fell hard- right on my dad’s stiff cock. He forced himself through my opening, splitting me in two. I was so full, so incredibly full, and I could feel every pulse and twitch of his cock inside me. I was so wet I could feel moisture pooling on the base of his dick. It was horribly amazing, feeling more stretched than I ever have, with daddy dick buried deep inside me and my clit on fire. I felt dizzy with lust and the fact that it was my dad seemed to fade away.

“Bella! My god! I don’t know what to do!” he groaned beneath me.

“I do, Daddy,” I said huskily, grinding on his lap and hoping he didn’t notice. Putting my hands on his legs, I lifted up, savoring the feeling of him sliding against my walls. Pretending to try to free myself, I let my hands slip off his legs and slammed back down on him. I felt him jump inside me.

“An accident, Dad! I’m trying to get off!” I cried. Hopefully he realized too late what I meant by “get off”. Lifting up again, I slid back down, this time too lost in pleasure to worry about the fact that I was fucking my dad. I kept my face still, hoping no one noticed me fidgeting around on my dad’s lap.

“Bella…what are you doing?” he half-yelped.

Ignoring him, I began to pick up the pace, bobbing up and down, pretending I was dancing to the music. Nobody could tell that a daughter was fucking her dad right in front of them. I only paused to grind my clit on his leg. I could hear my dad’s breathing grow staggered, and he began chanting, “Please…please…Bella…no”. His dick had other desires, as I felt it began to swell and pulse inside me anymore, feeling bigger than ever. My dad was just an instrument, and I needed to use him no matter the cost. My fingers and toes began to tingle, and suddenly, my vision whited out and my orgasm exploded through my entire body. I felt my pussy begin to milk my dad’s cock, and then spurts of his seed began to drench my tunnel. He came forever, and with every spurt I felt a wave of orgasms take over my body. I fell back limp against his check, and his spent member slid out of me and lay against my slick and soft pussy. I turned to look at him with a smile on my face, but was met with a glare.

“Dad, I’m-“

“Enough. Off of me. This never happened and you will most definitely be punished.”

He reached a hand between us to shove his cock back into his shorts, and then pushed me up and off him, striding out the door in a rage. I stood there, shocked, my dad’s cum dripping out of my pussy onto my leg. With a jolt, I remembered where I was, and quickly adjusted myself as best as I could. I made my way through the party, hoping no one had seen him scold me. I had fucked my dad against his will and I deserved whatever punishment he decided to give me-but my sore pussy full of my daddy’s seed told me that it didn’t mean I couldn’t figure out some way to get him to change his mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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