Belle Ch. 08

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The hotel lounge was almost clamorous this evening. Hardly able to decipher what her friend was asking, Belle leaned in to hear better. The musky scent of her girlfriend’s perfume and the gentle brush of the wispy tendrils of her hair against Belle’s cheek caused an involuntary sigh. Not one of desire, really, but something else. Belle definitely never labeled herself sexually attracted to another woman. But who was she to deny the Sapphic charm of the intertwined female form?

Anyway, if Belle were ever to act on such a proclivity, Amelia would be the obvious choice. A tall, lanky blonde channeling Cameron Diaz. Near the antithesis to the busty brunette vixen that was Belle, who was likened by some to Kelly Brook.

Still, Amelia was not every man’s ideal woman. The Harvard trained oncologist was simply too cerebral for that. No, only a man secure in his own erudition could crack that intimidating shell. Nevertheless, Amelia would surely play a feature role in the wet dream of any sexy librarian fetishist she encountered, mused Belle.

“So, have you and Alexander checked that special box on your fuck-bucket list yet?” Amelia repeated brashly. Although that question might otherwise have conjured scornful befuddlement, Amelia knew too well what rapacious sexual fantasies ignobled her college roommate.

Belle feigned ignorance, taking a prolonged sip of her lemon drop martini. As her red-polished fingertips wiped the sticky sweetness from her equally seductive red-glossed lips, Belle winked. Unflappable as always, huffed Amelia in feigned disrespect.


Their current state of affairs bore little resemblance from whence these two came. Manhattan and rural North Carolina shared few attributes. Instead, the ladies were the time constant.

Both were natural beauties from birth. In their youth, however, neither had yet come into her own femininity by any measure. Amelia was an only child, the daughter of an accountant father and a music school teacher mother. A prim and proper schoolgirl since anyone could recall. A star student ever more.

No one would have thought Amelia and Belle to be twins separated at birth. The distinction in coloration and body type being only a superficial difference.

Belle was the second of four siblings whose parents had divorced when Belle was just twelve. She did not manifest the daughter stereotype commonly associated with an absent father figure. Belle adored her father, even as he had watched over her from a thousand miles away during her teenage years. And no one who knew Belle would call her a Daddy’s girl.

Belle eschewed floral for denim, pumps for trail runners, long hair for a cropped cut. But Belle was not a simple tomboy. She reveled in androgyny, among other things, fighting a losing battle with God-fearing school administrators about sitting for her senior high school portrait wearing a tuxedo. But nor did Belle try to mask her natural gifts. Still, no one, not even Amelia, could have guessed what fabulous curves Belle embodied.

The university had ended the status of Amelia and Belle as strangers by matching them as freshman roommates based on hometown geography. They each welcomed the opportunity to meet shortly before their arrival on campus. The roadhouse diner was the perfect setting, casually proud of its local identity, much like the girls themselves. To say the least, Amelia and Belle liked each other from the start.

Looking across the diner, the other patrons might easily have mistaken them for a teenage couple, Amelia in a summer dress and Belle in overalls. In no time, they gabbed away like old friends. And that’s exactly how they remained through college graduation. As their kin would say, like peanut butter and jelly. This visage of their younger days, however, was to become a lost chapter from a seemingly different book.


It was Amelia’s first visit to see Belle after an almost ten-year hiatus following college. That rainy day, Amelia exited the taxicab and stepped into the restaurant. Dispensing with her umbrella, she did not spy her dear old friend as she quickly scanned the crowded bar scene. Looking down at her watch to confirm the time, Amelia missed the giddy wave of Belle’s hand in reunion. And as Amelia gazed upwards again, the woman strutting towards her was a familiar stranger.

Attired in a cowl neck silk shell and a crisp A-line skirt, Belle pranced towards Amelia in four-inch stiletto heels. The evidence that Belle had been caught in the rain earlier mecidiyeköy escortları too was her still clinging top revealing the lacy bra beneath. All eyes followed Belle’s approach.

Amelia was near speechless at the woman Belle had become. Stunningly sexy.

A small smidge of awkwardness passed with hardly a notice. Soon, the two were cocooned in conversation, oblivious to the continued surrounding stares. If snapshots from the diner and the bar were placed side-by-side, it would be plain to see how Amelia and Belle had matured elegantly from students to professional women.

And so, it was. Amelia and Belle caught up quickly, ebbing and flowing through laughs and comforting concerns. Much of Amelia’s recitation centered in her medical school and internship grind. Belle reciprocated with business school exploits and the sad news of her Dad’s passing.

Retiring to the more intimate setting of Belle’s condo, only then did the two begin broaching the subject of men, sex and love. Neither had departed much from their upbringing. Tales of a few boyfriends and lovers in the interim, mostly vanilla and only passing.

And finally, the question that Amelia had struggled to keep on ice for hours. “OK, Belle, so tell me, who are you seeing now and what has he done with the Belle I knew in school?”

Belle beamed. It had taken all her reserve as well to hold back, not wishing to dominate their reunion with Belle’s life now and the new center of her universe.

“His name is Alexander, and we’ve been together since this fall,” Belle grinned, now unrestrained. Amelia smiled back, “OK, tell me everything.”

It was almost morning before the whole story about Alexander unfolded. But despite their endless night, fatigue had not taken hold of either Amelia or Belle. Rather, they both seemed surprisingly energized, hanging on to Belle’s descriptions of passion, lust and fulfillment as if a review of the most highly anticipated romance miniseries.

Amelia felt almost an anticlimactic sense of disappointment that the brief stopover to see Belle on her way to a medical conference coincided with Alexander’s absence while he attended to business in London. It seemed as if the conversation could not be real until Amelia gazed upon the man responsible for Belle’s wondrous metamorphosis. What resonated most, however, was how neither a decade apart nor life altering events minimized the fiery bond that Amelia and Belle rekindled in an evening.

As she peered out her window on the flight leaving the city, Amelia knew it would not be years before she saw see Belle again. Moreover, Amelia was certain that it had been a very long time since she had looked forward to anything else as much.


“So I admit that last time, I didn’t go into how Alexander and I met. I wasn’t sure you’d approve,” Belle’s voice lowering as she went on.

Resuming the role of confidant, Amelia retorted, “I’ll always be on your side, no matter what.”

Glancing askew as if to confirm their privacy, Belle began at the beginning.

She first laid eyes on Alexander at a graduate business school reception arranged to pair Wall Street executive mentors with MBA students. The hotel ballroom was a tony affair with power suits of both sexes in various stages of huddle. An all too conventional networking event with social pleasantries obligatorily exchanged along with business cards. Not on Belle’s short list for a fun Friday night in Manhattan.

What makes the unexpected, well, unexpected? Belle was about to find out.

Her vantage point from the mezzanine harkened to a lioness surveying the prey animals around a waterhole. Belle’s gaze caught on this dashingly handsome man. Defying the homogeneity of the event, something radiated about him, his smile, his presence, something.

Really, love at first sight was too cliché, even for Belle. Under her breath, she reluctantly admitted to having that visceral flush of excitement described in romance novels to tantalize young girls. Belle edged closer to the center of activity, eavesdropping on Alexander’s words of wisdom to a gaggle of attentive female classmates for whom flirtatiousness was a career advancement mantra. But Belle and Alexander did not engage in discourse, much less intercourse, that first meeting.

Still, like a child to a favorite bedtime story, Amelia was all in. Belle’s recitation was compelling. The imperviousness of this tête-à-tête was clear even to the scoping eyes of men in the lounge etiler escort hoping to find an open window of opportunity to approach these fine ladies. Belle continued, blind to the scrutiny.

In business school, Belle had flourished. Her academic prowess earned Belle top marks. No wonder she received a rare one-on-one interview for an internship at Alexander’s firm after the mentoring event. Belle understood that the prestige of training with this company would help set her career in motion, possibly in perpetuity.

Nearly unpacking her entire closet the night before, Belle frenetically trying to assemble the winning interview outfit. For sure, her attire was disappointingly demure from the perspective of the seductress sitting opposite Amelia as Belle told her story. But back then, Belle didn’t need the ignominy of a candidate willing to seduce her way to a job hire. A knee length pleated skirt paired with an opaque top, tights and kitten heel pumps, received the final nod.

Arriving at Alexander’s office building, Belle peered skyward. Almost to the clouds, she thought. As she was led through the office, Belle couldn’t help but glimpse the lace tops of the administrative assistant’s stockings peeking out from under a pencil skirt as she swayed down the hall as if on a fashion runway. Belle was resigned to this being a wholly different playing field.

Stepping into the grand office, Belle was greeted warmly by Alexander, who maintained a professional demeanor throughout the cordial introduction. What inspired her to enter business school? What did she see herself doing ten years from now? All questions to which she had well-rehearsed answers. A job offer was assured, had the interview concluded here.

Belle’s confirmed her first impression of Alexander. Disarmingly handsome, even in the daylight.

As much as his corner office was clearly the perk that Alexander received as this firm’s wunderkind, the view of the city through the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows was designed to intimidate the guest. Not immune to the effect, Belle lost focus on his words of advice a couple times.

But slowly, Belle also noticed her own slight fidgeting in the seat, being slowly overcome by a sensation she had never felt before. The deep resonance of Alexander’s voice and the manly scent of his cologne were actually making Belle wet. For goodness sake, Belle wished she had paid better attention in high school chemistry class, because she had no other explanation for the unbelievable reaction about to occur.

Belle glanced away for a moment, trying to regain her composure, only to find that her nipples were hard and pushing against her bra. Belle breathed a small sigh of relief when Alexander seemed unaware of her predicament as he motioned for Belle to join him at the window to look out. The rush of height below her, however, spiked a sudden vertigo. Alexander grasped Belle’s shoulders from behind to steady her.

Amelia swallowed in anticipation of Belle’s account of what happened next.

Abandoning any semblance of care for where this was leading, Belle spun around and collapsed into Alexander in a conscious faint. Her desire was taking her deliberately past any shred of decorum. Belle coarsely slipped her hands inside Alexander’s suit jacket. She was immediately taken by the firmness of his toned body. Moreover, this indiscreet pass triggered her own physiologic helplessness. Belle could only feel what seemed like a gush between her legs.

Without another word, Alexander repositioned Belle so she faced the office door. Feeling him holding onto her hips, Belle instinctively bent over the top of his desk spreading her arms out for balance. Belle arched her back and with her head turned to the side, she urged Alexander on with a guttural “Please, do me.”

Belle parted her legs as she felt her pantyhose being rolled down deftly below her tight ass. Belle wondered in retrospect whether her decision to not wear panties that morning was a cosmic fortuity, but hoped that Alexander would interpret the discovery as her brazen sexuality. That momentary distraction evaporated as Belle felt Alexander push inside her. As wet as she was, Belle felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her new lover. And what a sensation. She had never felt a man inside her before. Belle couldn’t tell whether it was Alexander’s clearly larger size or the exquisite shape of his cock, but she could not have cared less about deciding which.

Even more shocking was Belle’s şişli escort abandonment of regard for any societal norms, while in this surreal state. Her primal self was being revealed for all to see and hear. The staff outside going about their business as usual. What if they noticed the two, fucking right before them. Belle was risking, well, everything. Not only was this careless freedom new in every way. It was embracing taboo.

This fact Amelia could corroborate. By her own admission, all Belle had ever known was lying in bed in the dark under a boyfriend as quiet as a mouse waiting for the solemn act to conclude. Indeed, Belle often ridiculed, as mere puffery, declarations by other women who hinted at having experienced unbridled passion.

Certainly the woman in the office wall mirror being fucking from behind was someone Belle had never met before. Recklessly daring others to hear, moaning “Yes, ugh, uh-huh, that’s it.” If the mirrored reflection was not indictment enough of her new wantonness, then nothing could have prepared Belle for what happened next.

All at once, her legs trembled, covered in goosebumps, as Belle groaned, “Shit, oh, ugh, sorry, I’m sorry.” Belle had expressed a copious fluid as she came all over Alexander’s hard cock. As he continued to slide in and out of her now sopping pussy, the squishing noise was delightfully sinful.

Never having before orgasmed during intercourse, Belle caught her breath and proclaimed, “Oh my God, fuck, what did you do to me, I didn’t know that could happen.” Without further refraction, Belle pleaded, “What can I do to bring you off? Tell me.”

It was Belle’s turn. She was outside herself, greedier than ever. Relaxing her vagina and allowing Alexander to withdraw, Belle flipped over to lie back on his desk, commanding “Fuck me lover. Put that beautiful cock back inside me.”

Holding her thighs apart in submissive domination, Belle emitted another loud moan as Alexander sunk his thick manhood into Belle’s depths once more. Belle’s pleasure began to build again as Alexander thrust firmly into her over and over. But this time, Belle knew what the feeling had to promise. Belle rapidly soared towards that now familiar height, shaking in a second orgasm with even greater fervor than the first.

Her pussy enveloped Alexander and held fast as Belle bucked against the most amazing cock she had ever seen, much less fucked. Grasping the edge of the desk for support, Belle was again awash in yet another climax, this time being rewarded with the feel of Alexander swelling and erupting inside her.

With barely any recovery from this crazy explosion of lust, Belle could not deny the earthquake for all intents and purposes. An unstoppable shift was in motion.

Belle climbed off the desk onto her knees, taking Alexander’s still hard cock in her hand as she licked his oozing come off the swollen head. Belle took him deeper, luxuriated in the sucking and gagging sounds as she engulfed as much of Alexander as she could. “Mmm, ooh, mmm,” Belle muttered as she tasted the sweet and savory semen still being released from her new champion lover. As if Alexander was her first drink after being rescued from the desert, Belle worked to gulp down every bit of the fluid evidence of their lovemaking.

Belle was nearly unrecognizable. The only vestige of herself was the indomitable Southern politeness as she whispered rhetorically, “Did you like that?


Amelia was spent. This story would have melted her even had it been pure fiction with made up characters. Or a farfetched story about complete strangers. But her best friend? Who could possibly imagine?

Belle’s eyes glistened. Telling the account for the first time, even to Amelia, gave Belle a profound appreciation for her new fortune. At no time before had Belle even entertained the notion of a man being of any real significance in her life, let alone a chosen priority.

Beyond the words, the tone of excitement in Belle’s voice persuaded Amelia that her best friend had found true love. Setting aside her stubbornly discerning nature for once, Amelia harbored no doubt that the fundamental change in Belle was honest and acceptable.

It is one thing to see a woman sacrifice her identity in favor of playing a role for a man due to misplaced validation or social desperation. It is another to witness love and passion in concert. A combination to be prized regardless of age, gender or preference.

With another sip of her cocktail, Belle grasped Amelia’s hand reassuringly and uttered, “So yes, that special box and every other.”

And seeing a smile overtake Belle, Amelia turned around just as a warm welcoming caress touched her left shoulder.

“Hello Amelia, I’m Alexander. So nice to meet you.”

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