Best Christmas Gift Ever

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: So, this is my story for the Winter Holidays 2014 Contest – better late than never! I’m still relatively new at posting on Lit and I just want to say I appreciate all of the feedback. Just as a heads up, my stories tend to take time and build up to the “heat”… so if you are looking for a “down and dirty” type of tale that jumps right into the sex – this one might not be your cup of tea.

Of course this story includes sexually explicit material and is intended for adults, so if you are not at least 18 years of age or are offended by sexual material, stop now and run – do not walk – to the nearest exit… thank you and if you don’t mind, please remember to vote. I hope you enjoy!

Best Christmas Present Ever

Amy finished entering the last of the data points from the invoice on her desk with a final tap of the keys. She leaned back in her chair to take a break from the tedium of the billing screen. The short week before the Thanksgiving holiday was always such a crazy time in the finance department because of the abbreviated month-end cycle. But, hey who didn’t enjoy cramming a week’s worth of billing into three days? It meant some long hours for her department, but she didn’t mind it all that much since the reward was a four day weekend.

Closing her eyes and slowly working her neck in a lazy circle, she almost groaned out loud as her muscles stretched and actually started to loosen. She slipped her heels off under her desk and stretched her legs out straight, wiggling her stocking-clad toes to work some of the soreness out of her thighs. It was during moments like these when she questioned if working out was worth all this pain. She stopped her own mental complaint with a cluck of her tongue. Two dress sizes smaller said it was. Besides, she was proud of the way she looked since she had fully committed to going to the company fitness center every morning…now if only her husband would actually notice.

She sighed. A little encouragement from her spouse would have been nice. She had no doubt whatsoever that Steve loved her, but had they really grown that complacent with each other? How hard was it to notice the person sleeping next to you had been literally working her butt off every morning for the past four months? She even put it right in his face last weekend by stepping out of the shower and “oops, forgetting her towel.” Her hopes that he would actually notice the changes in her figure had been met with “hey babe, did you use my razor?”

Ugh…why do men always have to be so clueless?

Amy let out a cute little groan while she slowly extended her arms towards the ceiling. She’d been really pushing herself these last few mornings knowing she’d eat way more than she should on Turkey Day. She was probably overdoing it, but it was a good soreness if there was such a thing. Was it weird that she kind of looked forward to it? It was like this little painful reminder that what she was doing was working. That didn’t mean she couldn’t use a hot bath though. Hmmmmm, the thought of a good long soak sounded lovely. Maybe she should look into getting a massage… oh, now that sounded like heaven on earth right about now.

She arched her back in one final stretch before settling back in at her keyboard and tried to make a new entry with the next invoice. Nothing happened. She tapped the enter button a few times…still nothing. She tried the escape key. Great, her screen was frozen…again. She sighed and dialed the four digit extension to the company’s IT department.

“IT Helpdesk,” a radio quality voice answered. “This is Laurel.”

“Laurel,” Amy began, “this is Amy over in the billing department and – “

“Well, good morning, Amy!” the sultry sounding female interrupted.

“Oh… um, sorry,” Amy stuttered as she almost lost her train of thought. “Good morning.”

“That’s better,” Laurel from IT teased. “So how can I help you, Amy-over-in-billing?”

“Yes, sorry about that,” Amy was a little flustered at being called out. “Anyways, I’m having issues again with the new billing software.”

“Ahhhh,” Laurel immediately stated. “That program again. So what did you do to break it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Did you download a virus?”


“Open an email from a suspicious source?”

“Did I open what?”

“Were you looking at those naughty websites again?”

“What?!?!” Amy’s eyes grew wide.

“Kidding,” Laurel’s smoky voice chuckled in her ear, “just pulling your chain, Ames. You don’t mind if I call you Ames, do you?”

“Um,” Amy was caught off guard by this woman’s forward attitude. “No, that’s fine I guess.”

“Suh-weet!” Laurel hissed as if she had won a small victory. “Anyhoo, that billing software has caused a bunch of issues for everyone. What’s your IP address?”

Amy closed the billing program with a wince realizing the last 45 minutes of work was now officially lost. She opened up the little computer info icon on her desktop and read off her IP address. She took her hand off her mouse and watched as this Laurel person from IT logged on to her Anadolu Yakası Escort machine remotely.

“I just need to change your security settings and then update your version of the software,” Laurel advised. There were a few moments of silence on the line as the little arrow icon that was being remotely controlled zipped around her monitor and began opening screens and directories and updating files and typing commands. Amy couldn’t quite follow what all was happening to her computer so she just sat and watched.

“And that should do it,” Laurel announced as a small display window popped up and began a series of file downloads. The timer at the bottom showed the progress was at 4 percent and had an estimated 29 minutes to finish. Amy sighed, not realizing how loud it must have sounded over her headset.

“Sorry, Ames,” Laurel apologized. “I know you have stuff to do, but I guess you can’t do it without a working version of the software, right?”

“Yeah, unfortunately that is the case,” Amy agreed.

“It won’t be too much longer.”

“Okay,” Amy replied. “And I know this isn’t your fault. It’s just with the short week the whole software thingy has really put me behind schedule.”

“Well, that does suck,” Laurel sympathized. “It shouldn’t happen again after this update.”

“That’s good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed… so do we just sit here until it finishes downloading?”

“Yep, that’s how it works.”

“I figured as much.”

“Oh, I know,” Laurel’s voice perked up. “You can tell me some juicy gossip!”

“Sorry, I don’t know any juicy gossip.”

“Any rumors? Innuendo?”

“No, I don’t know any of those either,” Amy couldn’t help but smile.

“I could dig around on your machine and open all your nude selfies?”

Amy laughed. “Uh, I don’t have any nude selfies, thank you very much.”

“Uh-huh,” Laurel scoffed, “not on your work pc anyway.”

“Nope,” Amy confirmed, “this chick ain’t that stupid.”

“Atta girl,” Laurel chuckled.

They fell into silence as the progress bar continued to slowly tick upwards.

“I guess you don’t have to stay on the line if you don’t want to,” Amy offered. “I can just check back with you when it’s finished.”

“Hmph,” Laurel grumbled, “that’s what I told my husband last night when I went down on him.”

There was a moment of silence as Laurel’s statement sunk in. Amy was shocked, but couldn’t help herself as she busted out laughing. For some reason this weird person from IT with her little quips and rapid-fire small talk just struck her as utterly hilarious. Amy ended up with her eyes watering in laughter as Laurel continued to make jokes and one-liners about her husband and their sex life, each one more outrageous and funnier than the last.

A soft ping from her pc announced the update was complete. Amy wiped her eyes on a tissue and thought with a smile that this might have been the fastest half hour she ever had to sit through. Laurel quickly moved the cursor around on Amy’s computer, closing various dialogue boxes and making some final changes to the program folders.

“See,” Laurel teased, “it wasn’t so bad chatting with me, was it?”

“Not at all,” Amy found herself smiling again. “Thank you so much for your help.”

“Anytime, Ames,” Amy could swear she heard the smile in Laurel’s voice as well. “You brightened up my morning.”

“Well, you brightened up mine, too.”

“Cool. Talk at ya later.”

“Okay, bye,” Amy replied but Laurel had already hung up. With the last remnants of a giggle she straightened up her desk. Shaking her head at the odd interaction with this strange but kind of cool person from IT, Amy took a long drink from her water bottle and reopened the billing program. She wiggled around in her chair to get comfortable and with a determination that she was going to finish up today’s invoices before 5 o’clock, started entering data.

Fresh from her shower at the company gym the next morning, Amy settled in behind her desk, kicked her heels off and booted up her computer. She opened her email like she did every morning and was surprised to see that there was a message from Laurel. The email simply read “These made me laugh, thought you might appreciate them” and the rest of the message was a series of screen shots of texting miscommunications and autocorrects. Amy read through them and laughed at quite a few of them…but there were also some that seemed a bit risqué for work. She figured if anyone could get away with sending emails that might not follow company policy it would be someone from IT.

She saved the email and went about the rest of her morning. Just before lunch it happened to cross Amy’s mind that she probably should have responded to Laurel’s message. She opened the email back up and sent a quick thank you. Another email from Laurel popped up on her screen within ten seconds. It was just a simple emoji of a winking smiley face with its tongue sticking out. Amy shook her head and grinned at it.

The next morning there was another email Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan from Laurel followed by another later that afternoon…and after the Thanksgiving weekend it quickly became their routine to trade emails, funny pictures, memes and jokes every day. A couple of daily emails quickly turned into four or five emails back and forth. By the end of that first week in December, their correspondence had escalated into at least a dozen or more emails throughout the day. Amy liked that Laurel’s sense of humor was much more colorful than her own. She thought the woman from IT was extremely funny with a razor sharp wit and found herself looking forward to going to work.


As the weather turned colder and the month drew closer to Christmas, Amy and Laurel’s online relationship at work blossomed. They chatted and messaged often and had started to get to know each other. This particular morning they had gone back and forth about the upcoming holiday when Laurel suddenly remembered something Amy had mentioned last week about her anniversary. She’d told Laurel that her husband might be getting her something really nice since he had just received a big bonus. Laurel quickly sent a message asking about it.

Amy took a break from her work and read the message. She smiled as she toyed with the new piece of jewelry around her neck and typed a reply. Laurel wanted details. They went back and forth with a few responses and questions as Amy tried to describe the necklace. She finally just typed a quick email of “Send me your cell number and I’ll text you a pic of it.”

Laurel’s response came through with her number and the trademark winking smiley face with the tongue hanging out. Amy looked around the office to make sure no one was paying her any attention and tried to position the diamond necklace so she could get a good picture of it. She ended up having to unbutton two additional buttons of her blouse. She snapped the pic and sent it. Amy’s phone vibrated a few seconds later and she looked at the message from Laurel’s phone:

L: HAHAHA! BOOBIES! LMAO…I had no idea u were so blessed! Necklace is gorgeous btw.

Amy quickly buttoned her blouse, thumbed through her phone and opened the picture she had sent. She hadn’t stopped to think about how pronounced her cleavage was in the image, but then again with 36DDDs her cleavage was pretty much always pronounced. It hadn’t crossed her mind that it might be a big deal since she was sending it to another female… but of course Laurel had to point it out.

A: Oops! Sorry, didn’t mean 2 put the girls out there like that.

L: Sorry??? Why??? I’m so jealous – ur ta-tas rock!

A: Seriously, I didn’t preview the pic… kinda embarrassing!

L: Embarrassed??? If I had those sweater puppies I’d def show them off, LOL!

A: LOL…u r crazy!!!

Amy added their favorite emoji and hit send. She turned back to her computer and then her phone vibrated again. She picked it up and downloaded the message and immediately put the phone in her lap. She took a quick look around at the other cubicles to make sure none of her co-workers could see anything over her shoulder. Laurel had sent a picture of herself with her shirt pulled up to her chin revealing a red and green plaid bra trimmed in white lace. At the bottom of the picture she had typed:

L: no more being embarrassed, LMAO! Like my new holiday bra?

A: very pretty, but ur still CRAZY!!!

L: And the panties match! HA!

Amy literally giggled out loud and stared at the picture of her friend. Laurel was obviously a very attractive woman with nicely shaped breasts that fit her body perfectly. Amy rubbed a hand across her own stomach, envious of how flat and toned Laurel’s abs looked. Amy paused… Was it weird that they were becoming such good friends without ever meeting in person? It then dawned on her that she didn’t even know what Laurel’s face looked like. She rapidly typed out a text.

A: hey call me right quick?

L: K…gimme a sec.

A minute later Amy’s cell phone vibrated again and she looked down to realize it was Laurel. She wasn’t sure why she assumed her friend would call her desk extension, but she supposed it made sense. Standing up, she took off her headset and answered her cell while walking towards the ladies room. “Hey, you.”

“Hey yourself, chick,” it seemed odd to hear the rasp of Laurel’s sultry voice over her personal phone. “What’s up?”

“Okay, you’re going to think I’m being silly,” Amy laughed nervously as she let the restroom door close and locked it. This was her women’s facility of choice since it was close to her desk and happened to be a single occupancy. She liked her privacy.

Laurel’s chuckle had an almost musical quality to it. “Too late for that, Ames.”

“Very funny,” Amy giggled back despite herself. “I just realized that… well, I mean… Laurel, I don’t even know what you look like. Is that weird?”

“I don’t know,” Laurel replied honestly. “I haven’t given it much thought.”

“I just Escort Anadolu Yakası thought that since we chat and stuff every day…and we work for the same company…should we meet in person or whatever? I mean, does that make any sense?”

“Absolutely,” her new friend agreed confidently. “I’m totally with you. We’re going to lunch today. My treat.”

“Shoot, I can’t,” Amy almost whined. “I was planning on working through lunch.”

Laurel laughed. “I’m not asking, silly girl. I’m insisting and I don’t take no for an answer. I’ll swing by your office a little before noon, so be ready to go.”

“But–, ” Amy started to protest but then realized Laurel had already disconnected the call. She checked her make-up in the mirror and realized she actually felt nervous. What’s the big deal? It was just lunch with a girlfriend…and that’s when it clicked.

Amy really didn’t have that many close female friends. Other than in-laws and her immediate family, almost all of the women in her life were just acquaintances for the most part. Her family lived on the outskirts of the suburbs in an area that most would consider ‘out in the country’, so her family didn’t really have any neighbors to speak of. And even though she was very friendly with the other moms from her children’s schools and various sports teams, there wasn’t a single one of them she considered a real friend.

It was pretty obvious that she thought – or at least hoped – Laurel was becoming the kind of friend she hadn’t had since college. Amy’s hectic life as a working mother and wife made it easy not to think too much about that void, but she was slowly realizing how much she missed that female bond. She smiled to herself. Even her job seemed so much more enjoyable since they started emailing and now texting each other. She thought Laurel was kind, funny and had such a positive attitude that their relationship just brightened up her day. Amy really wanted Laurel to feel the same way about her.

Laurel showed up promptly at 11:55am as promised. Wow…Amy had suspected that Laurel was going to be pretty, but she was way more than that. Laurel was dressed very fashionably, but also gave off the vibe that she didn’t put a lot of effort into it, like it came naturally to her. And she was – well, if Amy had to choose only one word to describe her new friend then that word would have to be gorgeous. With her flawless complexion and dazzling smile, Laurel was just stunning. Amy smiled. One look in the woman’s confident green eyes and she could just tell that Laurel found the whole world rather amusing.

True to form, Amy had been ready to go for the last ten minutes with her coat on and purse in hand. They walked out of the building towards the parking lot and Laurel insisted on driving. It wasn’t a surprise that as soon as they got into her SUV things just seemed comfortable between them. They were laughing before they even got their seatbelts buckled and chatted all the way to the restaurant. Standing patiently at the hostess station while they waited to be seated, Amy slipped off her coat.

“Dang, brick house,” Laurel said as she did a double-take. “You really are stacked!”

Amy smiled good-naturedly at the odd compliment but could feel her cheeks grow warm. The auburn-haired Laurel’s eyes sparkled with mischief at her companion’s slight discomfort and the way Amy crossed her arms. Laurel laughed softly and put an arm around the slightly shorter woman’s shoulder.

“Why in the world you would be self-conscious about having the body of a pin-up girl is beyond me,” she whispered in Amy’s ear with that smoky voice of hers, “but I’ll do my best not to embarrass you…at least not in public.”

The curvaceous brunette nodded and slipped her arm around Laurel’s waist and for a one-armed side hug. The hostess approached them with menus and they stepped apart to follow the twenty-something blond to their table. Laurel’s breathy whisper had tickled Amy’s neck and raised gooseflesh on her arms. It also happened to cause her sensitive nipples to harden. As she trailed after Laurel she took a quick peek down at her chest to see if it was obvious. She could definitely see the outline of her stiff little summits through her shirt. She repositioned her coat and held it in front of her chest.

With her boobs resting on her forearm, it faintly registered in the back of Amy’s mind that their quick embrace had resulted in the side of her left breast pressing tightly against Laurel’s right breast. She wasn’t sure why, but the sensation had given her that funny butterfly feeling in the pit of her stomach. The brief body to body contact had felt different and kind of intimate…not that it was an unpleasant sensation.

Lunch was delicious and fun and the two women immediately resumed their non-stop conversation. They took turns talking about the details of their lives that they hadn’t already discussed at some point and really got to know each other better. They already knew they had a lot in common as both were married and had children – Amy had a girl and a boy that were just about the same ages as the older of Laurel’s three boys. It just felt more real to be able to see facial expressions and hear each other’s voices as they shared pictures of their families, talked about work and mostly laughed. By the time they headed back to work, the lunch date had done nothing but increase their genuine affection for one another.

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