Best Friends

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For Trish –

Even after she had paid him off, the cab driver lingered as Claire walked away. She smiled to herself, knowing that the driver would not leave until her leather encased ass was no longer visible.

The house was one of many McMansions located in the outskirts of Ft. Lauderdale. As she rang the doorbell Claire thought, with a slight smirk, that while her college roommate had married well, she had settled for far less than Claire would ever accept.

“Claire! I can’t believe you’re here, come in!” Linda Martin exclaimed as she embraced her old friend. “I am so glad that you could come visit for a couple of days. It’s going to be just like old times.”

“Well not exactly like old times.” Claire responded while laughing.

“Come, sit down.” LInda said as she led Claire into the large sitting room off the entryway. “No, I am quite the respectable lady now, well as far as my neighbors know, I am anyway.”

Both Claire and Linda were women endowed with beauty, brains, ambition and just a little bit of self centeredness. The had only stayed briefly in their spartan dorm room at NYU. Very quickly they had moved into a Manhattan penthouse, paid for by the men that the two ladies both kept in their lives and disposed of as they outlived their usefulness.

Their sexual appetites were as varied as they were deep. In addition to discovering this about themselves they found another truth; Incredibly rich men fucked as well as other men and offered rewards that mere mortals could not.

After college Linda had settled for a conventional life that included two children; a boy, now eighteen and a girl, sixteen. Claire, on the other hand, had essentially become an five-figure escort. She had also married and married very well, though that had not curtailed her outside activities in the least. That is, however, a story for another time.

During this visit a thought had sprung into Claire’s mind. The thought had entered suddenly, the moment Claire met Linda’s son, Dan. Claire liked boys. The fact that this was her college roommate’s son just triggered her kinky reflex.

Late on their second night together Linda and Claire were up late talking. “Linda I have a favor to ask. I might have a “date” Saturday night and I did not pack any “special” clothes for this visit. Do you still have anything I might be able to use?”

Linda laughed and put her wine glass down on the coffee table. She smiled and looked around before leaning in and lowering her voice. “Old habits die hard. Steve and I occasionally swing. Come on.” she said as she grabbed Claire’s hand Marmaris Escort and pulled her up from the couch. “Keep your voice down, Steve is sleeping.” Linda warned as she led Claire through her bedroom and into her walk-in closet. Once inside she closed the door behind them and let Claire to the back of the room. There she pushed a panel and stepped into a small hidden room. “This was an option on this house. The kids don’t even know about it. We keep the grown-up’s toys here.”

The room was essentially a combination compact dungeon/playspace and storage area. There was a rack of latex, leather and assorted lingerie along the back wall. A heavy chair with steel tie down rings sat in the center of the room while a series of shelves adjacent to the clothing held many pairs of stiletto heeled shoes and boots. Claire laughed, “Your sure that this is just recreational because I have go to tell you girlfriend, it sure looks like you are still a professional to me.”

“No, just a housewife. Pick anything you want. We still look like we are the same size, good thing we both went with the 700cc implant or I would not be able to help you out with a top.”

Claire had used every opportunity to flirt with Dan that she could over the two days she had been at Linda’s house. Nothing really overt, just a touch here a laugh there, she knew it would not take much for her to hold an eighteen year old’s attention. For Dan’s part he had stayed close to home and had used every excuse to hang around. He thought that Claire epitomized the term MILF.

It was Friday night, the last night of Claire’s visit. She had skillfully plied Linda with wine, knowing that it worked on her like a sleeping potion. By nine Linda was fast asleep and Steve was out of town on business.

Claire was in Linda’s guest-room putting the final touches on her makeup. Her green eyes sparkled as she contemplated her ensemble. She had chosen black because it complimented her dark tresses and she thought, it was the color of seduction.

First she pulled on the black hose with the black rubber tops. They came all the way up her legs, stopping just shy of her crotch and ass. A simple black choker with “SLUT” written in diamonds made Claire start to drip as she contemplated that it had come from Dan’s mother. Next came the black opera gloves and her wedding ring. The black, leather wrap around skirt was as easy to put on as it would be to take off, just a single pull would open the snaps and reveal her perfect, heart shaped ass. A little thrill went through her as she zipped up Linda’s leather jacket. Marmaris Escort Bayan It fit her like a glove and accentuated her already large tits. She then slipped her feet into Linda’s patent leather, platform heel pumps. These six inch stilettos would boost Claire’s hight to an inch or so above her young prey’s. Claire then picked up the riding crop and headed toward Dan’s room.

It was about ten o’clock and Dan was lying in his bed surfing for porn on his laptop when he heard a tapping on his door. He closed the laptop and got out of bed.

He opened the door and his jaw dropped. Claire was standing there looking at some imagined flaw on her talon like nails. Dan was able to squeeze out a “Claire, uh..”

Claire stopped pretending to look at her nails, moved the crop up under Dan’s chin and stepped into his room.

The next thing he knew Claire had stepped right into his personal space. She was less than an inch away and he could feel the energy of her body even though they were not actually touching each other. For a second she held there, then he felt both of her hands move up and cup the sides of his head. A moment later he felt her lips on his lips. Expertly she opened his lips with her own and slipped her tounge into his mouth.

Dan had french kissed girls before, but never a woman and certainly not one with tits so big that they pressed into his chest, making their presence abundantly clear. Claire broke the kiss, moved next to Dan and bent over so her head was at his crotch. She roughly opened his pajamas and deep throated Dan’s cock. No girl had ever blown dan this way before. He had easy access to her ass and a complete view of her body. Dan involuntarily drew a deep breath as Claire’s mouth engulfed his dick. Suddenly he realized his door was open and he reached across Claire to swing it closed. Claire’s foot shot out and loudly stopped the door. She looked up at him and hissed, “Leave it open.” before going down on him again. She dug her nails into his ass as she sucked him off. She was dripping wet, thinking about what she was doing. Blowing her best friend’s son. Dan could feel the come rising and he involuntarily gripped Claire’s head and pulled her in hard, completely impaling her face. His knees shook as he blew his load. It had been a long time since Claire had given a blow-job to someone so young, she had nearly forgotten the copious amount of come that young men produced. She swallowed every drop and thoroughly cleaned his member before standing. She grabbed his cock, turned, looked over her shoulder and said, “Come.”

Claire Escort Marmaris led him, by his cock, out of his room and down to the moonlight bathed living room. There she roughly shoved him onto the couch. Dan sat mesmerized, watching her.

Placing one of her stiletto heels on the coffee table she gave it a mighty shove and moved it clear of the couch. Keeping her eyes locked on Dan’s she placed both of her hands on her thighs and moved them upward fondling her breasts before running them through her hair. She then unzipped the jacket in one motion, tore it off and threw it across the room where it landed on a fern, breaking it. Her eyes still bore into Linda’s son’s as she took two steps closer to him and ripped the skirt free and tossed it into his face. Claire then spread her legs and bent forward again blowing Dan.

He became hard again almost instantaneously and she rapidly stood up and then mounted him. Finally Dan managed to speak, “I am not wearing a condom, maybe we should get one.”

“No! I want to feel your come. Fuck me, fuck me hard little boy.” Claire was really into it, the fact that this was Linda’s son was really doing it for Claire. That Linda was sleeping in a room, in the very house where she was riding Linda’s son, was moving Claire closer and closer to orgasm. “Suck my tits kid.” Claire added.

Dan’s hands were roaming from Claire’s back down to her ass. He opened his mouth and sucked Claire’s left tit into his mouth. He was excited and sucked hard. “That’s it suck mommy’s big tits. Drink my milk!” Claire grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard. She had long been able to lactate during sex and milk started to flow, flooding Dan’s mouth.

As she neared orgasm Claire flexed her legs, digging Linda’s stiletto heels into her son’s lower thigh. Knowing whose shoes they really were, Linda whispered huskily, “You like mommy’s high heels digging into you while you fuck her? Don’t you little boy?”

“Yes.” Dan replied as he stopped sucking her tit to answer.

“Say it Dan. Say you want me. Call me mommy you little brat!” she hissed while she roughly rode up and down the full length of his shaft while pulling his hair hard.

Dan was so turned on he would have said anything. “God mommy, you are so tight, I am gong to come in your tight pussy.”

“I am going to come, I can’t stop it!” Dan continued.

“My tits, grab my fucking tits, hard!” As she said this she grabbed his hands and brought them up to her chest. Dan squeezed them hard and Claire began to orgasm. She felt Dan’s come pulsing into her womb as he blew another load into her. As they came she grabbed his head by the hair, pulled his head back and kissed him deeply.

Claire left Linda’s clothing in the guest-room with a note; “Thanks L, I ended up going out on Friday night instead. The clothes really came in handy, I felt like a complete slut. You’re the best. Claire.”

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